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A Thank You to Synthetek and to the Board


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Feb 2, 2004
I just wanted to tell Big A and everyone what their support has meant to me during this contest prep: a LOT! We got in last night and spent some time with Dave’s family then he got on to post a couple of pictures and off to bed for the two of us. This trip was the biggest whirlwind for me, I felt like every time I turned around there was something going on. I’m glad that Dave and Mat were there with me, these two were a tremendous support system.

I am pleased with my placing, heck I was worried about making into the top 15 again! :eek: Especially when I heard my class was the biggest in the show. :eek: I was pleasantly surprised when I was the first to be called out and it wasn’t in numerical order! Lol! All were great girls and I now have a top five finish at a national show. :) Was I in it to win it? Yes, of course! But there are some things you can’t control like judging. Lol! What the heck, it’s a subjective sport. But there are things you can control, that’s what I’m going to work on for the next time. ;)

I may have not walked away with a first place trophy or pro card but I did walk away with some things that were even better: wonderful friendships. :)
Dusty and Evian ~ Wow, talk about two amazing people. I know Dave got to meet them before but this was my first time. Dusty is so freaking funny! And Evian is so CUTE! (BTW thank you for saving me some of those Protein Peanut Butter Balls! YUM!!!) I loved meeting both of your families!
Brad and his wife ~ This guy gave me the BIGGEST hug EVER! Lol! Sheesh, it was like trying to hug a wall! His wife made the best comment, “I’m like a pageant mom. ‘Do you have your posing trunks? Do you have your tan? Do you have…’” LOL!!! She was adorable!
Shelby ~ I don’t think I have met another competitor so calm and straight. He was telling us just a little about his life story and we were like :eek: :eek: I wanted to asking him for a close up pic of his butt but we were in the lobby so I refrained. :eek:
Lucian and Kari ~ It was great to see Kari again and it was awesome to meet Lucian. We talked a lot each time we saw them. They make a great looking couple. ;)
Myosin ~ One of the most down to earth people you will ever meet period. After dinner we kept talking about what impressive person he was both inside and out. We're so glad you came. :)
Weight78 and his wife ~ We only met these two for a few minutes after the show but man they had us CRACKING UP! And I want to see the proposed pictures. ;) :D

It’s an honor to be able to call these people friends. :)

People I missed that I did see:
Chris 250 and his wife ~ We saw you walk by in the lobby when we were talking to Lucian and Kari. We tried to get your attention but it was pretty loud in there. :(
JBlack ~ I heard about your story, amazing! I took tons of pictures of you pre-judging. Just let me know where to send them. :)
Josh Barnett ~ When Dave saw you in Dusty and Evian’s room he kept telling me about how you could do some damage! I was already in bed by then so I’m sorry I missed you, but I did take pictures!

So again a huge thank you to Big A and everyone at Synthetek for making this trip and prep possible and to everyone here for the continuous support!
That’s why this board is so awesome!! I want to give a special thank you to Dave (Jethro Tull to all of you. :p) for everything he’s endured leading up to and during this contest. This was the hardest prep for me mentally and he put up with my craziness. Lol! :eek: We talked about it and he mentioned that I’ve never been like this during any of my other preps. I guess it’s bound to happen sooner or later. :rolleyes: He's able to make me calm yet drive me crazy! Lol! Without him this would have been infinitely harder. He is where I seek refuge when things start to become chaotic and for that I am thankful. And to Mat, one of my best friends, thank you for flying out to watch me compete, help tan my scrawny butt and just being there. Your friendship means a lot to me. :D You guys are amazing!

Meredith aka Lynx. :)

Little wet in the eye ;)

Thanks Lynx, means a lot to me. The three of you are really wonderful. And yes, I bet JT was a great help, he's a great guy. It was so great to be with three very "real" people. It was an honor for ME to have dinner with a top 5 finisher! Serious!

Looking forward to knowing you guys more in the future. I'll have to invite myself again someday... maybe to workout in JT's house! haha
Great post Meredith. Very touchy it was and nice to meet people. Glad you had a blast. Great to see BigA supporting inspiring people like you Meredith. Alot of board dont contribute much and put back into the bodybuilding Community but this board does! ProfessionalMuscle Rocks!!
Meredith it was great to finally meet you and Dave as well. Like Dusty said the entire time the highlight of the trip was spending time with all of our friends and supporting each others goals. You looked amazing onstage and we look forward to getting together outside the world of bodybuilding and figure.
Congratulations Lynx, you looked fantastic!
Thanks everyone, I know a little mushy for me but I guess I don't know how else to express my gratitude. Lol! :eek:

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