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Starting completly over - Please help!


New member
Oct 26, 2003
Hey Everyone,

Im brand new at this, and Im writing you from Miami Florida where I drove down to try and start my life all over again. I used to lift religously, up at 4:30am. Hard work out, 5-7 meals a day, cardio at night and in bed by 8-9pm. That was great when all I wanted to do was gain weight and bulk. When it got down to cutting I didnt get as motivated and saw pictures of myself to where I didnt think I looked as good.

We all know you cant do both, bulk and be lean, but we also know with the right supplements you can do it. I just need help knowing what and how. In addition When i started my supplement cycle about 3 years ago i started at 190lbs 6'0 and shot up to 240lbs with in 4 months. I felt great, loved the size.

Then when I finally got the girl that I dreamed about it was only a matter of time that she completly fucked with my head. I lost motivation all together didnt eat for days, dropped from 230lbs w/ 36" waist at the time to 180lbs to 28" waist. Ive struggled to get back on track after leaving my great paying job to get the heck away from her and traveld all over for 6 months trying to find the right place.

Though i havent found the right place I know that the key starts with me, who am I what do I have to offer, and you know what. I got myself in this place and for the love of the man upstairs and whats within me I will get myself out of it. I dont stay in a place long enough till I choose the right job to be able to belong to a gym so for right now im just doing pushups and crunches. Ill attach you a picture so you can see what my current actually as of a month ago what I look like. Also please know that Ive leaned up a bit more but thats just loss of muscle cuz im not eating right now.

But now Im getting back on track, I have supplements ready to start, I just want some good motivation and criticism. I remember long ago when i was ontrack with supps, the job, girls, that I had a bit of an asshole tendcy about me, but of course I was ontop of my game and never felt better, and accomplished more then ever.

Then somewhere along the line all guys expirence that one or two, for me its now 3, girls that fuck with your head.

Well here is the line ----------------------------------------
and I just drew it, No more of that bullshit. Im ready to get on track. Can you guys please accept me into your world and help me get back on track. In addition at times it has felt as though my world has crumbled from underneath me. Now all I want to do is now rebuild it the way it needs to be, much stronger, with much more resolve, and a better peace.

In addition I have read many of your messages all of you, I admire your hard work, dedication, and motivation that you keep within all of you every day. Supplements like we know for the longest were looked down on and cheating. After 2 years of my research and my knowledge on it. I have to say, You work your ass off so much more with the right diet, then you do without and you appreciate each other. I just want to let all of you know ahead of time I appreciate your dedication and advice. Bodybuilders are in a class of their own and its good to know when you leave the gym and see another of your own class you dont show off as much as you critique and admire! Have a great weekend!

also you can email me at [email protected] all the help is welcome


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