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BBA and his trip to Nogales...


Slant-eyed mutha fucka
Jul 28, 2002
|--[\\\\]>---------- All i have to say is FUCK! Well a buddy of mine and i decided to drive south 2 hours to a town called Nogales, Mexico. Well, we were harrassed from the very start. My buddy and i both wore sweatpants and big baggy sweat shirts, nothing tight, or bbing related. When we pulled up, they made us pull over and questioned us for about 15 min (this is B4 we entered Mexico)! They asked me q's like why i was here, why i had a AZ driver lis. IF i was from IA, what we were doing, and a lot of q's about my friends car...anyways, we passed and we were on our way....we hooked up with a Rx down there, and let me say, it's sad b/c the 1st prices quoted to us, i could have gotten WAY cheaper from the furry one himself and it would have been domestic withOUT risk of customs! So i told him i could get it cheaper in the states...after bargaining, i decided NOT to guy any injs. b/c the price dif. was NOT that great, but my buddy decided to go with 4 btls of T400, 3 btls of Eq and 3 btls of Deca300, prices still high IMO. I ended up getting ONLY orals, Halo, T3 and clen, anyways, i emptied ALL orals into 2 seperate aspirin btls, i stuck one in the glove compartment, and the other i put in my empty starbucks coffee cup and held it like i was still drinking coffee. As we approached the search, i got nervous, but DID NOT panic, held composure...we got there and he took our lis. and placed a orange stix on our window and said, go to lane 1 or 2, SECONDARY inspect! FUCK! i got real nervous then! They asked us to get out of the car, now keep in mind, one btl of tabs, in the glove comp. and one btl in my empty cup in my hand, and my buddy's 10cc btls in the center council(sp). They searched the engine, back of the truck, under, they they did the inside, they had us go sit on a table about 50 ft. away. i watched them poke their heads in and out, i looked to my left and saw a garbage can, and i was gonna toss the cup if i had too....then i saw them do it, the agent, took out my btl of "aspirin" and took some out, they talked to each other and came over to me and asked me what it was, i said, naproxen (aleve) the lady said, no, it's blue, these are white, i said that there were many dif. kinds, these were generic, they looked at each other for a bit and finally decided to take me inside, at that point i pretended like i was finishing up my "coffee" and threw it away, threw away 300 tabs of clen, 200 tabs of Halo, there they said, we can't confirm what they are, so we have to flush them, i said no prob. b/c they were just aspirin (infact they were 10 btls of T3)! i came back outside and they said, ok you guys are free to go....and we were on my way with NO TABS and my buddy got away with ALL HIS BTLS! they must have looked inside the center peice, but he had so many papers and other shit, they didn't look hard enuff...total loss was $120....it was TOTALLY worth my freedom..moral of the story, i will NEVER go over and try and bring it across myself, i will ALWAYS pay $15-$20 more for gear here in the states just due to the fact that it is MUCH safer IMO, it's available, fast service, and i dont have to worry about customs...

That is why whenever anyone bitches about prices, i always tell them "Then go down and get it yourself"--why not stay safe and pay the little xtra to buy it domestic...less risk...all to save a few dollars! doesnt make sense...
I told you to stick the bottle in your butt crack! No shit! I've done it. Nogales border sucks, you will get harassed. Best time to cross there is late at night when all of the UofA students are coming back going back into Tucson from a night of partying. Should have hit up Rocky Point. A lot easier there and cheaper prices if you loook at the right places. I will take ya down some time and show ya around newbie lol....
Hit me up with a call tomorrow afternoon.
lol bba i was actuely in tj sat nite, my buddies bought gear, not worth my time and risk but walking across easiest. prices are totaly relative depending to where u are, border towns usuely jack thier prices pretty good while some of the less touristy cities can be cheaper, all and all i went to party and black mail my buddies with pics of them with dirty mexican strippers
Like you said bro - a small price to pay :(

It ain't that same in Mexico...

...as it used to be. But, good news is that Saddam is captured now so prolly will result in backing off a little IMO. Don't know why 9/11 cause Mexico to get stricter in their searches but, it did.

Thats a messed up story, BBA. Sorry to hear about the loss, but Im sure its well worth it (considering). Good message here as well...

Better to be out a few bills then being stuck with drug charges...Glad it worked out for you.
I had a similar situation.

Back in 1992 my vehicle was searched while coming back from Nogales. I had 90 tabs of Pimobolan in each shoe and my buddy stashed 10 Sustenon and 10 Deca preloads in the center console.

While they were searching, I was praying that they didn't find anything. Also I was peppered with questions like, "Where are the steroids?"

They didn't find anything and we were free to go.

I swore to never try anything like that again as the risk far outweighed the reward.

Domestic es bueno!

EDIT: If I remember correctly, the cost of Primobolan tabs was only $3.33 or $4 for 30x5mg tabs! I forgot how much the deca and sust cost - I do remember they were expensive.
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Whatz screwed up is that you have a AZ lic., but they ask if you're from IA. What's the point of that? CJay
Cjay said:
Whatz screwed up is that you have a AZ lic., but they ask if you're from IA. What's the point of that? CJay

maybe he had a lot of birdshit on his car..lol

anyone else hear that there are a lot of birds shitting up in iowa? maybe im just f'ed up..haha


Been down there many times and searched all but once and can't say I was clean everytime. You can't beat $20-$60 for a bottle of test. I haven't been in some time and have considered it again but who knows. The rough part is if someone were to say go and get what they need for some time and spend like $3000. Then it's tricky to hide, but can be done. Come back at night, half buzzed, and take woman with you. I know it works and that is what my buddy from that side recomends. But this is all hypothetical?:)

Glad to see you back and safe. It still sucks tho.

I met a guy on saturday that works for Customs. Too bad he doesn't work that border. Nobody would get popped for juice.


|--[\\\]>-------- Here's what a lot of ppl forget, if you go down 5 times and have NOT gotten caught, your chances of getting caught on the 6th time is still 50/50....just b/c you are 100% so far does not raise your chances of getting back safely...it's a 50/50 chance EVERYTIME...not playing that gambling game ever again...been busted for real once b4, not about to do it again...especially since i can get the stuff here domestically for the same price or only $10-$20 more....shit i mean Aratest was like $55...that's expensive!
BBA - excellent story and I'm glad you got off clean. And the morale is right on the money, pay a little more for domestic and stay safe. The only time I buy gear in mexico is when I'm down there on vacation, and then I use it there and don't ever bring any back - too much risk bro as your story shows!

stay safe,


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