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Matarazzo story


Jun 6, 2002
Did I read this right? Mike was detained in jail, but not to worrry, because the promoter has a better guest poser who is bigger and will show up in shape? WTF? DO you guys who want to get their "procard" see how this whole scene works? Take a good look and see how we are all just pieces of meat. No one, and I mean, NO ONE cares about you in this sport except for a select few frieinds, family, and your kids. It just shows you how selfish this sport is.
Damn, no kiiding Phil

You know I was thinking the exact same thing....sickening....Then they go on to say " he is even bigger than Mike blah blah blah..." Like Mike all of a sudden is some sorry excuse for a BBer...WTF?

I really see now what you mean by pieces of meat --- there is no respect in this sport, if you look at most pro sports, the athletes that MAKE the sport are at least treated with some respect and appreciation...shit, not in bodybuilding...Hell, it is like the bbers are just there so people can use them for all they got; nevermind the time, dedication, pain, sacrifice, and full blown commitment it takes to be a pro. Absolutely disgusting, makes me wanna hurl.
In other sports

All of the past athletes are held in high regard and esteem. WHo ever talks about Lee Haney anymore? Dorian Yates? Lee Labrada? Rich Gaspari? With this sport, when your time is up, it is OVER. THat is the nature of this sport, sad but true. So when people say that they are the next "pro", or getting their "pro card", I say, who the fuck cares??
dont wanna sound like im trying to "fit in" but i read the complete artical and these few words made me chuckle too "Mike was detained in jail, but not to worrry,"

its all about $$.. what isnt?

I know Dave!! THey made it sound like he was having the time of his life in there. He was giving autographs, talking to his jailers about working out, giving them tips, etc.........FUCK THAT. Do they think we are all stupid idiots? They try too make jail sound like a resort and Mike like he didn't want to leave.

And for this guy to print and spoon feed us that shit is a joke. That is the farthest thing from bodybuilding news. Keep it real. Tell us that Mike almost killed a security guard, did a few hours with some jailers who were kissing his ass, missed the guest posing but the promoter already had a backup who was in better shape and another bodybuilder is kicked to the side.
I agree. This jerk off was just trying to promote his show, and probably thought if he didn't have a big name like Matarazzo as a guest poser then no one would come. So all of a sudden Matarazzo becomes a nobody. Whatever. Shit, tickets were 40 bucks, and there were only 20 something competitors. What a joke.
"All of the past athletes are held in high regard and esteem. WHo ever talks about Lee Haney anymore? Dorian Yates? Lee Labrada? Rich Gaspari? "

I do cause I am a bodybuilder for ME, cause it makes me happy. I remember picking up my first copy of muscle and fitness and seeing lee and rich and later dorian and they ispired me, I don't damn near kill myself for a two dollar plastic peice of shit trophy. This isnt a sport man its a fucking joke, the guys who actually are freaks and can make money in this sport are still getting fucked, IF I could of done it all over I woulda learned how to throw a fucking baseball. OR play drums. It is really sick how this "sport" works. Even at the local level shit is political , that is why I take pics of myself onstage and go home and look at my pics from the year before, that is my competition, I really don't give a fuck what the panel of never were's thinks of me.

got off subject but this one hit home. LEX

oh lets see how long it takes for Mike to loose all his sponser's , that proly already happened, I can promise you they aren't gonna pay him severence or offer to help in anyway.
I don't know what happened to him but I wish him the best, I met him in person and he seemed like a genuinely nice guy.
Just a few months ago I walked into a gym in Australia and there I saw equipment from twenty years ago....then I looked up at the walls and every pic was also.....Berry Demey, Arnold, Janet Tech, Tonya Knight, Rich Gaspari, Lee Haney, Frank Zane, Corey Everson, Diana Dennis......the list goes on....and all the Art Zeller stuff.....it was like stepping back in time....I loved it...There were even old mags from then too....it was pretty cool....

I really miss those days....it was VERY different then......

Ok, you can tell me to stfu and move on....lol

but this release of big Mike, that was messed up....NOT cool!
he is truly one of the nicest guys out there and does so much for his fans and is a phenom guest poser, he treated with such disrespect by this promoter......I wouldn't go back to do that show if I were him.....

my two cents

YEah I read over the article too, and I thought is was funny that the promoter said he had someone that would bring in more people...hmmmm, never heard of the guy he brought in to replace MIKE.

People just love to shit on others...
What show was it? Maybe its time to take our sportback,We can start boycotting this BS when it happens! You know what always wracks my nerves, payin my entry fee for a show.... seems like they got it backwards...w/o the competitors there is no show!:mad:
and without the show there is no competitor...

if you boycott the shows, the ones who suffer the most are the athletes.....

I see your point and am sure it will never happen, but I gotta agree w/Phil's point of view..I think he put as "we're just pieces of meat"...
I have seen some promoters treat the athletes like a side show, and it's really disgusting.....but then again, there are some good ones too....
What I find mind boggling is how some promoters get on thier power trips and think they can treat people like s**t.
There are some great promoters out there, and wayne ISN'T one of them....

How does one become a promotor, a judge, and the top guy at the IFBB without a conflict of interest?

that is one question I have never had answered....:( :confused:

marianna :rolleyes:
Why not have retired body builders be judges and promoters...

I think RICH would be a good person to promote the MR. O and get more money into the athlete's pockets. MIKE M. would be another good one.

Has WAYNE ever picked up a weight in his life??
Wayne D. reminds me of Milton from Office Space :D

I hope other pro BB'ers pick up on this and refuse to do guest appearances @ this venue.

Of course, who's going to turn down money?

marianna komlos said:
NO....but I think he dropped one on his head...:D


:D :D :D

That gotta good laugh outta me!

Ps -- I'll try to be nicer to members who I disagree with too Marianna --- hee hee.:)
I have seen this problem for many years and there is only one solution ;ALL of the pros must get managers and say hey we ar not going to take it anymore,either we make x amount of cash or we arent doing anything and i mean good money for competing and more for me to endorse your poducts.yes it could blow up in there faces (its that thinking that holds them back now) but I dont think Weider is going to want to lose everthing or BOb Kennedy,the money is definetly there,no one will argue that,I am more than sure that could give up a few million a year if there backs were up against the wall;Its called business folks.If there only choice was a litle less or nothing ,what would they choose.Now you are in control.And the supplent companies come on they are making billions and paying a few thousand, F that I want my share it sells because of me,now I want my piece.Now im not sayingit is just that simple ,it will take a massive amout of coordinating ,thats why you need the managers they know how to negotiate, thats what they do .All sports have had to organize at one time,if the b.b.want it they are going to have to bite the bullet.But the problem is the top 10 guys are making a living and they dont want to jeperdize that,they are the problem.Hey Im not making some big revilation here.Im sure everyone has known this for a very long time ,If the top 10 will stand up and say f you we want our fair share the rest will follow .the money is there ,they just need to be smart enough to get it.And dont think Weider,Kennedy,and all the suppliment companies arent looking at us thiking those b.b. are some real stupid mother f's we are making billions and we dont have to give them nothing because they are to dumb to figure out how to get it.See WEider,Kenndy and the suppliment companies are businesses and until the b.b. stop seeing themselves as pieces of meat instead of a business nothing will ever change. I dont mean to be rude or diespectfull to b.b., but that is the cold hard truth.

You mean like form a union right? That is a damn good idea..

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