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Can trt cause svt( supra ventricular tacycardia)??


Aug 14, 2013
Just wondering if 200 mg of test weekly which I've been on for 6 years could suddenly cause elevated heart rate? Here's what I've been dealing with:

My experience with the heart


I know a lot of people have reached out and I appreciate that. I'll tell you what happened and where I'm at now.

So two Wednesdays ago I was sitting down in my game room at 230 am relaxing and out of nowhere my heart rate went up to 170 beats per minute and down to 130 then BOOM huge adrenaline rush (scariest shit I've ever been through, and I've been through some scary shit) heart raced back to 172, mean while I feel like I'm having a heart attack (which I did not) and I'm monitoring all of this on my smartphone heart monitor which was scary as fuck(pardon my language)

I let this go on for 20 minutes as I did not wish to disturb my wife and children, but finally after being scared half to death and convinced I was going to die I woke up my wife and baby and had her give me a ride to the emergency room(which was the longest FUCKING car ride of my life) the massive adrenaline rushes continued and my heart was pounding at 168-175 down then up again, when we hot to the ER i was a completely nervous mess trembling and shaking in fear like never before.

They injected my stomach with warfarin and gave me some ativan on top of the xanax I had already taken which normally would be enough to knock out a horse but barely calmed me down. I was then transferred to the main emergency room a few miles away.

MY HEART rate finally went down but my blood pressure was dangerously high (as I was scared absolutely shitless) they did every test imaginable and it showed my heart was ok.

2 possibilities at this point 1-supra ventricular tacycardia or PTSD and PANIC ATRACK induced sinus tachycardia, both of which are real and can cause rapid heart rate and make you feel like your having a heart attack and dying although they are said to not be life threatening unless they scare you to

The problem with diagnosing these issues is that you must be hooked up to an ECG at the time of the event to catch it and record/diagnose. My event was over before I got the ecg, so everything showed normal. I was in the hospital for 2 days and the did blood tests and every test imaginable and I was given the all clear, but I wasn't out of the woods just yet.

I was pretty leveled with anxiety and panic after that, but had an enjoyable weekend with my family. I was going to return to work that coming Tuesday, but last Monday while thinking I was all good I went to the movies at Alamo drafthouse to watch the movie "LIFE" (how ironic) and BOOM more adrenaline rushes and the hole thing happened again heart went up to 170 down and back again repeat adrenaline and heart spikes, this time I really thought I was a dead man, I had a horrifying 20 minute conversation with 911 dispatch and it must have taken 30 minutes for the ambulance to arrive, the fire department showed up about 10 mins before the ambulance, the guys had me sit down and tried to calm me but I was still getting the rushes and heart rate was nutz, so I was thougroughly freaked the fuck out! The management called my wife and told her to meet me at the WE.

I had like a 20 minute q&a with the paramedics before they took me to the hospital which was frustrating as hell as I was traumatized and this lady(who was very helpful and calm) asked me for my life story!

Finally get to the hospital again and did the ecg which came back normal because the "event" was long over, bloods all normal, I was overcome with fear. They gave me more benzos, and discharged me.

On the way home I had ANOTHER EVENT this time my heart went to 158 ish, we did a u turn and ended up waiting 2 hours to get back in, finally said fuck it at 5 am and went home. So tuesday-friday I was paralyzed by fear, anxiety, and panic attacks, I could barely move and I stayed medicated. In my mind I was(am) just waiting for the next attack....

Friday finally gets here (yesterday) and I went to a cardiologist and had an educational visit that gave me some hope. All tests normal, but again you have to catch an episode on an ecg while it's happening in order to diagnose SVT(supra ventricular tacycardia) or sinus tachycardia ( which would just mean I have severe panic disorder manifesting real symptoms, aka psycho somatic) so next week after my insurance authorizes it, I will be picking up an "event monitor" and wearing it for 30 days, like a mini ecg, if I get another scary event the monitor will record it and then we can diagnose and treat from there.

MY anxiety and fear is through the roof but I will be trying my best to manage as I must get back to work as I am losing big money being out of work for 2 weeks, if I could afford it I'd hide in my room until I figured this shit out, but since I'm a FIGHTER I will fight the fear of having an episode while driving or at work and I'll do my damn best to get back to life as usual, the only way I'll give in is if this kills me(which the cardiologist says won't happen.)

Either way I've list 20lbs in 2 weeks, making MASSIVE LUFESTYLE CHANGES out of fear and necessity, I will lose 50 more lbs. It's time to get healthy physically and mentally.

I will certainly have a mental battle to fight for a long while as these events have traumatized me emotionally and left me with fear of the unknown, but as I life coach I advise myself to step up to the plate and crush this obstacle!

I just want to get back to normal life.

I have really enjoyed these 2 weeks of family time(although good health and Disneyland would have been a lot more fun for everyone, lol)

I just want to thank my lovely wif for supporting me and staying home with me and a sick baby for the last week, this woman has spent sleepless nights at the ER AND comforted me through what can easily be described as the hardest, and scariest time of my life. Thank Kelly for helping me through this, your support of me during this time is GREATLY appreciated and will not be forgotten. Whatever this is we will beat it together!

Love you all,


I am now hyper focused on the most important things in life which are of course- Family and Health!

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