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A Message to Mike S

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Nov 7, 2003
your so sad
I had a old friend of ours register just so I could PM you.

You, Superior, Tempest, Chemgrowth,JJ, Wyldeone, Mike Barr, Mike King, China Man IP, Black Lable, Brock Strasser and many more will be in my TV program which now has 3 as I stated prime time programs reviewing it for editing and legalities. Your ilk is so dumb you thought it was about internet boards but it's basically about black market steroids and how they are manufactured and sold. The piece is an accumulation of informants some that have died, some that were once sources, old members of many boards, people in jail or out on probo, trips to Mexico and calls to Europe and interviews with former top level BB's even some pro players.

This program has one idea in mind and that is to destroy the use of blackmarket steroids. I consider myself your main opponent on the so called "noble" quest that you and your kind say you fight for because plain and simple your just another drug dealer.

I lie lie lie to get what I want and lie to protect my identity as well as my informants. I am not 47 yrs old but about the only thing I am is a life long natural pro BB trying to right your wrongs.

goodbye Mike S I hope you and Rick the slimeball enjoy the show in about six months.

There is a saying where I come from "Rats get fat while good men die".You my friend are a fucking RAT.If what you say is true,then its only a matter of time before the rug is pulled from under you.How does it feel to be a slimy cocksucking RAT? You have no sense of honor for our brotherhood,your a piece of shit Fathead,Lance,Spaceghost,Kingpin whoever you are this week.Your time will come,this I promise you.You will live the rest of your life watching your back,have a nice day RAT......
What a LOSER. You sound like a whinny wanna be dumbazz good luck to ya and your little 15 minutes of fame yeah right. You must have gotten your azz kicked to much in high school. What a waste of my time to respond to you as well.

I guess your little 15 minute piece is gona win the war on so called drugs now. Their is to much money to be made the govt does not want to get rid of drugs they make way to much $.

Guess you never take protien powder, aspirin, antibiotics either with your so called natural puny azz go crawl back under your rock you loser crybaby. MM :eek:
kingpin said:

I lie lie lie to get what I want and lie to protect my identity as well as my informants. I am not 47 yrs old but about the only thing I am is a life long natural pro BB trying to right your wrongs.

goodbye Mike S I hope you and Rick the slimeball enjoy the show in about six months.

Gee, you sound like a real nice, mature individual. Obviously if you really believe what you are saying you would have the balls to reveal your identity and debate your position like a real man. Unfortunately, instead you hide behind a computer and spew nothing but meaningless SHIT.
Well kingpin aka warpig!

when are you ever gonna grow up you fat little bastard. Bring it on your the one sourcing and your the one that will go down my friend. None of the above mentioned will have any issues as all of our probationary periods are now up and guess what Dan old buddy you are on the hit-list so know that Arizona is not that big regardless of your alias's your info is no secret and those of us that choose to be in the open have nothing to worry about i guarantee you that my friend. But you my friend should worry. Your little trip to TJ backfire somewhat!LOL your little underground lab that you are partnered up wit hthat you think none of us know about well guess what you better dig yourself a little deepere hole because you are on ALOT of hit-lists buddy and your day is coming really soon BELIEVE THAT! As for your little bullshit documentary who the fuck cares. Atleast we can hold our heads up ith pride knowing we can and do make it in the real world without the lie's and deciete. Alot of these younger guys fell for Lances little bullshit tricks but guess what in the process of the lies you involved some people that have ALOT of MONEY and power and while at usa's I took the liberty to personally speak to these folks and forward the e-mails to these individuals some of which Lance claimed to be or work with very big mistake to challenge someone like myself that can and does know alot of these individuals on a personal level and as they replied I infact e-mailed them to you therefore that is why you jerk-off's came out of the closet because you knew i would rain on your parade and call you out my actions and results speak for themselve's and Yes our good friend Ric Collins will be involved as well. Your 15 minutes of fame are over. Once again I will openly invite you to meet me anywhere anytime and we'll settle this like real men. Your little operation is no secret we just choose to let you think it is and it will backfire as it always does for you fuck-ups that is why althoe you thought you were in the inner-circle you never were let in just kept close enough to keep an eye on because some individuals slipped up and let you get to close to them. Unfortunately I'm right here wide-open for you my friend so you want to keep playing with my boys and we will infact see who wins. You know better than to come at me but I now take
this personal and therefore I am now on a mission and you'll know I'm coming for you! You are a fuck up, always will be a fuck up and a have been so enjoy what you have now because it won't last long as a matter of fact I could post your cute little pictures for all to see as well you know the one from your police academy pics as well as the ones of your fat-ass trying to do a side-tricep yeah i have them and ALOT more so keep playing with fire and know your gonna get burned and by the way your little wholesale line will be closing up shop really soon so you better find a real job jackass. Now for alot of you younger members let me introduce you to warpig aka piggy aka 10 other alias's he stirred up alot of shit with alot of people back in the old renegade and UG days of old and is trying to do the same here. One thing i will tell you is that all the above mentioned individuals he mentioned have been around forever adn their reputations speak for themself's so in a nut-shell what do you think this guys real agenda is? hmmmm maybe a little penis-envy because he was never in the little behind the scenes click like he seems to think he is/was! All members please be aware that Arizona is going to turn into a real hotbed here REAL soon and it is advised that you all stay far away as I would hate to see alot of great members get wrapped up in something like this. Now dan I can and will post more info(you know personal info like you always threaten everyone else with) if you so choose to continue this tirade and instead of picking fights with guys that won't fight back like Tempest and T.K. back in the day why don't you play with those of us that are more than willing to play with you. You better stop while your ahead before you burry yourself deeper than you already are. You and I both know there was already 1 very large bust in AZ in the last 1-2 weeks and there will be more to come so the choice is yours fatboy you've been called out I'm not holding my toungue out of respect for the owner of this board anymore when you openly bash all its members and vet's and mods! wyldeone
p.s. you've been forwarned
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man is this guy phuckin crazy? for one he's outright saying hes going to kill the blackmarket.. lol, trust me dude, you will be dead way before you kill the blackmarket. its going to take more than 1 natrual bodybuilder to do that. i thikn the DEA and other agencies who makes you look like a littel piece of shit, which you are, have been trying to kill the blackmarket since there was a blackmarket. man you are good for a laugh.. also i wouldnt come on here talking shit, you are diggign your own grave.. thats not a threat just a helpful hint.

Later, maybe....
Warpig huh?

So it's warpig huh? Your grammar has improved.

What is it in you that makes you unable to let go and just move on with life?

If you're planning on trying to ruin the lives of others by being a rat, and by putting yourself in the position of being a HUGE hypocrite, then die by the sword. You wouldn't be doing this if you were in my backyard.

What is in it for you to try to ruin others? Dunno, but I second what Wylde said. I'd not hesitate... IronMike
and another thing piggy!

for you even to claim to be a bodybuilder is a discrace to the rest of us. I do know the one bodybuilder you are talking about and your bullshit lies about being a natural pro BULLSHIT AGAIN! you've never been bellow 14% at your leanest let alone on-stage or competing much less competing at the nationa llevel or pro level to boot. You are a sad,pathtic,fat sack of shit that used steroids but never could grow other than having some fucked up triceps!LOL and your right your not 47 your much younger but look much older and if you keep loosing anymore hair your be rogaines poster boy. You still got your cute little glass's? go ahead fill these guys up with some more bullshit lies as you have stepped on some serious toes in AZ and you ran your mouth and they will be on the hunt my friend. You should have left the boards along time ago and let things lie but your pathic life won't allow you to. Guess what else your supposed investigation was a scam you fucking scamming pice of shit oh by the way folks this guy sourced under the handle forrest gump any of you loose money with him?LOL i bet you did I'll make sure that if he decides to continue this crap he will pay in one respect or the other for EVERYONE! wyldeone.
get rid of the black market hu? what a dumbass you dont scare anybody f-off
Wylde thanks for that info man. I wasnt gona give this guy a platform again to spew his coca but he got personal with alot of the members that are really great people. I dont think that their is anyone here who would not help another member if he or she was in need somehow.

But I replied again because that is the same phuck that scammed me. You know at one time Warpig was an ok guy. I didnt know him like you guys do but man he seems to just be at a low time in his life and dragging your friends and aquaintances down will only make things worse for him to bad. I hate scammers and people who lie but I will say a prayer for him as well.

Be careful everyone. MM

Again barking up the wrong tree but that's ok the real Piggy will be glad to fuck you up anyday. I did use him as a source of info though but the two others as I told Tempest you do not even know. I'll just say this to you Jeff you think my lil buddy cares about a hitlist? Shit people hide from him now due to his connections. Email him and ask him you have his email [email protected] he does not like you but your a very small fish with a vey big mouth.

I admit I did get him all stired up again after a very long hiatus but for the most part he just gave me the names I needed.

So Jeff since you think you know his name as Dan and my name as Lance keep burying yourself a whole it's pretty funny and besides if Warpig were writing this would he not have threatened to have killed you already and shit in your mout or soemthing to that affect.

later Jeff I'll tell piggy your looking for him he just got back from Texas.
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I'm right here!

hey dipshit you are piggy dumbass! I know alot more than you think and I will show you! you want to fuck around I know your back from texas and now AZ is gonna get really hot again. Tempest has nothing to do with anything my man. I haven't talked to him but you bashed each and every member on this board and you area very disturbed individual you fat little piece of shit you bring it anyday! Everyone that needs to know already knows and your talking out of your ass if you say you never sourced or used gear period! and that is fact my friend maybe i should post the addy the package was sent to with you and your wifes name huh? You better get yourself in check otherwise the next trip to AZ won't be so lucky for you no need to reply as everyone has been notified and so will you. wyldeone.

p.s. damion will be notifying everyone down there in AZ your a joke to the community and to bodybuilders in general!
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remind me.

Please post when this plans to air.
I need the reminder. I'm a busy person
I have a life unlike some people.

Warpig you are the ultimate definition of RAT.

And you day is coming.

so piggie re-surfaces.....
this is interesting.

maybe duece would like a crack at the pig first?

Warpig? Lol, that's a name I haven't heard in a long time. Too bad you didn't get run over or something by now.
guys, lets not give this guy another platform..he got in again under the radar and got the reaction he wanted..personally, if this guy was legit about his program ect then why would he feel the need to come on here stir shit up again..i personally have saved all his posts and have them stored.. what ever network "decides" (which i doubt) to run this will receive his rants and see what a vindictive, sour grapes eating guy he is.. i have told the editor of the mag i write for about this and showed him some of the posts.. he agreed that if this does air, it would be good publicity for the mag to have him and i give the alternate point of view..in other words controversy.. which we all know the networks love..he will personally offer our services to the network who "decides" to run it.. and that will be interesting to see him explain himself and what is really involved.. :D so, being a mod here, i vote to delete this shit..after all, many people are getting pissed (and rightfully so) and some are making threats...if something were to happen to this idiot (god forbid lol) there could be some crap come down to the board.. even if no oneing from here was responsible..
Guys I swear that I refuse to read these posts by FH/Pig whatever-once I realized it was him. I dont know what he is saying but as usual the ramblings of a sick piece of shit. You are the absolute worst individual ever to be on these boards and everyone hates you. I'll ban you as long keep reregistering. Get a life-noone wants you around and noone likes you. Why would you come around knowing that. You are a sad sickening slimeball.
Delete it. We don't need this here. Cjay
Cjay said:
Delete it. We don't need this here. Cjay

Yeah your right, I'll lock it up now.
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