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Man I Hate Jeff Summers !!!!!!


New member
Jun 5, 2002
This fuckin guy, self proclaimed steroid authority, is an asshole! I have just received another copy of his publication, Anabolic Insider and am disgusted with his advertising. Of course this publication is just a vehicle for him to advertise his bullshit products, I know that. But on one hand he claims to be so knowledgable about the sport and supplementation ( I believe he is) but on the other hand he makes the stupidest claims and statements. Let me use this as an example; In his adv for Kyno-H, his knock off of Kynoselen, he claims average price for a 100cc bottle of Kynoselen to be between $250 and $325. We all know it can be purchased for between $65 and $100 on the net. 39 page issue and 25 pages are advertising, full pages. Sorry for rantting, its been a long day.
Here is some interesting info about so-called steroid guru Jeff Summers and his scam operation called Impact Nutrition. Their main products are Maxteron, Equibolan and dermagain. Please recommend this article to anyone asking about them.
Fact #1 : Jeff Summers is not a real a person

There once was a person with a knack for scamming people that went by the name of Bart ******** (I know, I laughed too when I found out). Now with a name like that you aren’t really gonna sell anything are you ? So Bart decided to make up another name (I did that when I was a kid too, didn’t we all ?) and profile himself as the big steroid guru. Oh yeah, I really trust a man that has to change his name to become a valid source of information.

If any of you are wondering where you can obtain Jeff Summers knowledge on steroids, I suggest you read Anabolics 2000, a book by his former employee Bill *********. If any of you want to become bigger steroid guru’s than Bart, then I suggest you buy Bill’s new book, Anabolics 2002. Bart’s such a cheap skate he probably wouldn’t have bothered to buy it. Why I call him a cheap skate ? We’ll get into that later

Fact #2 : Jeff Summers earns a living from another man’s inventions

Impact Nutrition, Jeff Summers scam operation, I mean company, has two prize assets in the forms of the prohormones 5AA, marketed as Maxteron, and 1,4-andro, marketed as Equibolan. Apart from my objections to steroid like names we need to note that these are not inventions belonging to Impact Nutrition. Though Jeff/Bart will attempt to tell you otherwise, I dare any man to pull the patent forms on 5AA and 1,4-andro. The patent number is 6.242.436. Check the name on their and I assure you its not Jeff Summers or Bart ********. Its Bill *********, former employee of Impact Nutrition and now CEO of ********* Nutrition. That means the patents to both these substances are owned by another company entirely. Since then Mr.********* has invented a more potent form of 5AA and isn’t even selling that anymore, eventhough he owns the patent. What does that tell you ?

Fact #3 : Impact Nutrition scams its employees

Speaking of Bill *********, there is an ongoing legal matter between Bart and Mr.*********. About two specific issues. The first is the ownership of the patents, the other is the royalties of the book Anabolics 2000.

On the first matter I think its an open and shut case. Bart has a big mouth now, but if there is one thing they are good about protecting in America its patents. Your wife can get raped, your children kidnapped, your dog shot, but if you have a patent, you own the product. At least for 20 years. Bill *********’s name is on the patent application first of all. But what’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard is that Jeff Summers is stupid enough to disprove his own lies on his website. Two of the most important articles documenting the efficiency of Equibolan and Maxteron were written by Bill *********, it says so righ there (**broken link removed**) underneath the title. It also starts off with the words “This is an extremely special project to me, as it represents my greatest accomplishment to date.” That’s ********* speaking on the Impact website. So don’t tell me Jeff/Bart doesn’t know he’s bull****ting everyone. He doesn’t own the patents, he’s making a living of another man’s inventions.

On the second matter , this is what ********* nutrition issued as a statement and I quote :
To me it seems that his obvious greatest accomplishment to date in this field was “discovering and publishing” MY book Anabolics 2000. I cannot understand the audacity of this man to put his picture next to a book written by someone else in an attempt to lend himself (or his fictitious character, sorry) credibility. How do you “discover” a book anyway?
You should know also that despite the fact that he continues to sell and promote Anabolics 2000, he has STOPPED sending me royalties checks for the book. This WILL be remedied in a second lawsuit.
Worst info possible

Publication simply sucks! I feel they are just as bad as your average scammer

gotta love the letters they make up and then answer, anyone ever read that shit carefully, it's funny , but pisses me off at the same time.

They like to send me multiple copies for some reason, plus send me junk mail from time to time .

Screw that organization!

THEY (the board connected to Jeff Summers and his crap) are also full of BULLSHIT and they are thieving bastads!!

I paid my $20-40 (whatever it was) for a 1 year membeship to that stupid board.

First off, its as bad as Asssabolex, filled with newbie posts and idiot questions everywhere!! (no offense IRONMIKE) lol

Second, I paid for 1 year, I was a member 3 months, then some cocksucker moderator (excuse my french) named Z-man or somthing, cancelled my membership. Its been 2+ weeks since they have done this, and I still havent got a straight answer out of them!!

What, they are jealous about their manhood because this woman knows more about OILS than 90% of them!!??

I HATE them, and I HATE that damn board. They all can suck my C***!!

PS- Jeff Summers is butt ugly, and looks like he lives off of Mega Mass 2000, Donuts, and any "next big thing" for a high calorie weight gainer that he reads about in Mens Health or old issues of Muscle and Fitness. Just look at his size!! LOL, and he calls himself a GURU.
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good posts, i never heard of this guy, but you guys sure ripped him a new one. especially chyna!
Jeff Summers is a dickhead. Me and Tazzy met him at the Arnold. He is an arrogant prickhead. And goofy looking as a baboon.
Lucky for him some guys at his booth were personable.

I met him at the Arnold this year myself.....what a F#@king dork. The has zero personality and thinks he knows everything about everything....if that was the case why does he look like a retard(no offense to the mentally challenged intended)...you'd think with all that knowledge he could do something with himself....lol!!! Take care.

Hey MikeS.....shoot me an email when you get a chance


My firt board I joined before finding the free ones was anabolics.com. I never had problems with them and I learned alot in my first 4 months as a member. MY membership ran out in April but I would join again if I got around to it even with the free boards out there. It's a good community IMO.
Yep the guy talks a lot of crap and obviously isn't even a bodybuilder. I don't take him seriously.

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