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Enhanced athlete orlistat, gw50 and "slin" log/review

Janoy cresva

New member
May 21, 2015
Copy and pasted from my log book- sponsored by EA


So I'm going to dedicate this thread to review and log/give feedback on enhanced athletes orlistat, cardarine, and "slin".


orlistat- fat blocker FDA approved to block 25% of fat intake at a meal at 60mg and 30% at 120mg.

"slin"- clear excess blood glucose and raise and maintain insulin sensitivity.

gw50 "cardarine" - improve cholestrol, enhance endurance, spare muscle glucose, shift body metabolism to fatty acids a bit more vs glucose. Seems to lower blood pressure.

INTERNET claims-

orlistat- lazy person drug. Greasy shit and shitting yourself.

"slin"- basically oral insulin and prevents fat gain.

GW50- you name it, it has probably been said to do it. Melts fat like dnp v2, turns you into lance armstrong overnight.

MY reviews thus far-

orliatat- no greasy shits at all. If you keep a clean bodybuilding diet (like you should) and intake plenty of fiber and have a balanced diet you shouldn't have this issue. It can easily shave off trace fats that do add up in a diet, bulking or cutting.

"Slin"- not much to say yet. Just started it. I do think the dosing is a little low so I take 4 caps with a heavy meal. I am currently in a deficit right now but will be transitioning soon so I'll get to see both aspects of it.

"cardarine"- I run this year round at 10mg just for the cholestrol and cardio benefits. Whatever glucose sparring and fat burning effects it has, I'll take. It's a primary support of mine. I see no reason to use 20mg unless you just feel like pushing it and want to ramp the cardio up while you're on the last leg of a contest prep or whatever.

POTENTIAL applications/ my theory's

orlistat- cheat meal damage control obviously. Could pop one after you've accidentally been poisoned by food that was too good to be true, later come to find out your woman had melted a stick of butter over the veggies or pasta. Can also be used on a lean bulk or cut paired with an already low fat diet to shave off trace calories. Think about it this way. Assume you are lean bulking with 100g fat, if you take 60mg with each meal, you expel 25g of fat roughly per day. That's 200 calories. A little less than half a pound a week. Maybe 1-2 pounds a month. You lean bulk your whole off season for 6 or so months. That's 6-12 pounds you don't need to diet off later. It's easier than trying to micromanage your fats like that daily.

"Slin"- use it during a long bulk to keep insulin sensitivity relatively high, use it during re feeds while cuttings, during cheat meals, or just high carb meals in general. Could also help if you run mk677 or peptides/ low dose gh.

"Cardarine"- well it is what it is. I've pretty much laid it all out. I have heard reports that it does seem to have some slight uncoupling effects, though of course not to the effect of dnp. I have no proof of this though. I know it does help you avoid the "keto flu" and generally helps you go low carb in my opinion without feeling rundown because your body is a bit more "fat adapted".

and the plug-

janoy15 15% off. Oh yeah, they also have free shipping so that's nice.


Still no greasy shits from the orlistat which is good. The "slin" seems to have an appetite blunting effect, although slight. I don't mind it at all. The heavy hitter in the slin is berberine btw. Also has ala and that brown seaweed fuxoanthine. I took some with a little cup cake I had last night. It seems to help with stable blood sugar. I know when I eat sugars normally I get spikes and dips and this causes lethargy and cravings. Decent little supplement. Don't break the bank on it but if you're running some peptides, mk677 or gh, or even using insulin occasionally I think that this could help a bit with the sensitivity. I would say either take like 4-9 caps If you're doing some kind of big ass cheat meal or just 2 caps with your largest carb meal if you're just trying to maintain insulin sensitivity. It doesnt cause the bloating that metformin does, although I still like metformin. I'll use them together sometimes.


Ok well I put the slin to the test. I ate a bunch of home made low fat cake with Icing (not frosting. Icing is pure sugar. Frosting has fat). Ate this post workout with my regular meal. Post workout I had also done an hour of stairmaster. I ate around 4500 calories, under 100g of fat plus orlistat, 500ish carbs and 150-200 protein. After this meal I took 6 of the slin pills to help get my blood sugar down, then went and did another hour on the stairmaster. Now, this morning I actually woke up fuller, harder, dryer, AND a pound lighter. This is part of the method in going to be using to recomp during my bulk. The slin and taking metformin with it will be an integral part in keeping insulin sensitivity high, partitioning nutrients, and getting my blood sugar low to allow for the peptides and gh I'll be using actually cause lypolysis. This little experiment last night just re assured my theory. I'll report further later.

Janoy cresva

New member
May 21, 2015
End of review.

ok so the slin is a good product. I see it most useful for daily dosing while using exogenous insulin, gh, peptides/mk677 or all of them.

the orlistat is a very good drug for those who aren't looking for a magic pill and are looking for something to blunt the trace fats or hidden fats in foods that you didn't prep. I see it as an immensely useful drug while on a lean mass cycle, especially paired with a stack including igf, strong androgens, gh or gh peptides, beta agonist or anything that inhibits denovolipogenisis, and promotes lipolysis. If you know about the way these drugs work along with carbs, then you can see why eating a ultra low fat diet with only the essential fatty acids included paired with orlistat will make gaining bodyfat pretty much borderline impossible or at the least VERY inefficient. If you need an in depth detailed explanation pm me.

also orlistat is in theory very useful on cholestrol for a the reason being that it most likely inhibits trans fat digestion. It only takes a small amount of trans fats to wreck lipids. Although you may think something has no trans fats, it's a blatant lie and shameful tactic used by food producers as a marketing strategy. Next time you eat peanut butter, a cookie, or anything like a cookie or any baked food you didnt make yourself, look at the ingredients profile. If you see partially hydrogenated oils, that IS a trans fat. A legal loophole they use to claim its not a trans fat just because it's not fully hydrogenated. Fact is it's the same regarding health. They're also allowed to claim zero trans fats if the amount is less than I believe .5-1g per serving. Eat 2-4 servings of something totaling up to a few grams of this shit, you're probably paying the cost of your lipids.
Point being, even 30% of a blockage in this fat will likely lend itself to your health. Although dietary cholestrol and saturated fats aren't as bad, excess is harmful and I personally feel that every bit helps. Let's face it... the shit taste good. We aren't going to just stop eating it. Atleast reduce the amount through any means possible.

And now, the gw50. Not much to say. It's good for endurance. You aren't going to Go out and run at a +50% capacity immediately after a week much in the same comparison to you not being able to go out and run one cycle and step on a stage and take it. What it will do is provide faster "gains" in work capacity and greater cardiovascular health and endurance. Good useful tool IF YOU PUT IN THE WORK. I do at least an hour of lower intensity cardio a day. Every time I'm done I'm drenched in sweat. It doesn't hinder my gains one bit and I'm not even trying to cut. It's allowed me in combination with the orlistat and other drugs I'm taking to be able to maintain my cardio with zero take away feom my weight training and allow me to stay leaner and make leaner "bulking" gains. It is just a tool to allow yourself to work harder. Not the other way around, same as any PED.

I must note that there is some possible data that may suggest taking gw50 while stressing your liver simultaneously with other drugs (the gw50 cardarine itself won't stress it) that it may increase the amount your liver scars with repair. Simple fix in my opinion. Don't let it get damaged and force itself to undergo stressful repairs in the first place. Take your TUDCA, and NAC/ injectable glutathione. Prevention is the best cure.

Thats all for now. Later on I will be doing reviews of enhancedchemicals igf in comparison to other distributors via my lab animals. Also I have bloodwork showing tsh suppression of enhanced chemicals t3 proving it to be real, and may also grab serums of their peptides such as hexarelin and ghrh's. That's for now. Thanks.

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