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New member
Dec 19, 2003
I picked up several bottles of anabolic ts and am having a helluva time running it . I've shaken good and even run under warm water and can't run through a 22g pin. I knew it was gonna be a bitch trying to run this everyday because of this prob but wanted to give it a try . Any suggestions ??? Thanks ,TC
that is the problem with that stuff...best you can do is use 1 cc of a type of oil base product...eq,test,deca...ect...that should help out 100%..good luck
Pull your suspension into the dart first then pull some oil based in after that. You should be able to get it thru a 23ga without much trouble.

I appreciate the feedback guys , I'll try running some oil with it as you say. All I got to run with it is some tren ,cyp or prop . I guess the tren would be the best . I made my tren to be 100mg ml and have taken 1cc eod before ,which works good for me . Everyone I've asked say to run the suspension ed , therefore should I use 1/2 cc of tren with each injection or just run the suspension eod with 1cc of the tren ??? TC
You'll need to do ED for the suspension to be effective.

I've tried both ways ,by heating and adding oil , and it still stops up the 22g pin . I'm about to get frustrated with this shit after numerous tries of sticks trying to get it to flow . I guess next step is to get larger pin , right ??? If I only had one bottle I would trash it but I got four hoping to get a good cycle in . Anyway I'll quit the bitchin and try the larger pin tomorrow . Just hate the thought of having to use to large of a needle ed for 8 weeks . The scar tissue is a scary thought . Any more thoughts on this I will appreciate . TC
I used the above techniques and the mixing oil worked ok. I also aspirated about every 1/2 cc to and seemed to unclogg the tip etc till all gone its good stuff but man a pain though. MM
i think you are going to be very very surprised when the larger gauge does not work either...i had a friend even try a 20-g and it still clogged...try the oil mix and a 22-g...i set the filled syringe in very very warm water for 15 minutes and shoot it right away and never had a problem...not once in 3 bottles...and it was jerox,testosus -TS and that is the worst..next time get aquatest-from Denkall..it works very well without oil as well.Good luck
I appreciate your suggestions . I'll give another try !
thanks, TC
you can mix all the additives you want and may get the injection through the pin. But if the crystyls are not microrefined (some are worse than others) it may become an irritant and leave lumps and scars. That shit is just not worth it. Som people do not get the lumps and others do, both using the same injection methods. I got bad lumps from Denkall Aquatest, a buddy did not.

Ive come to the conclusion that oil based suspension (the drug stays suspended in the oil at the injection site until it is absorbed)
is the best way to go. Water based absorbs the water first leaving the crystyls in the site-bad news! I hear even Univet sucks now. Oil choice products are Proline, IP...
Thanks Mike , I agree just to much trouble . I got my first injection to run today by warming the bottle for a couple of minuites after shaking the hell out of it and then adding 1/2 cc of oil base prop and then shaking quickly and injecting . I've got a few bottles and I'm gonna use them but I don't believe I'll go with the water again . I did a quad shot about 30 min ago and no pain . Anyway thanks again , TC
MikeS and IP

Whats your take on IP suspension in oil MikeS? Is it good stuff? I know poor IP has been forever plagued by reports of underdosing, but of course these could just be rumors from his competitors too.

I see you mentioned IPs products, do you use them, recommend them, or both?
Hey GetnDiesel IP sus/prop mix is my favorite thing to take along with his Winnys. Nothing puts size and strength on like his sus/prop mix. Just burn off a little of the BA its awesome. I heard he is going to discontinue the mix soon though :( MM

I like IP products for the most part-I pick the ones that work best for me. I do think that some are differing from batch to batch.
Love the susp/prop. And the Winny and drol.
As was said burn off the BA (20min on-20min off @ 250degrees, do that 3-4 times) and then inject cut in 1/2 with deca/EQ/Enanthate....
Mike, do you bake the entire vial of the prop/susp mix, or only what you are going to inject at that time?
I know sounds crazy but I use the icecream scoop method put it in the scoop about 1.5 cc will give ya abut 1.0cc. Just let it bubble smell the sweet aroma burn off for a few second let cool down a few second not to long cause it will sludge if you do due to no BA/BB I usually mix with a couple ccs of something else like MikeS said. MM
Hell yes I do one or more vials at once (if more than one I put them all into a 30-50ml vial). Why bother having to do it over and over? Put a pin in the vial stopper before baking and leave it in, to let air and pressure escape. DOnt let the pin touch the solution though.
Just to let you know , after my first prop ,water base susp injection yesterday I could hardly sleep at all last night . It was a quad injection and it's still sore as HELL ! . I woke up this am with a fever of 100 and a terrible headache . I guess I'm to use to no pain with the oil that I'm used to using . Any way , no more suspension for me .
That is a combination that i would do only for ass shots and i would rub the hell out of it when you are done and then there is little to no pain at all....Never hda any luck with anything when it came to quad shots..not one compound didn't hurt when i did a a quad shot..no more for me ever

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