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Once there was a drug named CHEQUE DROPS and guess what...


New member
Jan 28, 2003
Once there was a drug named CHEQUE DROPS [Note to myself: "No shit, man!"] and guess what...

...and guess what? It is being produced again!!!

Being a strength athlete nothing has fascinated me more than mibolerone AKA Cheque Drops. I read up on all the threads over on EF and the disappointment was great when I found out that Cheque Drops were not being produced by Upjohn anymore. AFAIK, it had never been available in Germany anyway. Anyway, I was/am so fascinated by this compound that I just couldn't put up with the fact that it is not produced anymore. So now and then I did some research trying everything to maybe get my hand on at least of couple of drops of it. A couple of weeks ago I stumpled upon an interview and what I read there I like VERY MUCH!

See for yourself...
DrHutch: I feel (and look) like a jolly old elf with my holiday bag filled with wonderful gifts for the canine breeder. Mibolerone (formerly Chequedrops) are available again, we have Cabergoline for estrous cycle induction and and have now added laparoscopic surgical ai's and transcervical inseminations to our breeding arsenals. What a super way to end 2002 and start 2003!!

Question: Do you know if mibolerone is available again in the USA? And, if so, is it as safe (or not) as the previous 'Cheque Drops'? Any contraindications or cautions in using it? Thanks!

DrHutch: I feel like Christmas has already come!
DrHutch: mibolerone is back on the market since August
DrHutch: it is the SAME volume and same concentration as the old Cheque drops even
DrHutch: though it is made by a different company
DrHutch: the price has gone up signifigantly
DrHutch: so I am recommending for dosing to start the bitch daily for ten days
DrHutch: and then go every other day
DrHutch: as a standard dose
DrHutch: be sure that the bitch has had her first cycle before starting on them
DrHutch: and I ALWAYS recommend having an ALT, which is a liver enzyme test, to be sure there is no liver disease, before I start on the drug
DrHutch: it is still one of the most valuable drugs available to preserve the uterine lining from the damage of progesterone from the bitch's own heat cycle

Question: Where can we obtain mibolerone?

DrHutch: a company out of New Jersey called Wedgewood Pharmacy, but you need to purchase through a veterinarian
DrHutch: You should breed your bitch on the first cycle after they go off the drug, you do NOT need to skip that cycle
DrHutch: the normal bitch cycles 70 days after you take her off the drug
DrHutch: even though most bitches fall back into their normal cycle be it May and Nov or June and Dec...
DrHutch: and that may effect the timing of her first cycle after coming off the drug
DrHutch: I still think it's one of the greatest drugs we have out there
DrHutch: Even though the bitch's own body produces the progesterone, the progesterone causes inflammation of the uterine lining, and the uterus is never as healthy after a heat cycle as it was before that heat cycle
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Taken from: Canine Reproduction With Dr. Robert Van Hutchison; Transcript A Chat Week Event

Here is the link to the above mentioned Wedgewood Pharmacy: http://www.wedgewoodpharmacy.com/animals/results.asp?chem_name=mibolerone
So the big Q is: Do we have any veterinarians here? ;-) J/k!!!

Just thought I would let ya all know!

Viele Grüße aus good ol' Germany,

[email protected]


Old School Moderator
Staff member
Jun 20, 2002
Maybe for someones bitch?

I rememeber trying Cheque drops years ago. I gained quit a bit of strength, but the sides were pretty nasty. Hair loss, oily skin, and gyno. It's a VERY strong androgen. I personally would'nt use it again.


Active member
Kilo Klub Member
Oct 24, 2002
Interesting first post.


I noticed you have recently joined other boards and have posted the same message.


Jun 5, 2002
Arent cheque drops supposed to make you mean as hell?


Oct 4, 2002
I treid this product asile ago maybe like 4 or 5 years and it did 3 things. 1 made my skin very oily, I normally donot break out that much but I was pizza face and back on this. 2 I now understand how woman think becuase I was bitchy and had terrible mood swings, I am guessing my estrogen was pretty high! 3 Made me noticibly stronger, though I did notice it it was nothing to brag about! I would not take these again even if they were free!


New member
Jan 28, 2003
A50#, thanks for sharing your experience. Personally I don't care about the sides. Oily skin? So what! Hair loss? Won't hurt a good lookin' guy. J/k, my head is shaved anyway! Gyno? I'm not prone to it. Am on 400mg deca/w, 500mg of test/w and 30mg dbol/d right now with no anti-e's what so ever. Always got some nolv JIC in my medicine cabinet.

Crowler, thanks for the "welcome"! You're right, I joined a whole lot of other boards lately. I am usually not somebody who asks for answers, instead I look for 'em myself. That is why I did some research on a couple of boards trying to learn everything there is to know about "home brewing". This is/was totally new to me!

Anyway, I learned so much from this board and the bro's over at Mass Monsterz that I thought it was time for me to give some info back.

BTW, fellas, if you haven't, go check out the lab forum at Mass Monsterz. Superchicken and the other bro have been such a great help to me.



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