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Thought i should start a log...stop on in!!


Aug 27, 2010
hi guys,
Im josh, and im 22
Im 6ft 1 and 230lbs atm and about 15% bf and have been training just about 2years.

My routine is going to be much lower in getting injured to much on my shoulders...but it will be intense!
I will only be doing 70-80% ROM on all exercises, i wont be fully locking out or going all the way to the bottom to keep constant tension on the muscle.

I am doing NO shoulder pressing movements atall..i was thinking hard and what does pressing actually hit....your delts....hmmmm...well back exercises hit rear delts, chest hits front all ill be doing for shoulders is lateral raises to cap off my shoulders so to speak.

day 1: chest, delt, tri, calf, abs, stretch
day 2: back width, back thick, bis,, stretch
day 3: quad, ham, calf, abs, stretch
day 4: stretching only

Day 1 - Chest

Decline Bench - 3 Sets till Failure
Dips - 2 Sets Weighted Till Failure
Lateral Raises - 3 sets till Failure
Calf Raises Standing - 2 sets till failure, then one long 12rep set of 20s hold at bottom.
Close Grip Bench Press - 3 sets till failure
Overhead extension/Skullcrusher 2 sets till failure

Day 2 -Back

Pull ups - 3 sets till failure
Rackdeads/Bent over row - 2sets till failure (bent over rows ill be using dumbells for a change)
Dumbell Curls/Ez Bar curls - 3 sets till failure
Hammer Curls - 2 sets till failure

Day 3 - Legs

Squats - 3sets till failure
Front Squat 2 sets till failure
Stiff Legged Deadlift - 3sets till failure
Hamstring curl - 2sets till failure.
Seated Calf Raises - 3 sets till failure

All are around the 9 rep range, if i hit 9reps i up the weight.

Pretty simple.

Diet atm is soo varied but pretty really tight on me having breaks etc.

Ill post up everything on a daily basis, aswel as what time I have gone to sleep...if i wake up this will be alot more detailed!

Supplements Being Used atm.

1. Various Whey Proteins.
2. Recovery Drink.
3. During Workout drink - Size on plus Scivation Xtend.
4. Leucine
5.Multivitamin -
6. Omega fish oils
7. Digestive Enzymes.
8. Lots of other vitamins etc. plus COQ10.

Diet atm is roughly as follows,


7.30am - Either 6Whole eggs on 4slices wholegrain toast, plus 2 scoops Pure protein Igf + a Banana/ or/ Big bowl of muesli + 3 scoops Pure protein Igf + 10g leucine

- 250g Lean Minch plus 125g Wholegrain rice + Banana

1.30pm - 200g Chicken Breast + 125g Wholegrain rice + 15g olive oil

- protein bar

4.45pm - 50g Reflex Peptide fusion, 1 banana, and 50g oats + 15g olive oil.
6.00pm - PRe workout product.

During my workout i sip on size on and Scivation Xtend.

7.15pm - 2 Scoops Bulk Supplements direct recovery + 25g whey

8.15pm - 6 whole eggs on 3slices wholegrain bread + 2 Scoops pro peptide + banana + 10g leucine

10.30pm - 250g lean mince + 1 scoop PhD Pharma blend

I have the above everyday, but obviously if im hungry ill have another protein bar or a banana or something here and there, once a week which is usually a sunday ill have a cheat kind of day, not dirty but just a few treats.

Thanks for taking the time to stop by.

I have been advised to do much lower volume as before i was doing say 5exercises for each bodypart with between was probably overtraining.
This training will allow me to recover quicker and let me put everything into my workout!

Will make a nice change as my body deffo needs a change as it just doesnt seem to want to respond to so many sets and exercises anymore.

This is my most recent picture from September 2010(just trained chest)

This is pics from June 2010


This is from June 2009
**broken link removed**
Any comments are more than welcome!

Last edited:
Today was chest...with my chest i have always been a massive delt/tri presser and never pressed with my scapula retracted and always did incline/flat bench without concentrating on contracting the muscle rather than lifting the weight. i did workout one...when using perfect form and keeping my shoulders on the bench and scapula pulled back my weight on bench dropped alot....but i dont care...i know im in this for the long run and im doing this for myself so strength isnt important.

for example flat bench i can do 3sets of 10reps on 100kg..

today i did decline bench for 80kg x 11x 10 x 9.
Weighted dips i only managed plus 7.5kg for 9, 9 then no weight i got another 9.

This shows how weak my chest im hoping it will respond well to this new type of training!..i have also never done dips before!
One thing you might want to consider is that declines and dips are very similar movements in terms of the way your arms are adducted across your chest. Might be worth thinking about either doing a different exercise with the dips and/or rotating various chest exercises into your overall routine.

Just a thought...
I havent upped my calories in like time to up them as weight gain has stopped recently.

Meal 1 - 2.5Scoops Whey +30g olive oil - 2 bananas, Large bowl of muesli + milk (70g protein, 100g carbs, 30g fats)

Meal 2 - 250g Lean Mince plus 125g Wholegrain rice + banana ( 60g protein, 100g carbs, 20g fats)

Meal 3 - 200-250g Chicken plus 125wholegrain rice + 15g olive oil (50g protein, 80g carbs, 15g fats)

MEal 4 - 3 Scoops Whey, 2bananas, 2 scoops waxy vol, 30g fats. ( 60g whey, 100g carbs, 30g fats)

During workout 50g carbs, 10g protein

Meal 6 - pwo - 2 Scoops recovery + banana = (70g carbs, 35g whey)

Meal 7 - 6whole eggs on 4slices wholegrain bread + 2 scoops whey ( 60g whey, 70g carbs, 30g fats)

MEal 8 - 250g Lean Mince + 1 scoop Pharma Blend ( 70g protein, 15g carbs, 25g fats)

= roughly, 415g protein, 580g carbs, 150g fats.

ill also have a few protein bars throughout the day too.

so looking about 5500-6000calories.

Dont know if you are looking for pointers. But I see you have alot of deticatiion and you are eating good which is very important. Tho i personally would stick to more whole foods, but everyone is different. But i see you talking about your chest being a weak body part. I would give it a little more attention and leave that damm decline alone it is not needed. Stick to and alternate incline and flat bench or dumbells. Dont worry about how much you press worry about how it feels and squeezeing and contracting. stretch between sets make sure you give flyes as much attention as press's and keep the reps like 6 to 15 try pyramiding threw sets. Strength will come. And k.i.s.s.(keep.It.simple.son)If u take offense to my suggestions i apologize. Just trying to pay it forward as the saying goes
Im going with the lower volume approach..i aim of 9-11reps...if i hit 11reps for the required number of sets then i will increase the weight by about 10%.

I dont have a log book..but think it may be wise getting one?

The reason for flat bench is i feel my chest working more when doing this..i have benched since the start using flat and incline..but never really kept my shoulders now when pressing i make sure my shoulders are always retracted and stay on the bench....which i hope will recruit my chest muscle more?

Trained legs on Monday.

Started of with hamstring curls, 2sets on mark 14, 10reps on both.
I then went on to stiff legged deadlift and did 80kg for 2sets of 10.
This was followed by a 1minute stretch on each hamstring.

Next up was calves, i did seated calves and did 3heavy sets on nearly max weight for 3sets of 10.
I then went onto the standing calf machine on a heavy weight, where i did just 2reps but held for 30s at the bottom to stretch my calves.

Lastly on the list was Quads, I hadnt done squats in ages so thought i would give them a go.

I did 60kg x 10 and 100kg x 10as 2 warm up ish rest.

Then i did 120kg x 10 which were all parallell, 130kg x 10 and 130kg x 8 all parallel.
Lastly was front squats where i did 60kg for 3sets of 10.

After this i stretched each quad for a good minute, this is painful stretching my quad, not quite as bad as my hamstrings but still painful.

Last night i did chest, shoulders + tri's

Starting off i did 3 sets x 10reps on 90kg not fully locking out at the top and keeping my shoulders retracted throughout.
Next i did 2 sets of dips plus another 10kg and did 2sets, first set was 10reps, next was 8reps.
To finish chest off i did a 1minute chest stretch which had me shaking by the end!

Next was shoulders,
Only exercise here was lateral raises...i have had big problems with my lateral i did 10kg for 3sets of 10kg with good form..this was hardish..which shows my delts need a good battering and hopefully if the pain stays away then ill get the weight increasing.

Triceps were last,

First exercise i did was Close Grip Bench Press, where i did 90kg for 3sets of 8reps...stopped short of lockout and went down to about a hand off my chest.
Lastly i did tricep dip machine 3sets on nearly the full weight for 3sets of 9reps.

Workout Finished!

Tonight is Back and Bi's

Will update later.
You say you wont be focusing on Delts at all...
Well Id ditch the lat raises (simple isolation exercise) and start using Wide Grip Barbell Upright Rows. (solid compound exercise) They cap off your shoulders much nicer than lat raises.

Def get a log book if your looking to keep track of reps and weights. So that you can keep beating the book every week.

You are also def NOT 15%. With abs like you Id say your 10% (without seeing back and leg pics I wont say lower)

Why do you have so much fat in the Meal #1?

And thats alot of shakes added to your meals. I know most would say to get more real food in but if your a serious hardgainer then I think Liquid Calories are gold.

I do like your split. I recently switched to a similiar split as well. It gives you more time to rest, eat and grow.
Just make sure your intensity and weights are high as hell. Lift hard and concentrate on the muscles worked. Youll see gains

Good luck!

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