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Exploring the best Radical Skin Treatments

Hunk Chunk

New member
Apr 8, 2013
Hi Guys,

I have already posted my first thread in this forum, discussing the potential benefits of a ten-year old medical procedure which holds the promise of stopping and even possibly reversing hair loss. This thread is to share my experience in testing what look to be the most effective methods for skin rejuvenation.

Unlike most of you, I am not a body builder but a person who has discovered that we can intervene on our physical and mental condition radically by bringing into play lifestyle changes, powerful biochemistry and modern medical technology.

To also better situate this thread, I am not young anymore, but somehow cannot manage to wrap my mind around that fact. Actually, I refuse to age and cannot recognize myself at all in any of the effects of aging. It feels like I fell asleep and woke up my father's age, and want to go back to sleep and wake up again thinking it was all a dream.

I fact, I am about as wacky and youthful of mind and heart of anyone you may have met. So it really doesn't suit me to shift into decay mode when I am full of hopes and dreams. To this end I have been engaged for the past year on an anti-aging campaign, which is starting to make me look 15 years younger already.

It all started with large doses of DHEA and a crash diet which made me lose 35 lbs in 3 weeks. Yeah, I know this isn't the sort of diet one should do, but it sort of happened without really trying: I was traveling where the food was lousy and just couldn't work up an appetite. Also, I think I wasn't even hungry as my body was gorging on its fat reserves which rapidly dwindled. It did work well, as I haven't regained any of it in over a year.

Here is where the problems began. My face also lost quite a bit of baby fat. I was a bit broad faced, so this was welcome, except my skin is not young enough to retract, leaving me with fresh wrinkles I had never had before. I used to look younger than my age, and all of a sudden I looked ten years older than my age. This means that today, since this event last year, I have lost around 25 years appearance-wise, going from looking 10 years older to looking 15 years younger.

I'm a guy, and didn't want to resort to cosmetic surgery or a facelift for several reasons. It seemed sissy, and I expected the results to be artificial and unnatural looking. Also it is way expensive plus there is surgical downtime and a lengthy recovery. In any case, I didn't want to consider this, so I didn't.

This left the route to exploring what other methods are out there, and lord there are so many it makes your head swim, then proceeding by elimination and following promising leads. I narrowed these down to several, to finally come to a few which provided valid results.

Given my condition, clearly creams were out of the question, at best providing some tensioning effect or giving glow but this was never a lasting solution as they had to be reapplied daily and they cost quite a lot. I was seeking a lasting if not permanent solution, and this narrowed down the possibilities a great deal.

From online investigation and reading many forums and patient reports, it became clear that one methods provides permanent results, but it is most delicate in its methods so that only the best trained professionals should be entrusted with one's treatment. It is called Fractional C02 Laser. It is a more powerful method than Fraxel Laser which has reduced benefits.

Let's be frank, the thread title says RADICAL skin treatments, and this one is exactly that. I found a top physician with many years of dermatological treatment of hospital patients with every kind of laser, before launching into this. There are a few horror stories floating around about the results of these very powerful devices in the hands of poorly trained clinic technicians.

The way it works is similar to that of a deep chemical peeling. Such methods using acids were developed to treat people with serious skin conditions which o other treatment could help. They were placed in a special burn ward after having aggressive chemicals burn their skin to the 3rd degree. Then they were cared for like burn victims for a period of about 6 months in hospital. The result was the stimulation of entirely new collagen growth, and fresh new skin. But the patients went through hell.

The first CO2 Lasers did pretty much the same thing, only with a light beam instead of a chemical. The results were nearly as destructive and the down time was also very bad. The skin regrowth was also similar, but maybe not quite to the level of that of deep chemical peels. Then enters the Fractioned technology...

Fractioned CO2 Laser is a method of applying deep burns into the skin, but doing so only in regularly separated pinpoints of a thin laser beam. The beam penetrated deep into the skin, at a predesigned distance chosen by the doctor and determined by the intensity and duration of the "zap".

Given their separation, these microbeams only burn through 8 percent of your skin, with each pinhole surrounded by healthy flesh allowing far faster healing and scar formation than with broader burns. This means that your down time is only around 5 days, in my experience.

I have had around 10 such sessions, and must say they are very effective. The tensile effect is immediate, the doctor gave me a mirror and I could see the skin retract as he zapped me, looking like a plastic bag being heated up and shrinking. This retraction is permanent, taking in loose skin for keeps. Also, within days, your sub-derma is stimulated and you start to develop what I can only call "baby skin" which looks extremely fresh and young. For it is just that, the sort of skin which you grow when a young child, but which usually doesn't come back unless seriously injured.

The Advantages
It drastically reduces sagging skin. It can keep away wrinkles by not having enough skin to wrinkle. It can even retract hooded eyelids, although over more time as their thin skin cannot withstand too intense a laser beam. It removes scars and blemishes. If gives you fresh new skin and a very youthful appearance. Downtime is limited.

The Disadvantages
It is quite painful. You must rub Lidocaine cream on your skin in every area to be treated, and even this doesn't help much. The more intense the laser, the better the effect, the more pain you feel. I suggest you take pain pills before a session. Despite that, it hurts a lot, but I ask my doctor to dial the laser to the maximum he has ever set it. In fact he has usually broken his record with me. At worse my legs dance the jig while he ends the session, but then it is done.

It is also smelly. Each laser zap comes with smoke and a whiff of burnt pork smell. It stinks of burnt flesh, which will make more than one patient freak out if they don't expect it. After a while you get used to it, but it isn't pleasant. I have left a session with my entire face, hands and neck done, and the doctor's office was filled with a smoky haze. You get the picture.

The next day you inflate considerably, looking like you are wearing a padded mask from the production of the Broadway musical CATS. In fact you don't look human at all, and could easily win a casting for a movie about Alien visitors. This only lasts for two or three days, but it sure takes getting used to. Your family will freak out if they see you, and I've shown friends photos and they won't believe that it is really me.

On day 4 your face is covered with dark red scabs which rapidly flake off and fall, leaving fresh baby skin. This is the time when you are deflated once the swelling has receded, but your face is covered with crusts. They usually fall off within a day or two. Your skin remains reddish wherever treated, and you must stay out of the direct sun and also keep away from too much indirect sunlight, so that your pigmentation doesn't cause permanent marks.

I hope this feedback on how this works and what it is like to get it done is helpful to at least some members here. I know most body builders are young, but hey guys, if you keep at it you'll all become one day the fittest oldies out there. Some of you must be veterans, with years of muscle under your belt. And with weight loss, who hasn't had some loose skin that's hard to get rid of? Finally, it works great for anyone with scars or sun damaged skin. Sound familiar?


Hunk Chunk
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VAMPIRE FACELIFT aka Plasma Platelet PRP Injections

I recently took advantage of a trip to explore further, and try out a very promising medical technique to rejuvenate one's face and avoid more aggressive treatments and delay the need for a facelift. This is a procedure which is recommended to 40 year-olds to delay their need for cosmetic surgical or resurfacing treatments. However, it is also useful to older people too.

I therefore travelled into Russia and obtained at a very reasonable price several treatments at Clinic Brazil in Kaliningrad. In a separate thread in this forum section I discuss hair loss treatment also with the same method.

Now, I am not suggesting anyone else go there and do this. I was satisfied, but it was a very unexpected experience, being in this country I had never visited and not speaking the language. However, their medical staff is top notch, having been trained in this technique by it's inventor.

Those of you who look into health forums or even watch YouTube must have at least once heard of what is nicknamed the "Vampire Facelift". Actually, it is a technique developed in Russia which was later copied and patented by Dr Charles Runels in Alabama, and marketed in the US and other countries as his invention.

While this technique is said to rejuvenate your skin, to this I cannot attest yet as I only had 2 treatments to my face, when the Russian protocol recommends doing 4 because the effects of the procedures are cumulative, each extra one working better than those preceding it. Also, it is said to only deliver its final effects after 6 months time, which explains why Western cosmetic surgeons offering a similar procedure inject it along with a more instantaneously visible filler such as hyaluronic acid, which has had time to be resorbed once the PRP shows its results. I did not have any fillers added to my treatment. Here is how it works.

The medical assistant in a sterile operating room sticks a syringe in your vein and removes a vial of blood. This blood is then placed in a centrifuge for around ten minutes spinning at very high speed. This is what one of those devices looks like:

**broken link removed**

Once removed, the vial has dark red blood globules at the bottom and yellow plasma liquid at the top (the mix of the two gives blood its bright red color). They then remove the plasma which is rich in blood PLATELETS - yes these are the ones which heal one's body when attacked by illness or injury - and the platelets are activated by the addition of a salt which tells them a serious injury has happened.

Then they place this vial in a syringe with a tiny microneedle, and proceed to inject your face in many places, concentrating on certain select areas more than others, splitting the dose into around 100 different small shots. It doesn't really hurt too much, but it is very unpleasant. The are shots, given in rapid sequence, and the skin is jammed a bit aggressively for so small a needle, in order to produce the trauma which will stimulate a collagen renewal reaction. So it is good to make sure you have enough anesthetizing cream and take a pain pill or to beforehand. uncomfortable than anything else.

Now here is the clincher. I never would have travelled that far if their treatments had cost anywhere near what is charged in the US or the UK, which is around $2k per application. The inventor of the process estimated the costs as extremely low, under 300 roubles which means less than $10. However this is without taking into account salaries, facilities, etc.

Each one of the 2 procedures for the face cost me 100 euros which comes to about $125, for a total cost of $250 for the two sessions. The anesthesia cream application was an extra 30 euros, or around $40 each time, to be added. Of course, you need to add travel expenditures which cost far more unless you are nearby. It is great if you can combine this with some form of tourism in the general region. If you don't want to have to fly there from Moscow, there are low cost direct flights from both Berlin or Copenhagen. If I return I might go from one of those interesting cities and return through the other.

My two treatments were spaced 4 days apart separating the first set and the second set of injections. This was done one month ago, so I shall have to keep you updated here on my progress and results in the future. However, they may be skewed because I have undergone other innovative facial procedures since.

Hunk Chunk
Fractional RadioFrequency Microneedles

About ten days ago I went in for a standard Franctional CO2 Laser session on my face and hands, only to have my doctor offer me to try out at a reduced price a brand new technology from Korea. I said - YEAH !

You can tell I am interested in exploring the progress of breakthroughs in technology when it comes to restoring facial youth. I wanted to do the Fractional CO2 Laser relatively soon after getting the Plasma PRP Platelet injections, because activated platelets help better restore one's skin after aggressive attack by chemical peeling or laser burns. This is know to be a winning combination, but I accepted to delay this to test out the new process just in from South Korea.

It is called Fractional Radiofrequency Microneedles and it has a cylindrical gun ending a small square of about 15 microneedles on a pad, which you press against the skin. The pad moves out and the microneedles penetrate to a preassigned depth, when the doctor pulls the trigger, giving out a burst of radiowaves when fully extended. I trust my physician because he has this unit in testing in order to inform my country's health ministry whether it should be authorized for sale or not: he knows this stuff better than anyone.

He used it on my face, neck and hands. I had applied only one tiny tube of 5ml of lidocaine creme on my face and hands and put none at all on my throat. It hurt a lot on the neck, but still it was only half as bad as CO2 laser. Luckily I had taken a few doctor prescription opium pills, which helped me coast through the procedure with little else than my legs shaking uncontrollably. My reaction was less violent than with laser. However, since the skin is thin around the eyes, the doctor used the CO2 laser and my eyes sure teared got quite swollen the next day, tripling the width of the bridge of my nose.

The way Fractional Radiofrequency Microneedles works is that, instead of burning a hole through your skin with an intense laser beam to superheat the deepest layers of derma, the tiny microneedles puncture your skin to reach the desired depth and then blast through their tips a high frequency radio wave (similar to a microwave) to only burn the selected layer.

The doctor made a full second pass closer to the surface, in order to increase the effects of the treatment. The whole procedure took about 4 times longer than zapping me with Fractional CO2 laser. He said he would charge patients about the same rate of 450 euros for the face and extra for other zones. Luckily, I don't pay that. He gives me a great deal as I'm always ready to be a guinea pig. I was his first patient for eyes and hands, he once he even tested the laser on my ear lobes LOL.

If it delivers similar results, I believe it is a technological advance for several reasons. It is only half as painful as the laser. Plus the pain which last for days with the laser is very short lived with radio frequencies, and moments later all you feel is the heat and zero pain. It barely so much as disrupts the skin surface, not leaving nasty lesions for several days as laser used at high settings tends to do. It doesn't make you swell up much at all, while harsh settings on the laser really inflate your entire face like a balloon for days. It also heals more quickly, reducing your down time considerably. Importantly, it works when people have pigmented skin as do Koreans or Africans, these ethnic types suffer tremendously when being treated with fractional laser and take forever to recover.

On the down side, this new technology may be slightly less effective. Right after the procedure I did notice less skin retraction and tightening than with laser, where it is seen instantly as you get zapped. But it seems to work differently, over a longer time period. After two weeks it seems to have gradually helped skin retraction and reduced wrinkles, possibly through natural collagen filling behind them?

We'll in another few weeks, see as my doctor is giving it at least a full month before evaluating the results. I appreciated being presentable and not looking like a circus freak for several days, as it the case after Fractional CO2 Laser (much less for weaker Fraxel treatments). One could even go on a date the very evening of a Fractioned RadioFrequency Microneedles treatment, and if anyone asks, it can pass as a mild sunburn. Way cool !


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