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mike man

Jun 5, 2002
Hope you are doing well my friend.
Take care of your family needs and know you have my prayers.
You are missed here.
Ditto that but he certainly has his priorities straight. He will be back.... in his own time.

Sorry about your loss - my prayers go out to her and the family.

I know you'll be back in due time. My dad just had a double by-pass and it's pretty scary potentionally losing someone so close.

Wow !
I must say I was supprised to see this guys .[ thanks Mike Man] .The last several weeks have been very rough for me and my family . We buried my sister yesterday , and I must say looking into my niece's eyes while we layed to rest her mom ,was the most horrible thing I have ever expirenced.I find myself lurking here several times a day just reading what you guys have to say , it helps to kill some of the pain.Like I have said many times before the quality of the people here amazes me.I feel very blessed to have found you guys.I thought losing one of my dogs two and half months ago was tough [ it still hurts] but this is just plain aweful.My mom, brother - in - law , and niece have completly fallen apart.I am spending all my free time trying to hold them together.It really hurts to see their pain.To top it off, the brother of the dog that I lost recently has begun to show signs of cancer as well.My dogs are like family to me . The thought of losing another thing that I love so much is just phuking killing me.It makes me want to cry everytime he lays his head into my lap. I wonder how much time that we have left.My sister was a beautiful intelligent woman that lived her life the right way.No drinking ,smoking ,or drugs and kept in great shape .She was a successful business person and a great mom , sister , and daughter.The world was lucky to have her. She made everyone better around her.We were brought up to be tough , but we both took pride in being kind, loving people .That will be her legacy to continue to live through me and I will see that her daughter carries those same traits as well. I have often wonder why so much tragedy has befallen me and my family over the years because although some in my family have been volient agressive people[ including myself at times] . They have always treated people and animals with the upmost respect and kindness. They just always lived by the golden rule .....treat people or animals how you would want to be treated.......but if someone fucks you....fuck em back twice as hard. I just don't get it ....what happened to karma? Well, am sad and confused right now, so I must go. But thank you so much my friends .....I truely am thankful for your posts ....they mean alot to me . I will be around , but my priorities are to be there for my family right now.They need me , my bodybuilding goals will have to wait for the time being. It sucks ,but some things are just far more important.
Mikeman , what shows are you doing this year ? Maybe , I could fly out to see you compete. I will be attending Skip's show in june.I am bummed about not being able to go the Arnold ,but my family is going to need me around for a while , but I should be able hit one of your shows if you would like.Good luck with things and thanks for the thread it made me smile.Keep in touch big man.
Xcell, sorry to hear about your dad . I pray will pray for a fast and speedy recovery for him.You are one of the kindest and most helpful people on any board period.I think very highly of you and you do a great job for us.......take care.
Skip......don't worry my friend .....I will be back to finish what we started. You are one of the coolest people that I have ever met . Just a class act and nothing less. I hope you will have me back ,once I am through this mess because we have some unfinished business to attend to. And you are still my hero, you tobacco chewing hick phuk.......thanks for everything. If you guys want a great trainer that is truely good at what he does and is a great person as well,then email his ass and get started. He is not some ego driven would be guru, he is a class guy like doggcrap. DC even recomends him to help guys for shows because DC likes to make monsters instead of preping guys......
Big A ....thanks again for this board .The people here are special.I know you are stressed right now,[ feb is coming fast] but hang in there. I will praying for you and wishing you nothing but the best.Let me know if there is anything that I can do.
Steak and Phil Hernen , I haven't forgotten you guys what so ever. I will be in touch. Hang in there fellas .You are both great guys that I will help out all I can.
Ivan ....I miss you bro. I hope things are well . Study hard and take care of your girl.
Skip......one last thing.......you still my wigger!!! LOL!
Guys, my mame now should now be changed to, one sad phuker, instead of Iabadman.I am hurting , but I shall return......thanks for your support.......it will not be forgotten!
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Im so sorry to hear that. I had no idea. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family esp. your niece. I know nothing I say will take away the pain, but know you have made a friend and one who care. I hope to see you back on here soon, because you'll be missed.

Take care MYBADMAN!
I did not want to say anything until you said something...this is your business and I feel you should be the one to share...

Prayers are with you 100%

Take care of that family...we will be here for you anytime.
Iabadman said:
Skip......don't worry my friend .....I will be back to finish what we started.

In your time, bro. No rush. You know that.

In the mean time, take care.

Sorry to hear about your loss...prayers and thoughts be with you and your family now. We all look forward to your return...Take care.

I don't know much about you, but I have had my share of loss in my family as well. I can relate.... My prayers go out to you and your loved ones.

J keep your head up. Your one of the strongest people I know and sometimes its hard to look at people that are "bad people" who it seems everything goes golden for---but trust me everything does and will come around full circle. My prayers to you, your brother in law, niece and rest of the family.

This is part of life my man. It will only make you stronger.
Not much myself or anyone can say to make things better but my prayers are with you. My brother in Co. went in for emergeny stomach surgery yesterday as he had an ulcer burst and inffect his entire stomach. That doctors were not sure what they would find when they got in there. So these things come and go and the best thing that we can do is keep people in our thoughts.

Im sorry to hear about your loses...I know how it is to have loss some one in my family so close...Also, my dogs are really close to me to...There my kids (as I have no real ones) my girls (5 of them) and my one boy...are my family...(yes, that is 6 dogs total)

My wishes and prayers go out to you...

Well my friend, if you are going to see Skip do a show in June, then you will most likely see me also! As I am sure Skip and I must be getting ready for the same show in Chicago.
It would be great to shake your hand and get to know you better. Anyone else who might be there would be a pleasure to meet also. (That means you Skip! lol.)

Dude just saw this, prayers are with you bro.

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