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Milos vs. Chad Nicholls!


New member
Dec 30, 2002
Check it out:http://chadnicholls.net/cgi-bin/forums/ikonboard.cgi?s=3eccec217e26ffff;act=ST;f=15;t=6082

"Chad, I just had a chance to read your “PLASMA EXPANDERS” column and it bothered me so much that I had to respond immediately.
You call yourself straight shooter, “tell it like it is” kind a guy…so explain me couple of things.
Does straight shooter truly “love fucking with a person’s head and tries to confuse someone as much as they can” –as you admit in your article.
As you and MD “always bring the truth in bodybuilding”- you are revealing the simple honest truth about crazy plasma expanders rumor.
You mention that after the Olympia 1997 one of your athletes (NASSER) told completely fabricated story of how he used 5 bags of Dextran (plasma expander) and Manitol (osmotic diuretic) to some nutritionist (ME).
Later both of you laughed your asses off and down deep (whatever that means?) as I believed the story.

I don’t need to remind you that I voluntarily shared priceless contest prep information that was crucial to make both of your careers.
I did it as a friend, with no charge…and I explained to both Nasser (end of 1994, beginning of 1995) and you (later in 1995) in great details something that even you mentioned Nasser called $100000.00 information.
Needles to say Nasser went from “happy to be at the Olympia” kind of competitor –to major contender for the title. Improvements he made on that program were first revealed at Houston Pro Invitational and Night Of Champions 1995 – he won both shows,
convincing everyone that Dorian would have nightmares preparing for the Olympia.
You on another hand got your chance with arrival of diuretic testing (1996).

I have witnessed with my own eyes that Nasser is capable of misinforming people (competitors) and than laughing about it. So, I believe now that this was the case at 1997 post Olympia Banquet. I hope you guys had really good laugh (deep down your asses as you so nicely put it).
My once good friendship with Nasser was terminated exactly because I could not accept how he treated other people (competitors) – putting them in dangerous situation, trying to boycott what they work so hard for…and than laugh about it.
I didn’t know that you are the same breed.
So many competitors sacrifice tremendously with the hope that this sport is going to get them somewhere. Usually this is their only egg in a basket and they would consciously sacrifice their health, family life, time, money –everything with that one goal in mind – to excel in bodybuilding and make a good living for their family.
They would go to reputable guys like you two – to take a chance to be confused or lied to?

Now, let’s just be analytical for the moment. How could rumor about plasma expanders ever start?
Nasser just woke up one day, found that word in dictionary and decided to use it?
No Chad –you told him. Just like you told me in 1996, when you were trying to return me a favor…and told me (in front of my wife Milamar, as she gave me paper and pen to write your suggestion).
I am holding that piece of paper (I can scan it and send it to you). It says DEXTRAN 5% solution, HESPAN 2.5% saline solution, MACRODEX 6% solution
Take 500 ml six hours apart. Total of 3 bottles.
Just before 1997 Mr. Olympia, you told Paul Dillett to call me and ask me if I would recommend you to be his advisor and if he should try “some IV stuff” –as Paul put it. I told him that personally I am afraid of IV administration, but there is valid theory behind it.
On that note, as you said that so-called guru (ME) should have common sense and immediately pick up plasma expander story to be bullshit.
Well. 1998 we spend a long time on the phone when you were trying to explain me every aspect of validity to use PE. On top you offered me “special kind” of MANITOL injection that you can bring to the NOC.
As I didn’t have money I did not buy it. Ronnie (working with you) shocked the World and won. As we were always good friends he did confessed to me that at that show he was cramping violently. He said – for the first time I was afraid I am going to die!

To reveal myself, as well –I used plasma expenders in many shows –experimenting until I got it down –perfectly.
I was successful in three shows –Ironman 1999 (placed second to Cormier, beating Cutler, Gunter, Priest, Darrem…), 1999 Arnold Classic (top 5, with 250 pounds –my heaviest competition weight), 1999 -2nd place in Canada…etc
So, there is a way of doing it…but in general I agree –it is not worth it.

It is only depressing to know, that you too - find amusing and funny playing with people’s health, careers…lives!
I can live with a great piece in my heart, as I know I only gave my best possible advice to anyone that ever asked me for one. There are hundreds (if not thousands) of people out there that I would like to ask IF I ever gave them misleading advice. I could have kept some very important secrets just for me – instead I helped many bodybuilders excelling to the point they were beating me. I don’t regret it for a second. What I regret is hearing something like this article and realize that you and Nasser were so grateful to me that you decided to play with me. Russian Roulette would also be just fine …
With friends like this who needs enemies?" -Milos Sarcev
Here we go again...

Just another episode of " As the IFBB turns" soap opera. I read that over on chad's board and got so tired of it i stopped reading it mid way through. Same stuff different day and topic. It never ends.

I've read this before....My opinion is...Milos is a class act.

His honesty comes through. Go to his board and read the articles as well as his responses to posts. On top of that he is clearly an intelligent person. Plus, I really have a thing for Milamar! hahaha:)
Damn! What ever happened to just 200mg deca every 10 days and 20mg dbol per day 8 weeks before contest a la Mike Mentzer. This is the reason why I decided to never compete unless a natty show.
My Comment

I heard this story a while back and was a little concerned. The advice I give a rookie trying to get in th business is be careful who you listen to you may wind up dead. The other thing is I guess a supposed "world class guru" can also be a world class bullshiter which is all I have really ever heard of Chad from some folks whose names I shall not mention.

I'll put my wife's Doctarate up against MR. Nicholls anyday.:eek:
the whole thing about Ronnie being scared to die is awfull!!!!......damn it's sad state of affairs in IFBB pro BB'ing

When I read of about "expanders" or something like that I just lost interest in Pro BB. Its their life but c'mon! Ill choose to watch the 70's bodybuilding anyday!
Re: My Comment

Fathead said:
I heard this story a while back and was a little concerned. The advice I give a rookie trying to get in th business is be careful who you listen to you may wind up dead. The other thing is I guess a supposed "world class guru" can also be a world class bullshiter which is all I have really ever heard of Chad from some folks whose names I shall not mention.

I'll put my wife's Doctarate up against MR. Nicholls anyday.:eek:

I have heard this as well.

you must not know a damn thing about who is doing the top guys' precontest set ups. chad does ronnie, gunter(last year), nasser in the past, flex etc. they do not go to him b/c he doesnt know what he is talking about. they go to him b/c he is one of the best if not the best "guru" out there. most people with doctorates dont know shit except for frickin' ACSM crap. that stuff has nothing to do with top pro level bodybuilding.
I'll say this there's very few guys I look up to and respect in this game and two of the very few people I respect and trust are wyldeone and chad!, I don't know the whole story, but I bet there's way more than what we're hearing!;)
Hey Josh

Sorry I pissed on your parade about Chad who I really don't know but talking to "top level pros" myself who I have a few I consider friends I stand by my statement. My wife was a pretty good fitness chick in her day as well not many women can get down to 6% bf after having a kid 3 months before without knowing what they are talking about. I myself have 20 yrs of competition experience and the expanders do exist and have been used to what degree of success I don't have a clue.

If you think Chad is the man great but don't get so bent out of shape because no one knows everything and a few competitions does not a guru make. I am sure it was not he who was busting his ass in the gym.

One last thing about my wife 2 masters, a PHD, thesis published in the AMA and a Grant for research and development in Nutritional Sciences as well as other related things probably qualifies her to do my diets.

Yeah well gunter Told me in person that he is working with Charles Glass NOT Chad.
Last edited:
I think you got his answer confused....he says that Gunter and Chad worked toghter last year and that is true...its also true that they are not working toghter anymore.....but I would say Chad had a lot to do with Gunter moving from "out of top ten mr. O" to beating ronnie
i would have been better off not reading such a thing at all. id rather not think of bodybuilding in terms as a drug experiment. silence needs to be practiced more i think.

I have a great deal of respect for you with your posts but you are out of line here. I DO know Chad personally as well as ALOT of top pro and national level bodybuilders that both work with Chad as well as myself and i will agree that plasma-expanders are used there is one in particular that is from europe that the large majority of the top pro's are using but once again i won't divuldge that info just because regardless of the point Milos is trying to make we all have our little tricks of the trade that we use and none of us nor our athletes are going to give this info away as these are the tricks that make the difference between top 5 and not making the night show. I have a GREAT deal of respect for Chad and in no way do i need to jump on a bandwagon and kiss his ass. He is a professional in the truest sense and actually cares about his athletes as do I and i take offense to people accusing us of being uneducated and playing russian rullet with our athletes lives because in no way will i advice or reccomend anything to any of my athletes without thouroughly researching it myself as well as prior use on myself as well as consulting with Chad and other professionals in the bussiness. Please understand in no way do we label ourselves "so-called guru's" we are nutritionalists first and foremost and have learned the aspects associated with the sport of bodybuilding because we needed to educate ourself's to keep our athletes SAFE! we are given these monikers throughout the bodybuilding industry it is not one we ask for and there is a great deal of pressure put on us at trainers to bring in the athletes at there all-time best at every show and if they aren't we are the scapegoats not the athletes. Just food for thought my friend best wishes wyldeone.
I know that wyldeone has worked with Chad and has gained knowledge from him.

After working with wylde, I know this:
1) He'd never suggest anything that was harmful for "you" (everyone's different).
2) He truly has his client's "best interest" at heart.

Even with as much shit wylde had me on, I could tell through his actions that he was always making sure things were working/functioning properly. A great example would be "how he had me take Demadex" at the last minute. I really believe the way he had me take it was a much safer method (and still effective).

While I don't know Chad, I can't believe that he'd be much different than Wylde.

Very well put wyldeone I dont know either on a personal level so I couldnt say yeah or nah for either one of the guys. I have heard so many positive things about both the last few years. Now also about you to wldeone so I think it comes down to now personal preference and desire to succeed with the athlete. MM
Wyld - I don't think that Fathead was implying that all trainers don't care about their atheletes.

This is my take on the matter. I know what wyld does for his bodybuilders and I can guarantee to everyone that to Wyld, the safety of the athlete is first and foremost. I hold a great deal of respect for that, as it is a breath of fresh air, as Wyld is the only trainer I ever seen that actually cares about the health of his athletes.

Chad on the other hand - I never really spoken to him apart from throwing insults at each other and from that, to me he's an ass and a half, whom I have no respect for.
I can say this much though - I do know several of his bodybuilders, either pro or amateur and he does not care about their health. They regularly piss blood getting ready for shows, they colapse, etc, etc. Sure they look good, no debate there. But there's more to life than winning/looking good for a bodybuilding contest amd certainly risking one's life is not worth it. But each his own and if they choose Chad, then they should know what they get into.

Between Chad and Milos. I have never spoken to Milos, but my very close friend Chris Clark is very close to Milos and only has outstanding things to say about him. Between that and Chad (considering my experiences with him), I'll take Milos' side.

I respect the fact your coming out and defending CHAD hey I have a buddy you know that I'll defend tooth and nail when people say things that are not true about him. I am not bashing your ilk because I'd be bashing others who I have respected in the past like Dan Ducaine and Charles Glass who I have immense respect for because he knows his stuff.
I will however just say and clarify for you this is not the first time I have heard stories about Chad being somewhat careless with getting a top pro over the hump but I'll drop it at that. I think there is a huge difference between Chad and yourself Wylde you know we had our conflict over something stupid and after talking to yourself and a few others Palumbo being one I had a 360 degree opinion change about you so I am not offended in the least.

It is an interesting debate though for what you should take as truth when getting advice from someone I just say do your research and decide on your own.:cool:
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