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Comedy of Errors


New member
Aug 31, 2020
Hi All,

I’ll briefly reiterate what I have posted in the new members sticky, I’m a former multi-sport athlete and bodybuilding competitor who made the silly mistake of letting work dictate my life and fell terribly out of shape.

This log will be my way of keeping track and keeping myself accountable. I’m a fairly intuitive person when it comes to training as I enjoy doing multiple types of exercise if I’m not focusing on a particular competition.

Some Current Stats -

Age: 25
Height: 5’11”
Weight: 130kg (286lb)
Bodyfat: 30% (BIA measured at 25% so adding an extra 5% for error)

My best shape is attached, which was at 104kg when I was 20 years old. My best in raw competition lifts at that time were 300kg squat (no wraps), 180kg bench (t-rex for life), 300kg deadlift. I was on gear back then.

Certainly my worst shape to date is also attached [itll be obvious] (perhaps when I ran GOMAD and stronglifts 5x5 as a 16 year old was worse but I was lighter) is also attached. 3 years of extremely intermittent lifting (I think my most frequent got to one day a week for a few months), drinking, partying. Haven’t touched gear for 4 years (gradually stopped taking as I became increasingly inconsistent with lifting, never did a PCT didn’t really feel bad at any point).

Certainly a long road ahead.

I’ll be keeping track of basic health markers weekly along with bloody work with my doctor every 8 weeks.

Fasted data from today (31 August 2020):

Blood Pressure - 103/84
Blood Glucose - 84mg/dl

I’m waiting on a barbell and plates I’ve ordered so I can do home workouts since my country has gyms locked down, in the interim it’ll be bodyweight, bands and cardio.

Workout Plan -


Heavy bag kickboxing + spinning bike, 10x3 minutes moderate-high intensity and 10x2 minutes spinning


Chest/Biceps/Upper back - Doggcrap bastardization


10x2 minutes boxing (no kicks) with hip bands, 10x2 minutes hill lunges


Back/Delts/Triceps - Again, messy version of DC training


Same as Monday


1-1.5 hours of spinning, ab work (mostly hanging variations and static holds, I used to do this stuff every day with my stretching but I tried some of my complicated stuff


Quads, hamstrings, glutes - Not DC, high rep work, my legs are usually dead with the boxing

As of now I’ve been priming myself for 4 weeks with just the cardio regiment, now that I’m not getting tired with that I my flexibility is good I’m comfortable to lift again.


Intermittent fasting (18 hour fasts, I do this purely for health/mental benefits), 2200-2500 calories per day of Whole Foods that comprise of 200-220g of protein, minimum 60g fats including fish oil supplementation, every meal to have green veg and full fat Greek yogurt factored in. I’ve been eating like this with no calorie control while I’ve been priming myself, but I enjoy food of all kinds so I’ve probably been eating shit tons anyway. This is a fairly deep deficit based but I’m in need of an aggressive cut for the first couple of kg and I’m used to much less when prepping for meets.

6g fish oil
1g vitamin C
Magnesium and potassium supplement


250mg testosterone enanthate / week (not prescribed by my doc but they are aware of the use, the brand is pharma grade), will run indefinitely and increase/decrease based on sides, started this last week after doctor said the blood looked good

2IU GH (Morning before fasted training, doctor has prescribed 1.5IU but I’m
A degenerate, pharma grade + generic to make up the 0.5IU), will also do this indefinitely and manage sides appropriately, started at last week at the same time as test

Depending on how I feel in a month I’ll add Anavar and if all is well after a couple weeks I’ll add in an ECA stack. These are puppy doses compared to the Neanderthal doses I used a few years ago but my primary goal is just boosted fat loss and getting my bodyweight down to around 110kg before anything else.

This is going to be a hell of a long road, and I have a job as a consultant and masters to attend to, but all the money in the world isn’t useful if I have a heart attack at 30.

Once I hit that 110kg target I’ll choose a sport I feel like focusing on and get to it. Currently my joints make running a bit difficult but 110kg is usually a very comfortable zone for me.

Well that’s all for now! In life mistakes are a given, learning from them is what makes the difference.


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Woke up, drank black coffee, pinned 2IU GH, feeling deafeningly hungry which is something I haven’t felt in a long time.

Chest/Biceps/Upper back

30 minutes spinning warmup

Weighted pushups (+20kg, 3,3,3 tempo) - 8,2,1

# overestimated my conditioning. This was very hard especially with the slow tempo.

Inverted Row (3,3,3 tempo) - 6,3,1

# again, harder than expected, guess it’s the bodyweight. Did these from a slightly upright position, felt it in the traps and scapula perfectly which felt good.

DB curls (3,3,3 tempo, 12kg) - 8,4,2,1

# Probably went too light here but my arms are pumped.

Resistance band face pulls - 5x20
Hanging from pull-up bar - 5xFailure

# Injury prevention, Biceps felts very tight, probably from boxing

Did a quick stretch of the pecs, always surprises me how effective going to failure is, felt like the pecs we’re going to tear. Overall I’d say my effort was 6.5/10 but my conditioning is not good enough to push much harder. I didn’t expect my tendons to feel so tight despite my regular stretching this last month. Might need to tread carefully when the barbell arrives. Word to the wise always sit with good posture on your desk chair I can tell exactly where I’ve been putting my body into bad positions, right trap in particular is pinched a bit.

Off to work, still have 4 more hours before I get to eat. Will probably chew my laptop.

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