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ProLine Brand


New member
Feb 4, 2003
Has anyone had any experiences with ProLine supplements?

"Painless" Test Enanthate @ 500mg/ml sounds too good to be true.

I've never tried them personally, but I've heard nothing but good things about ProLine.
"Painless" Test Enanthate @ 500mg/ml sounds too good to be true.

according to some people at meso it is painful
I used him once and will never use him again..The pain was so bad I eamiled him to makes sure he did not do something wrong when making the batch...What is the point of taking something if you are not going to be able to get out of bed to go train because the pain is so bad...I even took vicadin (spelling) for the pain and it still was unbearable..(enanthate 500mg)
diluting it with another oil works well..
i have heard guys complain about painful gear and how they "threw the resr away" because of it being painful.. i have heard this about qv, denkal t400 and now proline.. if it is good gear and is dosed right then keep using it.. just dillute the gear with steril oil.. it takes the pain away and you still have great gear..:D
I've used a decent amount of Proline gear -

500 mg EQ
200 mg EQ
50 mg Winny

and all of it has pain free. My results have been good as well, so I have to believe the gear is dosed reasonably close to label claims. Biggest problem last time I ordered was that he was extremely backlogged and so it took 4-5 weeks to get my order. Don't know if that's still a problem tho. Otherwise, I've no problems with Proline.

Re: Bump

A50# said:
I've never tried them personally, but I've heard nothing but good things about ProLine.

I stand corrected, I've now heard both good things and bad things about Proline:D

I dont get it, whats the point of using these HIGH MG per ML oils, you have to cut them down, dillute or they hurt. I like to use Human grade materials at the usual 100mg per ml, or 250mg X ml, At some point you have to wonder, and does it scare anyone else to trust someone in some tiny lab?

Stick with the big boys or make it yourself
There are a few underground labs that make quality stuff. Screw that high mg crap, it's always a pain in the ass.

Not always..that is why peole do it..In hope they will be able to take less shots..

I am running some 500mg shit right now and it has no pain at all..But it is home brew...I am only running 800mg but it cuts the amount of oil I have to shoot eod...
Whats the point of making 500mg/ml if its too painful. Then you have the same old response "Just mix it with another oil" So then its 2ml of oil....SO it kind of defeats the purpose of having 500mg/ml if it take another ml of oil to dilute it. If, to get 500mg/ml of test, i need to use 2 ml of oil then i will stick to 2ml of 250mg test and shoot 2 ml. Isn't this the same problem we had with T400? Also, is it even possible to keep 500mg stable in 1 ml of oil? Keep it simple. Who needs 500mg/ml of test anyway in 1 cc? If its that painful than the mg/ml advantage is offset. How there are no 'legit' companies who have more than 250mg/ml. Not even a 300mg 'human grade' out there. Seems like a marketing gimic to me but what the hell do i know. I grow off of 1000mg a week of test and at max will go to 2000 mg a week. I can accomplish this, along with my winny and tren, with 250 mg/ml. I am not one to really comment though i guess as i have never used any bootleggers or mexican companies. I'll spend the couple extra dollars for human grade european gear. Just my 2 cents but if it aint broke don't fix it. Would rather do 2ml of 250mg test than 1ml of 500mg test mixed with another ml of oil. ; )
I think many people find it favorable because you can get 500mg/ml at 10 mls for $70 and is supposedly properly dosed. IF i'm not mistaken he used to make 20 ml bottles at 250 mgs. don't know why he changed it

i don't think the mgs per ml is what is turning people onto it as much
Yeah, i see what you are saying but if its too painful just cut the price down on your 250mg version. I personally have never trusted even real 'human grade' mg claims so i would, understandably, have a much harder time believing a bootleggers claim. What is stopping them from saying it has 500mg/ml when in actuality it really only has 300mg/ml. I do beleive that most of these guys are reputable but what is there to keep them honest? i could start up my own line tomorrow if i wanted and make any claim i wanted. WHo is to say if it contains what i say it contains. Prop is far cheap a raw material than lets say nandrolone. What is to stop mw from using cheaper powders if i get greedy and what is to stop me from making it half strength. Not saying that is what is happening but with no regulations i could sell pure cotton seed oil and make a profit. I prefer peace of mind. Maybe i am just old school. I don't claim to know it all but i do know i grow like a MFer on a gram a week of 'human grade' test and i know its regulated. Thats why i will start my own line up. It will be a cheaper bootleg price and i will know exactly what is in it and what mg. Just my 2 cents.
i see what you are saying and you are definately right without a doubt.

however, i think what keeps him honest is that so many people are buying his products, why would he need to cut corners? I'm sure the guy is making a killing. If the quality of his products go down then then the number of people who buy his products will go down and he will end up losing bussiness and sales and his reputation.

the dude can definately give people the shaft if he chose to but i think his professionalism is what got him so popular in the first place. So why change it?

my buddy is on his enanthate and eq now and is loving it

also one downside to overseas human gear is....whos to say it is real? how can you be sure? usually is the most widely faked out there? and your source might not know that they are fake either. there are pros and cons which every route you choose.
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Conan, you are absolutly right. Fake 'human gear' is also a problem. I am just being the 'devils advocate' here but when you bring up fake human grade gear it brings up anotehr addition to the equation. If i was going to manufacutre a fake copy of anabolics i certainly would not chose to do so on bootleg gear. I would fake the most popular brands because people want 'brand' name. I guess i am biased as i get my test straight from the factory which is very rare and never done by bottom end users. Your points have changed my perspective however on bootleg gear. My only concern is if one ester of test is half the price of another than who is stopping them from using the cheaper ester. I may prefer eneanthate becasue of the conveinience of 2 shots a week but because prop costs half that of enanthate per kilo i may get greedy and use the prop instead.The numbers get even more tempting on the expensive esters like nandrolone and others. Plus if you do business on a large scale just cutting the mg/ml by 50mg can bring in very big numbers. Thats why i have spent the time in researching raw materials and how to make my own oils. At least then i know its what it says it is. Not downing bootleg AAS. I would take those over mexican any day. I just like to hear both the pros and cons when making decisions on what i put in my body. This is a good thread. Its just word of mouth is not enough real eveidence IMO to sell me. Its all part of this game though. Trust your source. Imagine how nice it would be to have ready access to a lab to test every oil and tab you ever got. But until then research and word of mouth is allwe have. I just believe in 'questioning everything' I know what works for me. I love reseach and knowledge. Its a never ending journey.
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Until this point, I have heard nothing but good things either.

Like Damage, I dont see the sense in using 500mg test if I have mix it with another oil.

As far as bootlegged companies, I have used BDL tren/prop/eq/mix and feel that it worked well. I could taste the tren after I injected it, so I feel confident it contained at least that.

I also have tried RSOC products, and feel that I trust Phil. I think my 30ml vials were underfilled by about 3cc... unless I was THAT inaccurate when measuring out my shots.
no, he admitted that some of those sale 30ml bottles were underfilled..... then he said something about dont complain, its still a hell of a dea.... which it was... i had 3 of them.... they make me grow 38 lbs so far..... no acne and bloat is less than 400mg/week mexicrap.... i'm on 750 drysust now....

i'll always use rsoc as long as i can get my dirty paws on it
dragonfire101 said:
i dont know whats up with him lately when he is emailed you get some message that it sounds lie his box is fill or his bytes are used up. so your message is never recieved by him. Ayone experience this recently and know how to get around this problem. AS for his gear it is great stuff no pain here.

yeah, i just got that message today???

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