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Awards Showcase

November '04

Category - Male competitors

Sponsored by:
Synthetek -

WINNER: T-Muscle

T-Muscle is a successful national-level competitor. While being in
his 40's, this has not slowed him down in both his ability to
improve and to help out others. He a great contributing member that
never has anything bad to say. I hope you appreciate the info he
has provided here!


My training has evolved over 22 years to an approach focusing on
more than just pushing your limits and hoping for the best. I want
to have the same luck the next 22 years as i have had the first 22
years. So - Longevity is added to the list of requirements needed
to satisfy my training appetite, so consistent training (as in non-
interrupted training cycle, no injuries and workable into your life
so constant attendance is attainable).

So low volume, high intensity work well for me. Warm up, stretching
between sets, and focus on the muscle being trained are must. Then
3 or 4 sets total sets per body part (1 or 2 exercises, mostly
basic benches, rows, squats,) and break up body in off-season in 5
days rotation and 10 weeks before a show move to a 3 day rotation.
But this 10 weeks a year. I do this before a show I have to keep
mental track of NOT over-training so my workouts now may have a
total 12 sets max! But even drop to a max total of 10 sets per
workout, over-training just ruins a body!

Current breakdown - low volume (intensity always present!)
Day 1 - quads and calves
Day 2 - chest and lats
Day 3 - hams and calves and biceps
Day 4 - triceps and shoulders
Day 5 - back and traps

10 weeks out - (volume drops even more) intensity lives on…
Day 1 - chest arms
Day 2 - legs
Day 3 - back shoulders


protein usually never changes - 200-225 grams (any source)
Carbs for my metabolism are off the chart high in off-season like
500 grams to 700 grams
Fats are high also olive oil and flax oil and avocado then the fat
from red meat, which is the favorite for sure.

Contest Time

I drop my carbs to 300 grams of FRUIT only and protein stays around
250 max then I add oil to make up lost calories from less carbs.
This combo was not at all that taxing nor did i loose any strength.

Best BB All-Time - Phil Hernon
Best Friend - Phil Hernon
Best Gym - "T-muscle training Company"
Best Board -
Consistent training is the KEY!
Less is best.

Thanx to this board, it's member's and athlete's - u rock. And to
ATP Straps - for its help and support and of course I thank
God....and God Bless Our Troop's
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