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at what point do we get back to the SPORT of bodybuilding


New member
Jun 11, 2002
I'm blown away here and have absolutley no idea on what the fucks up with this sport. I started lifting weights when I was a freshmen in highschool and a couple years ago when I was 20yrs old I got serious about bodybuilding. I joined the board Renegade. I made alot of friends and learned a shit load of info. with that info and drive I've turned myself into a 23yr old thats 5'7 and weighs 261 at 13%bf. But thats besides the point. All the Mods that I looked up to for all those yeas and all the Vets that knew soooo much information that helped my through all my hard work has come to a complete fucking stand still.
I left the board for a couple months and when I get back there are guys attacking wylde for what ever reasons. there are guys taking shots at respectable mods that have been around for ever. and the worst part is that the people that are all involved arn't just a bunch of shit heads. there all the Vets that we all look up to. We have national level competetors flamming each other on the open boards instead of helping each other out. I've read information that was posted by guys like wylde for hours on end. guys life fathead, mikeS,Ry,grapeape ect... these are the kind of guys that we all look up to for help in the time of need.
So my question is, what the hell do we say to the young kid that wants to become a bodybuilder and whats to come to the most knowledgable board around. when all the guys we're supposed to look up to can't even keep there shit together. No matter how much we love this sport and want it to grow. it IS an underground sport to the most part and will ALWAYS be looked at in a bad way by the public because they don't understand us. We need to put a stop to this shit and get back to the SPORT. I would have never made it in this sport if everytime I asked a question I got flammed by someone.
I understand that there is always going to be issues and people just don't see eye to eye. but do we really need it out in the open for everyone that IS NOT involved to get in. gossip is apart of the sport, but we can't have all this battleing shit here or were not going to get anywhere. I don't get along with alot of people, but I never take it up with anyone but them. so why can't we do that here??? I come to this board to learn and better my knowledge of nutrition, trainning and the overall out look on bodybuilding. I turn on the T.V for all the soap opera bullshit.
Sorry to rant and rave guys but I just want to see this board and sport go the right way. this is the best board around hands down. and it does have the best Mods and a shit load of great Vets. But I don't want to see guys like Wylde and fathead leave because of stupid shit like all this. lets just take care of it all off the open board and get back to GROWING!!!!!
thanks for putting up with my shit!
good luck and be safe...

Very Well STATED!!!!

I feel terrible when we get top caliber bodybuilders like doggcrapp to join our board only to come into this bodybuilding soap opera. He only posts at two boards as far as I know and I've been trying for some time to get him over here. What do you think his opinion is after reading all these "bickering" posts.

Let's ALL get back to what we do so well - support each other in our/their/everyone's efforts.

Agreed........can't we all just get along, live, learn and grow with each other. Bigger.......I understand exactly where you're coming from bro! I love this board as I loved the Gade. I've learned alot from all the good vets and awesome mods. The sport is in enough trouble as it is and the drama on the boards doesn't make it any more inviting for upcoming bber's.

your 50% right 50% wrong

I agree and disagree with you on what your saying but your half right. Vein said something that was 100% correct on another thread about people taking these boards for granted what I think he means you never know whose is typing behind a computer.

I can tell you right now I have made some pretty good associations on a few boards who I may pick up the phone and shoot the shit with but at the same time there are a lot of scum bags who are very good at fooling the masses of the boards. Let me explain they do this with a few compliments, a few friendly emails, a few friendly offers, never disagree with a post, comes to everyone’s defense and all of a sudden they are an icon but they have an agenda and it will usually end up costing a lot of guys a lot of money.

You talk about bashing someone well maybe that someone presented themselves in a light that was not true or half true and many people paid for this persons services and got crappy results. I have seen a dozen or so emails in my box that say so with that being said a group of people wanted to put a stop to it no matter whose fantasy it shattered. This used to happen all the time when scammers were around no one would ever stand by for that but then people started to be buddies so it was ok to rob a few people or lie to a few as long as it was not you, you and the offending person could still be buds and you could defend him no matter who else he /she ripped off.

Sometimes it basically even amounted to kickbacks or freebies to help keep the scammers rep solid or selective scam mainly newbie’s. Hell one guys comes out and says he was scammed but 5 or 6 vets say no " not true" and then the " I am gonna be in" band wagon starts and that one guy who was wronged to begin with is hammered and run off a board for no reason except he bucked the board rules or system.

This happens in real life as well it's just not the "Internet Community" but in real life it's wrong to lie, cheat, and steal but not on a BB message board cause " everyone's a good bro!"

Hey I am 5'6" tall weigh 275lbs have a 28" waist with 22" inch guns and have 4% BF the typical board response = "man right on dude your awesome your going to be a pro one day" how dare anyone else say otherwise right?

I am going to come clean here one of the best guys to ever hit the boards who now at this time has a terrible Board reputation was a guy named WARPIG. He is my best bro I met him at Gold's Gym and we started to train together one of the nicest guys you'll ever meet. He is a hot head but so are a lot of other short guys, he also was a shoot fighter for a while does not do that any more. Piggy as he was called is a complete dickhead and does not know when to stop and that tends to get old even with me. I used to get a Blank carbon email of all the evil doers on the boards I just stopped reading them but he was right on most of the " behind the scenes, in the know guys" who eventually ganged up on him smeared his rep as a good guy so he left the boards ask Phil he met him a few times Piggy was all right.
His only offense other than harassing the evil doers was trying to tell the truth and he told me in the end " nobody cares as long as they get theirs" so true.

Now if anyone does not like me because me and the guy are friends oh well consider me guilty by association as a lot of guys here are.

I do have a point coming and here it is so stay with me. The bash threads started and some guys were saying " this used to be a clean board nobody ever bad mouth anybody" yes that’s true everyone believed another’s BS as gospel but it shouldn’t be that way you can't make everything peaches and cream for everyone nor should you have to.

I can't see how a simple “I disagree” with you can be considered a flame if it's kept in a adult manner what are we in church.

I noticed and had a few PM's say that even though some guys did not agree with what was being said it was a breath of fresh air for the board.
some things were sitting on guys chest for a while and needed to come off.

Now I have promised to stop posting as much I gotta get back to work so bash me cause I don't care.

PS as Charles Barkely used to say " I am no role Model Sucka"


DC is one of my best friends in this business and he prolly just laughs at this shit. It is humorous to us and always has been, the gossip of the bodybuilding community. We are all so sensitive, it really is ironic. Big, strong guys, tattletailing on each other, threatening to quit this and quit that, who paid who and who took which drugs. I personally cant stay off of this site more than 2 hours at a time because of all the drama. It is better than baseball to me, or the soaps.
Did you ever wonder why no pros are ever labeled as "gurus?" When I was playing football in High School, the guy that never made it to the "pros" was called our "coach." These so called "gurus" are never "pros", just guys that have enough confidence in themselves and read up on little things so us competitors can gain a slight edge here and there. Believe me, we, ourselves, or however you want to phrase it, do 99.99999% of our own contest preparation. For someone to say, eat this or eat that, with 2 weeks left, that is just NO CONFIDENCE in your own homework or ability to view yourself objectively. Read up on nutrition, experiment with foods, depletion, dont be lazy. If you are lazy and have to rely on some total stranger who lives 3,000 miles away from you who looks at a pic of you to tell you what to eat, well, then thats all on you.
Fathead I agree with you 100%!!! In this sport and on this board there are agendas and most have one! Either they are selling this and that or getting kickbacks or something, I dunno! I always try to keep an objective opinion on everything I read on the boards that involves money! I always like to hear critisism for everything becuase nothing and no one is perfect! Its how people handle that critisism is usually what I base my opinion on! I don't know how to solve this issue and if someone does speak up! I do agree that this saga is way past getting old and has moved on to gotten old, way fucking old!!!!!! I usually trust what someone says if they have no financial intrest in anything and have been around for some time! I don't trust (or care) what someone says about someone with less than 50 posts and I could give a shit what show they placed in!!

Also phil I agree with you on the contest prep, these people don't take the time to read up about there show and want to pay someone to do it for them! How do we know these people are doing what they are suppose to they could be eating mcdonalds and then when they fuck up and come in last they can blame it on there "trainer"!! Like that oh well i got bad "avdise" excuse to make up for there faults!!! Or if they don't like what there trainer is doing then why the fuck do they need one in the first place??? If they know so much??? Do they really have no freinds that they have to pay someone for an opinion or are they mindless bots that cannot see for themselves!

I thought this hole thing was solved last week with a "hey, these are the cards do what ever you want" I guess not!!!!!! Let the games begin!!! Maybe we should rename the mods to "Ringmasters" :D

when i read your post i finally saw how you felt about my constant inquiries related to diet and final phase pf contest prep.
99% is done by us and i just failed to realize that as i just got so caught up in hearing about the guys who can just "dial you in" for a fee. it should have dawned on me sooner but it did not.

i have alot of learning to do, and maturing as a person, and i should trust myself more and just do what worked for me the first contest. im just trying to perfect things and i realize that it just dont happen overnight.
thanks man

I agree with you guys. I'm not saying that if there is something shaddy going on that it shouldn't be brought out into the open. But like I said before, everytime there is something brought out between whom ever is involved we ALWAYS end up with a bunch of people jumping in and giving there shots when there not needed. all that does is fuel the fire. I'm just conserned about the fact that most of the guys that are involved in this circle of bullshit are the guys everyone looks up to. it's the vets such as yourself and the mods that are getting into this. how are the guys that are younger and much more inexperienced supposed to take all this??? thats all i'm asking! if you and wylde have a beef, it should have been brought out and put to rest. I can see where both of you are comeing from but two many people where involved with stirring up shit between yourself and wylde. My biggest concern is that were going to end up having guys such as yourself leaving the board over this shit when it's valuable information that you have to offer. Like Phil said, if we just do our own homework we'd be fine to the most part. But these boards are where most of us do our homework. from listening to others experiences that worked for them and trying them our selfs. mags will never teach you how to become a bodybuilder. other bodybuilders can. I'm not trying to stir up anymore shit here guys, I'm just telling it how "I" see it. if I offend someone I'm sorry.
good luck and be safe...


Funny how people can be opposites and still be buds. Piggy was the father of flame and confrontation. But he always had a reason, and was never (that I recall) an UNPROVOKED asshole.
Myself, I stay clear of confrontation as I like to make friends here and share knowledge and learn too - those are my objectives on these boards. Only if a real good buddy or mod is being bashed-and Im not saying this to bring up anything recent or past, its just that Im a loyal guy-and its possible sometimes I may defend
a guy who is wrong because we have been friends (this is just a generic statement!) and I would give the friend the benefit of the doubt. Until I may learn otherwise...
But Pig and I were always friends; oppisites but friends! Our discussions were always civil, even when we didnt agree.
Just wanted to comment on an old name from the past, and the different ways people handle confrontations.
Fathead-Say hi to my old buddy Pig for me please!

Iam going to see him tommrow we're going to lift togetner. He lives in Dallas now not Phoenix but he hates it he and his wife may move back next year. I'll tell the pudgy one you said hello, he is like a little blimp about 240 right now all moon faced up as usual.:D
Big and swollen and happy! Ive heard AZ is a great place to live I dont blame him for wanting to be back there.

I am moving to AZ next year.

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