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Clenbuterol...Your Opinion?


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Jun 20, 2002
I used this stuff many moons ago when I was younger and always liked it back then. Dan Duchaine was claiming it was the hottest thing on the market at the time. The brand I used was Spiropent by Europharma I beleive. I've noticed now that there are several different brands on the market like Oxyflux, Brogen, Super Clen;) etc..Anyways since several years have past and athletes have had their time to experiment with this item, I would love to hear everyones opinions on Clenbuterol. Proper dose? Best brands? Also, I'm wondering if Customs would snag Clen coming from across the pond?
I know it's banned by the IOC, but so is caffeine! I don't know if a "scheduled drug" as AAS. I'd like to hear from someone that knows - ALIN?!?!?

Even it it's not scheduled, you'd technically need a prescription to import it legally. I ordered about $200 worth of generic Rocephin (STRONG injectible anti-biotic) from an international pharmacy. It got snagged by Customs and I got a letter. I had to ignore it like I do ALL the letters I get from Customs! :eek: LOL

I believe that Clen is Clen - kinda like test is test (same esters). Some may be better dose than others but the Clen is the same. I don't believe that *P is making SuperClen any more :( I loved the stuff. It had ketotefin (sp) so you didn't have to cycle it.

Forgot to add this (A50# probably already knows this).

Duchaine told of clenbuterol's strong anti-catabolic properties. One of my favorite uses is during post-cycle.

Cen is an eselent stuff.
Is the best to get ripped and exelent anticatabolic effect like xcel saids.
By the other question, it depends of how much clen you are going to carry on, i always fly to miami with some stuff but for 3 to 5 days, only orals and slim , no aas and this is no problem
I have used spiropent from Europe and Oxyflux I felt like the Spiropent was alot better just from the feel so to say. MM
I liked it A50, but I doubt i'll ever use it again because of the extreme cramps(muscle and prostate...) and the fact that when i would lay down on my bed to go to sleep at night, my whole bed would shake everytime my heart pounded from the stuff...its just not worth it to me.

It does work, but has anyone else experienced a clen rage? I don't know what it is about clen, but if I take more than one tab I walk around furious for the next 8 hours... For some reason it just puts me in the worst mood, tons worse than tren! At first I thought maybe it was just a coincidence, but try and try again it always happens...
I used it post cycle in 94'-95'. I recall it being Spiropent I bought from a Mexican Pharm Co. (Pharma Roma) I believe. At the time it was pretty new and the gov. didn't have any restrictions on it. I remeber the packaging was opened and resealed.
I did have some cramping also and I think slight headaches. Maybe a little jittery at first but everything subsided after a little while.
I sleep like a baby as long as I didn't pop any after 5pm
I just finished the bulgarian clen for about 8 days right now because i took it with DNP and T3. i lost 9 pounds on the scale and still have at least 5-7 more to lose from the dnp water.

i got bad headaches from it, especially earlier today and now. it does suppress appetite because on dnp without an app. suppressant, i can eat the whole world, but it balanced it out so my app. was less than normal which is great. it is a great drug.
I agree it being very useful for several reasons. Its a great post cycle anticatabolic. I use clen or PS. And its long acting properties make it a great beta agonist, although it is that property that eventually downgrade the receptors about 2wks in.

To me, it has too many sides to deal with. Cramping, generally make me fell lousy, horrible shakes, spaced out feeling (unlike ECA where I get a nice stimulant 'focus').
The tremors and pounding heart at night are a bit too much for me....

Re: headache in a pill

Johnny Bravo said:

that seems to be the most common side effect. i had a pounding headache on 120mcg of the bulgarian clen. no other noticeable sides. i didnt get the jitters or tremors, this clen was said to be good. why does it give headaches? also would tylenol or aleve help with the headaches? of course it would be dumb to be on these drugs all the time.
I have used both Tabs and Liquid - I didn't see that much difference in fat lose over an ECA - but I was using T3 and AS at the same time.
The first few day when you are ramping up your dose - hit me hard. hands shake and makes my vision a little weird.

I have not tried it Post cycle. May have to give that a shot.
I know exactly what your talking about with the rage Ethan. Im usually a pretty calm guy no matter what im taking test tren dboll halo, but give me a coulpe clens and Im looking to fight anyone and everyone for no reason at all. The stuff almost ended my relationship with my wife (girlfriend at time). She finally made me flush it had about 1000 ip clens. I stick with my eca stack now. Doesnt seem like alot of people get this reaction, just some.
This headache thing brought up some ol' memories!

Back in the early 90's when I read Duchaine's stuff on it, I found an mail-order pharmacy source in Mexico. I ordered a TON of of it - was Spiropent.

Whenever I took it back then, I got HUGE headaches AND EXTREME NAUSIOUS feeling - almost flu-like symtoms. I gutted it out for the most part by ended up selling about a fourth (what was left) to my brother - LOL.

When I got the IP stuff, it was MUCH stronger and I was hesitant to try it. But our system changes - it never bothered me that way. Maybe it was because of the ketotifin (sp)?!?


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