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help with deadlift form


New member
Oct 20, 2002
I just video taped myself today at the gym and I noticed a very disturbing pattern in my dead lift form. I have a tendancy to round my back from the start. Does any one have any suggestions to how to fix this?
what I do to get myself in position during a dead is, I get my feet in the right position and then I stand up straight and take my deep breath. at the same time I raise my hands above my head and tighten my back and glutes. once I have my air in, I lower my hands to the side and sit down while keeping everything tight. once I start my lift I'm looking up on the wall (never the mirror) and pulling with my chin. it helps to keep your head up. also, work on getting all the way down and using your legs. I also concentrate on sitting back on my heals. I hope this helps bro. if there is anything I can do to help let me know. and keep videoing yourself, it helps alot!!!
good luck and be safe....
thanks for the help, ive corrected a previous problem by thinking of sitting down while going down. I used to have a problem with my upper body coming down before my lower body. thanks again for the help
Try and keep your back paralell and look straight up and then LIFT LIKE A Mo fo......Take care.

As everyone else has stated - I also do "Sumo-Style", which seems to help (maybe because I'm short and squatty).

Isn't the deadlift form basically the same as a squat except where you have the bar?
I did alot of what was suggested here, worked great (I do 1/2 deadlifts for emphasis on back and not quads/hams.
But my quads were all scrapped up and bleeding a little because the good form keeps the bar closer into the body. What do you guys do to prevent/help with this? Just suck it up and bleed? :confused: hehe
short and squatty is where it's at. I'm only 5'7". MikeS, I have the same problem with scrapping up my quads. try to use baby powder on your quads. you look all funny but it really helps to allow the bar to slide up the leg. DON'T use hand chalk. it actually works against you. it's made to help grip and it DOES! haha. anyhow bro. I hope this helps.
good luck and be safe....

I find if I wear a belt it messes up my form, makes it more difficult to get my legs and hips into it, hence rounding out the back. So I do not wear a belt when deadlifting, keeping the reps in the 5-8 range. This way I seem be able to work the back with more focus.

deads aren't to be played with, trust me on this. if you don't listen to anything else i say, becareful with Deads and the form.

when I was 18 I thought I was hot shit. here I was looking good, feeling great, and thought i was king of the school weight room.

then i said "hey, i'm gonna workout at my house and get even bigger and show these guys what i'm about" so i stopped working out at school, and just lifted at home as I have a ton of weights.

anyway, i was starting to have some problems with my lower back, but shit, I was 18 and immortal, then one day i did deads, first set felt...odd....but remember "I was 18 immortal and gonna do whatever I want" second set, first rep, went ok, second, I starting feeling really tight in my back, but being the asshole I was, I went for another rep, at the top of the rep "POP"

I'll never forgot the pain I felt. my hands went numb and I dropped the weight then I fell to the floor, laying there with GnR blasting away as loud as could be.

and i layed there for about an hour until my brother came back to ask me a ?, and he saw me on the floor covered in sweat.
I had no health ins. and I was fucked. I self medicated myself because again, I was a stupid ahole. It took me about 6 months to get into my truck without having to lift my left leg, and i was popping pain killers like they were candy. after that, i just stopped lifting for a few yrs, as I was pissed off at the weights hehe, hey i said i was stupid hehe.

Anyway, I'm 26 now, will turn 27 in March, and I still have problems with my lower back now and then, so my advice.
Fix the problem now before it's to late. trust me, i don't want any bro to go thru the back problems i have.

well again just what people have said, FORM FORM FORM, I see so many people who have the shitiest form on the planet just to look impressive in the gym (what they dont know is that people are laughing at them behind there back). They never look good and never improve, you fuck around with deadlifts and you will pay for it. If you do it right you will become thick like a motherfucker. Use your legs as I have stated before
I agrea with you just wannabebig, being young and stupid I have made many mistakes. Im turning 20 soon and Im constantly trying to improve my training. I videotape myself every now and again and get feedback from others on the little things that I tend to miss.I dont care what any one says you can never spot all of your own errors, you need to have some one else look at your form. Im by no means as Big as all of you guys but Im getting there, just give me a few years:D
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