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Broderick Chavez on Fouad's Podcast

iron lifter

Feb 16, 2021
When I was younger (90s) and wanted to turn pro it would be like 2-400mg test with 2-400mg Deca and 2 tabs of Anadrol.
Keep in mind this was the 90s so test was 200mg/cc max and Deca was 100mg/cc. I never injected a lot, I just didn't want to.
I would add things pre-contest like Winny-V or Parabolan or Primo.

I went up to I think 1250 test using Sustanon amps for a short time and didn't feel a benefit. I pushed up close to that once or twice again, but never for more than a month. This was me listening to the "current wisdom" and not my own body or experience.

Today it is 300mg test, 100mg tren, 100mg mast (2.5cc/wk). I will toss in an oral, usually Anadrol every other cycle.
My next run will probably be 150mg Test and 3-600mg Deca. This is all off-season now, as I have no intention to compete again.
i really think the guys that grow well on lots of test or did, could have grown on anything really. they will circle back to that as their reason for size, but prolly didn't try any other method.


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Kilo Klub Member
Oct 28, 2008
I was entertained by this interview. Broderick is a bit over the top at times, and way too amused by his own humor, but I agree with a lot of what he has to say.
As @LATS has said, and some older members might agree with, lower test was the way things were in the late 80s and early 90s and IMO (just mine, not looking to convince others) these were the best physiques. I didn't know anyone who ran high test in that period. The biggest beast around at the time, Paul DeMayo loved EQ, and I know that from experience.

This lower test & higher anabolic approach was how I started out, then tried the higher test method in the late 2000s+, and have come back around again.

I personally feel I look better and feel better this way. A lot of people tell me test is safer, but it certainly isn't when you must take AIs, SERMS, and finasteride to manage sides at higher doses. I'd much rather use the drugs that were engineered specifically to promote anabolism and minimize androgenic sides that extend far beyond better neurological signaling for strength and some cosmetic hardness.

Everyone will need to find what works for them personally. I think there is too much variation in individual response to AAS to say anything is dramatically better - or worse - for everyone. This of course excludes outright abuse, like gymrats on 1G or trenbolone.

NOTE - I also came across a study on bodyfat distribution and androgen therapy. Visceral fat decreases then rebounds over long term administration. It reminds me of the effect of testosterone on collagen. I found this interesting in light of the abdominal distention that appears in the same era as mega-dosing test. Probably just coincidence, but interesting anyway. I can't find the study now for the life of me unfortunately....

bodyfat distribution.....so I’ve compiled some data on what you talking about..
Seems androgens...test/nandrolone shift fat oxidation towards subcutaneous fat loss, while visceral fat stays the same...

Anavar on the other hand has multiple studies showing visceral and trunk fat loss is much higher than normal androgen therapy.

I think a good measure for visceral fat and fatty liver control from hard bulks would be to run moderate-low dose anavar on a slow cut, and throw everything in the kitchen sink to control lipid health.

caradine, citrus birgmont, krill oil, red yeast rice, niacin.

maybe do a “health cut” and focus on drug protocols that target visceral fat maybe once every year or so since during off-season we eat like assholes, push GH, all which will accumulate visceral fat.

16-18hour fasts, maybe 100mg DNP daily, just really fucking attack the innards!

vigorous steve had NAFLD and basically reversed it in a month with victoza (glp-1 agonist) and 20h fasts for like 2 weeks in a row.

the glp-1 agonists wipe hunger down to nil. I’ve been trying to find online pharmacies carrying victoza, ozempic, or rybellus. I can’t find them.

thinking about trying defy medical and telling them I need it off label for an eating disorder.


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Sep 13, 2007
I think the more people read and watch other "experts" talk about what's the best way or the best drugs to achieve x,y,z the more people are getting confused. In addition, having access to so many different drugs is adding more confusion.

Then you have Insulin, GH, and IGF1 etc.. to fuck your mind even more. Timing, Intra, Post and you have a clusterfuck of theories to get you more confused. I personally think getting people more confused is sometimes done on purpose.

Remember your first cycle? It was probably the simplest cycle you've ever done and for us in our 30s and 40s most likely was Test deca and dbal or some other basic shit. It worked and we took the same drugs over and over again and they continued to work.
Now we have access to so many different drugs that people are forgetting to keep it simple. So many "gurus" and so many "theories" are making people completely brain fucked and lost.

Not to mention that we are all different in the way we react to drugs. Now I am not an expert by any means but I have been in this game for very long and I can tell you unless you are competing just keep things simple.
Is DHB good? Try it and find out for yourself. Is MENT good, try it and find out for yourself.

People need to get back to basics and keep things simple. Don't be afraid to experiment because it is the only way to find out what works for YOU. Just keep your health in mind and don't be afraid to try different methods, dosages, drugs etc...

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