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MA Labs/Supplements Methyl Blue (New Stim) Review/Log


New member
Jul 31, 2020
I am writing (and yes I am a new member of the forum) to attest to the excellence and amazing product that is MA Labs Methyl Blue. I have used numerous stimulants for work and also to get through numerous jobs over the past few years ranging from ECA stack, to favorites such as the old Slim Xtreme which despite its “spiked” nature were the gold standard. Nothing has worked quite as well as the stims of the past until I had the chance to purchase this first-class product. I have previously purchased Atteral and Fluoromodafinil from MA Labs/MA Supplements and enjoyed the Fluoromodafinil but did not respond well to Atteral. Overall MA Supplements has always produced quality products and I decided that Methyl Blue would be perhaps the last chance to find a stim that provided the focus and attention like those of former days.

07/22/2020- First Dose (Four Caps/Empty Stomach)
Took Four Caps (Minimum Dose), noticed a strange “heartburn” like sensation within a few minutes, and some brief jitters. Within a half-hour, however, started feeling euphoric and a rush of focus. Within six hours still felt energized but effects wearing off. An almost addicting feeling, I took a brief nap before the gym and woke up re-energized and the “focus” effects seemed to be enhanced by a brief nap. After work headed to gym for a brief workout which was a breeze and now problems falling asleep. Stimulants such as ECA stack would destroy my sleep and I would feel awful the next day. This is NOT the case with Methyl Blue.

07/23/2020-Second Dose (Five Caps/Empty Stomach)
Took Five Caps; empty stomach and this time drank more water. No noticeable strange heartburn feeling and an immediate (10 minutes or so) rush of euphoria, focus and positive mood. Senses were heightened, I felt more sociable and positive. The focus alone was shocking and was able to sustain feeling for most of the workday (7 hours or so). Come down was mild, ZERO crash, just a positive feeling and sustained energy that tapered off.

07/24/2020- Third Dose (Five Caps/Empty Stomach)
Stayed with the same does and felt extremely focused, energized but not as euphoric as the previous day. The positive feeling effect was slightly blunted, and I can foresee this building tolerance fast. Also, I felt somewhat sluggish after a few hours but that could be influenced by poor sleep. The positive “happy” feeling certainly was not as strong as the previous dosage.

07/25/2020- Fourth Dose (Six Caps/Empty Stomach)
Decided to max this to the highest dosage. Positive mood effects and focus were still blunted, but now I was sweating like crazy. Had some jitters and despite drinking a gallon of water still had a strange burning sensation. However, the “focus” factor was still profound and much more impressive than other stimulants on the market. I read threads posted by Mike Arnold that this should not be used every day because of tolerance so will take a break. The focus, dialed in feeling even when the effects are slightly blunted is addicting and helps make every task work-wise a breeze. This is far superior to Atteral in my opinion in terms of feeling and focus. Again, no crash.

07/28/2020- Fifth Does (Five Caps/Empty Stomach)
After a brief break I went back to five capsules. Focus and positive mood were back to their previous high levels. With a minor break, the level of attention I was able to put into work tasks and the sensory enhancement is unlike any other supplement I have ever taken. I have used (and perhaps abused) stims in the past and this is not a caffeine or yohimbine loaded supplement. I actually had smoother energy after a brief break and felt dialed from morning to night. I was able to fall asleep without any issues and it is absolutely incredible that such a supplement can give the positive effects of a stimulant/focus and yet not destroy sleep or cause major mood issues. ECA stack when cutting sometimes causes me to get miserable and short-tempered, not Methyl Blue.

07/30/2020- Sixth Does (Five Caps/Empty Stomach)
Took one day off in between and again an incredible rush of energy, no strange heartburn feeling (which means ill keep it at five caps) and intense focus and positive energy that just slowly vanishes. Zero crash was able to be more productive, workout after, then went out for a few beers to escape the isolation of this time. Alcohol seemed to be really enhanced in terms of effects (overall talkativeness) and I am not sure I would drink when taking this supplement. However, once again slept perfectly and felt ready to go the following day (which was an off day).

Overall, this is one of the most innovative and impressive supplements I have ever taken. I can see it being recreational, but I found the focus and positive mood effects make working remotely or on complex tasks a breeze. Tolerance does build up quickly and breaks are needed to sustain the effects. It is hard not to go back into the bottle and use this every day as the effects are that impressive, and allow for a constant, dialed in focus with limited side effects or crashes one would expect from stimulant supplements currently on the market.

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