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flex 2002

New member
Jun 21, 2002
Hey guys,
Ive met 3 pros and seen some big motos over the years and am in constant awe of there size.Big kiwi and big A are monsters Gods in my eyes its all i want, anyway what im asking is were ye always big ive gained 80+ pounds and 7 inches on my arms from 10.5 to 17.5_18" and obviously am noting like you guys.Now 21 5 11" 230lbs am starting to look like someone who trains. But i know untrianed guys who weigh 210 15" arms surely they would explode way past my level.
So whst are all your begining stats and stats today did ye start big and get bigger or were ye wimps like me and if so how far do ye think ye can take it i know my gains have slowed!!!:(
I started farely small. I began working out when I was 15 with the football coach and then on my 16 birthday my parents got me a membership to the gym. I wrestled my freshman year at 135, and the next year at 160, jr. year I was 185, and sr year I was as high as 208 and then back down to the 180's. Played college ball at 195 or so. Worked out almost non stop since 15. The highest I've ever been was 234 and as strong as an ox and almost as much bf. Since I'm still trying to get into the NFL I keep my weight below 225-230. I went to my last combine at 216 @ 5.4% looked really good except water retention from creatine. Got there naturally, at least the last 2 years. I believe Xcel has seen the pics, combine pics look like mug shots. I manage to do this on a small frame. My wrist are 7 1/8" and my ankles are 7 3/4" so not all that big, but not as tiny as Xcel's bones. It's funny looking cause my arms are around 19" and my calves are almost 17". So the skinny bones followed by muscle makes for a funny shape. Having said all that I think I can still take my physique pretty far. Hell I'm only 26 and haven't been using supplements. The weird thing about my physique is the 2 drastic reactions that I get. One group thinks that I'm 240-245 when I'm only 220 and the other group doesn't even think that I way 220, Dipshits. One day I wouldn't mind actually seeing what a solid 240 would look like on my frame. Maybe that will be the day that I compete. Ow and I'm not quite 5'9" maybe 5' 3/4"
i was 145 pounds and with a lil protruding belly ! when i started working out , lol , started out trying to get rid of the belly , one day flexed my arm in the gym and i saw a small egg rise up on my arm :D lol , that was enuf to motivate me for 2 yrs ! lol , i worked up naturally to like 180 pounds or so , still a lil fat , then used creatine , started using better training methods got upto 215 natural by the end of 3 yrs . was stilll fat mind u , then decided to cut , cut down to 185 over half year or so , then i realised being natural would nt work for me as it seemed all the gains i'd made were washed way cos my muscles looked flat and nothing like the guys in the mags . i live in a country where steroids are otc , so i started using some test , winny . and a few more cycles , right now , am at 239 pounds at 10 % bodyfat , in like 5 and half years and ive fought it out evry moment till now to get the state i am in and proud of myself :) .
When I started training 12.5 years ago (Jeesus it's a long time!!!)I was 127lbs with 10.5" arms, same height as now (5'11).

The biggest I was at 21 was 233 and around 15%bf.

Now I am 262, with veins on the arms and that's it. I look pretty shitty actually, as I haven't trained properly since Sep 2001. Actually, in the last 3 months I've only trained back once. Chest/shoulders/tris a few times. Legs haven't been trained in 6 months. I just simply don't have the time to train or concentrate on it right now, but hopefully by the end of this year it will be balls to the wall again. And then it will all come back :D

Oh yeah, when I was doing it properly, I was 280 with abs.
Jesus Big A maybe there hope for me after all your gains and stats are almost mirror image of mine up to now(21) COOL!!!!
Whats up that you cant train anymore you concentrating on your business or something.Tell me take a hike if its a family issue bro cause ive had my share of that and the last thing on my mind was eating or the gym.:(
Maybe someday i can be 262.:D :D :D :D

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