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Jun 13, 2002
I have to say, this board along with RM is one of the best around. Big A, you are a stand up guy and I just want to let you know that I appreciate everything you have done here and on RM. There are some boards out there that really can't appreciate what people do for them. This board (Mods and members) have a great attitude. Keep it up!!

Props to Big A. One hell of a bro!!!

I agree, although I'm concerned for the future. I've been on a couple forums over the last couple years, and they all seem to take a turn for the worse as membership grows. Hopefully this board won't grow into a teenage hangout for flaming. I doubt it will, as the mods here are pretty efficient at weening out idiots, and the real bros always stick up for each other. Props to ProMuscle.
I agree. This is board is A+ all the way. You can ask a question and worry about being flamed. The mods here kick ass and Ive learned some much since ive joined this place. Thank god for that thread about H.I.T. I could never go back to volume training. All hail BIGA:) :D
I agree. This and Animal's boards are where I go for info. The other boards are to play. Even Animal's board has had to do some spring cleaning as of late. But these places are the most informative on the net.

I totally agree, thus far the flames are low, the questions, and replys are quick, correct and precise, we got ourselves a great depth of knowledge. You guys are all good people if you ask me.
Yep this board is deffinately the best place for quality info, alot top bro's here who are all dedicated to the same goals ! and who will help each other acheive them.
Those other boards are not so good...I have to admit I was on ELITE for about 2 years. But I have not been back in months thanks to this board and a couple others.

Thanks fellas for taking time out of a busy pros schedule to make comments and suggestions on this board.
This is the best board for detailed, cutting edge scientific based info on performance enhancing supplements. And the board with the least flames and most mature flavor-it is this which seperates it from the others.
And we (BigA and us Mods) will make sure it stays that way-believe that!
Animals board is great for info too, but it can get nasty over there
with flames flying all over! Still a good board to learn from too.

Thanks for the compliments-and I thank BigA, fellow mods, and everyone for making this board the best! :D
You guys...

know how I feel about this place. There's no place like home. Yes we go visit others, but you always come back to where your heart is. Plus, WHERE ELSE IN THE WORLD CAN YOU GET THE RENOUND PENIS PUMP?
Yes, this board has a flair for "no bull" posts. I know that the other mods and myself will strive to keep it a mature forum for bros as a resources to share and learn.

Our list of members reads like a "who's-who" from various boards - from vets, to mods and competitors (local, national and pro!!). I believe we've gained a reputation as "the place" and newbies don't want to show their ignorance among this "elite" group!

its were I go when I need to find something out. big bump

The UG is where Baldnazi was created and my heart is still there,but this board definetly keeps the garbage out.Post after post of good bodybuilding information.If your looking for pure knowledge without all the off topic shit,then this is the #1 place.BigA and all the mods have done a great job here......
I agree!

When BIG A first told me he was starting this board and asked about my future plans after the demise of the renegade I told him both myself and Mike_S would love to work with him as I knew he would keep it a quality board filled with quality people and he has done just that. Not to mention the mod's on this board as well as all the vet's that have migrated over from other boards. I was proud to have a new place to call home after renegade and regardless of how many other mod positions i hold on other boards this is truely my home! This is truely a family over here without the flames and in my honest opinion we would rather keep it smaller and more intimate should we say! As everyone knows everyone and is comfortable with everyone over here and you can always expect to get useful no-frills no bullshit info regardless of the questions you ask. Big props to my good friend BIG A and all my other buddies on this board as you all have made my job very easy and a real pleasure. best wishes to you all wyldeone.
You're all making me blush ;)
Anabolex is also a good board...
before this...

gets too gushy, I have to say I think the info here is excellent and to the point. The group here is very seasoned and really knows what works and what doesn't. I seldom have to do multiple searches to find what I'm looking for on this board. I like to board hop a lot, but ProMuscle is the board that I check everyday.

yea anabolex is good but you get lost there just to many members for me

No kidding! there are waay too many members there. Its nice to see familiar faces here with excellent advice and you dont have to deal with the B.S. like on other boards.

Thanks to Big A. AND all the MODS

Im glad to call this home.

-Big Hock

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