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Jun 6, 2002
does anyone know of or have that one friend who's physique looks like ass but this person struts around talking about being on the MR.O stage one day?

i workout with someone like this and despite my suttle remarks this guy walks around like he is the man. i have no problem if someone has a dream. fine...... we all have dreams. but when you obviously look like 'ass butt' after being on gear for the past 3 years why would you walk around saying things like "i have the mass of an IFFBB pro" "my arms are as big as mike matarazzo's" "the IFFB pros wont know what hit them when i get on that stage". i have had to listen to these sickening remarks, biting my tongue because im trying not to be rude to this guy. i think he is being completely disrespectful to all the IFFBB pros who do look great that deserve to be there by comparing himeself to these guys like they are nothing.

im no MR.O but i will say this i look a hell of alot better than this joker does. a bunch of us from the gym are going to his show july 19th in kenilworth new jersey to see this idiot not even place just as he did the last time we saw him on stage. ranting and raving that the show is his to win or loose and the judges just handed him dead last in a group of 10 guys heavyweight.

tell me im not the only one that has to be around morons like this at the gym!!!

there is a few of them in my gym here in Crofton MD! I want to know where the get those magic mirrors from!!! there are a few who I think that instead of shooting sus 250, they are shooting dilluison 500!:D :p :D
yea some people start gear and think "wow now im going to be a pro" they have no idea what it takes ,sometimes it takes a while but ,when they realize there going no place most just give up and get fat and ,then they become the fellows that say "i used to look that way" lmao
well its good to hear im not the only one who see these idiots around the gym...
I know this one dude who is 300lbs and he always talks about when he is going to do a show and what not! I remember the time he did a powerlifting meet boy that was a site! I remember him talking and telling me he was training for it blah blah blah! Well when the competition came I went becuase I wanted to see what people were putting up! Well out comes fatso and I remember thinking this is going to be good! Well anyway hw manages to bench 235lbs!! Wow uh umm not really well he gets up and throws his hands in the air like he did something special! lol Everyone was quite and thought the dude was special or something! I dunno if he cuaght that the winner got 545 at 235lbs! I know he watched it but did it register??? Anyway the next day he is bragging how it was is first meet and what not and he did good and he has much more expeience now! I dunno whats up with the dude but I don't see him much anymore since I switched gyms!
I think every town has a gut like this??

The man that doesn't work hard but feels he does work hard and likes to yell and strain to get attention then jumps off the machine he is on and devolpes ILSD (Imaginary Lat Syndrome Disease). Well, take some pics of him compaired to the others at this contest and shove them in his face...this should help show him how bad of shape he is in.
Like steak said, "every town does have one gym idiot." Mine is the quiet, composed, not lifting much person that explodes with shouting and straining when ever someone gets nearby! Its funny as shit! When ever i get near he puts down his little weights grabs something heavy and strains and yells, all with the worse form ive ever seen. Recently he hasnt been coming that much, because every time he starts yelling, i yell louder from across the gym and everybody cracks up laughing at him! Sorry i know im mean but hey somebodies gotta do it.

I remeber this guy from a long time ago...

I remeber you posted this pic on...crap I cannot remember what board. He looks like an assh*le. WEll, remember, people will remember you for you who you are and what you did...not for things you say you could do.

Look at STK, he is remembered by all as someone special....someone that would do things for others.
lol....guys you are cracking me up.....its unbelievable how many of these guys there are out here.....gainingmass...i love those guys that yell there guts out in the gym while they play with the weights because thats all they are really doing...aint building no dam muscle!!!

all i can say is that these guys are here to entertain us ...what other purpose can they serve???

funny thing though...i always see the guys with this garbage behavior...has anyone ever seen the women do it? i never see women walking around with ILSD or talking like they are hot shit when they look like 'assbutt'.
I likeit because it takes the attention off of me when I am lifting...people would rather see a dude screaming and struting than lifting some poundage

I know I stop to laugh when I see that happening.

I can remeber back when before I started AAS, there where these three guys doing incline DB press with the 100lb DB...one guy was orange from tanning too much, annother had severe acne, and the other had a Tank top onlike the rest, but his was so small it was falling off the shoulders. WEll, I was sitting next to them and they were just yelling and screaming and then slam the weight on the ground. I walked over and asked one of them to give me a spot on the military DB press when one of them had a break in the rotation. I grabbed the 110lb DB and went to do my set of Militarty presses...I asked him to just bump my elbows. I kicked up the weight did my set of 10 and controlled the weight back to my thighs and racked the dumbbells. After that, they never made sound. It made me laugh
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Steak good posts!

Ya steak, remember good ol'Jul"? OK fellas, this guy weighs about 240, is about 5'9 and is about 20% .... Maybe higher...thinks he is he-man, and routinely brags about how strong he is and how he benches 500...so one day I saw him with 405 on the bench --- his 1st set --- and he BARELY can take the weight off the bench, THEN down he goes, as to where his spotter then does a set of heavy barbell curls...REALLY, it is like his spotter is the one doing the exersize! LOL.. The most ass backwards movement I have ever seen...Once he his done with his "set" LOL, he racks the weight HARD to make sure it goes CLANG CLANG really loud..and then he grunts and struts off to the drinking fountain...

Oh and I almost forgot, as he his doing the movement, it sounds like he is having a baby:p
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He is 240lbs...

and has 18" LEGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I know this JACKASS...well I know of him.

Also, one of my friend's roommate went to spot him on 455 and he dropped in on his chest. Then the guy went to take it off and he said he had it so he let it go and BAM it nearly crushed him. Then he said take it and by that time the spotter could not get it off of him and it took 2 other guys to come over and help.
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well the idiot that im speaking of doesnt boast about his lifts or make any noise but man he lives and dies by the scale. he loves to run over at the beginning of a workout jump on the scale and walk around to everyone saying..."well..i weigh 273lbs today..do u know thats what most IFFBB pro's weigh in the off season"

and the next day..."well im 274lbs today...thats right folkes big as hell and carrying the mass of an IFBB pro..."

this guy loves to feel that the scale is taking him straight to the top of the MR. O stage. he is 5'10" and im 5'8" 250lbs...hard!!! i look waaaaaaaaaaaay bigger than this fool and yet he has the nerve to tell me he is carrying IFFBB mass!!! i've made up my mind that after this show he is doing is over im going to tell him that if he wants to work out with me ever again he better keep his mouth shut about how great he is and just lift cause no one and i mean no one wants to hear it!!!
When he gets blown away in the show he will blame the judges-for sure. We have a couple of guys who were screaming while inclining 145lbs on the incline one day. There are as JOhn said severl dillusionals there, and everywhere else too. Good stories to hear! :D
MikeS said:
When he gets blown away in the show he will blame the judges-for sure. We have a couple of guys who were screaming while inclining 145lbs on the incline one day. There are as JOhn said severl dillusionals there, and everywhere else too. Good stories to hear! :D

Shit, I hope that wasnt me on the inclines ;)

Hey, do the guys with ILSD have their own board that they hang out at? Like this board attracts a certain type of individual...I wonder if they have their own? They seem to be at every gym along with the screamers :D

yea in "adams" 245lb 6'1" atleast when i was his friends profile says "skin over 285lbs of steel" lol, also thiers "stronger then fucking ALL" they are all directed at me we still go to same gym together and dont even look at each but he gets ILS (imaginary lat syndrome) whenever i am near puffing his chest out, as if i didnt grow up with him and know how he normally walks lol.
LOL........these guys have some confidence I'll give em that. Shit....I wish I had that much confidence, well I do with the ladies:D haaaaaa......... I think that we encounter a few of these retards everywhere we go! Your posts are funny as shit......

mikes-----u hit it right on the nose...these are the guys that always think the judgeing sucked, the lighting sucked the stage sucked bla bla bla bla bla...everything sucked but their physique.

when i took 6th place at my last npc show a few weeks ago in new york where its always good competition this idiot has the nerve to tell me that i need to go tell the judges to get their eyes checked cause i won the show...i turned to him and said maybe ur mom and dad didnt teach u never to make excuses for ur performance in competition when u didnt win but mine did so grow up.
one of my friends thinks hes got the body of a fitness model, yet he has no cuts and no muscle tone whatsoever. he always makes up these lies saying how so and so said that he is jacked and needs to lay off the roids or how everyone was staring at him at the gym cuz hes just so jacked, but when im around him nobody compliments him. hes also one of those guys that says he fucks these girls when nobodys around and u never see them.
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he tells everyone(including me) that hes got a six pack.....it shows im not trying to hate on the guy but hes obviously has a self esteem problem to lie the way he does.


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