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Serious BB'rs who enjoy a drink occasionally?

Jackie Treehorn

New member
Dec 9, 2002
Id like to think of myself as a serious BB(allthough I am new to the juice side of the sport)..Iv been training for a long time and allways keep my diet and cardio in check...I do not compete nor do i plan to.I workout to keep in shape...I havent had a drink since Jan 1st and dont really drink much at all.Im at the end of my 10 week cutting cycle and only used orals for the 1st 4 weeks .I take in 2 grms of milk thistle daily...Lately my wife has been asking to go out for a night on the town and "do it up " like we did when we started going out.Doing it up consisted of going bar hopping and getting shit faced!:rolleyes: Im still a young guy (24) and wouldnt mind letting my hair down (haha) a bit..How long would it be wise to wait before sucking down 8 or 9 drinks? (test 500mg weekly EQ 200mg weekly to cut the t-400) Thanks
Don't know what to tell you other than bodybuilding is a lifestyle. As far as I'm concerned, drinking and rec drugs are not part of that lifestyle.

It would be like my wife sending me to the Bakery to buy HER donuts - hahaha. Seriously, you do what 99% have no WILL POWER to do or even want to know what it takes.

I'll venture that you're a wee-bit larger and stronger than in your earlier days?!?! There's been MANY posts on many boards about how the BIG guy always get arrested when they had NOTHING to do with starting fights. You will be a "target" to those 99%ers.

I haven't always been this way. I've sertainly done my share of drinking and rec drugs. All it ever really did for me is give me a BIG headache the next day. You can still go out on the town without getting sloberly drunk (or drinking AT ALL for that matter). But in "that scene" you may find yourself a target.

Maybe you should get out and if you find out that you're not a "target," it'll make you mad enough to change that for good :D

Hell I'm a "small guy" and I'd get a ton of shit when I'd go on the town.

My liver is well trained and I don't get a hangover anymore, no matter how much I drink. When it comes to drinking I prefer just to up my cardio to compensate for the extra calories.

And as for being a target. I am finding that no one will confront me head on. Instead those intimidated start rumors and work behind my back. One of whom will be feeling my wrath very soon. I think this has to do with the age bracket I hang out with, upper 30's plus.

It is a pain though always being targetted no matter how laid back you may be, or how successful the other person is, they are still intimidated and feel the need to pretend they aren't via different methods.
like xcel said its a lifestyle bro i dont think there is anything wrong with haveing a couple drinks when out to dinner on a sat night ,but shit faced is over the top youl have to figuar out what you want more verry few can party and have a great body at the same time
Thanks,but im kind of wondering when would be the best time to go out after a cycle??How long until it would be safe health wise??
Health wise I think constant drinking mixed with 17-aa orals could be damaging, especially if your liver is not up to par and you are not usuing any liver protectant (which you always should on 17aa's). I think a couple of drinks is OK on occassion. Getting tanked has no purpose for me-Im married and settled down. I have absolutely no desire for it. Yes I had 2-3 drinks on New years. I just as easily could have done without it though.

Now if I was single-Ive always had the burning need for chasing women. Part of that is weekend (only) bar hopping. Id hate to go back to that. But it made for some wild romps! :eek:
Guys thanks but im sure going out drinking twice a year is not even going to put a dent into what took me 8yrs to build...Im allso prety certin constant partying will lead to health problems as well as a shity looking body..Its good advice for some one on the juice or not but its not my situation..I wanted to know how long after a cycle would you (and your liver:D) be ready to handle the stress of alcohol??I should have made the question a bit more clear..Thanks...Jackie
well lets see here iam with excell on this one once I realy got serious about bodybuilding my freshmen year in college I quit drinking and playing with rec drugs ( which is hard to do going to the num 1 or 2 ranked party school in the nation) its all about goals and knowing what it takes to get there. I could never go back to being 135 pound kid who drank alot and ate poorly.

Bodybuilding is a lift style/hobby, and as you get old you wont be able to do as much , but your wife is going to be with your forver and ever. Take it from me, give her one night on the town every now and then women need it. One night of drinking is not going to mess you up, as long as you are not taking orals. A trick I learned from a former state fitness champ is for every drink drink a glass of water, that seems to help nullify the dehydration, and make you pee like a race horse.

Ask yourself this, Am I going to be a pro bodybuilder or athlete, or do I want to compete, then you decide. If the reply to this is no then go for it. Im in a serious cutting diet and I still manage to go out to dinner once a week with my lady and have a couple glasses of wine. It sounds bad but isnt too bad is I will workout, eat a huge meal, then have a shake, then not eat until we go out, my idea is that this meal is going to be huge, and with the alcohol I might be able to reach my daily calorie limit.
I'll split this one down the middle. I say, go out every once in a while and catch a little buzz. Not 11 or 12 brews, not 1 or 2, but 4 or 5, just enough to party and have a blast. You probably won't be hung over but you should catch a tasty buzz. Since you are not an alcoholic, you should be able to do this with no problem.
No problem about drink, the only thing you have to do is dont destroy yourself with rum or wiskey or other hard drinks like the delisious tequila....
I always drink beer, all i want once a week after training on saturday afternoon i eat and drink beers with my friends and when i am near a show i drink red wine.

BB is a lifestyle but not a jail, we need to have fun and have a normal life some times....
This is a huge issue for me, being 20 everyone one of my friends drinks especially when we go out on weekends, and honestly with my type of personality its about the only way I have fun, so now what I have resotred to was instead of having my regualr 15 shots or so I just drink a 40 or 6pac, I havent been on a serious cycle yet so I dont see this is a major problem. weed is also a lot better for the "bodybuilder" I dont like it too much tho.
This is probably the last thing an addict like me should be saying, but I really enjoy xanax (I had a script for panic attacks). It's something I used to take before going out because it took away that edge and relaxed me, yet didn't f me up. I'd drink two or three beers and be good to go. The only problem, and it's a big only, is that the body gets addicted so damn easy to drugs like these.

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