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MIKE S Sucks!


Jun 30, 2002
LOL! Just Joking bro hey I depend on you being the pro wrestling fan and all to make these posts but did ya see who was back?


dude I can't wait I love that guy he'll make the WWE so much better unless cripple H screws it up and stops his push because he is screwing that cow Stephanie.

I have just signed up for wrestling school here In Maryland. I figured Im never gonna be bigger then 230, it is hard work to be 230 and cut for me, Im gonna try to stay at 230 and wrestling for MCW. My close friend has a tryout this week for the WWE, so Watch out.
Hey Bro,
Where is the maryland school located? I have looked around here (No. Va.) and never found anything. Good Luck.
Damn I though - who did I piss off?!?!?!

Where is the school? I have a couple bud who wrestle
MD independent...

Scott Stiener will improve things (they need it)
but he is limited because of his dead nerves from
the lower back injury. Lets see what happens...
Just be wary. I lived in a city with just about the largest concentration of pro wrestlers.

They told me themselves that alot of those schools are RIPOFFS. Even the ones run by ex and current pro wrestlers.

NOT saying the school you are talking about is, just giving you a heads up.

GOOD LUCK !!!!!!!!

The school is called BoneBreakers here in Baltimore. I dont know how great it is, but my close friend who has a tryout for the WWE went there. He used to wreslte on all the ECW PPV's so had bad can it be. I figure no matter what I need to goto some school, this just for fun, Ever since I stopped playing organized sports I have missed the LIME light. Even if it is some low budget Maryland wrestling leauge, with some hill billys cheering you on, I have been to a few MCW events and it is real redneck, not that all wrestling is redneck but they hold it in a redneck area.
Ive heard of Bone breakers, its in Arbutus or somwhere like that.
A fat guy apporached my once during a WCW payperview several years ago and was begging my to join-he had 2 hot babes with him, the whole gimick. He wanted me to have my wife as my vallet. Im 40YO+ no way am I starting that shit now!

The org my buddy is in is SCW wrestling.
Hey bro, just cuz you think you can't be more than 230lbs and cut, dont let that get you down.

Look at Chris Jericho, Lance Storm, Chris Benoit, etc etc.....all under 230lbs; but all of them ARE EXCELLENT mat wrestlers.

Pro Wrestling is all about charisma. I've seen/know countless number of guys who are phuking huge and can brawl with the best of them, but when you put a mic in their hand, the want to crawl into the corner like a little girl.

Being "big" is awlays a plus. It'll get you farther then just being in decent shape. Having good mat skills, being able to get a crowd behind you (either loved or hated); having a catchy gimmick, and working the mic well get you farther than anything.

I have a few buddies who tag team in Japan. They weren't shit here in the states, except for a few WWE (WWF at the time) dark matches. They are both over 6'2" and 275lbs, are are monsters over in Japan. The people over there LOVE to HATE them and they get paid well. Besides, Japan has some of the best mat wrestlers in the world.

Best advice i can give you is to try to stay away from the "hardcore" wrestling if you plan to make it anywhere in the business. Very few of these guys can actually wrestle, and once you get labled as a "hardcore/Trash" wrestler, Top Indy and WWE wont want you. Besides, the toll you body will take isn't worth it.

I've got 11 buddies who are Pro wrestlers, and I've had the chance to go do that myself. It's not an easy road to travel if your trying to make it a career. 3 of my buddies all live together in a shitty 1 bedroom house outside Chicago. They travel all over the midwest, and still make jackshit for cash. Maybe enough to pay for food and gas money. But they love it, and i dont blame them. Fans cheering or booing for you can really get you hooked.

If you just in it for the weekend warrior type, and just something as a hobby, then by all means go out there and have fun. Get the fans into it, and they'll show you some love right back.

In any case, good luck bro. Stay healthy and focused.

Finally he has come back. Ive met/ worked out with him b4 as he travled by our gym. A FREAK. He did close grip bench with 405 for 8-10 reps easy and his entire body got a pump.... cool to watch. What happend with his lower back??? I know he had surgery and that was the last i heard... im hoping hes back in top shape and can still wrestle, not being limited...to be his size he has made agility and speed.... the days of the frankesteiner..... ah those were the days.

Im just doing it for fun, I think I am good looking, and I got no problems talking in public, I love it, I acted in high school and did a play in college, no im not gay, It's just for fun, I got a good job, and im opening a powerhouse gym in the next 9 months, so wrestling is just a fun hobby until I get hurt, thanks for all the help and when I finsh school I will let you EAST coasters know when i have my first match.
hey if that doesnt workout out for you try freestyle (olympic wrestling) Its increably fun until you get older, then you get to wrestle 30 year old psycho's who start throwing punches when they get pinned.

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