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humalog vs humilin-r


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Aug 28, 2003
o.k... trust me i have researched this to death.....i find a few things confusing....

Humalog is quick acting, which they say is good if you don't have a solid handle on your diet, room for error....BUT, because it is so quick...it is also dangerous!!!!

Humilin-r.. alittle longer acting approx. 30 mins to kick in, but it is in your system up to 8 hrs. my understanding for lean mass you do not want to ingest fats for the 4hrs after injection, but if it is active for 8 hrs, should you not eat fats for 8, or really limit them at least????

also, i am getting mixed review as to which one is the best one....some say they get nothing of humalog, others do... i have also read that humilin-r is more anabolic=better imo

oh yeah!! for the 3 or 4 meals after injection, are all your carbs simple sugars or just the first one or 2, then throw some complex carbs after this????

thanks guys
good question, i would like to know more about this as well
I will respod to this post the best i can!

I feel that Hum_r is withouta doubt the best choice as I have used humalog and found it to be to fast acting as it is in/out of your system to quickly for your body to fully ascimilate the carbs and restore depleated glycogen levels. I have found that hum_r 4-6iu first thing in the morning with a high-maldextrin drink works very well and then you would ingest slow burn complex carbs the following 2-3 meals as hum_r will actually peak(peak half-life at 4 hours and will steadily decline from there. I have found that splitting up to evenly divided dosages 1 in the a.m. and another post-wrkout when glycogen levels are depleated works very well. usually I will take another 4-6iu post-workout and drin keither a carbo force,carbo rush or glyco-load(optimum nutrition) withing 5-10 minutes of my insulin shot and then withing 1 hour havea solid meal consisting of a solid shole protein,complex carb, and fiberous carb. Please keep in mind that you don't want to take your last insulin shot any later than 6-7:00 p.m. as you need to be awake thrue the 4 hour peak duration half-life just to make sure your not going to go hypo and if you are asleep you cannot judge that properly. In a nutshell that is a very basic answer as I would/and will get into greater detail after i get my clients thrue nationals but i am burried and trying to answer a few post as i have time. I hope this helps and best wishes wyldeone.
sweet thanks!!!!

the 2x a day would be more beneficial to the athlete that is doing a double split (ifbb pro) right?? i am sure an argument could be made for both sides, but if one was only going to inject 1x day....post workout is the best, correct? and if you don't like the results of that, try 2x day....just my thoughts..

anyone else able to chime in?

Bro, if you're still interested in staying lean while bulking, I would stay away from insulin. It will add muscle, but also fat. Trust me. For some reason the fat I gained off of slin is harder to get rid of also. Good luck.
hey phat

You know me a silverfox, but I agree with both above guys. I have used both, couble of time log and R at same time. Problem with log is it comes on very fast and hard, as example i could handle 15ius of R no problems 100g of simple carbs/50g protien then just normal meals after at 60g complex 50g P each one. With Log I would have a hard time with 8ius and not going hypo or at least feeling it. There is good post on here about using slin 2x day, maybe 2x week. Like i posted to you before you guys like us, who can gain fat easy, clean eating or not you really have to watch slin. I personally will not use it again until i can with GH. The extra weight is nice, but too hard to control body fat. EATING clean or not. Having said that, if your still lean from your show, this is good time, lean guys will gain more muscle fullness and less fat, as compared to someone who's body fat is on high side. Just the way slin works.
It would be ideal to use am/pm if doing a double spilt workout.
And you wont get fat on slin if you use gh-that is ideal also.
Personally I use 5x wk post workout ONLY, keeps insulin resistance lower as many people it stops working with the 2x ED dosing.
Also, check out Author L. Rea's "Big Fat Bastard" program if you're interested in an alternative way to run slin. I personally haven't tried it, but have witnessed it's effectiveness.
Hey phatkid I am also young like you and I would stay away from the slin the early....Plus you should put on some more muscle first...It you use all the shit now what will you use later...just shit loads of all the stuff..Not a very good plan...IMO you dont need slin...
I do not like Humalog as it hits me too quick. I almost don't even have the time to have my maltodextrin by the time it hits me.
Hum-R is the best by far. I know exactly when it hits me and I can control it very easily.
if log hits so quick why not slam a carb drink after working out and then shoot the slin?
Ive only used Humalog and never had any problems.

Ill shoot right after leaving the gym (in the car)

Wait 20 mins then drink my carb and protein shake as Im driving home.

I get home 45 mins after my shot.

I eat a solid meal.

Ive gone up to 10 ius and only took in 67g of carbs.

Felt a little shakey after an hour and had my PPWO meal. Shakes went away.

But for my future slin runs. I most likely wont go much above 7ius. Just dont see the need in terms of my goals.
this is the oldest post i have ever seen brought back to life

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