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More Personal Tips on Consuming food


FOUNDING Member / Featured Member / Kilo Klub
Featured Member
Kilo Klub Member
Jul 22, 2002
Ry roid was mention the problem with eating and I saw a lot of good ideas on thier, the threds pretty large so I just made my own on a few personal things I have done to help me consume food and keep it not so routine, they are braudly stated, not exactly intended specifally for someone dieting or bulking but if it applys to your regiment use it.

-use a whole can tuna, with a salad, similir to chicken salad.

-cooking egg whites in microwave is way faster and to me seems to condense them a bit, i just add mustard if no carbing, can take down 8-10 easy, something about frying them just makes it so much harder.

-"i cannot belevie its not butter spray" really makes getting veggies down a lot easier, no nutrional value in it to my knowledge

-If your sick of shakes use your whey in different wheys, when i didnt care what I ate, one of my fav junk foods was frosting, I've been able to make a similir tasting frosting whey mix, very high in protien and that taste good using a few things:
3 scoops whey, 1 raw egg white, 1 teaspoon olive oil, 1 teaspoon "i cannot belevie its not butter spraty" 1-2oz skim milk<-- that is enough to make it taste good, if you can afford the extra calories throw in, 1 TBS PB, cinamin w/splenda, nestly quick or cocoa mix... and it taste just like cake batter love this stuff

Home made protien bars with your whey, defintly only usefull on a bulk but these taste awsome

1/2 cup honey, 1 cup natty PB, microwave it for 70 seconds alone then mix 2 cups whey if im not mistaking, 1 cup oatmeal get your hands messy and mix it all up, put all in one of those Square glass pans press into pan cut like protien bars... these are awsome

-this isnt mine but I tried it and it works decent, someone elses idea from the board, put the tuna just in a blender dilute it with something u can tolerate water... and just down it

-precooked meals so lazyness doesnt become an issue I always cook 6 servings of brown rice at once last me 2-3 days, just add it to a few of my earlier meals cut it off around 6-8pm save it for the the next day, keep it in tupawear

-just like the rice I will prep something like a few lbs of lean beef, eat a serving every few hours, add a cup or rice cup of veggiies, very fast prep when pre cooked like this

-use hot water with your whey, makes it similir to hot cocoa, have been doign this lately, also helps disolve faster

-for boiled eggs or even meats like tuna that sometimes get so hard to swallow u knwo u will puke if u take another bite, I have int he past resorted to just sticking the back my throat as much as i can swallow and swallow it whole with water, I perosnaly hate boiled eggs and tuna so this works ok for me, just pretend its a large capsule:)

-always have soem sort of protien you can consume within 60 seconds on hand in the fridge... whenever I wake up to pee or just in the middle of the night I will force myself on way back from bathroom to head to kicthen for a couple boiled eggs or slices of lunch meat.. then og back and hit the sac.

-splena/cinamin with instant oatmeal in the morning fast and taste 10 times better.


Featured Member / Kilo Klub
Featured Member
Kilo Klub Member
Dec 28, 2002
good post

I have been on a contest diet for 14 weeks and have found myself eating some wierd stuff. This is one of my favorites
2 scoops whey (50g)
1/4-/1/8 cup old fashioned oatmeal (8-15g carb)
1-2 TBS slivered almonds (4g fat)
Optional: 1TBS Natural peanut butter

Mix well with very little hot hot water
The peanut butter adds a lot to the flovor, however it is good without the peanut butter if you can't afford the cals

I eat these (w/out peanut butter) every2.5 hours during the day.
Seems to be treating me well



New member
Kilo Klub Member
Jun 5, 2002
on eof my personal fav's is protein pi=udding, all u do is use very little water and it makes a pudding consistency


New member
Jun 14, 2002
1 diet coke
1 can tuna


Moderator / FOUNDING Member
Staff member
Jun 4, 2002
Coke and tuna blendedd???? Ugggh!!! hahaha!

I always say have some protein shake ready for middle of night pee; and last thing before turning in, plus first thing upon waking.
These I use no carb but some flax oils. With the AM shake I get carbs from breakfast foods.

Swallowing food whole is not a great idea. Digestion begins in the mouth with many enzymes plus chewing/micturating makes food ready to assimilate in the stomach.

It is tough to force feed. I will especially do so when sick, although most guys just go with the flow and dont eat. Its really hard when appetite is zero-but when sick, you are likely to lose strength/muscle anyway. Its vital not to coumpound that by not eating. Thats the toughest time to eat for me but I never miss a feeding.

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