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can a delt shot really be done like this?


New member
Jul 29, 2002
I was reading an article in MD about site injections and came across this description for doing delt shots :

"...with your arm hanging straight down at your side, simply trace your clavicle with your other hand all the way to the end until you come to the shoulder joint, which you can feel with your fingers. Just past the shoulder joint is the wonderful, fleshy lateral delt. This is the only place a smart person will inject anything because you will not hit any nerves here and there is a pocket (provided by mother nature) that's the perfect spot to shoot in your gear or oils. To insure that you get under that lateral delt and into this pocket, you want to go straight down into the area just past the shoulder joint with your pin as if someone dropped a needle from the ceiling."

It sounds interesting, and I am thinking about trying it, but I'm a little nervous about messing up and shooting straight into the joint. Has anyone actually done a delt shot like this? I'm interested in hearing others opinions/experiences with this.
Sounds strange to me. I've always done mine straight on, like how a nurse gives you a tetanis shot.
I have a bro that does it that way. works well for him. I rotate points on my shoulder but do those occassionally. easy and painless.
Yes, the person who wrote that article must of read Paul Borresen book on site injections back in 95. Borresen first mentioned about that awkward SI years ago in his book. He says that thats the best way to bury the oil behind the muscle.

Here's an excerpt of it:

Site Injection and Cosmetic Modification
The Next Mutation
By Paul R Borresen

Life in all its splendor happens one moment at a time. It is a matter of personal choice whether we choose to enjoy these moments or ignore them, distracted by things to come or lost in memories of what might have been. It is all about focus. I can hold a seminar and bring the house down and not remember a single word. I recall walking out and wrapping up. Or I can relish the moment by consciously deciding the participate in my own life.
You can drive to the gym and wonder how you got there or you can consciously take note of the journey and enjoy the drive for the thing that it is. Focus can be defined.
This is so true when it comes to bodybuilding. You can make the journey in deliberate daily steps towards a predetermined goal. Or you can wake up in five years and realize that you dreams just went out of the window.
Which is it to be?

Taking control, flying the aircraft on manual means for greater responsibility. You have to face all the daily confrontations and take conscious decisions for your actions. However, with responsibility comes reward. To those around you it might appear that you are superhuman, making impossible gains in short spaces if time.

The truth is that you are consciously seeking out knowledge and then consciously applying that knowledge to best effect towards achieving your predetermine goal.


Once upon a time everyone injected into their bottoms. They divided their gluteal muscles into four quarters and injected into the outer quarter. Thus ensuring that they missed the sciatic nerve. It was a question of reaching round behind you and trying to pull the pin into your less than keen bum cheek.
I never managed this. I had Carole do it for me and a few highly trusted friends have also has the immense displeasure of seeing my bottom. Furthermore, people believe that because I write about this kind of stuff that I will be some kind of fifth dan black belt in the art of intramuscular injections. At some stage in my life I was in doing the in injections for half the gym. All I can say about this is that there are too few females in the sport for my liking.

So, it was with my wholehearted support that we experimented with more diverse locations.

The side of the leg rose in prominence but died off as quickly as it started. The location is where you hand falls if you place it by the side of your leg. This area has a lot of vascular tissue and no small supply of nervous tissue. Dead legs and gallons of blood later and people started considering the deltoids.


Scientific proof that injecting gear into location producers localized gains. You will not find any.. There is no scientific trials on site locating into our deltoids large doses of anabolic steroids and oils.

We are the experimental subjects and until now at least the data has been collected anecdotally. By word of mouth. I work purely on personal experience. Hence the personal nature of my writing. It is perhaps a diary of my journey. My ongoing quest for knowledge. I focus most of my time on coaching and manning my technical helpline. This is my pathway to the world of data. My way of ensuring that I am seeing the right picture.

It is a fact that I have managed to promote a real scientific series of studies at The University Of South Glamorgan, we are looking at the health of long term gear users and will publish papers over the next year or so. This is just a drop in the academic ocean and prove much of what us bodybuilders have been saying all along.
It is like bodybuilders climbed aboard a spaceship in the late sixties and arrived back three years ago. Back then we where ridiculed, now everyone want to know what we have discovered. Discovered ourselves through personal sacrifice and effort.
It is anecdotal, it is based on observation and personal experience. I will not write what I have not tried and have not experienced. I do not want to be Mr. Olympia. Breaking my back slows me down a little. I do want to walk around huge, Look good in the mirror before bed each night and I want to understand. If I hear that bananas are good for your immune system then I want to know why. Until I know why I will not accept it.

For this reason I will say that the material that follows works. You tassel within the issues.


Prior to a show it is common to inject a prostaglandin, a specific prostaglandin into as many muscle groups as possible. This is painful and causes the muscle to swell tremendously. It takes a real effort to flex. Pain is perhaps the last thing on a bodybuilders mind. At show time I once had 32 shots of Eisicelene and ran around the block of my local estate in the rain until the pain subsided. When I got home Carole had loaded another dozen. I won the North East Heavyweights later that day and the pain of those shots is barely memorable next to the joy of winning my area final.

Eisiclene is a thing of the past that does not merit attention even in passing. In 94, 95 it was all the rage. It caused a local reaction and the muscles swelled. It was all about timing. Use it too soon and you lost all your detail. It was something you did the morning of the show just a few hours before going on stage and then you did a lot of it. Then you laid down backstage and did not talk to anyone.

Back stage at the 95 British championships in which I might add I looked terrible, we where all led down feet on chairs like we where going to start a massive crunching competition. We called out to each other. I had a disastrous final on the back of an awesome qualifier. I was ill, lost my job but refused to back down. Ernie Taylor won that year and he looked beyond awesome. A great help to me personally on the day. Jammo Nezzar kept my spirits ups and I wound up next to Shaun Davis on stage who made me laugh at every opportunity. It is not my business to discuss the methods employed by specific names. Suffice it to say that the mutual pain brought about mutual respect. For whatever reason each of us had followed a hard path to stand there that day.

That was furthermore the last time I used eisiclene. Technology has surpassed it with much more effective and even more painful substances.

It is healthy to be cautious. The first time anyone injects into their bottoms they spend a day thinking about it. Quickly you get used to it. I have site injected for years and it still hurts especially in the rear head of the triceps, especially my right side. I have to hold my breath and sweat when Kevin my training partner does the shot. He laughs and I pretend it is not hurting.
It is up to you. Don't go around complaining just do what you have to do. If it is too much then leave this aspect of bodybuilding alone.

Bodybuilding in all its guises is painful. Training if done correctly will reduce you to tears, diet will make you practically suicidal, cardio bore you senseless and the pharmacology can make you feel like you have been blasted by a gun full of buckshot. Success is about sacrifice and sacrifice itself is painful.
Then you have to live in the normal world. If you inject into your arms I bet my favorite shirt that everyone will want to squeeze them. You can't flinch, not unless it is someone especially close to you who knows what you do. My predication for the location of substances is PAIN.


It was a good bodybuilder that showed me this little trick of the trade. He could have been a professional but did not get the breaks. He won the national title prior to the handing out of a pro card to his class. I helped him financially for a number of years and together we took every title all the way up to the Europe. He taught me something. He introduced me to the "B" button.
To inject into it you have to sit forward on a chair and rest the arm you are injecting on its corresponding leg. Like left arm on left leg. Now curl your arm upward and inward as if you where doing a concentration curl and rest you fist in the center of your pecs.

Now lift your elbow up and in. Reach over with the other arm and prod around at the base of your deltoid just above the rear head of the triceps. Where delt tricep and brachialis meet. You will find a small fleshy area. Like a pocket deigned by God for us to inject into.

If you inject Testosterone Propionate Viramone is the favorite into this site your arms will swell up. Doing this on a regular basis will quickly put a good inch on your arms.

Many substances can be used just avoid heavy androgens and Winstrol. In fact water solubles all round are not appropriate as site location steroids. Do not put Caprillic acid or any related oil into this site such as Capristan 50, or Synthol. These products need to go into the muscles not between them.

The technique is to inject 100 mg of Propionate, or Primo or similar daily for a few weeks and then before you train arms once or twice a week.

Viromone is 50 mg per ML which makes for 2 ML in each arm each time. Higher doses and volumes are and can be used but the amount of gear you are using quickly mounts up.


It was Chris Clarke in Germany that returned oils of this nature to prominence. I choose my words correctly because for Chris it was like searching for a lost secret. It is clear from photographs of yesterdays champions that the ones with big arms injected oils. I made a personal study of it cutting out photographs and cross referencing them. These guys where well ahead of the game.
As I understand it Chris tried oil after oil until he hit on the right substance which quite clearly was staring him in the face all the time.
I know that the man gave himself a lung embolism in pursuit of the secret and in the end he was rewarded with success. Now Synthol is sold worldwide and I truly hope that it has reimbursed Chris for all the risks he took.

I simply used saponification to identify the oils and Capristan was born. I was with Kerry Kayes at the time and to be fair we tried to negotiate a deal with Chris but he and Kerry did not see eye to eye. Hence, I formed Muscle Sheen and later improved the formulation with Capristan 50.

In the end these are short and medium chain triglycerides. MCT oils that migrate slowly into the blood making their way up the hepatic vein into the liver where they are processed as a food. They do not effect metabolic performance and therefore by my definition, cannot be consider a drug.

If I need apologize to Chris for revealing the secret it is nothing personal which and it is out of recognition for his contribution that I make reference to him and his efforts in this book. He is after all one of the great pioneers of site location.

If you are going to use Capristan or Synthol remember we just agreed that it is a food. Therefore organisms will grow in it given the chance. It is not likely because as their names suggest these oils are very acidic, but it is possible.

I put 2 ml of Benzyl Alcohol into every 100 ml bottle of Capristan. This is another reason why Capristan burns a little. Check the bottle it should have positively no solid particles present. It should be clear, not at all cloudy.

Even then place the bottle in a bowl of boiling water for 5 minutes before use. Be sure that the oil has cooled sufficiently before injecting it otherwise you will burn yourself.


First time use of oils like these can be quite daunting , most people have not injected into their upper body before, but it is no different than injecting into your glutes or leg, it is not something you need to fear. The procedure is the same. With a quick stabbing movement pierce the skin with the needle and push a blue or orange needle all the way in. The needle you choose will depend on your arm and delt size. It is something you must judge for yourself. When the needle is all the way in , pull the plunger back. You are doing this to check for blood. If blood does enter the syringe then you have entered a vein and you must withdraw the needle and try a different site. If only air enters the syringe then you can continue. It is very rare that you will enter a vein. To continue simply push the plunger down slowly, pushing the oil into your muscle. When the syringe is empty withdraw the needle in a quick movement and place a tissue on the site to stop any bleeding.

The main problem people face injecting their upper body is finding the correct site. Knowing the safest and most effective sites takes away a lot of the anxiousness and worry. Following these instructions and you will not hit a bone. Although this seems to be the biggest fear of those who phone us on the helpline the only way of doing it would require an almighty lack of attention and stupidity. Here is how to find the correct injections sites.
Imagine you are sitting in a room with everything you need for injecting. You have four blue needles, two barrels, tissues, two alcohol swabs and your Capristan or gear. Four needles sounds like a lot, but remember when you are site injecting you must keep both sides equal using equal amounts of the same oil in each side of your body. If you inject your left delt with 3Ml you must do your right side with 3Ml also. When you inject with gear (explained later) you must make sure the same mixture goes into each side as different oils have varying swelling effects on your muscle fibers. For example if you are taking one primo and one Viromone that day, inject 1/2 ML of Primo and 1/2 ML of Viromone into your left side and 1/2 ML of Primo and 1/2 ML of Viromone into your right side. It is safer to use one needle to draw the oil up with and another to inject, this will reduce the chance of infection. Also when you push a needle through a bung it can become blunt making injecting a little more painful. Using a fresh needle means a less painful shot.
When the barrels are loaded you need to find the correct sites...

The delt: Start with your hand on your collar bone and move it out towards your delt. When you reach the end of your collar bone , move out approximately 1 inch further onto a meaty part of your lateral head of your delt. Marking that site and making sure you are clear of any bones, and with your arm by your side, imagine a needle falling from the ceiling straight down into the site. That is the site and angle that will provide the best results. The theory is that by getting the oil deep into the muscle the resulting increased size will be even rather than a series of bumps you see with some bodybuilders.

The bicep: Do a front double bicep and mark the peak of your bicep. Relax your arm by your side, keeping note of where the peak is and you will notice your peak is actually quite high on your bicep. Inject into this peak with your arm relaxed.

The Tricep Heads:
1. The Peak.: Perform a front double bicep and mark the lowest hanging point of your tricep. Relax your arm by your side, keeping note of where the peak is. There are two ways of continuing from here:
a. If have someone to help you. Ask your friend to inject that site from directly behind you on the marked site.
b. If you are by yourself. After marking the site hold your straightened arm directly in front of you, palm up. Inject into the site with the needle pointing straight up into your tricep.
sites you inject directly in, and not at an angle as shown with the other sites.
You can deliver directly into the top of your horseshoes but too much oil here disfigures the muscle and makes it splurge sideways. Analyze some pics from the mags you will see a lot of this.

There are two sites. These are normally the heaviest muscled part of the chest. I prefer the upper outer chest and go down behind the pec rather than directly into it. Otherwise you might hit something vital. The second and more painful option is to go sideways into the inner pec across the chest.


As with all new ideas it is better to start slow and build up. That way you can tell your bodies tolerance to it and let yourself adjust to new feelings and sensations. You will be sore the days following an injection so by starting small you give yourself time before you can cope with larger amounts. You will find however that as you have more injections the pain will be less each time, this will continue to a time when 5ML will not be sore the following day. But if you were to start with this amount you would not be able to move the next day!

For your first time start with 1ML in each site for three consecutive days then one day off. For example
· Day 1 - 1ML in each delt
· Day 2 - 1ML in each tricep peak
· Day 3 - 1Ml in each bicep
· Day 4 - Nothing

Continue with this cycle for 12 days. Then providing you are not suffering from too much stiffness increase the dose to 2ML , then again after 12 days increase to 3ML. You will be have been on for 36 days and used 1 bottle of Capristan. After this cycle you should come off for for one month allowing the oil to disperse. From this cycle you can expect to gain between 1 1/2 to 2 inch on your arms, and can expect to hold about 3/4 to 1 inch permanently.


Your next step depends greatly on your level of development and whether you need to prioritize yet. Most bodybuilders reach a time when one or two bodypart start to lag behind. This is when Capristan can really help. You can speed up the growth of your lagging bodyparts without slowing the grow of anything else. Too often bodybuilders will restrict growth to allow other bodyparts to catch up - this means you are growing the rate of your worst part. But with Capristan you can operate at the growth rate of your fastest bodypart.

Remember the initial swelling although it looks great is not growth. It is my opinion that the size occupying nature of these oils promotes the development of vascular tissue into the area and this in turn promotes eventual muscle growth because vascular tissue supplies nutrients. This gentlemen is just a theory.
The dosage is very much your choice, but if this is your second cycle I would suggest 2-3ML per injection. Experienced users could up to 5Ml per injection , but I would suggest no higher. You must bare in mind when doing using Capristan the volume of your muscle, a smaller muscle will be able to hold less Capristan. If you are female or of a smaller frame I would suggest using less, perhaps 1- 2Ml per injection. Although this is a smaller dose than the first timers cycle, you must remember that the injections are much more concentrated.


Apart from the obvious use of PGE 1 which has been the competitive breakthrough of the millennium. Something I believe came about when Doctor Dave Parry and myself where working together. We have steroids themselves.
The normal protocol is to locate all shots except the heavy androgens. The barrels usually contain a couple of ML of steroids then bodybuilders make up the barrel with Capristan 50 or Synthol.


Do not overdo it. Once a site hits peak size once a week will be an adequate maintenance dose. Put the shots in safer training and not before as the locations will work better when the muscle is full and engorged and you can get a better idea of the shape.

This is practically cosmetic surgery and you must cope with the moral issues yourselves. We see now at all levels strangely freaky wrongly shaped muscles adorning many champions. These massive muscles are not caused by oils they are caused by the inevitable conclusion of this line of thinking.


I appreciate that this is hard-core material and I hold my neck out to be chopped off just like I always do. I advice but never suggest that you throw caution to the wind. Remember any steroids you site locate must be included in the total metabolic dose you are taking. They still end up in the blood and do their thing.

I decided that due to the sensitivity of my material to write for only three publications. Anabolic Extreme, PUMP magazine, and my own The Governor. If you are interested in the latter check out our web sites Biohazard849.com, Governormag.Com or Biohazardusa.group.com. Or you can E-mail me personally [email protected]. If you E-mail me I will not read it if it is abusive and please keep the question concise I do get a lot of traffic and try to reply to all of it.
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well I have always done my delt shots straight in, but I think i'm going to at least give this way a try. that is, unless someone has some horror stories they'd like to share that might deter me:p

I'm gonna give it a shot! (no pun intended!)
One of my training partners does his delts that way...seems to work for him...but he doesnt rotate his injections so his side delts seem to stick out from the rest of his body...


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