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Jun 9, 2002
So last night is the biggest bar night of the year, no biggie. Well I go to my friends work and hangout with her for awhile, well I'm heading home and think what the hell. Turn around and go to this little bar/club, knowing that alot of people I grew up with are going to be there. Again, no biggie. I'm talking, laughing, fdrinking water and my friends older brothers walks up, PISS ass drunk! Hey whats going on how ya been( he was really cool growing up)then it goes sour. "What's all this" all what, he then goes "What are you, one of those steroid pumping freaks" "If this isn't real muscle and its all FAKE then I'm going to have to kick your ass. Dude if your doing steroids, that's not cool!" Well I stayed calm, mostly and was like yelling stupid shit out in the bar is what's not very cool, stop being a dick and calm down. Then I had to through the, it's not my fault you never grew out of the munchkin stage. I so wanted a house to fall and a witch to appear, so I could give him a lollipop and call it good. I was walking out to go home and one of my buddies came up and said come over, I just bought a new house blah blah blah. Well I stop by and most of the bar was there, including Jakes loud mouth. This is where it started getting funny for me, as he continued with cracks and what not. He then thought he could push me out side and chit chat. He tried to push me around and bounced of and I along with everyone laughed and continued to laugh at the situation. I have to say for something like this it did piss me off but I seemed to be fine with it. I t just really aggrevated me at the bar as he was saying this shit loud enough to create a seen! And asking people what they thought as they walked by. Sorry about bitching but I was really aggrevated by this.

what you should have said was, "Hey, I thought we were cool. I don't why you are saying this shit. I never told anyone when you told me you are gay and like to suck cock..." Sometimes the best defense is a good offense...


What up bro, this is my new home! Yeah Armegeddon, do what SB says, but I would have lost my cool by then. Tell him he must be faggot for taking such notice of your bod, and then dwelling on it all night. Hey, if he throws a punch, slap his drunk ass and tell him to settle down or you WILL whip his ass.
In my past experience everybody I used to know(almost)
are just haters. They hate to see anybody doing better. My 2ccs
next time fuking pummel his ass!!!!! DEATH BEFORE DISHONOR baby.He who thinks long thinks wrong!!! Just had to vent bro.
good luck!!

turn the cheek

It takes a BIGGER man to walk away!!! But the gay come back would be funny!
The bigger man will walk away. After putting the smash on all mfers who open there mouth!!!!!!!!!! haaaaaa good luck

I feel ya bro! I run into some of the types of idiots! I work construction and some times I see someone that I have not seen in a few years and some of them run their mouth. I know that some times it just rubs me the wrong way and I would enjoy nothing more than to just choke em out and leave them with a couple months worth of recovery! But the mouthy usually call the law and I dont need the shit! TAKE A DEEP BREATH and a calculated smart ass response gives me a laugh!!
Most of my fighting is in my past. A bunch of foolish anger, now I just find it funny. My only concern about him saying it in the bar that he did is I train in a gym with alot of cops(state&county&city). They are the haters, they don't like to have someone in there throwing weight around. They have a complex! I take alot of heat and have to be alot more concealed than most. Alot of these assholes were at the bar the other night and I didn't want to give them any ammo. If they here this guy then they get fired up in the gym and say shit and if I fight then there comes the phrase "ROID RAGE" all over everything. My big problem is I don't let these dicks push me around, I've made complaints and have a lawyer and things of such. I just try to pick and choose my battles.
Hell one of these state troopers are pissed cause his wife was all over me. She was in the gym with a friend and her husband. i caould see her and her friend making comments and watching me. I got there much later than them so they left early. About35-40mins later she comes back in. She said to finish working out. She starts talking and what not, blah blah blah. I leave, she leaves and nothing ever happens. A few days later I'm training and this cops comes in, in uniform and walks up to me and was like are you hitting on my wife. I laughed and told him what happened. He got even more pissed. At this point I told him that if he was there as a cop then wait for me to go outside and arrest more or whatever, but if he's there as a jealous boyfriend then get the fuck out of my face before I smack the shit out of him. At this time the owner comes over and told him to get out, that he will not harras his clients and to not come in again because his membership is terminated. Needless to say this has put a bad taste in this guys mouth for over 4 years. And we train at the same gym once again. So I have to bee good. Sorry about the long story.
I think you did the best thing.....But, I don't think that I could have! I would slapped his ass around a little and make him look like a bitch, then I would have walked away. I have zero patience for loud mouth drunk dumb asses running there moutha about shit and making a scene. Nice job keeping your cool though! Take care.

Yup when I was in the military after the run everyone would take off their shirts etc and then if I did I would get comments like what you trying to show off etc. Same at the beach their goes your competition if someone else in shape walks by far and few but I just ignored it. My fighting days are over as well. You did the best thing jealousy sucks they want it but dont want to have to work for it. MM
You should have said

"Steroids??? Why the hell would I use steroids when I don't even lift weights!?!"

Make him feel like a girly man.

Deny Deny Deny, I was a fat kid growing up so being 6'2 225lbs at around 10% bodyfat doesnt seem to far fetched. But I do have alot of haters, I mean how many people eat on a schedule, train on a schedule. I think if you can explain how dedicated you are,

Hey (insert assholes names here ), why are you saying all of this, I workout 5 days a week, I eat every 2 hours, and bodybuilding is my hobby. You might like bowling, going to bars, or whatever but my hobby is a 24/7 hobby. I apprecite you trying to say I use steroids because that really pads my ego. Here I am a natural athlete and you think im on the drugs, <_- I must be doing something right.

Avoid this clown
Well, I'm getting old - as far as wanted to rip someones head off. Don't get me wrong - I want to, just have learned it's better to turn and walk.

Especially THESE DAYS. Do you realize how many idiots out there carry GUNS?!?! A bro posted about an incident that happened when driving, and the result - his brother was shot dead (god rest his soul).

Now a "persistant, loud drunk" can be a problem - probably why I don't frequent bars anymore (never drank, just socialized and hit on the ladies!). I do like the comment about him being gay - I'll have to remember that!

I think that was pretty damn cool what you did. I've probably read 20 posts similar to this one on other boards. In all of those instances, the people either punched the guy or talked about how they wanted to ripp his head off like a mega testosterone using freak. You really seemed like a very controlled low keyed fella, which is very admirable. I'll bet the guy felt like a tool the next morning. His friends probably told him how lucky he was to stay out of the hospital that night. I wonder what he'll say to you the next time he sees you sober without the beer muscles?

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