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Jun 5, 2002

yesterday i talked to a old friend who was a pretty successful bodybuilder in the late 80's and early 90's. he took many years off to start his own biz in the medical field. he is now hoping for an invite to the masters olympia since he is nearing the age of qualification. we were talking about bodybuilding in general and he had many interesting theorys as to why the guys are so much bigger now and how some of the old timers are suddenly make spectacular gains when they should be heading down hill.
he believes that most of the gains are because of insulin and how they guys are now able to manipulate their training to get the most out of the insulin. he stated that we are seeing more and more guys going back to the twice a week bodypart scheduling than the once a week type workout that have been so popular. he brings up newcomer artatwood, along with nasser, coleman, levrone, cormier, priest, dillet and many others that are hitting bodyparts more and more often.
his theory goes something like this. there is a common conception that the pros train very lazy and are not putting forth much effort. he claims there is a method to the madness. the volume of training is more important than the intensity for these guys since they do not want to over stress their central nervous system but, want a high amount of workload to stress the fibers and pump alot of blood into the muscle group , draining all glycogen. this , in turn , allows the insulin to work its magic by allowing it to supercompensate glycogen loading and jamming alot of protein into the trained muscle groups. now, the quicker we can recover and train it again the better. he claims that going to the failure stresses the nervous system to much. he believes that workload in a given time is more important.
his workouts are based around the 12 to 20 sets range and reps in the 8 to 15 range. he relys on continuous tension type sets and lower rest periods. he stops always a rep or two short of failure. he tries to always hit that muscle group again in a 96 hour window. he believes that insulin works best in this fashion and is the reason why we are seeing so many monsters these days. the more a muscle group can be ht the more insulin can work its wonders.
now, if that is true, which i have no reason to doubt him going by the monsters we are seeing, we still could do the same thing with phil's type workout barring that we do not strain the nervous system. phil's workouts are very intense and all sets are taken to failure..but, the duration is so short that the body is not being that harshly stressed. so in real world applications, one could follow a higher intensity type work out as long as duration is short and cns is not overly stressed AND glycogen is drained from the trained muscle.
when i brough that view point up to him , he disagreed saying the workload would be to small and that the muscle would not properly drained and pumped. he stated that anedotal evidence would all point to the opposite of what i mentioned. i told him i did not believe much in anectodal evidence and thought the above mentioned workout would work as well. (basically i am trying to stir up shit lol) anyway thought i would let ya know what was said and it is an interesting theory nonetheless.
I agree with him with the view on insulin. Speaking from personal experience have been using for at least 5 years and have always made constant gains. I have used hgh for in total 3 courses as it is impossible to get where I am from but have made sure to get the best results from what we can get ( insulin ). With the training I have always tended to use Phil's training methods so it does stand to reason that training this way with insulin will make you grow


I agree as well with the slin issue, but the more sets I'm not sure about. I've made too tremendous of gains witht he low sets high intensity style method and frequent training of each muscle to switch to the high volume sets. It may work, I don't know, I don't want to take the time out to try it though.
As usual, good info LATS. One day you hear doing "X" amount of sets is good, while the next you hear "Y" amount of intensity is the way to go. "We" have plenty of time, so crawl before you walk...

I mostly agree. Lately I've been training with longer workouts (1.5 hours), and 20 sets rather than 12. It seems to me that it's working nicely. Good change from limiting myself to 10-12 total sets in 45 mins. It's pretty obvious how much more knowledge we have now about the use of insulin, versus the 60's - 80's. But there is also much more knowledge about everything else, and a much greater range of "supplements" that can be taken. It's a cummulative effect, boys, not just insulin.
ahh hell i think its always going to be up in the air wouldnt it be nice for someone to come up with the best workout and it worked for everyone lol me i think they both work well ill do the high volume for a while and then ill switch to the hit system sometimes ill do it one workout and change it the next they both work well for me i think the key is change .

and great post bro i think hes right on the slin
i used to have a theory on slin that i never tested out, but it had to do with draining muscle glycogen, basically the lifter would workout in the morning as a normal workout with a good volume (i love intenisty and volume cycled)then do their slin, they would come back later that day to do very light weight and very high rep sets for that bodypart with the goal being to drain glycogen just like the first workout but without as much stress on the body and this would allow one to do a second slin hit
I always thought it was because of GH. The advent of readily available recombinant GH coincided with the uptrend in bodybuilder size (or more specifically, ability to get ripped at high bodyweight).

INsulin may play a role too, but mostly as an adjunct to the GH.


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