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Aromasin Vs Arimidex

Do you prefer Asin or Adex

  • Aromasin

    Votes: 25 73.5%
  • Arimidex

    Votes: 9 26.5%

  • Total voters
it depends a lot from person to person.
I am a high converter (unfortunately) and I take AI like candy.
despite the "high" doses taken, my estrogen is still there.

lucky you who need fewer drugs
Same here. If i think abt dbol it makes my nipples itch. I have found that around 1:1 test:mast balances nicely with no AI but without the mast i need an AI all the time. I would also agree w adex being more predictable than aromasin but i have generally tried aromasin first and if it worked well I'd keep it and if getting E sides would switch to adex
I don't know anyone who could fix the problem of lack of aromatization after long-term use of aromasin
I have low estrogen now although not from using aromasin. I've talked to several people now who have the same issue and all of them solved this issue by getn estrogen valerate tablets or injectable version. I'm awaiting valerate tablets myself at the moment
As a decade plus user of aromasin, with a ton of blood work over those years, maybe someone finds this useful.

Back in "the day" we had Nolvadex and that was it. I started trt around 2010ish which brought me back around some. Started with the aforementioned 200mg weekly, hcg, etc and 1mg of arimidex a few times a week and promptly cashed my E2 (elbow pain is a first sign for me). After having them blow me up a few times, I moved to aromasin and it was smooth sailing.

For me - I've never seen any variability on lipids with aromasin (tren and orals... sure). E2 has always been rock stable and predictable. I don't time my intake nor combine it with specific foods and often will take 12.5mg on a Monday/Thursday (will go M/W/F or more frequently as I need more, finally upping the daily dosage). Means nothing evidenced by tons of bloods. Very predictable. Only time I've crashed E2 is when I've loaded up a big masteron or equipoise dose (equipoise is the hardest E2 hit even vs primo and mast as I've recently learned and hits E2 a lot faster than the ester math would indicate or results in the gym become noticeable - ouch). My aromatization hasn't changed that I've seen.

All that said, it's my own independent experience and generally test is 750-500mg maybe 1gram max with total compounds under 2 or 2.5grams if running lighter stuff (ie light being primo or equipoise or masteron in there increasing total my NOT tren in a big dose). If I was running much bigger test, maybe some of this wouldn't hold. Also my AI is always pharma as is my Nolvadex or anything else I might really need if an issue shows up. Never has but all the 60s and 70s pros had the same experience and then one day the estradiol in them won out and bitch tit surgery became common so I'll take a light AI dose over letting E2 run rampant at sky high levels all the time.
My urologist prescribed 1mg daily Adex paired with the 200mg/wk of test. Way too much!!!!! I just stack em up since it’s like $1 for 30 1mg tablets with my insurance.

As long as you’re monitoring your lipids annually there shouldn’t be a problem with taking Adex long term. I wouldn’t take it unless you have to though. I don’t have to take an AI. Never really have estrogen related issues taking large doses of test. Just keep ‘em on hand if they’re ever needed!

The way i see it, if its very long term the little bit of damage it does to your lipids could add up to a considerable amount over the span of your life. I do take arimidex at the moment but for this reason I plan to try aromasin soon.
Ive tried them all for many years. I like aromasin the most.

Idk what it is but I am like extremely sensitive to AIs. They make my mind feel like shit. Idk what it is. I can always tell when my e2 is getting higher. When my e2 is high I'll hold water and my dick won't work that well but I'll be in a really good mood all the time.

When I use AIs to bring my levels back into range it will remove all the physical symptoms but I'll then feel like i have a dark cloud hanging over me all the time. It's bullshit. Ten years of experimenting and getting bloodwork. I feel like I've tried every combination of everything.
it depends - as @TheOtherOne55 wrote, for example, you can take a 1g test and 12.5mg of aromasin is enough for you every other day and other times you will need 25mg a day and it will still be too little to control estrogen with the same 1g test - too unpredictable aromasin
Luki what dose of test do you run and how much adex is needed for you specifically?

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