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Buy Needles And Syringes With No Prescription
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New member
May 30, 2013
I've been using gear for 4 years now and its time to ask the boards since dermatologist can't help. No matter how small the dose I've gone as low as 1CC test E and I still break out as if I'm on a heavy cycle. I recently started taking anavar again after a 4 month break on all gear to get my skin cleared up and just 30mg a day is causing me to break out like a 15 year old kid. I'm 34 and should not be breaking out from such small doses. I've been to the derm several times in 4 years and no prescription seems to work. Any advice or explanation why such small amounts react so badly? Of course I don't mind during the winter but the summer months tend to be a problem when planning a beach trip. Thoughts?????
with acne there can be so many different things its hard to say without seeing it. Where are the breakouts? Face? Back? Is the skin clear when off or have lots of congested clogged, black head full skin? What do you use to clean your skin? Maybe its not compatible with your skin. Does you diet change when starting gear? What does it look like normally?

Derm`s suck, all they wanna do is write a scrip for accutane or anti-biotics after spending 5 minutes with you. My wife is an aesthetician, runs her own skin care center and is working on being an NMD dermatologist.... acne is tough, some people are just more genetically predisposed to it, there is no cure, just treatment.
Good post I like what you have said . I've had some acne trouble as well , the thing that helps me ( not remove all acne ) is tanning along with washing with dawn soap to dry out skin. I never had acne prior to aas.
You could try running a low dose 10/20 mgs of accutane. There are sides but it helped me get rid of every spot I had had for over twenty yrs.
I'm tempted to try accutane ... But I'm gonna try tanning bed first . Does tanning a few times a week really knock out some acne ?
not in my experience did tanning ever help. In fact, it might even make some of the worse zits scar's permanent. Some natural sun light is good. Salt water baths. Also, myself, anti-e's always seem to keep some of it at bay. You may have just the same issue.

any doc will tell you do not tan if you have bad acne. i get it on my shoulders and just otc stuff clears it up.
I know it's not the optimal answer for most people but for myself, tane is the only way to go.

I've tried, honestly, probably 6+ prescription topical's, tons of OTC washes, etc.

I finally got a script for tane, took it for 5 months and after the first month, my skin was literally flawless. Nothing else worked even a fraction as well!! Unfortunately about a year later, I started getting a few spots again and couldn't afford Rx tane, so I went the RC route and to my surprise, it worked just as well.

Now when I see a small breakout forming, I'll use a low dose of 10mg for a month and I'm completely acne free for awhile. I just keep a bottle of tane on hand. This has been my strategy for the last few years.

I do get my liver checked as often as possible though but my last labs were done about a week ago and the liver is in good ranges. I'm not saying it's the healthiest way to go and if you can find an alternative, I would absolutely go with it but for me, tane is where it's at.
tried everything. the only thing that works for me is a low dose of Accutane. keeps me 99% clear.
ive posted on this subject several times.
PM me if you would like some industry insight (cosmetic and OTC industry insight into acne)
Here are two of my posts, I hope they help

I posted this a minute ago.
Get a sun tan or if you are conscious of the damage UVA rays can cause then buy a handheld product which emits light and treats acne. See below

the reason getting a "nice tan" helps with the acne is because sunlight kills acne. what i mean specifically is that 400nm-495nm (blue light) wavelengths in sunlight kill p.acne bacteria even if its present under the skin. The blue light wavelengths dont penetrate that deeply so you may see the acne coming back which is just more p.acne bacteria under the skin that you didnt kill with the first treatment.

You can buy a handheld device which will emit these wavelengths at any Sephora for about $200
The source of the wavelength doesnt matter sun or bulb, it does the same thing.
Acne Annihilator is just 2% salicylic acid with some botanicals.
as I said the two most popular ingredients OTC Drugs for acne are salicylic acid from .5% to 2% and benzoyl peroxide.
The OTC Acne Monograph which is drafted by the FDA provides a list of what ingredients can be used to treat acne and what claims you can make relative to that particular OTC.
Sulfer is another approved ingredient which reduces skin oiliness, clears clogged skin pores and sheds off dried dead skin cells and is usually accompianed by salicylic acid.
Panoxyl soap bar dried me up after my back looked like a dart board.
I keep them is Stock and swear by em. Accutane is great but the drying out your whole body sucks.
I think I'm going to investigate getting hold of a load of Accutane after reading this.
Yo can check with doses of vitamin A palmitate and zinc orotate.
It helped me and solve the oily face.

i've used accutane to clear up bad acne I got coming off cycle which was odd and it worked wonders for me. Occasionally I get a few pimples here and there but not as bad in the past. I also have read that accutane is suppose to permanently get rid of acne, but i'm not sure how true that is for people like us and if it's true even if they weren't on test.
Yes it does get rid of it perm. I had acne from the age of 14, used every tablet, cream going. Stayed on the tablets for months and months they did nothing. I then decided in my thirties after having it for over 20 yrs to use and dose accurate myself. Did one course over about 4/5 mths. I have not had a spot since that's 10 yrs now and using test, npp and var. so for me is was worth its weight in gold
I finally had to go the Accutane route myself. Even on TRT dose, I had breakouts. Tried everything I could find but this is the only thing that works for me. Make sure and have good liver support going because it will raise your levels.
Also make sure you slather as much vasoline on ur lips and nose as once they dry it could cause problems.

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