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MR Time


New member
Kilo Klub Member
Jun 9, 2002
It catches me every year and can't do much to slow it down. Have to mark it down and chalk up another birthday on that belt. I figured I'd be married and a millionare by 26 and neither has happend. Am I blessed or stuck, either way it's not all bad.:) I realize being off for some time that it's going to be a great blessing being older and getting back on. Cause these days I get sore just trying to get out of bed. May be time to retire from everything and go to the beach and get fat and hairy and wear a pair of speedos.:D
happy birthday buddy! Yeah I though I'd be a millionaire by 30, now I am shooting for 31, hehe.
happy birthday dude. hehe and i know exactly what you're talking about.
i'll get that million dollars eventually tho even if i have to rob a bank...just kiddin ....or am i? no i'm just kiddin.....::evil laugh::
i know bro I just turned 20 screw me iam gettin old I preffer not to think about it
Today is the first time that I actually felt older after a birthday. 26 isn't all that old, but I can sure tell the difference between the years. I was over at a friends house and there was a girl that I knew and she said happy birthday and yada yada. Anyhow she then asks how old I actually was, thinking that I'm 23, 24, 25 some where in there and when I said 26. She responded wit
"holy fuck, your really old." Not exactly the response I was looking for. Oh well I get all those wish's come true soon.

Damn Phil only 30, that's amazing cause those pumps seem like they've been around forever. Almost timeless, you must have started early.

I sarted pumpimg as a young child. My father and his father before him were all into the pump. I cant wait to have my children on the program.
Yep I just turned 25 myself and am dreading that shit!! I am neither a millionair, nor am I a pro, nor am I married, nor do I have a rich girlfriend, nor do I even have a girlfriend worth having, nor do I even have a cool job, nor do I even have a cool car, nor do I have a bunch of other shit that I wanted by now!!! Oh well there always is this year to be cool/lol

Arm I am feeling ya man its like all these 20 year old bitches got what I want and they think I am like some old dude and shit but o'well I still gets em!!! Like lets take saturday night for instance.................

Phil I thought you were like 45 or something becuase you have been around forever I though I read about you when I was like 16! Damn 30 well I guess your cooler than me!
Thats funny you label this post mr time becuase thats all I have been thinking about lately! Like shit 3/4 of my life is over and what the fuck have I done???
I'm at the point in my life to were women start using the word stability. Shit like that pisses me off. I'm stable for myself. I could be one of those guys that work all the time and that, that have problems cause there wives get pissed there always at work and go off and screw someone else. Hell I'm trying to make it to the league, I don't need all these fancy things......... just yet. LOL In due time. But the one thing is that has remained about the same is that I don't like these young ass ho's. No affence to any ho's on the board. But man, I just can't handle these young ass kids. Things will get better though with age, pretty soon I'll have an excuse to use Phil's pump.:D
Arm I don't really like the young woman whole outlook on life/lol But usually therr bodies are pretty kicking but you can always find older chicks that have great bodies too! Though in my life it seems every woman wants to immediatly get married and have kids so I tend to go with younger woman!! Though you have to trade of alot of things with that Ias I am sure you know!! As far as stability yep its like thats the one thing woman search for in there lives after dating crazy ass dudes and just being tired of em! Since most woman here and think steriod users are crazy stability is really not an option for woman who date them (So they think)!! In my life I am pretty stable with my job and what not but as far as other stuff I don't really care at this point in my life

I dunno I should have said 1/3 of my life is over not 3/4 lol and am too lazy to change it

If you continue to work out and be healthy you still have a good 50-100 years in ya. Have some faith in science and medicine. THe fountain of youth is healthy eating, exercise, and being happy.

Happy birthday Arm, I got u a protein bar but i ate it..
Re: I'm olllllllldddddddd 2

I will be 30 in a few months and I am dreading it!!!

You and me both. I went shopping for walkers the other day, lol.
I'm all about being around for some time, but between al the football stuff and the working out, its taken a toll already. I'm back to taking a break, not by choice. Injury and laziness has put me back on the rack. Once things get better, this year will be good as I have everything I need to make it a fun summer. It will only take me about 5-6weeks to get back to where I need/want to be.
bro iam still very very young all i can say is the younger girls lead to nothing but serious problems at least for me they do. For example this girl ive known for 6 years all of a sudden comes into my life again blah blah tells me she loves me blah blah she is willing to leave her bf of 3 years for me well I find out last week she didnt do that at all and she tells me its my fault that she us unhapy wtf I dont care. But then her prick of a boyfriend another one of those 130 pound wonders shows up at my house with a baseball bat and decides he is gonna beat me up. Needless to say i took great offense to this action ( I dont like violence that much but this is one of the situation that warrented it). The point is most of the younger girls are nothing but problems because they dont know what the hell they want out of life and will mess with you everytime. I gues thats why my last gf was 23 but thats just my jaded opinion on the subject
under 25 is good for fun most of the time, but are a giant headache.

Vitor thanks for the bar dick, next time you can at least send me the rapper. I can lick it and enjoy. But I bet you've been eating those detour bars trying to convince yourself there healthy.:D LOL Thanks All

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