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Featured Member/ Kilo Klub
Featured Member
Kilo Klub Member
Mar 27, 2003
Hey guys,

Here are a few pics taken this last week during christmas...Im about 278-282 in these pic's and holding...Im eating pretty clean now, trying to see what I got under all that fat... LOL Im still training under Dante's program, and only have made a few changes in exercise's, everything else is the same...My diet is high protein/moderat fat/ and low carbs Mon-Fri, then on the weekend's I carb up...I not sure what shows im plan on doing yet, as I want to see what my body is going to do in the next couple of month's...But, I was hoping to do the USA's or Nats this year...



  • frontbishot278.jpg
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Here is a rear lat spread...Lats have always been a problem area for me...So lots and lots of deadlifts and wide grip chins, also hammer pullover machine has helped out to...


  • rearlatspread278.jpg
    37.2 KB · Views: 2,880
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Side chest shot...


  • sidechest278.jpg
    34.8 KB · Views: 3,382
looking crazy thick Chris!! i see a bruise on ur inner tri, how do spot there? i cant figure out how to position my arm to get it myself. it seems like everywhere i move it it is flexed already.
thanks byrd...
Hey guys,

I see your still posting on my old pics...those were taken back in late April...these pics here are taken during christmas last week...

Pretty DAMN MASSIVE, I must say!

How much more do you think you will weigh from your old contest photos if you cut up for a show? 20 lbs?
Swolecow--- Dante thinks I can come into the North Americans around 238-242...Im guessing that to, I hope...I know I have added alot of muscle this year, the trick is to keep it all coming down in weight...So what Im going to do is start dieting really early this year, and try to be totally ready at 4 weeks out, so I can add carbs back into my diet...I have in the past have overdieted almost every show I have ever done...

Here is a pic with some pro's....Chic


  • bobchic.jpg
    61.2 KB · Views: 2,520
and Matt Duvall...


  • mattduvall.jpg
    62.2 KB · Views: 2,796
Holy Shit Chris!!! I rememberwhen i met Duvall last year he had one of the biiggest set of guns i have ever seen. And i have met most of the pros, u look huge in the pics by yourself, but to see u next to Chic and Duvall, DAMNN!!

What would u guess ur BF% to be? 13-15?
very impressive chris. good luck at jr's or whatever show you choose.
thanks byrd--- Duvall does have some big guns, and I felt small next to him...but I was somewhat suprise that I looked as big as I did standing next to some of these I guess Im starting to catch up to them...LOL yeah right !!!

Josh--- Thanks bro, Im also very impressed by your offseason pics, great shape and nice conditioining in the offseason...I wish you the best...

Chris - I've seen you around for a while now and you've made some great progress. Nice work my friend.
Here are a couple more pics...

Side Tricep---Im trying to hold in my guy the best I can...LOL


  • sidetricep278.jpg
    35.9 KB · Views: 2,205
Here is a most muscular...I put this pic in because I thought my quad sweep have improved the last couple of months...I started to do Deep Hack Squats again and this seem to have helped...


  • quadsweep278.jpg
    34.6 KB · Views: 2,191
you don't look small at all beside anyone dude!
Dr.X ---thanks for the nice comments...

Saint--- to me I dont really feel all that big...but im here in the midwest in the middle of BFE...

Chris , I just wanted to say that you have put together a hell of a package. You should be very competitve at 240 or so if you can nail your conditioning. Your back , hammies [ inner thigh ] , and calfs could fill out a little more .But I think if you can nail your conditioning at the north americans , the nations top supers will have to stand up and take notice.You have worked hard and sacrificed[ it is obvious] now it is time to step things up and get some reconition my friend. Good luck and kick some ass. Stay with DC finish getting all the mass you that you can , then you might want to try Skip for your contest prep.I think he could get you pealed while sparing you your hard earned DC bulit muscle.Skip knows his shit bro. And by the way, I just wanted to say, that you are a hell of a guy .You are very cool and supportive to everyone on the board . Good luck Chris , and oh yeah, if you step things up a bit and ate like DC wants you to ,you could crack three bills very soon .Your frame can carry it bro, but you gotta eat and continue to push your poundages up.But I promise you can get ther real fast with a tad bit more focus. Kick some ass bro, you have worked this hard you might as well finish it and see if you got the goods. I think you might suprise yourself as well as quite a few others if you decide step it up a notch.Kick some ass Chris 300 ! I know you can do it!

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