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  1. Dumbo Smartypants

    90 day Dnp run done. Metabolism change?

    Hello to everybody, this is my first thread. I will introduce myself the next few days. first: English is not my native language. So sorry if my sentences sound dull. I’m 33, used to weightlift (not enhanced/natural) every now and then since i was 16. Around 8 years ago i started going to the...
  2. M

    Source dnp

    Hello to you First of all to know I am French and I hope that the traction will be well sorry if there are errors This is what brings me up to you today A friend and I are looking for DNP to cycle for 21 days at a rate of 250mg per day No more no less him one already using dnp me no...
  3. C

    DNP and ear problems? (Muffled sound, stabbing pains, tinnitus)

    I'm 5'9, 70kg, been doing 200mg DNP ED for 6 days, then 400mg ED for 4 days. Low-cal diet, drinking plenty of water and electrolytes. No real sides for first few days, except night sweats from day 4 onwards. On around the day I upped it to 400mg I noticed a serious problem with my left ear...
  4. C

    9 Week Transformation Log

    Gents, I posted a log short log a few weeks ago playing with some DNP and GH. The results were fantastic. I did a fairly short run and chopped off 10lbs of my 23% bf frame and that was just a test run for this transformation. Money wasn't too much of an issue for this cycle as I'm a...
  5. C

    Short recomp thread focusing on DNP.

    ***OVBIOUSLY THIS IS JUST A FUN STORY AND NO ONE WOULD ACTUALLY DO THIS, IT'S A FAKE STORY AND NOTHING MORE*** I know there will be a lot of you who will give the Mom speech of "that shit is poison, stay away from it" and while I'm glad you're not condoning reckless behavior you can save your...
  6. T

    Your favourite fat burning compound.

    Hi guys and gals, I'm interested in knowing whats your favourite, go to fat burning compound, or compounds. We are bringing out ephedrine, as well as our dnp etc, but very interested in hearing your thoughts. Please check out the poll.
  7. Enhancedathlete

    Does DNP resensitize the receptor cells form roids?

    I have heard that DNP will re-sensitize the receptors from taking anabolics? anyone heard this true?
  8. Enhancedathlete

    DNP Diaries From Enhanced Athlete

    I didn't die... but on day two I felt like I was. Day one on 1,000mg DNP was surprisingly tolerable, but after 600mg on day 2 I could barely work out and was so hot and hungry. Despite not being able to handle 1,000mg for 3 days in a row, and despite eating everything in sight and hardly working...
  9. S

    DNP - your experience/protocal and my "draft" cycle

    Dear DNP enthusiats, (My stat: 27 years old, around 85kg, fat% hard to tell accurately but likely in the 12%) I would like to get a bit of your experience and protocol (dosage, diet etc) and come with a draft cycle (cycle #2 I will come to that). Some people mentioned that you need to be carb...
  10. S

    Your advice on taking DNP without capping?

    Dear everyone, I am about to receive a nice a mount of Sodium DNP Crystal, in bulk. I am very curious about this drug and would like to run a 2 week cycle at low dose (200mg/day), especially because it is around 36 degrees Celsius outside so it's pretty hot. My question is that is not easy to...
  11. R

    DNP interactions with Lithium Carbonate?

    I've been doing a great deal of reading about DNP lately, and have familiarized myself with the good, the bad, and the ugly. However, there is one bit of knowledge that is missing for me despite pouring over journal papers: Is DNP safe to take with lithium carbonate? Has anyone had any...
  12. T

    DNP: Coming down with a cold

    250mg/d DNP, starting to experience nasal congestion and cold-like symptoms. Temperature remains steady. Q: Discontinue the DNP, or keep going?
  13. T

    My experience with DNP

    Have to say that after these days there is no way in talking about experience. (Therefor it isn’t an instruction) So far I am on DNP for 5 days. I started with 150mg and then raised it onto 250mg. As I am additionally on a low-carb diet I combined it with Sibutramine because I started starving...
  14. T

    Introduce myself

    Hy at all I am new here and want to shortly introduce myself. (English is not my mother tongue). I build my muscles since 20 years (have to say, that I am not a bodybuilder). Quite at the moment I do import over 40 Sports – Nutrition – Products for my country. Sport is my Business. As I...
  15. F

    Shocker another dnp question.

    So I've used dnp before but I and other people believe that the provider under dosed the caps. Then there's another site that I've been looking into that just recently came about but looks kind of sketchy. Some input on these matters and a reputable source would be awesome. PM me for infor on...

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