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  1. S

    Arimistane dose to avoid shutdown? DHEA/Preg dose to avoid shutdown

    So, arimistane is sold as a PCT drug or as AI (wich only 25mg reduced my gyno to minimal in a few hours, so its indeed potent) But its also a DHEA derrivative. And it makes you wonder what dose can be used for it to have a bad effect I see reviews on arimistane with 50-100mg per day makes...
  2. protato

    Superdrol and halotestin stack?

    So coming to the end of a tren, prop, anavar cycle and am in the last 4 weeks. Currently have both halotestin and superdrol and am wondering if anyone has experience stacking both? Obviously both are crazy toxic and am running liver support supplements but would a low dose of both be viable?
  3. A

    Estro spike and allergic reaction

    Hey guys, Trying to figure some things out that happen last week which basically mimicked an allergic reaction or kidney function issue from some over the counter compounds I added in. I am nearing the end of prep and had a recent estrogen spike and electrolyte imbalance according to blood...
  4. Mr.underdog

    (Tren ace + sustanon ) need advice and critics

    Ok guys I'm talking tren for the first time I'm 6"4 ,250lbs ,20%bf I started a week ago (6/19/15) on a new cycle How does tren ace 300mg a week and sust 1200 week sound? It's my first cycle with tren ... Tren a 100mg eod Sust 400mg eod
  5. J

    headphones for the gym

    Whatsup guys, I'm one of those that has a hard time getting a good workout in without my music blasting the whole time. Anyways, my headphones broke again and I'm lookin for some that will hopefully last longer than a couple months. I prefer earbuds and I want some good bass. I found a site...
  6. P

    should i take SUSTANON-250 or not?

    i was taking with someone like how i cant do exercises for very long and how i'm not going anywhere and all that.he suggest me to take SUSTANON-250 and just said i'll see the effect..i don't understand...what it's for and should i take it or not?
  7. B

    Need advice on cycle after shoulder surgery .

    I need some advice on a cycle . I had shoulder surgery 7 months ago , it feels good been lifting for 3 months now since. Before my surgery I was running 800 mg test E , 300mg tren E with the dose split and injected twice a week plus 7iu of growth a day and 1 mg anastrozole every 1 to 2 days ...
  8. Mr.underdog

    I need some advice from some older vets (ages 40-60)

    Hey room, We'll this morning I went on my weekly ride (cycling) with my girlfriends father (30 year cyclist ) the dude has some solid rock legs/calves. But before we took off I shot up some test E and C 500mg 50/50 shot in the restroom. And well he walked in on me as I was injecting, and now...
  9. Knowalink

    I am new: Any tips?

    Hey, I am new to the forum and was wondering if anyone had any tips on how to utilize the site, as well as do's and don't's? Or how to become a registered member? Thanks,
  10. L

    my first serious cycle/diet...opinions?

    Ive dabbled with gear over the yrs and im currently prescribed test e at 300mg every other week. Ive varied the dose, point being im no novice to using steroids but im starting my first diet and gear combo. Id appreciate some opinions. Im 36yrs old, 5'11" 205lbs at roughly 16-18% bodyfat im...
  11. J

    HCG dosage formula??

    Can anyone confirm this dosage formula for me I want 500iu as dosage I have 5000iu vial of HCG So I want to add 5ml of diluent Will that be 500iu in 1ml on syringe or .5ml on syringe
  12. G

    Rookie needs help

    hey guys im looking for help ive been in the gym two weeks and i want to become large my stats are 6ft 1 145 ive attached a pic when i first started in the gym two weeks ago and now give me tips and i have the fastest metabolism in the world like i can eat a pizza and be hungry in 45 minutes i...
  13. E

    First Gear Cycle - Need Sound Advice

    First, thank you to all those who take the time to help out those of us in need of help/advice. Wish I had found this site sooner - but I am here now! I am a 50 year young male, started lifting in 1986 and went, I believe, as far as a guy can naturally. After that, in the 90's & 2000's it was...
  14. T

    Cycle Advice/Review

    I would very much like to hear your thoughts on the following (hypothetical) cycle: Weeks 1-10: Test E.@ 500mg/week (once per week) Weeks 1-10: EQ @ 400mg/week (once per week) Weeks 1-10: Proviron 25 mg daily Week 13: 40 mg Nolva daily, 100 mg Clomid daily Week 14: 30 mg Nolva daily, 50 mg...
  15. whodareswins

    Help a noob out

    Whatsup guys, new to PM, I am also new to bodybuilding and really need some recommended foods/recipes !!! ANYTHING and EVERYTHING is appreciated!!!! **(edit - sorry, classic noob behaviour, wrong forum)**

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