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A Formula for Keeping Those Hard-Earned 'Roid Gains


The "Elder" Mod
Kilo Klub Member
Jun 5, 2002
Post Cycle Gainskeeper Formula
By Mr. Nobody

I never terminate my cycles with long acting stuff but switch to short acting test prior to finish; I also recommend H C G every 3 weeks

Always 80-100g protein and 80-100g maltodextrin shake with 5g of Vitamin C post workout (cortisol protection)
Dbol: 10mg in the morning only for 6 weeks (for cortisol management)
DHEA: 150mg am and pm (for cortisol management) for 6 weeks post
Arimidex: 1mg ed for 6 weeks post
Clomid: 300 (1st day), 100, 100, 50, 50
Bromocriptine, 1.25 ed (week 1), 1.25 ed (week 2), 2.5 ed (week 3,4), 1.25ed (week 5)
Deprenyl: 5mg eod week 6 and 7 only
Zinc: 100mg ed for at least 8 weeks
Magnesium: 800mg ed for at least 8 weeks
Vit B6: 100mg ed for at least 8 weeks
Vit E: 3000-6000iu for 8 weeks
Proviron: 50mg ed, week 1-4

This is only the test recovery part of my post cycle regiment.

There are several bros over at AF that are really into the "science" of AAS. Mr. N is a mod there

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Deprenyl, along with Bromocriptine are Nootropics, which they are pretty fanatical about these over a AF as a must for post cycle.

I believe Deprenyl helps restore IGF-1 and possibly GH.

you are right xcelbeyond I found this.. looks very intresting
Moreover, (-)-deprenyl treatment restored the IGF-I plasma levels in old rats to a concentration similar to those found in young animals. Postulated anti-aging effects of (-)-deprenyl could hence be due to restoration of hypothalamic hormones such as GH.
Here's one from a very large individual by the name of massiveg.

Old timers from Elite, Anabolex, the Undergrround, etc. will remember the gainskeeper formula from 96-97 which Spellwin charged $ for and probably still does.

I never looked at it until it was posted on another board, and it isn't much-and is outdated-since the evolving and availability of the new anti-E's, pro hormones, tribby, etc.

The original formula was like cyclofenil, provirion, Clen, creatine, can't remember what else....Pro v and Cyclofenil are good compounds but hard to find and in my opinion over priced.

I recently advised a guy who had been on for 4 years straight!
He always bridged with something in between heavy cycles, but with a new woman and being stuck at 260 for a year he decided to come down, but he sure did not want to drop to 230 and seriously crash!

I am happy to say that his HPTA is reactivated after this course and he has kept his weight at 250 lbs with low bodyfat at the end of this 8-10 week recovery Non AAS cycle.
He did do Clomid and Arimidex and HCG at various points when ON and desperately trying to get more gains.....but did not work at that time.

Here it is...
When coming off a cycle always taper the fast acting compounds first-nothing new most people know this.
All orals, T-Suspension, Tren Ace, T-Prop, T-Enath, T-Cyp, Sust, Deca etc. in order of the drugs published half life.

SO you will be "OFF" when you start this recovery period even though some esters are still floating around in the blood stream.

The first part is to do 3-4 weeks of topical 4-AD 1 gram, twice a day for 3-4 weeks. It does not matter if it is Biotest, Ergopharm or make your own-just do it! They all work about the same.
No they are not AAS but they do work in preserving some mass and water retention, work out intensity, strength, positive mental attitude, wood, sex drive and appetite for some.

YES,-I know the HPTA will be further suppresed if at all-it sure will not be stimulating it-BUT the 4-AD helps you retain some of that weight you lose as water so you emotionally feel better and helps with the post cycle crash and you still train at a good level of intensity.

When you stop the 4-AD here is the recovery cycle and compounds and doses week by week.

Week 1 (doses are per day)
.5 mg Arimidex
50 mg Clomid
20 mcg Clenbuterol
25 mcg T-3
1 Gram Tribulus
2-300 mgs Vitex

Week 2
1 mg Arimidex
100 mg Clomid
50 mcg T 3
40 mcg Clenbuterol
1.5 Gram Tribulus
300 mgs Vitex

Week 3
1 mg Arimidex
100 mg Clomid
50 mcg T 3
60 mcg Clenbuterol
2 Grams Tribulus
400 mgs Vitex
1,000 iu HCG a day administered twice in separate 500 mg shots.

Week 4
.5 mg Arimidex
50 mg clomid
40 mcg Clenbuterol
1.5 grams Tribulus
300 mgs Vitex
T 3 50 mcg
500 ius' HCG a day administered twice at 250 mg shots.

Week 5
.5 mg Arimidex
50 mg Clomid
20 mg Clenbuterol
200 mgs Vitex
1 Gram Tribulus
T 3 25 mcg

Week 6 done......

Also during this this entire time Creatine is to be taken at 20 grams a day and Glutamine 20 grams a day.
Pre and post work out nutrition are very important as well as a Night time feeding shake.
You may also use lecithin, extra Zinc, Vitamin E, Vitamin C MG and a Multi-vitamin/B-complex mix. Vanadyl sulfate at 70-100mgs a day and ALA at 1 gram a day may also be used for further benefit.

Try to eat clean and avoid junk.

Pre-work out drink
~20 grams Whey Protein Hydrolysate
~40 Grams Dextrose/Malto complex

Post work out drink
~30-40 Grams Whey Protein Hydrolysate
~60-80 Grams Malto/Dextrose
~1 gram Taurine
10 grams Creatine
10 grams Glutamine
6 Grams BCAA's

Night time feeding shake-

In skim milk or water-100 gram combo of Casein 40 grams , Designer Whey Glycerlean 40 grams, and Whey protein hydrolysate 20 grams......

INSULIN through out this cycle may be used at your discretion-I would recommend 10-20 ius of Humalog after a work out on work out days only.

Also generally REDUCE THE WEIGHT OR OVERALL INTENSITY OF YOUR WORK OUTS BY 15-20 % this will help in a reduced recouperative/recovery state and the excessive catabolism that goes hand in hand with training when coming off!.

I know I forgot some compound so someone chime in here and thanks.....comments replies welcome...share the knowledge.....share the wealth....

Massive G "The 2002 Version!"

Massive G
On the 4-AD - When I was into prohormones heavy (and yesy I got good results along with sides), I'd mix with beta cylodextrin to make a sublingual mix. This was really a mess and I ended up having to "weigh" each dose. Do you think this would work as well or better than transdermal?

I got a really nice balance scale for only $12.95 at . It's come in handy for my recent experiments with "powders!"

I've got another "Gainskeeper Formula" from AF that includes Cyclofenil, which sounds like the same one 'cause it's been around a while. This one looked much more promising to me!

I kind of devised a keepers formula some time ago;
Only to find out it was very similar to ones others had done-
like my buddy Wyldeone! Anyway, I may add PS (the anticortisol
OTC product) which will even out your levels without dropping them below normal. Id do HCG right at the end of the cycle 10000iu split into 3 shots spaced 4-5 days apart. Do some nolv
with this. And do clomid 100mg wk1-2; 50mg wk3-4. Id do lots of creatine and glutamine (20mg each split before/after workout)
with protein/carb shakes. If slin is included do it post workout-beware of possible bodyfat increase (gh will counter this).
If not use glucophage 2x day, one being post workout. Arimidex could also be used to further reduce estro. Proviron will supress
the HPTA so Id avoid that. Use a prohormone or DHEA instead if desire is to maintain some sexdrive and agression. T3 would be out as it is catabolic and will burn muscle, maybe even at small doses depending on the person. I dont like clen (makes me fell lousy and shakey) but it is slightly anabolic being a beta3 agonist,
and anticatabolic, so you can include this with or instead of PS.
For mood elevation a smart drug or StJohns can be used.
Maybe I missed something but I think thats it! :p
bros, one thing i love post cycle is dnp. hear me out before dismissing it. it doesnt interfere with natural test production so u could use arimi and clomid while on it, it is incredibly protein sparing, it only burns fat, very incredible drug. i and others have dont this post cycle and loved it but i recommend a low dose of around 200 mg powder a day for at least three weeks if not longer as opposed to the higher dose cycles.
i also recommend these otc supplements: Fuzu by syntrax, and Mesobolin from BAC. this is basically the actual ingredient through which all the ecdysterone products were done through, not the stuff on the market today. methoxy could be another addition
Here is a Gainskeeper Formula from DaMescleMan from **broken link removed**

The inevitable problem that all athletes face when coming off of a cycle of androgenic anabolic steroids is keeping the gains they've worked so hard to attain. Many experts have spent a great deal of time addressing this situation and attempting to find a solution. After a great deal of research and working with bodybuilders, I feel I have come up with the most effective solution to date. By examining other's techniques and results I have been able to determine what is most likely to work for the average bodybuilder using steroids. I am by no means saying this is the be all to end all of recovery formula's or that I am an expert in the medical field. I am simply offering an effective solution to the most common problem all athlete's experience after a cycle.

What needs to be recognized is that there is not one or two problems that need to be addressed, but several, which all act synergistically or together. By solving all of these problems together, the chances of increased performance are greatly increased in your favor. The key is all in the timing of the execution. The human body is a very complex mechanism and when the timing is right, maintaining the increase in muscle mass is easy.

The first problem is to restore the hypothalamohypophysial testicular axis to normal after having been suppressed from the exogenous testosterone intake. Those athletes who use the weaker compounds that have little effect on the endogenous levels of testosterone can use this formula as well to further increase their gains. The actual actions by which we will use to raise endogenous testosterone production are beyond the scope of this report, but can be found in most University biology text books or by simply reading a copy of the World Anabolic Review. These will give you a better understanding of what we are attempting to do here.

The second major problem that the athlete will face is a substantial increase the bodies own endogenous level of cortisone. These levels are extremely high when taking steroids, yet remain deactivated while on the juice as the receptors are blocked by the steroid molecules. Thisis what gives steroids their anti-catabolic effect. However, when the intake of steroids ceases, the receptors are suddenly freed and the unusually high levels of cortisone are free to break down muscle tissue. Thus, the high levels of cortisol must be reduced to normal levels in a very short time. Since we all know that creatine monohydrate is very effective in maintaining strength and creatine phosphate stores, it is highly recommended that you maintain a high dose of 30 grams per day for at least the duration of this formula.

Assuming you are coming off of an eight or ten week cycle, you should have started tapering the doses down in the last two or three weeks. This allows the body to return to normal levels much more evenly. Let's say that the start of each week is Monday. On the Monday of the seventh week in an eight week cycle, begin taking 25mg a day of mesterolone, otherwise known as Proviron. Proviron is a synthetic androgen that also acts as an anti-aromatase. When the intake of steroids ceases, the bodies own androgen levels are very low, yet the estrogen levels are still very high. This shifts the androgen to estrogen ratio in favor of the estrogens spelling bad news for the user. Proviron keeps the ratio in favor of the androgens without effecting the natural production of testosterone, thereby adding to spermatogenisis. This double action drug begins to reduce the amount of estrogen in the body by preventing the aromatization of testosterone to estrogen so that possible gyno, water retention and female pattern fat distribution may be avoided. It will also give the body a much harder look.

We also wish to deal with the increased cortisone levels at this time so that we may begin to bring them down before the end of the cycle. This can be accomplished by the intake of 800mg of Phosphatidylersine per day. There has been a great deal of controversy as to whether or not this supplement actually works. I feel that it has little effect on normal levels of cortisol in the body, but will work very well on reducing elevated levels after the discontinuance of steroids. It should be noted that the use of aminoglutethimide or Cytadren is NOT recommended.Cytadren may be anti-estrogenic, but it also inhibits the bodies own production of androgens, which is exactly what we don't want at this time. There are also complex negative-feedback mechanisms which must be dealt with individually.

The eighth week of the cycle is when critical timing begins. This is the last week of the intake of the steroids and when the body realizes what is starting to happen. On the Monday of this week, increase the dosage of the Proviron to 50mg a day. At this time, we also want to introduce the use of a little known drug by the name of Cyclofenil. Cyclofenil is an estrogen that act's as an anti-estrogen and as stimulant for the body to produce more testosterone. Cyclofenil acts in a very similar manner to Nolvadex in that it does not block the aromatization of testosterone, but occupies the estrogen receptors in the body so that the stronger estrogens cannot become active. Cyclofenil should be taken once a day at a dose of 100mg. We also want to begin to prepare the blood for the following week. We have to make sure the blood has enough raw material in the way of steroid intermediates for the testes to increase testosterone production. To do this, we start taking 250mg of DHEA a day, starting on theFriday of week 8.

The ninth week is the most critical time of the cycle. This is where things get interesting. On the Monday, up the dosage of Cyclofenil to 200mg a day, but keep the Proviron and DHEA at their respective doses. On the Thursday we want to inject 5000 IU's of HCG to stimulatethe Leydig's cells to produce more testosterone. Any more than this will overload the system and convert more to estrogen. On the Friday we want to start the intake of clomiphene citrate or Clomid. Clomid stimulates the entire hypo testicular axis to produce more test and at a faster rate. We want to start with 100mg a day.

In the tenth week of our formula we continue with all dosages at their respective levels, but we drop the dose of Clomid to 50mg a day on the Wednesday. By now the testosterone levels in your body should be way up there and you will feel like you've just hit your second wind.Surges in strength are not uncommon here.

The eleventh week is where we start to wind everything down. On the Monday we discontinue the use of the Clomid and the DHEA. We also reduce the dose of Proviron to 25mg a day and the cyclofenil to 100mg a day. We stop taking the cyclofenil altogether on Friday. Testosterone levels should be very high, estrogen levels should be fairlylow, and cortisol levels will back to normal levels. On the Sunday, the last day of the cycle, stop taking everything.

Now would be the time to start a cycle of clenbuterol hydrochloride if you so wanted. Starting at a dose of 20mcg per day and working up to 80-120mcg, depending on how much you feel you can take in increments of 20mcg per day. You will know your limit when the side effects become unbearable, mostly the shaking and uneasiness. Back off that dose by 20mcg a day and stay with this dose in a two-on, two-off cycle for 3-6 weeks.

During this time it is important to modify both our training and diet. Since you will need to reduce your training capacity significantly and give you body time to readjust itself, I think a simple whole body powerlifting routine is ideal at this time. It will prevent a loss of strengthfrom the cycle, even increase it, and not allow you to go into a state of overtraining. Stick to the core compound movements and limit the number of exercises you perform to 12 or less. This will challenge you to hit as many body parts as possible with only a few exercises. Keep the sets low and heavy. This routine also has the benefit of boosting natural testosterone production from the heavy squats, deadlifts and presses. Since we are all advanced athletes, we can look back to our diet journals and determine what our new maintenance calorie level should be. Be sure to use your lean body mass and not your total mass when determining your new maintenance level. You might want to add additional protein calories now, about 200-300 extra, but be sure you start with at least 1.5 grams of protein per pound of bodyweight before you add any.

Some notes to keep in mind when using this formula. Always take a good vitamin and mineral pack ( this is a given at all times ) and it is a good idea to up your intake of anti-oxidants in general, and of vitamin C to 3 grams per day in divided doses. It is a good idea to divide the intake of all substances up into equal doses in the day to ensure even levels in the blood and to take them all with fluid after meals. And be sure to drink one hell of a lot of distilled water during this entire period as your kidneys and liver will be doing overtime for the duration as well.

That is the whole formula. It is not cheap, nor is it taken lightly. But those who have invested the time and energy in making the gains will realize that maintaining them is just as important. Train hard, educate yourself, and best of luck.
This is the "old" gainskeeper formula that's been floating around that I eluded to earlier. Trying to get a hold of Cyclofenil is like trying to find hen's teeth! I believe this was formulated prior to the 3rd generation anti-e's have been available. And Phosphatidylersine is like gold - at least it costs as much!

I've been told that Proviron is not the best (even to avoid it - see MikeS post above) for post cycle. This formula seemed to have "holes" in it and the one I posted seemed better?!?!? Just trying to refine it bro.

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Cytadren is intriguing as a great anticortisol, but I totally agree to keep it out of the gainskeeper formula. It reduces the demolase enzyme, which is responsible for production of a host of hormones, including endogenious test. Id never use cytadren again (I did onceduring cycle) as there are too many effects involved which can cause some nasty sides.
trust me dnp post cycle at a low dose long duration is great
* Bump *

for ripped1103

Sounds strange but for me i adopted a doggcrap type of cycle end. I run a small dose say 300mgs of test eth for 2-3 weeks when im done my cycle and run 100mgs of clomid everyday with it, seems to transition nicely when you eventully come off completely. I think a big problem for alot of guys is they come off cycle, and want to get cut right away, and instead they should avoid cardio, and cutting cals at all cost. Ibet in your gym you see it all the time. Bill does X amount of juice for 10 weeks, puts on 20lbs, then all of the sudden he is on the stairmaster, and shrinking at a rapid rate.

I have to agree with you there. Then you see them get depressed because they lost all their strength. From then on, it is a downward spiral of negative stuff.

Keep that size and let the body get use to being that big. Then in a few months lean out. MUSCLE MEMORY will come into play when you want to bulk again...

Excellent post fellas.. keep the information coming...
What is "post cycle"? Is that when I drop from 6 months at 3 grams of test to 1g? :D


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