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Olympia up date.


New member
Jul 31, 2003
First callouts were Ronnie Jay and Dex..Dennis was fourth..


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2 look at Chads 2 athlests...ronnie and dennis..I know they are late hitting this pose but it looks like dennis has been effected in that area with his added size.....


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Nice pics. Looks to me like Cutler is cut and thick. They all look good. Look at Ronnies hammies in the last pic!:eek:

chris ronnie got some huge ass legs..tough to beat man
Keep posting this shit, i want to know whats going on since i cant watch it, or can i?? does anyone know where i can watch it by computer??
I will post what I get...this is not from the pay per view..this is from pics taken at LV...

I think you may be able to watch on your computer...but it is only the pose down..who really cares about pose down...not me...only reason I get it is to see the final judgement...screw a routine....I would kill to see the pre judging on the view...
:) what can I say gunter sucks ass...all the hype went to his damn head...I hope this humbles his ass..look at that no pack..

the rest are on flex


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Ronnies legs are great..


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I disagree with the statement you made about Gunter....

I think he makes the other two guys in that pic look tiny........plus he is in better condition than Kevin.

Ronnie and Jay are both terrific! Awesome!!!!:D
You gotta admit - Ronnie's in shape!!

Look at his right ham when he's hitting his front pose in the second pic :eek:

Shit, like Jethro said, Gunther looks huge! Not enough to threaten Jay or Ronnie. Look at the 2nd pic, Ronnie and Dennis guts, but Jays is totally flat and ripped.

Heres the link for Flexonline:


Ronnie wins again, Jay 2nd, Dexx 3rd, DJ 4th, Gunther 5th.
No Ruhl, but Kevin was 6th with his injury. Where the hell was
Chris Commier?
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That's why I like Jay. He's huge, symetrical and just shredded......not to blocky and no gut popping out!

I am losing respect for all the guys who did not compete...Guys like craig and king...all they do is run there mouth and then when the going gets tough they are out...I guess chris would rather party than train...he did not want to put in the effort so he just sat out becuase the competition....

This year was the worst show I have seen yet..it was only between 2 guys and I knew that after I saw gunter...

then after you get a good look at ronnie you know it is just between 1 and 1 only...they only think I could not predict was Dex and Dennis...I did not know who would be 4 and 3...

I think if everybody does it next year it will be the biggest and best ever..
well everyone, we are witnesses to another level of bodybuilding competition with ronnies show and win...i have never seen such a display of muscle. other guys have gotten that big but the their weight and where they put the muslce doesnt make them look any bigger...ronnie proved that you can weigh a ton and still look bad ass...no one at this olympia came even close to ronnie...he is in a class of his own...does anyone know how much weight he increased since last year? im just blown away...i knew ronnie would win but i was wanting jay too...but after seeing the pics, jay was not even close to ronnie...mr. coleman, you are untouchable, a force to be reckon with...all hail to the birth of ronnie coleman..anyone noticed his quads flared out like sergio olivia?
Impressive......thanks for posting those weight77!

MikeS.......glad I got to b.s with you last night.............Jay did look awesome.....that friggin Ronnie didn't let up though.....holy crap! I am happy for Dexter Jackson........He comes in looking good a lot and doesn't get much recognition. So that's good to see. Ronnies legs grew so much.....incredible....I am excited by the fact that he is able to put on so much additional muscle at his level.....that pretty much eliminates age as an excuse to fade away!:)
Hmm. I am gonna throw out a few comments here. Probably not the most popular opinion... but yeah. This is how I see it.

I am gonna have to disagree with the lot of ya. I don't think that Ronnie should have taken it at all. I would have maybe given him top 3.... maybe.

Personally, I feel that Dexter Jackson should have taken it. The man was in amazing condition. He was ripped to shreds, had great symmetry... everything was in great proportion (with the exception of his calves, and I think that's what probably got him... but I dunno. I'd like to see how they were all scored... and speaking of which, anyone have any idea where to find the scores yet?). Cutler should have been next, and then followed by Coleman... tenatively.

Dennis James really impressed me this year. I've been a fan of his for a while... and like Dexter Jackson, he's largely underrated. His chest and I'd venture to say legs were lacking a bit. He was the slightest bit too smooth too... but was a monster! If he were to have concentrated just a might bit less on mass and dialed his conditioning in a bit more... goddamn. He'd be a top 2 contender for sure.

I'm a huge Levrone fan... but he was in shit condition. His legs were freakin tiny compared to last year, and he was just too smooth. Injury or not there... no excuse for showing up with legs lookin like that.

Another favorite of mine was Gunter... but he was in shit condition too. Oh well.

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