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The Primobolan or primo files

Primobolan or primo files

Public domain information from all over the web:

Anabolics 2006 (page 198):
It possesses an anabolic rating of 88, while Testosterone's anabolic strength rating is 100.

Anabolic/Androgenic Ratio (Range): 88 : 44-57

During a cycle the user should additionally not have much trouble with blood pressure values, as this effect is also related (generally) to estrogen and water retention.


Methenolone Enanthate (Primobolan Depot) from web:

It’s considered to be the safest and least suppressive, has few side effects and is extremely effective. So why isn’t Primobolan used by every body? The reasons may lie in many of the misconceptions surrounding this incredible drug.

Primobolan does not give fast gains, or more accurately, does not cause a quick increase in water retention, therefore it’s considered “weak”, yet in terms of building solid muscle, it’s one of the most effective steroids available.

All steroids are based on the testosterone molecule and all steroids provide two functions – one, of mimicking androgenic effects within the body. (Basically all “male” attributes – strength, aggression, the ability to grow muscle, etc). And there’s also the “anabolic” effect, in that they recirculate nitrogen (protein) therefore utilizing more of the necessary building blocks needed for tissue growth and repair. Unless sufficient amino acids are present muscle growth will be sub par and in the case of Primobolan this is of utmost significance. You MUST train hard and you MUST eat a lot of protein. THAT, is when you’ll see what Primobolan can do.

The concept behind Primobolan was to have a far greater anabolic to androgenic ratio. The reasoning is not far removed from the original steroid Dianabol, which was formulated to be a “kinder, gentler” form of testosterone. In this way, the athlete can get all the benefits of greater muscle growth without all the detriment and suppression of excess androgens. In the case of Dianabol, it was a good idea yet just it didn’t turn out quite as well as expected. With Primobloan, they got it right.

Primobolan also has a unique fat burning/estrogen blocking capability resulting in “lean gains.” (Leading some people to believe it’s just a “cutter” which is also ridiculous since all steroids are growth drugs). It doesn’t actually burn fat but can prevent more fat from being formed.
Being a DHT derivative (technically it’s DHB) Primobolan blocks SHBG (sex hormone binding globulin) thus preventing estrogen from forming. When using Primobolan you not only do not need to add an anti aromatase it acts as one on its one so if you add testosterone, an anti e may not be required. (Or you may want to add a mild, natural anti e formula such as found in protein Factory’s POST CYCLE).

If you’re wondering if you can do a cycle solely of Primobolan without suppression you’d be mistaken. Although mild, Primobolan is a source of exogenous androgen and after a few weeks the HPTA will begin to shut down and one’s natural T production will be compromised since the androgens in the drugs will not sufficiently replace what’s been lost. Consequently, strength and libido will tank. For that reason, most bodybuilders add some testosterone into a Primobolan cycle.

Primobolan has often been compared to Deca Durabolin – most likely due to the fact that they’re both mildly androgenic. However, Deca’s “nandrolone” qualities are actually more suppressive than straight testosterone. Deca also increases progesterone that causes extreme water retention, which incidentally is often regarded, incorrectly, as muscle growth. Primobolan causes almost no water retention that is why many people feel it isn’t a good “mass” builder, which is probably its biggest misconception. Primobolan is deceptive in that the gains are so clean they aren’t overtly apparent at first — which accounts for another myth that Primobolan takes weeks to “kick in.” That, of course, is nonsense. It begins working within hours, but the results may not be noticeable for a while.

Primobolan can be an outstanding size drug on a bulking cycle, IF…you consume adequate protein. That is the principal on which it is based. It repairs though increased anabolism. Without the food source, the drug has nothing to work with, so if you aren’t committed to training hard and eating a lot of protein, Primo will be a disappointment. But for more advanced trainers, and those who are used to training naturally, Primo will seem like a wonder drug. Which it kinda is.

There is also an oral form of Primobolan that is often overlooked, the reason being, they are probably the most impractical steroids available. Primoblan acetate is not 17 alpha alkylated, therefore they do not stress the liver. Sounds great, eh? The problem is, they’re only bioavailability for about 4 hours, resulting in several dosages throughout the day (and night) in order to maintain stable blood levels. The other problem is the cost. At what usually amounts $2 a pill and a necessity of 8 pills a day, the weekly price will exceed $100 a week for a mild cycle. Therfore, Primobolan tablets are not in large demand. (Though if cost isn’t much of a concern they’re an excellent “safe” choice for a first time user or a “natural” athlete who needs it clear his or her system within a day).

Primobolan is the “Rolls Royce” of steroids – expensive, but worth it. It stacks well with everything and adds increased anabolism to any cycle while keeping blood pressure, cholesterol count and blood platelet within normal range with moderate use. It may also be the only steroid suitable for women, with the exception of Anavar, though Primobolan is safer.
People are concerned with hair loss with the usage of Primobolan but most users claim it’s no harder on the hairline than straight testosterone.
Because of Primobolan’s mild nature some bodybuilders use it as a “bridge” between cycles though that is not recommended since it will further suppress natural testosterone production and make it more difficult to rebound.

Primobolan can be an excellent addition to HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy) (200 mgs of Primo with 100mgs of testosterone weekly) but it is not available with a prescription in most countries.

contrary to common opinion, Primobolan really is not a weak steroid, at least not on a milligram for milligram basis. It certainly is not weak in terms of anabolic effect versus side effects. It is a good performer in these regards. However, because the oil solubility of methenolone enanthate is only moderate, preparations are typically of only 100 mg/mL. This can give a psychological impression of not being as strong a compound as more concentrated products.Another likely reason for perceived weakness is that it is most often used for anabolic steroid cycles which deliberately are very conservative. For example, a classic beginner cycle is 400 mg/week Primobolan as the only steroid used. Of course, this does not give extreme gains. But then again neither does 400 mg/weektestosterone! when stacked with other steroids like tren , whinny or masteron you will experiance very lean muscle mass gains that any body builder would be happy with.most people use between 500-1000 mg a week for best results i feel for a male 500-700mg a week is more than enough and for woman 50-100 mg a week.

i think you need to try it and decide for yourself. 800mg a week with a little test base is magic for me... no sides and fantastic gains. primo also has a positive effect on collagen production, which is nice for the tendons considering you will have no water retention... it also has a very limited effect on the cholesterol ratio, which is something everyone should consider crucial as your health is directly related to that!

as someone else mentioned, if you suffer from dht then it is something to avoid.

it truly is the champagne of steroids IMO

I love primo because I am sensitive to sides from just about everything.
I probably wouldn't bother with it if I didn't get EQ anxiety, because otherwise I feel it is a very similar compound in its effects.

Primobolan and D-bol were Arnold's favorites IIRC...

Primo is untouchable for the finishing touches. When people say you need 1000 mg EW for primo that is just bs. I never go over 600 mg EW and this is my sweet spot. Could I get better gains at say 700-800 mg EW? Maybe. And running 600-1000 mg EW is not like running 400-500 mg EW of Masteron. I have run both compounds together and individually and Masteron is not in the same league as primo for end result effects. Also, I would not run primo by itself. A low dose of testosterone at minimum and you should be very happy.

I like EQ, but it jacks up my bp with the rbc increase, and a bit of anxiety. I can do more primo without a problem. I feel you have to do 600-1000 for mass gaining results. And low dose test/some other stuff for synergy.

And that's lean solid retainable mass gains. Not blow up with water, and shrink after cycle mass. Your muscles look fuller, rock hard. With a low dose of test and Eq (for hunger) some anavar, you have a solid cycle. Expensive yes, but I think you save in the long run getting quality, retainable gains and having to do less cycle's in the long run to attain your goals. For me anyway.

No question cheaper stuff will blow you up bigger. But my goals are just solid lean mass these days. Which primo is ideal for and effective at.

I've ran EQ before, I hate the shit and I'm having the same sides I did with my previous EQ cycles... Hunger through the roof and I get real bad anxiety suddenly! I've never ran primo before but I've ran a ton of masteron in the past... If primo is compairable to mast, I sure don't see any sign of it what so ever.... What made me think this in the first place was the fact that he sent it to me in a 60ml jug... Sent me an email saying they ran out of 30ml jugs, So I got 30ml of primo free? lol... I'm not trying to rag anyone here tho, I've had a long and good relationship with him.... Just a little disapointed I have to change my cycle plans after I had it all planned out. It's not the end of the world, Oh well!

Have ran primo a few times over the years , in my case I found out that to see decent results on it gotta stay on for at least 16 weeks and have to run at least 400 mgs a week , to be honest I got the best results at 600 mgs, but it can get expensive, as far as side effects , I agree that they are minimal to none. God bless you bro.

I feel like test is kind of an obvious answer here, so in addition to that (or sometimes in the absence of)

If you can afford it around 500 to 600mg's with a test base..I love the stuff, but it is like any other will shut you down and you will lose some of what you gained..but for the money test deca stack is great for a beginner..start low on dosage's.When you quit growing on that then cycle off and next time up it some more.The basics are what get it done..along with a surplus of good food for mass and recovery.

diesel gear:
Haven't run primo in ten plus years(expensive in comparison to most)... I ran it on low calories. I loved it for that reason alone. Anything you can make gains on without eating 5000 plus calories is good in my book. I had zero sides and and it was easy to maintain gains... it's all about the tape ...not the scale!

-prep: tren
-offseason: deca/npp (though I'm planning to try primo instead this winter)
When I do primobolan cycles I'll back-fill insulin syringes since the molecular weight of primobolan is so heavy (this is why primo is most commonly dosed at 100mg/ml) and I'm trying to get my weekly dosage up to around 500-700mg or more.

Primobolan depot, those two words almost give me an orgasm every time I hear them. There are a lot of mixed reviews on primo, most from newbies or guys who don't realize the true benefits of primo.
High primo. All around great with no sides

My body loves Primobolan, my checkbook not so much. When taking Primo I get pronounced vascularity (similar to Adrol without the livwr toxicity and headaches), hard dense grainy muscle(similar to Winni without the joint pain) and my skin honestly improves in appearance with and honest look of a healthy glow.

Primobolan is pricey but upon using some real deal Primo I felt hooked. The price of it might just add to its allure for myself being that I can't always run it.

This is a hard question because everyone reacts so differently do each drug and each drug does such wildly different things.

Tren - This is really an insane compound. Strength, reduction in body fat, and lean tissue for some. I will go as far as saying that this is the one drug that seems to sort of do it all. If it weren't for the sides, one would have a hard time choosing any other drug over tren if you were forced to only be able to use one of them forever.

Test - seems to be a mood drug to me, and not much more.
Increased libido and feelings of well being, but I feel it is a terrible muscle builder when compared to an anabolic like deca or D-bol.
It is predictable with easy to control side effects, but I just don't see much from it in doses higher than 200mg unless you consider bloat, hair growth, and insane libido 'gains'.

Deca - best mass builder out there all around, IMO. Some don't like the 19-nor aspect of it. I have a feeling that if no one suffered from prolactin/progesterone related sides, it would be a major favorite.

D-bol, var, T-bol - why do these all seem almost the same to me? D-bol with an AI seems sort of like Tbol or high dosed var. I made a post earlier to see if anyone could confirm nearly identical results between D-bol w/AI and other non-aromatising orals, and I got no response. I have ran them all, and while I can't say gains were identical, they were pretty damn close. Some may get sides from one that they don't get from another (high dose var gets me a little wired), but they all seem somewhat similar for the most part.

Masteron - Not a standalone, so I can't see it being anyone's favorite. Seems to really be a nice addition to 19-nors for some reason.

I personally would lump winny in with it. They feel similar to me and I like to add them to tren or deca. I think they are worth some strength gains and really compliment some other drugs.

Primo - a beautiful compound. A lean mass builder with virtually no sides even at very high doses. Not many want to spend the money because EQ provides similar gains for less money. I get GABA-ergic sides from EQ, making it non usable for me. I also would not like to run EQ at 1g for very long due to certain sides like increased RBC, while 1g of primo is not a problem at all. It is just an amazing drug in the sense that you feel you are on nothing at all, while tissue is slowly added to your frame without any bloat or other sides.

I would put primo up there as a possible #1 choice, simply because it seems side effect free. If I were to stay on something for life, I would have a hard time choosing something over primo. Best ratio of gains to sides, IMO.

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Nothing gives you the hardness, the strength and the pumps of Trenbolone acetate at 75mg/day. But since I will never run Tren without test, that can't be my official answer. I would go with 800mg/week of primobolan. Zero side effects while packing on solid consistent muscle gains. I also get really deep pumps with primo.

The best cycles are a 19-nor, testosterone and a DHT derivative for sure! My favorite cycle I've ever run was a home brew of drostanolone base, test base (suspension) and tren ace.
Primo. Nothing makes me look as good as primo.

I'm really becoming a fan of primo.

It's a toss up I like tren but I also like primo.

Originally Posted by KROD View Post
legit primobolan high doses but test is king... love tren a also but after i turned 29 it killed my dick...keep your body , i rather have a hard dick

lol. Same thing here, any how i touch tren my dick is dead, with or without caber, no difference!!!!!!With test prop im a porn start 24/7!!!


Other than test p, primo is my favorite. Zero sides, great look and vascular as hell. Drawback? It's pricey mg to mg.

other then test it has to be primo

Got to be real careful w tren. My cholesterol was always real good and low and all that. Went on 10 week tren ace run - 100- 150mg ED and had bloods done @ the 6 week mark. My bad cholesterol markers were off the charts. I'm not like a pro or anything - WHF am I doing ? Beside my cholesterol being in the bad zone, tren affected my mood/psyche in a bad way. Always mad and agro @ everything.

The most I'll do now is 350mg EW and that is just until it's gone. I now base my cycles on the more friendly anabolics like EQ, primo, mast and some test.


Thanks. Same with me. I think I have been more introverted and depressed with tren. Slightly irritable, but I can handle that part. Gotta try primo and mast.

concreter (3,000 posts):
Primo, All the muscle none of the sides!
I have 20 bottles from 4 suppliers. 200 mgs of each a week for 25 weeks!!!
I'll be a Glowing sculpture of muscle till winter.

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primo keeps you looking good year round...I know you have to be taking test but it doesn't mean it has to be your "favorite"

I like test at 500 but I weigh 260 so less can be used to support less Mass.
Primo 6-1000mgs and a tic of tren w-proviron to keep the angrogens up.

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John doe bodybuilding:

But take it from a vet and someone who is a true experienced primo user, it's the shiznit… period.

A lot of negative reviews come from these guys who only deem something as useful if it throws a quick 20 lbs of water and shit weight on them, they strictly go by the scale. These are usually guys with a half-assed physique to begin with, so don't listen to them.

Primo is a physique changer, you may not gain a bunch of weight or add any miraculous benchmark records to your lifts, but with a good diet your physique will transform on primo.

Primo has a high molecular weight, therefore its typically dosed at only 100mg/ml, so you have to inject it a little more frequently. 300mg/wk is a good dose to run, most guys advocate higher amounts in the range of 500-1000mg/wk, but 300/wk will do you nice if you eat good and train hard!!

Primo is probably a better choice for an advanced guy simply because he understands how it works and how it differs from most water retainers/mass builders. I would not recommend it to someone who is not relatively low body fat, but for an already good physique primo is the icing on the cake!!!

Below I've listed a few cycles including primo, and they are some of the best cycles a guy with an already good physique could run. These are geared mostly to getting harder and more defined, I typically stray away from “mass cycles” simply because I'm already big enough and at this point its pretty much all about quality.

4 steroid cycles that include primo

Cycle #1– 300mg/wk primo, 300mg/wk masteron, 200mg/wk test for 10 weeks

Cycle #2- 300mg/wk primo, 100mg/day proviron, 300mg/wk test prop for 10 weeks

Cycle #3- 500mg/wk primo, 200mg/wk deca, 200 mg/wk test for 10 weeks

Cycle #4- 40-60mg/day anavar, 300mg/wk primo, 300 mg/wk test prop for 10 weeks

I'd put those low dose cycles against almost anything for a guy looking to get shredded and hard, and they are not anything that is going to suppress someone for months on end either. Those are very safe and effective cycles.

*** As you see I am not a fan of high dose testosterone, test should be used just enough to stay anabolic and reap the rewards but not overkill driving your cholesterol levels and blood pressure through the roof. Lower dosed test cycles will yield you a much better look, and you won't be fighting water retention either.

If you're someone who is dead set on trying to run a cycle then I'd strongly suggest one of the above, you get what you pay for. HOWEVER, if you don't already look as good as Steve Reeves did naturally, then you shouldn't be running shit!!!
How Much Testosterone?

Keeping testosterone dosages on the low side is key for developing a rock hard physique with nice lines and aesthetics.

I keep my test low, just enough to stay anabolic in nature. It's not high enough to cause excessive water retention, acne, or the ups and downs most go through when running higher doses.

200mg/week of testosterone works fine for me. I have not been over 200mg/week in probably 2 years now, and I see no loss of size or definition.

Since I keep my testosterone doses lower, there are only certain compounds I will run higher.

I would never run trenbolone at 500mg/week and testosterone at 200mg/week (not that I use it any more anyways).

Something like deca or equipoise can be run higher, but not too significantly. I see nothing wrong with 300mg/week deca alongside 200mg/week test.

Other compounds such as primobolan or masteron can be taken up to 500mg+/week with virtually no unwanted sides while keeping test lower.
Here is My List of Old School Cycles for Badass Results:


Weeks 1-10; 50-100mg/day anavar, 200mg/week test e, 200mg/week deca


Weeks 1-8; 500mg/week masteron, 200mg/week test, 50mg/day proviron


Weeks 1-12; 500-700mg/week primobolan, 200mg/week test


Weeks 1-12; 1000mg/week primo


Weeks 1-8; 30mg/day anavar, 50mg/day proviron, 100mg/week test, ECA stack everyday (ephedrine, caffeine, aspirin)


Weeks 1-2; 800mg/week EQ frontloaded, 200mg/week test

Weeks 3-12; 400mg/week eq, 200mg/week test

WINNY/DECA/TEST (poor mans old school contest cycle)

Weeks 1-4; 200mg/week test, 300mg/week deca

Weeks 5-12; 50mg/day winstrol, 200mg/week test, 300mg/week deca (drop deca at 10 week mark, 2 weeks out from competition, add in anti-estrogen at 8 weeks into cycle)


Weeks 1-12; 700mg/week primo, 50-100mg/day anavar, 200mg/week deca, 200mg/week test (drop deca 2 weeks out from show, use arimistane for PCT daily).

That is pretty much how I do things folks. I run those compounds exclusively and see no reason to add in all the other quick-bang bullshit.
How Often Should You Run steroid Cycles & Stay Healthy?

I have gone back to a traditional way of cycling, 2 cycles/year outside of my normal hormone replacement regimen.

Health is #1 here. Everyone should get bloodwork done to make sure your are healthy before you start any steroid cycle (and you've finished the cycle).

I donate blood as often as I can to keep hematocrit/RBC in check.

Occasionally I run some HCG to keep my nuts right. I run arimistane 2-3 times a week to keep estrogen under control.

I consistently monitor my blood pressure and heart rate. I am usually doing some type of cardio 2-3 times/week at any given time during the year.

Health is #1 here. I would tell anyone to get bloodwork done to make sure things are on the up and up before embarking on any steroid cycle, and after they're done.

Know what you're fucking with before doing any of this. I'm not advocating anyone use steroids here… BUT, if you choose to, what I've listed above is a little safer than what most guys are doing nowadays.

train hard!
The first time I took it was while I was vacationing in Mexico for about two months, it's expensive as hell over there btw!! a 50mg vial is about 15 bucks US at the pharmacy... But I had a friend who worked at the hospital and he came into a lot of them and sold me a shitload for $100, that was my first time there and that's before I found a pharmacy that would sell without a script, the first one I went to wanted 25 for two 50mg rediject decas!!! like a dumbass I paid it... We're talking early 90's shit was hard to come by...

So I took 2 primobolan (100mg) a day and nothing else for about 2 months and I went from 170 to 190lbs quality gains that never went away!! I ate pretty much whatever I wanted too...

My strength also went through the roof! freakish gains, all muscle, the heaviest I had been at that point was a fat 180, but I dropped to 170... I was a lot leaner at 190 than I was at 170... It wasn't my first cycle either, I had done test cyp that got me from 119lbs (I was a boxer at 119lbs) to 160, then I did anadrol about a year later, by itself and gained 20lbs, a lot of fat and water, but my strength really went up!

I've tried Primobolan from a lot of other sources and it just didn't do too much...

I'm running primo 1050 tren 700 with no test for the first time and so far I've had zero issues. So it can be ran with no test if wanted.

I love primo. Even running 600mg wk did wonders for me. Everyone is different though. I know guys who run 9-1200mg wk of primo. I guess it depends on the person.

VERY side effect free even at 800mg. I'm Shaved up top so no hair issues!
A lot like Masterone without the prostate issues.
Flattens out midsection and sharpens everything,
if you are already lean the difference is quite noticeable.

I run primo at 600-800mg in prep. Yeah hair falls out like my German Shephard but other than that it's worth it. Virtually No other sides and the grainy look it brings when already lean is unmatched

300mg primo e a week did a number on my hair. Was legit primo that I homebrewed and labmaxed. Not worth it if you have hair. I'm guessing it causes a strong response when bound to hair AR and a weak response to muscles. I'd feel safer running 100mg a week of tren and probably get more results.

descriptions don't really do it justice but gives the dry grainy look that comes from a high dose masteron and low dose tren with the fullness that comes from eq.

Kept me much fuller with relative ease when dieting than when I use tren. And no side effects for me. hair is still in tact thankfully.

I remember years ago talking to a guy about primo.. He said it was not a dht.. I argued with him a while then looked it up.. And found its chemically from DHB like eq.. That's why it's confusing to me about the hair loss.. I love primo.. I did notice a bit of shedding after using 600 mgs a week.. But I still have my beautiful lions mane...

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I hold my hair fairly well on Primo.... Mast....Gone in days!!!
Proviron I don't notice much loss either.
But Still, a little Mast really brings out the Striations like no other!

I've ran 1g wk numerous times with little to no side effects at all.

2 quick questions:

1) people that get hairloss on primo, would you get hairloss in the 400mg/week range?

2) does anybody else think that a lot of the hairloss from primo can be attributed to masteron being sold in place of primo??? I ask because on paper it doesn't look like primo should be too invasive on hairline...DHB (1-test) isn't too harsh on hairline and is very close to primo. Masteron is a cheaper drug and would make sense as a switch because the effects seem to be very similar

nb - (never ran primo but have ran masteron in the past and am debating running primo, mast caused my hair to shed like crazy).

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That's always been my confusion.. People losing hair on primo.. Primo is a dhb.. Same as eq.. Should not cause HAIRLOSS on paper.. But many complain it does.. It could be that it's being substituted with mast etc.. But most primo tested these days has shown legit primo..

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I ran 700mg a week, and hair was falling out. Now I've used masteron probably half a dozen times, from several sponsors, and I've never had hair fall out from it. But that primo was awful for my hairline. Like LATS said it's not really supposed to, but it made mine fall out unfortunately.

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Ok... Here is what I believe is the issue with primo and the hairline.. Primo is very strong binding to the androgen receptor., stronger than most realize.. So the effect on hair in androgen based not from dht..

I called a friend of mine who is very knowledgable about anabolics.. More so than most.. He stated if you want the benefits of primo without the hair issue than the only way you can pull it off is to keep test very low ( like HRT low) and run primo higher.. He stated running primo , because ov its high affinity to the androgen receptor , with high Test is asking for issues Iv prone in that regard.. He runs 700 primo , 200 test cyp, eq 600 mgs.. ( current cycle) .. Said never had issues.. But ran 500 test and 600 primo once and lost hair like crazy.. So maybe he is on to something.. Maybe not..

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Originally Posted by Matsuo Munefusa View Post
well my idea to run 400mg each for the first decent cycle in years gets thrown out the window with that theory then lol

what do you think about crushing up aldactone tablets in DMSO/gel and rubbing into scalp to try to get the spiro to compete with the DHT receptors in the scalp? (while on primo/decent amount of test). Do you think that has a decent chance of blocking hairloss from primo (say 400mg/primo + 400mg/test per week).

Your friend's idea might have some merit though Lats. Back in the day (way back) when I used to run tren....I found running real low dose test with it would keep side effects down a seems test amplifies side effects from other hormones??? I don't quite understand how that works across the board or in this specific DHT/primo case....but it sounds "logical" at least

Well the issue would be that the topical solutions are supposed to prevent the conversion to DHT.. Since primo converts to DHB it would not help with primo but WOUld help with those using test.. I never missed with any of the topicals.. But some are under the impression that it products against compiunds like masterone and the like which, of course, is false since they are already in DHT form.. So in this case I don't believe that it would help with primos strong binding to the AR receptor..

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Standard male Primobolan doses will fall in the 100-150mg per day range. Performance level doses will also fall in the same range. However, many men have reported decent results with as little as 50-75mg per day. Higher dose will cause some disease to your cardiovascular and hepatotoxicity.

abolish the weak:
I have juiced for several years now, and since avoided primo due to availability and cost. I'm on my first primo run ever, I'm taking 100mg eod and let me tell you guys, it fucking rocks!! You wont notice anything drastic or crazy but the shit will give you a good, hard look if you eat halfway decent and your consistent with your training. I feel good on it as well, I've since dropped my test almost 4-5 wks ago and have not noticed ANY crash. I went from 800mg/wk of T-400 to totally dropping my test and introducing the primo as sort of a bridge type deal. Anyways, not sure if its like this for everyone but I will def continue to use it in the future as a staple for any other cycle. I hear the gains are well kept from it too. Just sharing

I'm sold on it, its relatively safe and effective. No side effects really, just good clean gains. Just make sure you get enough to last you 12-15 wks I'd say. I didn't see much for about the first 3 wks on it, but now it's coming around pretty damn fast. I was always told not to bother with it if you couldn't do at least 5-700mg/wk but 350 mg/wk for me seems pretty damn effective. Excellent bridge gear, excellent!!

09-14-2011, 01:24 PM
A lot of confusion about primo... It has sides just like everything else. It will shut you down, sure the bounce back is easier than Tren, but all AAS shut you down.

I think the info on Anavar and Primo comes from the early 90's and passed down over the years. Anavar is NOT a weak steroid, one of the strongest mg for mg. Primo is not without side effects. Guys would use 20mg of Var and 200mg of Primo since it was so scarce, or they would use fakes which obviously gave them no sides and very little gains. Anavar is now widely used and good material is available at an affordable price, not 2.5mg tabs at $10 a pop. We know 60-100mg ED is not weak and has strong body recomp changes. Many guys have notices sides from var not previously reported, like decrease in libido, irritabillity, stomach pains, decrease in appetite, sometimes joint pain, liver and cholesterol problems, etc...

Primo is still not widely used. My take as someone who used lab tested primo at 600mg per week;

1-If you are on a budget, don't waste your money. There are far better bangs for your buck.
2-Primo has a UNIQUE cosmetic effect that usually disappears with cessation of the compound.
3-It has a large potential for shedding hair.
4-It definetely contributes to HPTA shutdown.
5-It will not build large amounts of mass.
6-Under 400mg is a waste.
7-It's effects don't seem to be as dependent on what you eat or how much you eat as compared to other steroids like nandrolone.
8-It increases sex drive greatly.

In conclusion, if money is not an issue, Primo is a fun add-on to any cycle, but it will definetely not create structural or permanent skeletal muscle changes.

09-17-2011, 10:44 AM
Ran test at 3-600mg with 6- 800 primo and had nothing but compliaments all summer. Its great for me at 43 to stay off all the heavy androgens during the active hot summer mnths and still hold the muscle while basically cruising with no side effects and no water retention, pure lean and full muscle
With the help of a little gh + t-4!

09-17-2011, 02:39 PM
And let's be real. Mass is mass is mass. If you gain fat, you probably ate too much. If you gained water, its easy to drop. I don't much buy into the quality mass concept anymore. Either you gained muscle or you didn't. How would quality mass be different from shitty mass? Fat? Check your diet. Water? Goes away.

A large part of the mass gained from d-bol or anadrol is actually water inside the muscle. Yes it is larger but it goes away when you stop. The water in muscle, tendons etc. is what helps with workouts, strength, and keeps the joints pain free.
Personally, I love Primo because of the slow pure muscle gains, stimulates the immune system, no water, great nitrogen retention, helps joints, and does not shut the HPTA much at all. Some love it, some think its a waste. I think a lot of older guys like it because its not harsh and works on a low calorie diet pretty good.

03-21-2012, 09:15 AM
Primo is my favorite steroid.
I ran it most of last year in doses varying from 200-800mg.
I am sensitive to the mental effects of all AAS, but primo does not affect me in any way, even at 800mg. It feels like I am on nothing at all (other than the positive results I see).
I feel it is very underrated.
I no longer use EQ due to its interference with GABA-ergic transmission (causes crippling social anxiety for me). I have ran it before though, and I would say primo is better at putting on mass.
I think too many people are getting other AAS labeled as primo, or they aren't using enough of it.
600-800mg with some NPP and test, and you will grow nicely if you eat enough.
Primo gives me sort of a recomping effect, like a mild tren with no side effects.
I get very vascular and full from it.

I ran 375mg of some primo E and absolutely loved it over the course of 10 weeks. By about 10 days in, no later than 15 for certain, I noticed it's effects and obviously as time went on, so did the progress.

I'm switching things up and using a recommendation by Ross; 300mg Primo E/300mg Primo Ace. Same brand Primo E I used before, but a UGL Primo Ace that I swear by and I cannot wait to commence this on Monday.

At 375mg, I just noticed a crisper look. In regard to how I can explain primo, it makes you look like you are actually on steroids, and it makes you feel like you aren't on steroids. If that makes sense, and to elaborate, it's pretty much gives you the "look" without the retention and gives you the benefits without the sides.

Haha! I just finished my primo cycle 2 weeks ago. I'm now in day 15 after last pin. Waiting 4 more days till I start pct cycle.

Primo is legit. My first shot was painful. Not the shot it self, but the day after my ass was sore for 2 days. Then every shot after that never hurt. Weird right?

I was doing 400mg primo/week. With 500 test/week. My first cycle.

I started natty 145 lbs 15% body fat. 12 weeks in I was 158 lbs 13% body fat.

Now I'm of gear and maintaining at 154 lbs with a body fat of 12%

I did not focus in cardio during this cycle. Only did cardio twice a week 20min each time.

My next cycle I will do alot of cardio since it ends mid summer.

Pre blood work my testosterone level was 466 with an estrogen level of 16.8

Mid blood work my testosterone level was 5080 and estrogen level 48

Post blood work 2 weeks after last pin my testosterone level is 789 with an estrogen level of 38

Even though I'm off primo now and it's now 15 days after last pin. I'm still beast mode at the gym. I lifting weights and training just as hard as when I was on gear. Lost zero strength. I'm actually pushing a little more off gear. Weird.

While on primo my gains were slow but solid. Strength came gradually and so did the weight. So it wasn't obvious at the gym that I was on gear. 8 weeks in that's when I started getting random compliments at the gym. So I would recommend primo, because it feels like a more natural steady solid gains. You don't get all that water weight. For side effects, I had only a few pimples on my face. Fuck like a bunny. Probably from The test.

Some guys use other gear and it's very obvious. Just 2 months and they blow up 30-40 lbs. Then off cycle they drop 30 lbs lol

Well that's my experience with primo. We will see what happens when I start PCT cycle.
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Primo is a very good drug (not used it myself) and produces slow but steady gains with little if any sides....however, it has to be run @ 600mg/week to see any worthwhile gains ans thus will be an expensive cycle!!

bbigman and powerhouse say its the best AAS they have used...but again high doses must be used

Primo is phenomenal, but you get what you pay for. A 10-12 week stint of 600 mg Primo will blow your mind (and wallet). Great drug, very expensive. If you're a newbie, start with test. If you find you're very sensitive to sides (libido suppression, water retention, gyno), then go with primo or anavar as your mainstay. There are also little tricks you can use like running Proviron along side your heavy cycles of test, or the AAS norotorious for suppression like tren ancd deca. There's tons of info out there, just do your homework and start off slow.

Cant discuss price mate but if you mean amount, primo comes in 100 mg/cc amps or 10 ml multi-use vials of 100 mg/ml. Personally i wouldnt run less than 600 mg/week and would run it with test. In a perfect world, we'd all be able to run Primo 1 g per week for 3 months!

You wont be breaking any scales whilst on any amount of primo, the gains are slow, steady, and QUALITY. You add pure muscle and no water. With 600 mg/week for 12 weeks along with say 500-750 mg test, expect anywhere from 10-15 lbs, keeping 90+% of it after PCT.

Primo is a good mild does not convert to estrogen so no need for anti-e's which saves some money is a good stack with tren and/or winstrol...results are increase in strength and hardness...depending on your bf% (if low enough) masteron is also a good choice...and look into anavar... hope this helps (if it does dont be afraid to add rep pts hahaha)

zeek (4,700 posts):
I want to have a little debate on primo and if the guys feel it is worth using or not.

Some back ground info on Primo

One can argue that it is the king of steroids to use while in a caloric deficit during cutting or contest prep. If it wasn't for Tren I maybe could agree with this also but since tren does exist IMO it does even better than primo at retaining gains on the low cal end of things.

Primo is very mild!! you can easily use over 1 gram per week of it and not have any issues with thicker blood and that is a major issue for the older guys on the site!

I am going to put this out there, IMO high dose primo is equal to low dose tren as far as results go without the sides and destruction of your lipids and such.

Can we justify spending so much on a compound that is often viewed as weak?

I say hell yes, Primo has it's place and will do amazing things to your body if you work with the primo! In other words don't pussy foot on dosages because less than 800mg per week = unsatisfied user! Run it for no less than 18 weeks and 20+ if at all possible.

Ok guys your turn!

I love Primo!

Virtually no sides for guys with BP and RBC's issues Primo produces Tren results safely.

Yes Tren Results!!!

I think Primo is awesome.

(However, my body tends to be really sensitive, so I can handle a lot of steroids, so that factors into my opinion strongly.)

Bro primo is by far my favorite compound. Some of the best gains I've got are a direct result of primo. Run at a high enough dose for a long enough period of time, there's no other form of AAS that comes close. It basically tren without the sides.

china wall (3200 posts):
word on the street is Primo was that Austrian guy's secret weapon haha... imagine a Primo/tren/low dose test cycle or primo/tren/proviron (I prefer the no test cycle, but I know too many guys on here will bash me for that haha). 25 years ago very few bodybuilders were using test, but I guess that puts me in the "old guy" category

primo will be mys next cycles in the futur.

most of people don't know than sometimes, for some person ( in fact 80% of the users) primo need a frontload of one week.

and after that 500mg/week for 12 or 14 weeks is largely suffisent to have solid gain, no water, but solid gains.

methenolone, oxandolone, hgh, and trenbolone, are the only hormones which improves new muscular fibers.

other compounds works on cells.

800mg/first week. after start with 500mg/week and add 100 more everyweeks. but the dosage have to decrease to 400 mg/week in last weeks.

BTW, this is the cycle of ARnold Schrawrzenegger in 1984...

i have some friend which are making primo since some months now. it's nothing having with deca, they get muscles, but more defined too, and stronger.

Primo is actually very nice, I had no sides on it, I had good recomp after 10-14 weeks. It's expensive, but my muscles looked full all the time.

This is a tough one for me. I had almost every bottle of primo I used for free, so it was really good for me, them I bought a few, and decided it was time for a break "aka back injury". So I still have some sitting around. Once I find another source that I trust for it then I may give it another run.

But I really like Kanes idea. I'm getting away from big cycles, and I think a little test, primo, and gayanavar will be my future cycles. I still have a few deca and tren cycles left in me but not to many.

I really like var, and primo, so I'm guessing they will be good together. Honestly as testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) test/primo (400mg) should be sufficient to maintain size and health, but I would lower the primo to 400 after a nice long 800-1000mg cycle.

But even brewing your own at 1g a week for 30 weeks is pretty expensive. Unless you have extra and friends who will fund your project for the extras.

But for the average guy trying to get big, do not waste your money in primo. Stick to test/deca/npp/tren/dbol/drol. Once you have your size then you can get into old man mode with the cycles. I just don't see a point in some of the younger guys running primo and Anavar (var) and a lot of things when they are trying to add size. Add size, maintain it, then get into the more mild AAS and look like great at 50+. I'm only 35 but I'm slowing down. I'll cycle as much as I can as long as my bp and labs are good I'm good.

You guys hear about plang? Get you labs, they are cheap and will save your life.

the greek:
I am in my 40's. And i have LOVED anavar since i was a powerlifter in my 20's. It was one of the first compounds i ever tried (part of dad's old stash in the attic......In my experience it gave similiar strength gains and hardness that HALO gave but without the headaches and nosebleeds (nasty shit).

I have many friends (some national level competitors in strength,fighting,football) that swear by PRIMO. One in particular that played D1 football (white guy,linebacker,6'2" 250, bout 10% BF) that absolutely loves PRIMO. He just laughs when guys slam ANAVAR an PRIMO. His experiences are the same as mine. The gains come slower but they come without the added water weight and general BLOAT that come with other compounds. In short, AWESOME STUFF!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am right behind you almost 2 weeks into Primo 1g/week.

I'd like to know your results as you go, keep checking back here.
Okay guys week 7 today and I am 230 looking better and most important feel better then any of my Tren cycles. Primo is slow and sure 7weeks is just the beginning but I am in love with Primo.

Primobolan is one of those anabolic steroids which has a cult following not unlike the old original version of Masteron. Actually, as you can easily see from it´s anabolic: androgenic ratio below in the profile, it's a pretty weak steroid but actually stronger (!) Than Masteron in both regards.

I don't know anyone who has run both compounds at the same dose. We are probably justified in speculating that you probably get similar results from either of them, when you consider the fact that you are getting quite a bit less current drug and more ester when you choose injectable Primobolan (which has the very long Enanthate ester attached to it) about Masteron (which has the very short propionate ester attached to it).

In truth, I think part of the reason many Primobolan users have been disappointed that they failed to use enough of it, for long enough. From it´s chemical structure and anabolic: androgenic rating, we can assume it is at least as effective as Masteron, on an equal Mg for mg basis. However, due to its ester (in the injectable version), it needs to be run for at least 12 weeks to see the full benefits from it. When you consider a measly dose of 400mgs or this stuff for 12 weeks it will probably cost you around $ 500.

It's easy to see why many people have tried to use less ... and have been disappointed with their results. On the other hand, many competitive bodybuilders consider Primobolan indespensible to their pre-contest routine, and wouldn't consider dieting without it.

Anyway ... I think the comparison to Masteron (another great precontest drug) is the best one we can make, with reference to expected gains and results.

I happen to be one of the few people who have used Drostanolone Enanthate (Masteron with the Enanthate ester attached) as well as Methenolone Enanthate (injectable Primobolan). I can tell you the results from these two compounds, when ester and mg potency are the same, are in fact very similar.

Effects of Primobolan

Let's flesh out some of the various general effects of Primobolan, before we get into the differences between the oral and injectable versions ... One study performed on sheep involved administering 100mgs of Methenolone, and electronically stimulating their lats (electronic stimulation was used because they kept falling off the chin-up bars). Anyway, when compared with the muscles of sheep who didn´t receive Methenolone, the receiving group gained significantly more muscle mass as well as strength (1) (2). It also has a relatively high affinity for binding to the AR, actually binding better than testosterone (3). This ability to strongly bind to the AR may be why Primobolan is such a good "fat burner." Strong AR binding has been positively correlated with lipolysis (fat-burning) (8).

In addition, as this steroid can actually aid in reducing breast tumors, no ancillary products need be considered for use with Primobolan, and in fact, it may actually be a useful ancillary agent in it's own right, similar to Masteron. Also, just like Masteron, Primobolan has no propensity to aromatize (convert to estrogen). Since it does not aromatize, alot of the side effects commonly associated with estrogen will not be or concern. This means water retention, acne, and gyno will be non-existent more or less. this lack of water retention combined with the slow and steady gains provided by Primo may help to explain why it has earned a reputation for creating quality muscle gains. This also helps to explain why it is so expensive. Although estrogenic sides are not a concern, hair loss still, remains a very real concern with Primobolan, as with many DHT-Derived steroids. Many primobolan fans always include Finasteride and Ketoconazole (shampoo) in cycles containing Primobolan.

Primobolan as a bulking agent, clearly this leaves us with regard to primarily for use in gaining and maintaining lean tissue. It´sa great choice for this purpose, and many competitors have used it very successfully to retain muscle while on a calorie reduced diet. The reason Primo is so useful for this purpose is that one of its primary functions is to help your body retain nitrogen (7) at a greatly enhanced rate. The greater your nitrogen retention is, the more muscle you will build. In the case of using primo as a pre-contest drug, this nitrogen retention will help you maintain muscle and ensure that your dieting preference favors fat loss over muscle loss.

injectable primo needs to be used at a dose or at least 350mgs / week (100mgs / Every other Day), and preferably at a dose of 400-600mgs / week. I would like to run it with testosterone propionate, but for convenience.

muscletalk uk:
Cycle and dosing info for Primo
Although Primo is a quality steroid, as said it is rather week. Also due to the fact that it contains (in injectable form) an enanthate ester, anything under 400mg per week is rather a pointless use of Primo and a waste of money. Generally with AS, more does not always mean better (due to side-effects and other issues), however in the case of Primo more does definitely equal better.

If stacking Primo with testosterone, 400-800mg per week will be an effective dose, with obviously the higher doses being the most effective. Primo will have two main effects in such a stack. Firstly it will seem to amplify the effects of test, so 500mg of test enanthate may seem like 750mg or more.

Secondly, Primo is very forgiving with one's diet. Quality muscle can still be obtained at a steady rate even with one's diet being off from time to time. However, with a spot-on diet, Primo and test will work wonders.

For those who would want to use Primo on its own or without test, you would really need to use a minimum of 600-800mg per week. If you can afford it, 1000mg per week of Primo will highly reward the user. Some people often ask about using Primo with Trenbolone. This can be done, however without test one must realise that you are likely to be quite shut down, and it is likely you would need some sex medicines as well as HCG. Despite this, for those that want a test-less cycle, Primo and Tren is a great cutting cycle. My ultimate cutting cycle however is one that incorporates Primo, Test Prop and Tren Acetate. Another very good cutting cycle that is test-free would be Primo (600-1000mg per week) with Anavar (60-80mg per day).

Due to the enanthate ester that is attached to the Methenolone base in Primo, it really should not be run for less than 8 weeks. In my opinion, I would run Primo for a minimum of 12 weeks, also bearing in mind that the Primo really kicks in at about weeks 5-6, where a real fullness of muscles is experienced. Primo is also useful at a high dose for those who use higher doses of test and experience appetite loss from this. Primo doesn't cause such appetite loss, thus when bulking this can give a chance for diet to be spot-on. Primo does suppress and shut you down as said, however it is roughly about half as suppressive as test, so a 12 week Primo cycle would shut you down similar to a 6 week test cycle. For this reason, Primo alone can be run up to 20 weeks without fear of a very difficult recovery in PCT

i think masteron is the closest to primo

as for the masteron tho, u'll get more sides from it than var as its a DHTderivative . but it is a very good steroid. a great addition to a cutting cycle. works great with test and tren.
it will give u a bit of an increase in agression and will also help with fat loss!
what u trying to achieve again m8?

i beg to differ!! did 300mg Primo with 300mg Test E for 16 weeks and 25mg Dbol for first 4 weeks and had gains of 11kgs of solid and quality muscle.

Its not the quantity that matters but the quality of your training and dieting!

loved primo at 500/wk with 80 var per day and 200mg test for libido. real quality gains and no water!

johnny (3027 posts):
primo is a fantastic med. if you can get real turkish stuff, run it at a gram a week and you wont be dissapointed.
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I actually see incredibly muscle quality improvements at 350mg/week but the real sweet spot was 700. Im fortunate enough to be able to run 700mgs of primo about 6 months of the year along side Tren and masteron and I love the combination.

Mine is 200 mg's and I'm about to rec'v 2 more bottles so I've actually been thinking about bumping up to 800 ew. Along with 400 test, 200 tren E ew and 60 dbol ed.
Primobolan - The Ultimate steroid? I think yes!

Pharmaceutical Name: Methenolone Enanthate
Effective dose: 200-800 mg/week injections
Available Doses: 100mg/1ml amplues by schering, turkey

Primobolan Depot is an extremely effective steroid thats earned its respect as the safest injectable steroid. Its the only steroid that will yield solid gains even on a low calorie diet. Its also the only steroid that will build solid muscle slowly with minimal to no sides... No acne, no aggression, no water bloat, no loss of sex drive, and its the only steroid that will not shut down HPTA (you wanna have kids one day right?).

I honestly cant think of another steroid that compares to primobolan! Primo is left out of cycles for a number of reasons. First, up until 2003, legit primos were extremely difficult to find. The market was flooded with fakes and athletes lost faith in finding legit primos. But the boogie man took care of that and nowadays, legit primo is easier to find as the pharmaceutical company schering, turkey, now produces them in bulk. And allow me to stress one point...TURKISH SCHERING PRIMOS ARE THE ONLY PRIMOS YOU SHOULD TRUST!!!!

Second, primobolan is slightly higher priced than testesterone and/or deca. But only a little pricier. Certainly not that much more expensive to dent our pockets, but there are those who would rather save a few dollars and go with a cheaper alternative. Allow me to stress one point....those who dont care about their health need not think about primos. But those whose concern is safety and precision will find primo in a class of its own. Its that simple, and our good friend Arnold will agree.

Yes yes my friends...Arnold Schwarzeneger was a huge fan of primo. In fact, his favortie cycle was a stack of 600mg primo per week with 40mg dbols per day.

Ok lets look at the drug. Methenolone is a DHT-based steroid (actually, DHB or dihydroboldenone, the 5-alpha reduced of the milder boldenon). Meaning when it interacts with the aromatase enzyme it does not form estrogens at all.(estrogen is what causes unwanted sides). But unlike deca you do not have to worry about progesterone problems eaither, so now you have the best of bothworlds !!! Since Primobolan does not convert to estrogen, it displays many favorable characteristics. Estrogen related side effects should therefore not be seen at all when using this steroid. Sensitive individuals need not worry about developing gynecomastia, nor should they be noticing any water retention with this drug.

The gains seen with Primobolan will be only quality muscle mass, and not the smooth bloat which accompanies most steroids open to aromatization. During a cycle the user should additionally not have much trouble with blood pressure values, as this effect is also related (generally) to estrogen and water retention.

You will here Primo is weaker than deca. Thats not exactly accurate. Deca is a great substance but is also very calorie dependant. Primo is not, primo can allow your diet to be a little loose. A few quotes by Bill Roberts " It appears to cause less inhibition than Deca or testosterone for any given degree of anabolic effect, perhaps because of low CNS activity, lack of conversion to DHT, and lack of aromatization to estrogen. " Do you understand what this is saying. Ok this is even true at a range of 600 mgs primo per week which is a highley effective dose. Requiring a little higher dosage to achieve the same anabolic effect, but since it is pleasant to use at doses considerably higher than what is pleasant for nandrolone esters, it can achieve higher maximal effectiveness.

Also Primobolan depot is attacthed to an ester which allows a half-life of about 5-10 days. This seems nice to the user new or veteran. Every day injections or every other day seem to be a pain in the ass, no pun. But every 5-7 days is enough allow for optimal blood levels. Primobolan depot happens to have another plus, the drug is particularly excellent for use as the last injectable used in a cycle, since for any given anabolic effect it gives much less inhibition than other steroids such as testosterone, nandrolone, or tren Therefore, residual levels of Primobolan can allow recovery in the taper while still offering useful anti-catabolic or even anabolic support. And oh... When people blow up say 30lbs in a cycle its impossible to keep it all as most of it is water bloat. Even with your hoemwork done half of it (if not more) is gonna dissapear within a few weeks. A slow quality builder like primo allows you to gain for the long term.

I think what people find themselves falling into is all the BS they hear in chat rooms. Look... you have to talk to users!!Real users with real experiences. Side effects with Primobolan Depot are minimal and manifest themselves only rarely and in persons who are extremely sensitive. Due to the androgenic residual effect, side effects include light acne, deep voice or increased hair growth. Ok who cares take B5 for the acne, women love deep voices, increased hair growth cry me a river and shave. Primobolan Depot has even less influence on the liver function than the oral form so that an increase of the liver's toxin values is extremely unlikely.

The blood pressure, cholesterol level, HDL and LDL values, as with Primo tablets, usually remain unaffected. Primobolan Depot is generally the safest injectable steroid. Ok now you have to understand what you are getting and that Im telling you be correct about your doseing and your health will benifit along with your well being and your body you crav eso much !!! . Ok, like the tablets, Primobolan Depot has only a very small influence on the hypothalamuhypophysiat testicular axis so that the body's own testosterone production is only reduced when very high dosages are taken over a prolonged period of time.

Stacks : Primobolan depot is one of the safest steroids available, it has extremely low androgenic and highly anabolic properties. With primobolan you can enjoy solid lasting gains with zero sideffects and no toxicity to the liver, Primobolan doesn't aromatize - therefore Methenolone is the number one choice for people who don't want others know they can have. Methenolone (Primo) is also one of the rare steroids that work on a reduced calorie diet. This makes Primobolan depot an ideal part of every cutting stack. For dieting ( pre contest preparations ) Methenolone works best in stack with T3, Clen, Proviron, Deca, Test. In addition, it is most popular for male bodybuilders to stack Primobolan with other steroids in order to obtain a faster and more enhanced effect.

During a dieting or cutting phase, a non-aromatizing androgen like Halotestin or trenbolone can be added. The strong androgenic component should help to bring about an added density and hardness to the muscles. On the other hand (or in addition) we could add Winstrol or anavar, another mild anabolic steroid. The result of this combination should again be a notable increase of muscle mass and hardness, but in this case the gain should not be accompanied by greatly increased side effects. As mentioned earlier, Primobolan Depot is also used effectively during bulking phases of training. The addition of testosterone, Dianabol or Anadrol would prove quite effective for adding new muscle mass. Of course we would have to deal with estrogenic side effects, but in such cases Primobolan should allow the user to take a much lower dosage of the more "toxic" drug and still receive acceptable results.

Lets wrap this up... primo is the shit!!!

600 mg Primo + 250 mg test will FOR SURE give you what you are looking for bulldog. Lean out, low sides, and maybe a little LBM gains depending on how strict your diet will be for your lean out.

You will definitely retain alot of muscle on this cycle if you drop your calories a little bit but keep protein high. The primo will also help with fat loss. You will get shredded on this cycle bro.

How did you like your Test cycle when you went to 500 mg for 12 weeks?

i loved the test at that dose although i will say i feel better overall at lower doses. if i do decide to bump test again itll be in the 750 range but unlikely. yeah i plan to get the most out of this cycle for sure

good idea on skipping the var, although milder, have heard it does still create a lot of problems with cholesterol. I think you will be impressed with the primo. If you dont notice a difference by week 4 there is something wrong. It wont be in strength on on the scale so much, but you should look better. And if you are running hrt dose of test I doubt you will notice any more negative sides than while taking just the test. Primo and test is my favorite now that I am older.

it is not too bad on the hairline, especially when compared to other aas. the bottom line is if you are prone to mpb, any aas is going to aggrevate it, so use with caution and get the shampoo. As far as ester, pretty much the only one sold as inj is enanthate, the acetate is used as oral, but is not cost effective. there have been some acetate injectables, but the pain and flu like symptoms most experience make it almost unbearable. As this is an expensive item, I would recommend not rolling the dice and seeing if you are one of the few who can handle the acetate inj if you find any.

I had the chance to use it once and was really impressed with its effects on me. Nice, dry muscle gains without any aggression. I ran it with deca and had a great cycle, have fun.

When I ran Masteron no real LBM but wicked libido and dried out my physique from a heavy test cycle.

I absolutey love that cycle. Primo is amazing at high doses. If I had a choice, would run high dose primo over anything.

Throw in some var as a kickstart, and you're cycle is one of my my favorites

Don't run primo without test, it will shut you down and kill your sex drive. With test it is fantastic. Run at 500-800mg per week.

I have only had experience with Primo in higher mgs....around 1G a week. It was fantastic for the competitor who used it, but I know it damn near pushed him into bankruptcy. LOL

Its great for what it does, and as long as you keep your expectations realistic, it will give some nice results...the flip side, which you're well aware of, is that its very costly and is REALLY hard to get ahold of legit primo. Irregardless of what certain "sources" will tell you.

Why wouldnt 600mg of primo give u results?

Hell 400mg of primo gave me fantastic results. I lost 4 inches on my waist due to that ****, with a "whatever diet" (i.e eat anything i f*ckin wanted).
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Most people will say 600mg per week minimum buuuuuuuut I’ve run legit Pharma Primo before at 200mg/week cause I couldn’t really afford more and I saw pretty great results.. Now that’s also relevant to your starting point and experience, I don’t think guys who are used to running heavy cycles will see as much of a benefit as I did on 200mg a week, I could be wrong, but I also definitely feel having legit primo is as big a factor as the effective dose.. Lots of fakes out there..

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At 800mg/week good primo is amazing. Its just really expensive. Ive never used npp, but im going to try it out for comparison.

Currently running 250 sus/ 100 primo m-w-f...tightened up diet, added some cardio and loving results..

I only have experience with long ester versions E and D, but I find myself adding it to just about everything I run anymore. If your one of the luckier ones like myself and don't have a whole lot of trouble with estro sides the shit is FIRE! It's a like a test/ tren combo without the tren sides IME.

ashop 11,000 posts founder:
I get great results at 400mg per week but think my sweet spot is 600mg. I've done it at 1 gram per week but just feel it wasn't needed. 600mg/wk is plenty at least for myself.

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450-525mg wk works with cruise.. lol!!
700wk lean bulk. Mast or an Androgenic needed with pure anabolic like var or primo!! Or it's not as effective!!!

600 was always my sweet spot, 900 was pretty good but expensive for long cycles

I've seen guys have really good results in the 300-400mg per week range. That said, I always felt I looked and felt my best at 600-800mg per week

primo is amazing @ 600mg week for 12 weeks, find a source who offers 200mg/ml version for dirt cheap

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I agree. I like tren allot but the sides are crazy.
Insomnia, sweat like a pig, tiredness & sleepiness, aggression & mood change, etc.

I told myself to never touch tren again. Ever again.

A steroid guru told me that Primo at high dose (800mg-1g) is like tren without the sides. Maybe at that dose its even better than tren.

I agree and don't take tren anymore...anything that has sides that bad just isn't worth it. BUT- one thing you may want to try is TINY doses of it daily to EOD. Normally with tren I get all that you stated plus paranoia/anxiety and indigestion! For me this seems to start as "low" as 150mg total a week.

So tried an experiment with some 100mg tren A. I took about 1/4mL on days that I trained only (so 4-5 times a week) and experienced NONE of the sides but all of the positive effects. Aggression at the gym. Stronger. Leaner/harder in a couple weeks. Not quite the effect 100 3x a week had in competition prep years ago but again - NO night sweats, NO nervous/anxiety, etc. Might be worth a "shot"

With primo I did 300mg a week for about 12 weeks and was not super impressed. I know that's pretty low dose but at what it costs any more than that to look 5% better makes no sense. I'd rather spend same $$ on gh/peps and get more out of it.

gh 2-3iu in the morn and peptides at night typically.

I don't think anything compares to tren personally...maybe masteron. But, on TINY tren doses I saw NONE of the usual side effects. I just had some laying around and didn't want to throw it out. SO took 5cc in about 6 week period. About 100mg a week. WORKS for me.

Primo doses were 300mg a week for 12 weeks. Everyone I have talked to says I should have ran about 600 but like I said that gets too costly and spending that $$ on kits is smarter move to me.

U should have done more for primo.
At 300mg it is very weak & its difficult to judge unless u're a beginner.

U're right. I've been hearing allot of these.
Primo doesn't seem to put weight on u but it transform your body.

It gives u the chissle clean full vascular look. Unlike Tren that gives u that freaky pump look. Primo is more of the model look like Arnold.

Moreover, i read that primo is a good fat burner because it binds strongly to the androgen receptor.

I ran some HG. Primo it was beyer shearing, and it was at 500 mgs a week for 10 weeks ,it was the not biggest pound wise but it looks I'm bigger never gained a lot but recomped my body, burned fat and made me real vascular and dry just my experience if you get real primo. You will be happy

Primo is amazing at high doses, and when I say high I mean in the neighborhood of 900-1100mg/wk with almost no sides at all...

The down side is... It doesn't come cheap and it doesn't come in dense enough doses like 300mg/ml so you will need to pin the thing almost everyday to reach 1000mg/wk level...

If you are on a budget, primo is not for you. It's a great compound, but under 600mg/week is a waste. It's hard to describe what it does, that's why many are vague on its effects. It gives you a nice look, very full muscle, sort of what GH can do. It keeps you looking full even if you are on a caloric deficit. That's the main advantage.

For me, the increased libido was too much. It was unbearable. Also, the 100mg/mL gets old after a while. I tried to make it in 200mg and 150mg and it was always extremely painful. It's not exactly very oil soluble.

I have to disagree that primo is too mild.. At a dose of 600mg or more weekly it is a great anabolic.. You don't blow up like a androgen, but the gains are very nice.

A pre contest should never be run without primo in my opinion... I would run it before tren.. But thats just me...

I love Primo.

Sure, it's a little pricey compared to other gear, but I feel you are paying for quality. Something with virtually no sides is worth paying for, IMO.

Not to get too specific, but it doesn't cost me very much to use.

I have seen 10ml, 200mg per ml bottles go for around $80 in bulk.
At 1g per week, it costs $40 per week to use, or $160 per month.

Some guys use a gram of Tren per week, which isn't too far off in cost than primo.

Primo to me is like EQ. High doses or don't waste the money. I run Primo once in a while but at 600-800mg per week minimum. So yes it gets very costly and more costly then running good generic HGH. Sometimes i ask myself why bother. EQ with HGH and i get pretty much the same results if not better then running high dose primo to shred up.

I talked to a couple people I trusted about PRIMO and decided to start with 420mg/week (60/day). It worked well but recently bumped it up to 80mg/day and its working even better. I feel like 100mg/day may be a sweet spot I'd like to try but gonna sit at 560mg/week for a couple months then probably cycle off for awhile and maybe try 700mg/week this winter.

But yeah 420mg/week was NOTICEABLE.

test + primo + growth is our equivalent of a very fine cigar and scotch

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Lats (7090 posts founder):
400 mgs a week starting.. anything under wont be worth the cost of the compound..

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I'm loving genotec primo at 350mg per week. I also take 350mg test prop and 280mg deca. Switching the deca to 350mg npp next week.

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600mg per week minimum if you are a bigger guy. 800-1000mg is where it gets really good. Gains on primo are quality and I feel great on the stuff.

I've ran it in the past at 600mg-1g and it kept me looking very dry. I also felt very healthy on it with 125-250mg test-e/wk. The downsides were increased hair shedding and the price. I think 400-600 might be enough to notice a drier look and better mood. I want to say it ran it for up to 20 week's gradually worked my up to 1g/week. That was the only time I used it. If it was cheaper I'll probably keep it in almost year round.

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No. It's a dry look but unlike most AAS that give a hard appearance, primo actually feels great on the joints.

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I'm running a ugl primo started on 600 bumped it up to 750 and I'm 6 week in and seeing great results

What I am loving about primo is that it is the ONLY steroid I have ever found that does not affect my mood. It just is helping me during this very strenuous training phase the next 12 weeks and is adding a bit of size (not really eating for size) and helping me stay lean while adding extra carbs for recovery from training.

Even testosterone changes my mood and makes me more AMPED up than I like to be (I prefer to be calm as possible in my mind). Primo is pretty much 100% transparent in my it doesn't affect my mind the same way test, anadrol, tren, SD, winstrol, anavar, etc do. I love that about it and makes the little bit of hairloss and price totally worth it

It totally affects my mood. But in a positive way. I notice the uncomfortable drop about a week or two after stopping.

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Originally Posted by nothuman View Post
What are the negative effects on bloodwork and how bad are they? Also blood pressure and heart rate? I get that you don't feel any sides but it's more important to know if it's doing damage to our bodies.

Mild to nil brother, primo I's very low toxic and not extremely hard on htpa either, plus on s very positive note
It is one of the more preferred, and better at "promoting"
Collagen synthesis, as do Car, and a few others, where as
Higher test can cause brittleness of the tendon, ligament etc.

So that's a nice plus for the aging lifter/bber.

If you use real primobolan, 200mg week already promotes great results.

Some people look for primo as a mass steroid, if you want to add mass don't use primo... it is wise to combine this steroid with others compounds such as test and deca, it lowers estrogen since is a DHT derivative, hardens you up, it's a great anticatabolic... some people see steroids only as mass builders, but don't know how does each one works...

When I read guys saying that you need 1g of primo to see results it's ridiculous... you need to know the science behind each steroid and learn how to use them and why... but it seems that something works if it brings you side effects, aggressiveness, etc...

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Peaking on 1000mgs for the last weekend of summer....
252lbs Big, round, ripped, and tan. What a Compound!

600 mg per week works, i love going up to 850 but you need to get good painless 200 mg / ml stuff to push this amount along with test and even eq is a great addition

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I was on 1g primo with low test the another month and I think my HCT went down. I need to check on times but it definitely didn't go up.

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I never tried Ace, Had some oral that I saw great results mixed with vita E for absorption.
A really see no reason not to use enanthate on all Supps although the cut stacks out are great for dosing ed or eod just before a showing.

After the Holiday I am lowering to 500 test e and 600 Primo, then in October I will cruise on 250 test 200 p and 150 deca till march!

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It is A great polisher. But also the healthiest Roid out!
I plan on 32 weeks of Maintenance starting October. 250 test 200 primo and 150 deca.
A little proviron and 2 x 2 hgh.
20 weeks of Summer Polishing! 500 test 800 primo, 100 tren and 100 mast.
Add orals and Lr3 as needed, w- slin and higher GH around workouts.

No more Bulking or pressing the Limits! 250 lbs of perfection for

But Ya, 600 mgs is great at any weight!

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Plus your really not going to feel Primo...There is barely any androgens..its all anabolic.
But if you want to feel Jacked, then Primo is not for you. Me I would rather look Jacked without my pulse beating in my Forehead!!

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I'm saying if you buy 10 vials of UG primo, get one tested determine purity, and run that for 3 months. You fine dawg and its not THAT much money. Its about $80/week that way. Pharm primo is faked and overpriced, same as pharm GH. I'd rather run UG primo and generic GH from a good supplier any day of the week over pharm shit.

What I love about primo is that I do NOT feel it. I fucking hate the feeling of being on a ton of androgens, its garbage, your BP is up, your temper is up, if you don't work out you have crazy amounts of pent up energy, sex drive is ridiculous that it is somewhat embarassing as a middle aged dude. Its not for me. I'd rather be on some pure anabolics like Ostarine and Primo with just a tiny amount of testosterone to supplement basic function in the body. Any. Day.

I started a solo primo experiment OVER my normal TRT (200/week test)

So far, results for 500mg/week of primo is pretty much as expected.

Slightly hardened with no change in diet /cardio --- still need to do a mid-cycle dexascan (pre cycle was 7%)

Perhaps just a touch fuller (but always dieting so nothing noteworthy)

The one thing it did was keep my blood work pretty normal. All kidney parameters in great ranges, liver is fine, hematology fine.

The only thing I didnt like was HDL being low

It also crushed estradiol being a DHT derivative.

Estrogen on TRT is normally around 60-70---> now 0.5/ non-detectable.


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Originally Posted by RamboStallone View Post
Is it worth running for you then? The way I see it, you could have bumped up to 300-500mg test and gotten better results. Don't you think so?
My goal now is to see what individual compounds do --- but utilizing what is deemed as "safer" hormones.

I have no interest in water retention,or excess body fat/weight etc...

But yes, I am sure doubling up my testosterone to 400/week would yield perhaps (maybe) more muscle accrual via estrogen , water, glycogen synthesis etc... but I would assume my RBCs etc... would worsen , but who knows.

I think primo is cool and just as expected --mild, safer,hardener.

Next I would like to try 1-test cypionate solo and document it too.

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ill agree with Rambostslone and concreter in the aspect your not going to feel it get you all jacked up like a bunch of test will do. If your in great shape and lean itl do sorta like masteron or tren but without much sides. Maybe a little bit drier and vascular. And I know it was real shit every time Iv used it. Tren enanthate. Iv ran it from 300 too 1000 mg a week over pretty long runs. 20 wks plus.. and it always made me look a lil better. Never noticed any negative affects from it at any dose. But i don't think I iver gained any muscular weight from it really. But my blood work told me it didn't change anything much. So ya it's mild inside my body. But the lowest effective dose is the lowest amount you need to get the desired drugs effect.

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Lats (7090 posts founder):
We have to remember that primo is actually a DHB.. The sides we hear about with primo ( especially many years ago ) were hair loss and typical DHT issues.. Many UG were just simply substituting it with mast... Or even using low dose prop.. One ug supplier told me many years after he close he used NPP in place of primo and labeled it primo.. But many users of actual primo can attest that primo has little in the way of bad sides..

Most have a great sense of well being and feel great.. Little in the way of HAIRLOSS or other related issues.. And yes primo will add quality muscle in the right doses.. I like many compiunds.. I think Npp is a great one.. And recently tried 1 test cyp ( which is a stronger and a bit more harsh primo) .. But if given the choice Id run high dose primo with my trt.. Feel great and quick change in appearance..

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I love 1 test cyp.. Great compound.. No dht conversion.. No ESTRo conversion .. That is why it would not be a good trt alternative.. You will need some ESTRO and dht conversion.. I run my trt at 175 mgs of test cyp or enth a week.. Adding 1-test cyp to my trt was great at 350 mgs or so.. Even at that dose it is very effective.. But diffinitely not for trt..

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For me it's pretty easy to tell the difference between he two.

Primo = very full, round, and hard at 400mg +
Mast = much more dry but no added fullness. Aggression increase in gym.

Yeah, the muscle quality is just... different.

And primo also puts me in a really nice state of mind.

How about all 3? I'm currently on 600mg primo, 240mg test cyp, 140mg tren a for a week and will add 3.33iu grey tops. Won't be wearing a shirt for a week over NYE with 175 females in the Bahamas so I need to show up.

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Short answer: 200mg/week.
Long Answer: This was the second steroid I ever tried, 30 years ago when I first started. I went to the famous Dr. Kerr in San Gabriel and he put me on AD-50, 1/day. I gained about 25 pounds in 6 months but as I learned more I realized I could 1) get my supplies in T.J., and 2) I could take the same thing Arnold said was his favorite: Primobolan.

I cycled off Anadrol for 6 weeks and then started Primobilan. I did 100 mg the first week, and added 100mg more the second week, for 4 weeks, then 100, then off for Six.

I had lost 2/3 of my Anadrol gains (about 15 pounds) before starting the Primobilan. At the end of that first 6 weeks, I had gained 10 back. Took another 6 weeks off (back then it was very different than now, we cycles on-off-on-off, 50-50) and I didn’t lose one pound.

I did it again, same dosages, and added another 5 pounds. The next time, after reading Dan Duchaine telling how Germans would inject 5mg all at once, I decided to up my dosages. I started with 2 1/2, then 4 weeks at 5, then 2 1/2. I gained another 10 pounds.

And kept it. ALL of it.

A friend who would shotgun 3,4,5 things at a time - which was considered pretty hard core back then - was amazed that I was only taking ONE thing, and it was only “weak Primobolan.”

Keep in mind, I was 19 years old, my body was completely new to steroids, and I ate, slept, and drank bodybuilding. I drank a gallon of milk per day, ate big steaks for breakfast every day, plus 12 eggs before bed, 100 desiccated liver tablets, amino acids, and a ton of fruit every day, and I ate no junk, didn’t drink pop or alcohol, and trained 2-3 hours 6 - 7 days per week. So if you’re older, not eating great, and have been on various other steroids, maybe Primobolan won’t do much for you at the doses I took.

I believe to this day that 50 percent of the gains from Primobolan are permanent. Just keep working out and that muscle is there for good. I can’t say that for ANY other product I’ve ever used. Primo got me from 175 to 220. And to this day, over 30 years later, even when I’m down to 4-5 percent body fat (legit, tested in the BodPod at the college) I can’t get under 200.

Based on my experience, if you can get REAL Primobolan, it’s worth the high price. No sides, no problems, just muscle and happiness.

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500 mgs at minimum

I have some Primo coming to try. Will be my first time using it. Last year I did 175mg test p/ 175mg npp a week for 8 weeks....then went back on my TRT. First time using npp and I really liked it.

Its been almost 4 months so I'm ready for another small blast.

I was going to do the same thing again, but think I'm going to try something along the lines of 300mg test e/ 300mg primo e and see how things look.

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Quality primo should have good effects around 300mg a week for ~100kg male... 600 seems to be about the sweet spot up to maybe 800. Beyond that doesn't seem to be much return for the inj frequency.

That said, even 200/w primo may have some beneficial results over the LONG run (especially your actual TRT guys at 200 test a week) say around 5 months...

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Depends what other shit your on.

If it’s a boatload of precontest shit, 400-600 but it won’t shine. But will still enhance look. If you want it to shine in a heavy stack around 1g I’d start with

If it’s just a look good feel good cycle maybe a cc of long acting test a week and 400-600 primo.

If you really want it to shine low test and 800-1g

It’s always gonna be a drug where when added it will make everything better.
If cost is not a problem. If cost is a factor I’d way rather run 2iu-4iu of pharm gh then any anabolic in combination with test of course

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For me I like 400mgs but go up to 600 on occasion and I would say I do get better results on the higher dose.

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I'm Going for the Best all around Look.
Big and Full w- striations!
800- 1200 primo on top of 350 test, 100 tren and 100 mast.
Some Hgh 2-4 ius, a weekly dose of LR3 just prior to the weekend and Orals as needed here and there.
Adrol and tbol if need a little fullness or Winny and Halo for a little more Straition!

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I really like primo at that moderate dose. It’s a very feel good compound physically and mentally. I’ve never tried the big dose of a gram that is supposed to give amazing results because I’m just too cheap to justify the cost.

bumping an old thread, reporting in!

I ran 350-450mg primo last year with great success, pretty well convinced anything under that was going to be worthless. I've been off most everything for about 6 months other than 2iu GH/day, 500ug HCG 2x/week and 75mg test/week. Now that we're expecting a baby (a son!) I'm switching things back on a little. Last two weeks been on 125mg test and 200mg primo and 4iu GH and I gotta say it is working! I was kinda in disbelief that 200mg primo would do ANYTHING but if you cruise for 6 months at real low dose test/gh and then sub in some tiny dose of primo, BAM.

It really does work in low doses! Getting that classic mood lift from the primo (and of course a little extra test) and wake up every morning muscles feel fuller, increased vascularity, etc. I'm not a bodybuilder, but I have been appreciating the effects the primo is having on my recovery rate with my training and a little strength boost (I guess from both the extra test and the primo to be fair).

Funny thing though at 75mg test/week my test levels were fine (around 700) which to me feels normal. Here I have been thinking for so long that I needed more test for TRT despite having bloodwork in hand regular returning +1000 off 100-200mg/week. Talk about some delusional thinking over the years, convincing myself I needed 150mg at least for TRT! 125mg/week puts me out of a normal range on bloodwork but so be it (I prefer a little extra!).

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Sometimes...ya just gotta keep it real.

This is a message board with a lot of opinions and lot of knowledgable guys. But sometimes you just have to stop people and say, "No -- you're wrong." That includes some gurus, mods and supposed experienced users.

You hear this ALL the time -- "Primo takes 6 weeks to "kick in."


Listen up. Primo is a pure muscle builder. Now do you have any idea how much a pound of muscle is? Think of 4 steaks worth of meat on your body. It's a fucking LOT!!! That shit doesn;'t grow overnight.

I am so sick of people taking about "gains" that is just water and blood volume.

No steroid grows muscle faster than Primobolan and yet Primo is thought to be the slowest. And I think the reason is, the people giving that advice never learned how to grow muscle without steroids.

There. I said it. Sorry if I offended anybody.

Now, REAL bodybuilders who use REAL Primobolan, will tell you they start to see results after a few weeks. That's because it takes that long to grow 8 or 9 ounces of muscle. Yep. that's it. That's all you get. But after 6 weeks, that 5 pounds of SOLID MUSCLE and that's a lot more than most anything else other than Tren will give you. And I don't do Tren. I use my voice for part of my livilhood and no way am I going to fuck it up for some quick fix temporary fat burning. I know how to burn fat.

So can we stop with the "kick in time" MYTH?!?!?! I actually had a phone consultation client ask me how long after his first injection when he should start working out! I told him, "You gotta be fucking kidding me."

Maybe I'm just old. Maybe I've been at this too long. But this shit makes me sick.

So that's the story kids. Once you stick that needle in, you better start busting your balls and making use of every fucking workout for every fucking ounce of muscle you can muster. And if anyone says "Aw, I think my stuff is undosed, you have my permission to slap them in the face and tell them. "SO train HARDER!"


Primo has a heavy molecular weight so only 100 mgs fit into a cc. I guess you can try to put more in but it'd be near impossible to get through anything thinner than a 21gauge needle and it'd be incredibly painful afterwards, which makes me suspect any lab that clains 200 mgs per cc. It's more likely 50 mgs of Primo and 50 mgs of test.

I also believe they do not run it for long enough... And I also think more get stuck with bunk primo... A blend of eq/deca/test prop mixture for piip...

I will tell you I get no pain on my primo pinning 100mg every day....

I love the stuff and swear by it... As for kick in time... I hear guys says o it takes two weeks for long esters, gotta front load... If my gear takes two weeks to hit me, it's fake... I feel my test e n cyp in days not weeks, same as everything else....

I love the ending of nelsons post.... If they say it's I doses, then train harder.... Lol

I take 300 mgs test C week split mon. & friday and 100mgs primo mon. wed. fri. and i start to get a sick pump by the end of the second week. I usually start to lean out around the 5th week and then good pumps/hardness/strength from there until week 14. When I add anavar at 50mgs ed i can barely get through a workout the pumps are so intense. With the Primo you need to get your protien in and diet to be clen. The Best stack for me is 300mgs testC wk, 300mgs primo wk, Anavar 50mg ed. Gains are sick.

Primo is a good one. The gains are small but there quality gains. I'm running 800mg weekly(along with other AAS).

Also, you should run at least 200mg test with your primo cycle.

most guys run around 600mg up to 800mg a week, fuck I know it's expensive, but the results I have seen from a test, primo and different combos are nothing short of incredible. primo gives a lot of people in their last 7-8 weeks a granite stone type look to their physique.

It takes definitely a few weeks to kick in, but don't expect big strength or size, look for the skin tightness provided you're getting leaner. not a big size drug though man.

Primo=slow gains. Good safe drug profile but in no way strong. Well retained gains. Nice anabolic profile,

When you do primo, you feel like you are natural.

However, there are a few exceptions: Stength, endurance, recovery and size go up--but slowly and incrementally. It is a quality drug best reserved for retention of muscle in bodybuilders who are dieting down and endurance atheletes who must withstand months of gruelling, calorie-draining training sessions for their given sport.

Personally I love the shit because what I do is all endurance based. Stacked with some test, it's good for quality size--but if you want to go that route--don't bother with expensive primo, just go with deca or EQ.

For example, my BMR is about 1880 cals a day, if I just laid down and slept all day--but I am running primo right now at 200mgs/wk.

I got up and swam to near exhaustion for 1/2 hour this morning before breakfast.

I ate, and went to the gym for over 2 1/2 hours. I went hard the whole time. The last 1/2 hour was 30 miutes of high intensity interval training, running on the treadmill. I was drenched--and I mean drenched with sweat.

I have been eating to my BMR every day and training like this 5 days on 1 day off. I am running a daily caloric deficit of about 1,000 cals.

Primobolan is the only steroid that I know of that will still help you retain (and perhaps even gain) muscle nitrogen under such extreme circumstances. I am dropping 2-3 lbs of fat a week without clen or ECA--just pure sweat.

That is what primo is for. You can use it for other pruposes, but there are other drugs that do much better for bulking, strength, etc.

So if you are not dieting down or training as an endruance athelete, there is no real point to taking primo.

I respectfully submit that you should review your goals and decide if primobolan is the drug for you.


what do you do for work? I do a few things but I used to run around bombing freight on a loading dock and now i've got a part-time stint in the infantry. I do a lot of mountaineering, hiking, and swimming in the mountians around here.

There aren't many of us type 3 muscle fibre guys on this board. It is hard to get big huh? But fuck, we can eat one powerbar and run for 8 hours straight!

I'm cutting up right now on straight primo, not even eca. I'm doing cardio 2* a day for a total of about 1.5 to 2 hours. Hard stuff too, swimming, HIIT training. I pounded the iron today too for 1.5 hours. Even with a 600 daliy cal deficit, I would say it was easy. My rest day was yesterday. Rest day was just one hour of fast hiking in the mountains, altitude change about 2000 feet. A steep one! Coool down was wlking down the same trail.

Its weird huh? I know you know what its like but the shit we can pull boggles the big boys minds...but size is so elusive for us....

BTW, primo is SO GOLD. If this is your first try, go ahead and run your body into the ground with cardio. It won't matter.

Pax to all

it does have the enanthate ester, so it generally takes 2-3 weeks as they said.

to kick in: agreed, 2-3weeks

Here's my 2 cents...

I've ran pretty much everything over a couple decades of being in the game except Primo, primarily because of the whole cost/benefit thing.

I'm currently 8 weeks into a 16 week run of Primo E at 200 EOD and the stuff is amazing. It's not EQ, it's not Tren, it's not Test/Tren/Mast, it really is in its own class.

I used some 100% legit Primo from Bayer and it was a treat, both during bulking period and pre contest. Unfortunately, very expensive

Tren = lean + Mean
Primo = lean + Happy

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I wouldn't. 400 Bayer minimum and preferably 600 to 1000.

Rob S. (big shredded guy):
I love legit Primo. Currently running Primo Bayer 200mg EOD with pharm grade test (Norma Greece), Proviron Bayer and Genotropin. Best i ever looked...and it doesn't make me feel like shit. Tried to run Tren a couple of times but i hate that stuff, won't touch it again and don't need it again since i can get Bayer Primo for a good price.

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Most that are running Primo aren't trying to make "gains". They are trying to maintain muscle while trying to get shredded - something that Primo does a wonderful job of.

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Primo at 600-1000, with a little test,no negative side,happy,will still grow while losing fat,grow even faster in a cal surplus.

-hands down the prettiest you'll ever look, lol! Seriously thou

I've run 600mg of Primo for a long time, which I bought over the counter. I loved the way I felt more than the way I looked. I didn't lose any size, very full and round, but the thing I liked was that it made me happy! Happiest AAS ever. I actually looked forward to pinning Primo.

In contrast to Tren, which I always start to dread pinning after a few weeks. I love the look, but it's like injecting anxiety. :/

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magical wish list

"give me REAL primo and at a mg/ml dose that i don't have to shoot a million cc's a week and i will tell every other drug to go fuck itself! thats how good real primo is". it gives you a different look, lean, full as fuck, tight skin look, i just wish it wasn't expensive and made in higher mg/ml solutions that didn't hurt like hell.

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Finally a voice of reason...

I'm firmly convinced now that I can run a TRT dose, primo low dose and 2-3 iu of GH ED and look amazing, feel great and have good BW results.

Honestly, I DROPPED MY TREN DOSE IN HALF and REPLACED WITH PRIMO AT ONLY 500 mg week for my contest prep, and it was the BEST thing I've ever done precontest!!
Tren gives me a decidedly flatter look, so adding in primo kept me looking fuller and it gives a more aesthetically pleasing look to the body IMO.

Plus, I was in a much better mood once I made the switch which is a big thing during prep!!

I 100% agree with BBoy, give me higher dosed primo at a more reasonable cost and I'd never run anything else again (low test excluded)

I think 80% of the guys that ran primo and didn't "get anything from it" got fake shit....I tried primo for the first time last common cycle I respond good to is test, npp, low Tren and drol....which is great strong, full , good gains.....but the test 300 wk , primo 650wk, and 2 iu genotropin was a better look.....the look is like a pwo chest/ shoulder with 10 iu humalog look ( super full/ round ) but waking out of bed looking like that!!...look in the mirror right out of bed and say"what the fuck!!"....and it was Toro....never ran it before this but I'm sensitive to dht, tried mast and proviron , prostate blows up.....and it did with toros sucked but I used cialis to help....can't wait to run it again...

I was cruising on test 200wk and 2iu grey top(TP) for 12 wks then jumped to 400wk sust for 2 wks, then changed to test cyp (300 wk) and primo 600 wk for 10wks .....genotropin 12wks on work days (120iu total)....did another 4wks with 200 wk test and 200 wk Tren ace then cruised On test only.... But yea, to be honest I'm not easily impressed it was first time running primo and was like "this is going to be a waste of money"....but was impressed....and you might think it was the geno causing lots of fullness but wasn't....not at 2iu....I ran genos at 5ius ( with 400 test wk )later on and was a lot better results...

test(300), (600)primo, (2iu)hgh was nice but very close to results of ... (400) test ,(5iu) hgh

3 more iu a day made big difference, with pharma anyway....

steroid check is the tester. Not steriod confirm. Sorry.
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This is the longest mother fu$* thread in the history of PM

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Old 05-12-2019, 03:55 PM
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This is awesome... thanks for posting your notes Tregar!
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Putting this on my reading list tomorrow. Thank you for taking the effort and time!
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Thank you kindly. Believer of taking surveys, then processing the information to look for trends and helpful tips. Love to read.

Did the same with my 2 year study of 25mg mk677 in the morning, read all I could find, then tried for myself 7 months on, 5 months off...for 2 years...then performed around 7 blood work tests, noticed a trend...

It raised my igf-1 from 227 ng/ml to 372 ng/ml for the 1st 2 weeks each year, then leveled off to 327 ng/ml 4 weeks in, even read the same 6 months in, same going on 2nd year on it. The body puts in a feedback system after 2 weeks to keep the levels from getting any higher than around the high level of an 18 year old. This corresponds to what the scientist found with their mk677 study on beagles, same findings with the feedback regulatory system.

The mk677 corresponds to the equivalent of 3.4iu pharm grade GH from China, as each 1 iu of pharm grade gh raised my igf-1 by 95 points, as I get a 380 ng/ml igf-1 reading with 4iu of pharm grade GH from China.

I tested my insulin levels, and A1C and liver values and they were all completely normal on the 7th month of being on the mk677, and this was without taking any +r-ala or berberine at all during those 7 months. There is zero to minimal bloat while being on mk677 while being on a ketogenic diet. Hunger pains die down after 4 weeks. Others say on a carb rich diet, the bloat decreases after 4 weeks.

Here are the results of the research I did so far:
Alpha6164's (medical doctor's best friend):
167 igf1---->272 igf1 (100mcg grf(1-29) + 100mcg ghrp2 x 3 times a day) = 105 point increase

227 igf-1---->372 igf1 (25mg mk677) = increase of 145 points for 1st two weeks
227 igf-1---->327 igf1 (25mg mk677) = increase of 100 points after the 1st couple weeks, read same at 6 months in.
227 igf1---->380 igf1 (4iu chinese generic pharm grade) = 153 point jump
224 igf1---->359 igf1 (12.5mg mk677) = increase of 135 points*
232 igf1---->312 igf1 (25mg mk677) = increase of 80 points**
150 igf1---->242 igf1 (20mg mk677) = increase of 92 points***
141 igf1-----217 igf1 (20mg mk677) = increase of 76 points****
unknown igf1---->376 igf1 (25mg mk677) = unknown increase*****

*See Fitraver post "bloods on 12.5mg mk677"
**See Mrsaturatedfat post "37 days on mk677"
***See thebigone post "Humatrope,MK677 and other GH labs for you guys"
****See machine5150 post "MK677 Before and After Blood Work w/ IGF Levels Raised 53.9%"
*****See sayitaintsoap post "THT's MK-677 review and blood work"

**Notice the similar point jumps between peptides and mk677, either one seems to reach a max of around 100 igf-1 points.

For those that get lethargy with mk677 (I don't get any at all), you can always use the peptides above x 3 times a day for around the same average increase that mk677 gives (average of 100 point increase in igf-1).

I'm the bodybuilder that stays on a Palumbo ketogenic diet year round (1 to 1.5g of protein and 0.5g of fats per day). When I cut, I use 1800 calories a day (3 meals a day), but eat only 8 hours of the day, and fast for the other 16 hours, running laps for cardio during the fast. In other words, I eat breakfast, lunch, and 65g protein shake at 2:30pm (last meal of the day). Taking in around 220 to 240g of protein a day. There are some other famous bodybuilders who stay on a ketogenic diet year round if you look them up, one in particular from South America. We can get just as strong and make the same gains as our carb enriched counterparts.

As gluconeogenesis from the protein is 5g max per hour, over the course of a day with fasting after 3pm, I get on average 60g of glucose from the protein which fuels my workouts, shuttles glycogen to the muscles, enhances recovery...and yet I am still not kicked out of ketosis. It's easy to loose several percentage of bodyfat while holding muscle over the course of 3 months.

Believe it or not, but 3 new studies at ergo-log on bodybuilders show you can loose twice the fat and hold the muscle while incorporating fasting for 16 hours + doing cardio during the fast, yet lean muscle losses remained stagnant. fat loss was doubled over just fasting or cardio alone. Ergo-log studies on bcaa's also show you can prevent muscle-breakdown during your workout and cardio by taking 5g before each. Ergo-log website is great for tips and pointers.

When I was in my 20's and 30's I could eat whatever I wanted and remain super muscular and very low bodyfat, this all changed after age 40. The Palumbo ketogenic diet got me back to the way I used to look in my 20's, as my insulin sensitivity decreased as I got older, probably from eating whatever I wanted in my younger years, as a payback.

Anyhow, these are the primo files, Arnold was said to have liked 100mg a day (700mg a week). How much test you add to it is up to you, 150 to 200mg TRT levels, slightly above that at 350mg etc.
You see from the posts above how people adjusted this up or down as well.

For me on TRT at 200mg a week (60mg shot EOD with 0.6mg arimidex) at each of the every day shots, my E2 stays perfect at 25, with between 22 and 30 being a good level. With 350mg a week, which is 100mg EOD, arimidex needed is 1mg at each of the EOD shots to remain in range.

Anyhow, enough of my rambling...enjoy the infomation, as high quality info on primo is often hard to find.

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Jesus!!# what a long thread

If your a newbie who has never ran AAS and know nothing about them your better off reading a short steroid profile that's on every message board about primobolin. IMHO

Or sit down when you have several hours and read this LENGTHY thread.
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One last thing, since primo and diets often go hand in hand...

The RENPHO electronic body fat scale is super accurate and reads bodyfat percentage down to the .1 (1/10th percent). Also gives accurate muscle mass reading, and 6 other body readings, scale kicks ass, it is not all over the place, and you can read your bodyfat and musclemass daily, these scales have come a long ways over the years.

On primo, blood pressure is normal, sleep is great, it gives you the look of being on steroids but you don't feel like you are on steroids. PSA normally reads 0.74 or so on 0 to 4 scale after a 12 week cycle. Slow steady gains, pure muscle, very full & round & bloat.

The crystal structure of the raw is super fine, glistening and shiny like a fish scale or what diamond shavings might look like if it were possible? very different from any other xtal structure have examined.

Typical 1800 calorie cutting day on the Palumbo keto diet:

700 calories + 700 calories + 450 calories = 1850 calories

protein = 230 to 240g

fats = 34g breakfast + 15 to 30g lunch + 14g last shake with almonds.
wake up = 20g whey isolate shake in water = 20g protein, 100 calories
1 tablespoon flax seed oil = 120 calories, 14g fats

Breakfast: 6 x-large eggs, keep 3 of the yolks, sunny side up along with 3 slices of fried lean smoked ham, eggs and ham all fried with a tiny bit of butter. protein = 42 for the eggs + 12 for the ham = 55g total, fats = 20 grams. 3 slice ham = 60 calories, 6 egg calories = 450 calories.

total calories for whey shake + flax oil + breakfast = 700 calories, protein = 75g, fats = 34g.
Lunch: 2 grilled chicken breast on a tray by itself from whataburger for four dollars and 1 small peeled avacado:

protein = 80 grams
fats = 15 grams from the avacado
total calories = 230 for avacado + 230 for each breast x 2 = 700 calories

alternate lunch: Large plate of Panda bear chain terriaki chicken with super greens = 80 grams protein.

alternate lunch: Golden corral buffet: small salad with two tablespoons bit of blue cheese dressing + 6 yummy baked fish:

3oz fish x 5 = 21g protein x 5 = 105g protein, 114 calories each x 5 = 570 calories
1 tablespoon blue cheese dressing = 7g fat, 70 calories.
salad = 100 calories.
total calories = 750

alternate lunch: 1 flank steak with frozen cooked spinach, add in 1 tablespoon of heavy whipping cream or sour cream with the spinach:

steak = 100 grams protein, fats = 25g from steak, calories = 700
1 tablespoon heavy whipping cream = 50 calories, 5g fat
total calories = 750
2:30 last meal of the day = 3 scoops of met-rx metamoysyn protein plus = 22g x 3 = 66g protein (300 calories) with 25 almonds or 1oz (good source of sodium and potassium for keto diet) = 150 calories.

Total calories = 450
25 almond fats = 14g

Fast from 2:30 thru dinner and sleep until breakfast the next day. And run 3 to 4 laps at the beautiful park with the springs and lake for 20 to 25 minutes or use treadmill at home if raining.

Other fats taken daily besides the 1 tbspoon flax seed oil: 5 fish oil caps, 6g of CLA caps.

Other supplements used daily:

* 6g HMB.

* 6g CLA, studies show over 7 weeks, 3.3lb lean mass gain vs 0.3lb lean mass gain placebo, users lost 2 lbs fat, while placebo gained fat:

Health benefits of taking CLA from mercola:

* 1500mg arachidonic acid pre-workout days only (studies at ergo log show 3.6lb lean muscle gain vs 0.2lb placebo lean gain over 8 weeks):

Should also add arachidonic acid results in super pumps for me when used pre-workout and long lasting soreness for days, one of my favorites when used with mk677, great pumps when combined.

* Betaine 1.25g x twice a day, studies show over 6 weeks, users added 6lbs lean mass vs 2lbs lean mass placebo. fat loss went down from 17% to 14% body fat, placebo gained fat.

* 5g bcaa used pre-workout and pre-cardio prevent muscle breakdown (ergo-log):
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OP you spent 2 years studying 25mg of mk. There isn't that much out there to read for 2 years. Besides your results and blood work doesn't apply to everyone. I think you are just ocd. No disrespect meant by it young buck.

How long did it take you to study condoms? And how did you go about testing it?

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I spent 2 years taking bloodwork while I was on it for 2 years (with 5 months break every year off it), read about it maybe for a couple weeks before I started the experiment. There is a labcore down the road from me with very little wait, brand new, made taking bloods easy, and my healthcard paid for it all, so on money out of pocket.
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Originally Posted by tregar View Post
I spent 2 years taking bloodwork while I was on it for 2 years (with 5 months break every year off it), read about it maybe for a couple weeks before I started the experiment. There is a labcore down the road from me with very little wait, brand new, made taking bloods easy, and my healthcard paid for it all, so on money out of pocket.
Ok my apologies I understood you said you studied it for 2 years before using it

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No, my apologies pimpman for bad wording. Posted all my 7 bloodwork in the giant mk677 thread somewhere in the 20 plus pages that goes on forever. As I know my own bloodwork may not apply to others, also researched the web for all I could find, and posted the bloodwork of 6 others above in this thread.

All in all, posted the findings with this thread as primobolan + diets often go together, at least it does for me.

Raise your GH and igf-1 with mk677 or peptides to the levels at the high end for an 18 year old:

accelerate fat loss
enhance workout recuperation
add muscle and strength (20% on average studies show, I concur)

Have experience with HGH as well, but prefer mk677 for much of the time instead while I'm still getting good increases with it. Saves a ton of money as mk677 is super cheap from China.

The important thing I found out is that my baseline reading 227 ng/ml igf-1 returned after using the mk677 for 7 months straight, it had no detrimental effect on my normal level, and then on the 2nd year of using it, the 100 point average increase again returned just like the year before, even was a little higher than the year before.
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Props to you for keeping all these analysis about yourself

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Thanks Pimpman.

Not only had I lost several percentage of body fat in 3 months, but lost 1.5 inch on my waist in 2 months, could have been due to the mk677, CLA, palumbo keto diet, cardio, primo, betaine, who knows...I admit it's a shotgun approach.
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Originally Posted by tregar View Post
I spent 2 years taking bloodwork while I was on it for 2 years (with 5 months break every year off it), read about it maybe for a couple weeks before I started the experiment. There is a labcore down the road from me with very little wait, brand new, made taking bloods easy, and my healthcard paid for it all, so on money out of pocket.
If someone is currently on TRT (100mg test cyp per week), if they add primobolan how will it affect their labs? Will their Dr. know that they added something else? Not sure if it raises total test or not?
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Reader Digest summary...

Most people love it at 600mg/week and above. Pure muscle gains, no water retention, improved collagen synthesis and worth the cost, albeit not a cheap compound. Also, most like to run the enanthate ester for long periods (16+ weeks). If your experience was subpar, you probably either took someone other than primo or the dose was too small. For cutting primo had a unique ability to spare muscle on a caloric deficit.
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Originally Posted by Joltan View Post
If someone is currently on TRT (100mg test cyp per week), if they add primobolan how will it affect their labs? Will their Dr. know that they added something else? Not sure if it raises total test or not?
Its not test and shouldnt impact total test if it is real primo. I actually took a 10cc vial this week and cant sleep right now. It was an old ugl and the only bottle from the ugl that I had laying around, im sure it was EQ. My next brand is more reputable and I cant wait to start it.
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