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help for girls first b-building show


New member
Jan 27, 2003
whats up guys. Heres the deal:
It's my first show this year in April. I have been on 1cc of primo-depot 1x weekly for four weeks. I am training 5x weekly and eating about 2500 cals a day. Do you have any pointers as to when I should begin dieting, etc?? help me out, thanks
first show

I think it would be wise to start about 16 weeks out from your show. It will give you time to ease into diet mode and also time to figure out your body and how it responds.

Give us more details like bodyfat, weight and such.
what i think

i think you should pm strunk or wait for him to post! His wife is a national comp in bb and benching(4) he can help you im sure..between them they have alot of comps under their belts...They are personal friends of mine and my wifes and are great people taboot
Primagal, We need more info to give some advice. Stats and past experience. If your show is in April, I'd go ahead and begin dieting.
When to start your diet...

Well there are many things that go into play. If you are holding a few extra fat pounds, then start 16 weeks out, but if you are already in good shape and just want to firm up....then I would start 10 weeks out. If you start too far out and you are already in shape, you could burn yourself out and come into the contest flat. Start too late and then you would not come into the contest in shape. Assess your situation and let us know??

I am sure all of us are dying to help you??

LEt us know your stats....body fat, years of training, height weight, and all that other good stuff.
more info

hey thanks for the replies....more info
years training-4
body fat 16-19%
weight-varies between 132-136
I really do not think that it will take me 12-16 weeks at all to get rid of the fat. I seem to lean out pretty quickly, but yet again, I have never tried to get down to 8-10% BF. I am starting 7.5-10 mg ED in two weeks after I drop the primo. Right now I am training 5x weekly with 3 20-30 mn cardio sessions at 60-70% MHR. What I am manily concerned with is the intensity of training, diet and other tips that you may have that the average ACE certified trainer couldn't tell me...ha ha ha. I am going to take clen as well and possibly a thermogenic. SO, there it is, thanks a lot. If any of you have extensive info to offer, please email me at this addy. [email protected]
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I would not take the CLEN and a THERMO...If you are not going to stack the CLEN with T-3 or any of that other stuff, I would just stick with the fat burner and the diet.

Just remember that your training is key, don't stand around BSing with others. Most should repsect your decision to do a contest and leave you be...or just slap on some headphones, remember you do not get that day back.

I hate certified personal training...there are so many loop holes that one can get through to be certified. I have been a trainer for 9 years now and I see so many below average people not just fitness buffs training people. It takes hard work to know what we know, and then to have someone that knows nothing come in and get trained by some shmo that has been training for 3 months and decides to get his certificate...well, then that person gets a bad apple and may never step foot into gym. Look at me ragging on...anyhoot, always ask questions before paying your money to a trainer.

good luck in your contest...

I would start to restrict cals slowly. An idea might be to carb cycle, lets say each day you normally eat 300 grams of carbs, for 3 days take in 200, for 3 days take in 100, jump back up to 300 for days then reapeat again, this is just working with 300 grams of carbs, keep the protein and fats the same.

Training and diet wise, I would advise alittle bit more cardio then what you are doing. And we have about 2 months to get you in shape doesnt seem like a ton of time but does seem do able.

GO out today have one last cheat meal because it is going to be your last cheat until this contest, make a commitment to yourself to go Balls to the wall, I dont know how I would say that to a girl,


150grams of protein, 600 cals
200grams of carbs , 800 cals
400grams of fat 360 cals

Guys am I dead off on this but this seems like a good macro nutritent ratio for a hard training cardio doing, weight lifting female.

What is your current diet like now.
other stuff

Hey, thanks for all of the info. I don't feel that I have to make huge drastic changes from where I am at now. The mass is there, and I don't look fat, even for the % of BF I am at now. I guess what I need is something that would help me out on specific eating guidelines. I am not a junk food junkie, I have cut out dairy completely and bread for the most part. I am eating pretty clean right now. I think that I am just nervous because I have never had to diet down to such an extreme and I don't know how my body will react. thanks for all the info

I accidentally made a new says "fooood"...whoops
It tells diet info though
What show are you doing??? Take it seriously but don't get stressed out over it!

i will be doing the capital city show in april..its in MI. Iam stressed over it...I think all I need is a written diet. If I have something in front of me to follow, I will do it!!! I'm outts here--cya
try not to stress it causes a slow down of chemicla reactions in your body. Think of it as need to stress...BREATH

Primagal check your PM box. I sent you a diet earlier that should get you on the right track.
Chances are I'll be at the capitol city, I know the promoter. He'll put on a good show but he's a twitt. Good luck to ya.

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