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Been waiting 11 months to tell you this story


Featured Member / Kilo Klub
Featured Member
Kilo Klub Member
Aug 22, 2002
This is a story centered around my personal life, this really happened, and it is no fun being raided.

I used to be a regular on the Fina Board and that is basically my real introduction to Bbing boards (excluding Elite --- buncha fags over there) Anyhow I was always involved in athletics my whole life and as many of you know I fought on the professional level. During these times I was able to make a lot of friends, many who were into black market stuff… For me juice came to me at age 19…..I was wrestling and it was pretty much a lifestyle there at the time (I will not mention which college for obvious reasons) Anyhow, there is one particular “cat” I got to know who was a huge dude and well known in his sport… He was also my source for goodies…..

He lived 85 miles South of me. He had been hooking up the area athletes (college level) with stuff for the past 4 years when I met him. I was always AMAZED at the amount of juice he had….We got to know each other pretty well, and we would go out every once in awhile…during this time he began to ask me how I learned so much about AAS etc, and I told him through the net….he asked me if it was really possible to obtain things of that nature online and I told him yes. He asked me if I thought he could source on some boards….so I showed him the ropes a little and he did the rest…. Meet the Pinkpanther or also known simply as “PP”. He loved cats and loved the cartoon, plus the pink color of the thai dbols influenced it a little.

So he began sourcing, I helped him out a little, quite a bit at first until he got the hang of things…
Things were going good, he had great prices, great product, great service….for a domestic he averaged 3 days, sometimes 5 for TA time. Then he hit a bump….again, I will not mention names or handles, but a competing source began these foul ass rumors about his stuff being bunk, namely the dbol….Now I know for a fact that his stuff was legit, (it was not proven until later about the competing source but there was eventually an admission to this after this whole thing ended) ß----fucking bastard. So he came to me and asked what to do. I know of a lab that tests and is very discreet. 400.00 dollars later and 2 weeks later I saw the assay for myself… GOOD AS GOLD. So he wasted 400 bucks on bullshit…

So this was the 1st bomb…..the second did not fully unravel until the aftermath of it. You see, one of those dudes was a cop….yep, in Pheonix AZ and he ratted out to the DEA “anonymously” ß---don’t worry he screwed up too and was charged with criminal conduct or something rather. So PP had his house raided…they took his car, not his house thank god…. I found out about it the same day and drove down to see the damage….his wife was there and we talked about what happened…it was a controlled delivery made by US c u s t o m s and D e a --- along with the local PD. So after this I was a little rattled.

The next morning I am rudely awakened naked no less, with my girl, by feds with guns in my face. Those idiots cuffed me, THEN had to dress me. They searched the house and only found my personal stash which was about 2,000 dbols, 50 amps… and 6 pre-made fina solutions. They tried to scare me etc, but luckily I knew to keep quiet and let them have there fun. I let my lawyer do all the talking…you see, they did not know I had a lawyer --- the team I fought for, “Team Idaho” has a lawyer….so he talked to them. Now get this: it takes 50 tabs to equal 1 unit in they’re terms, and 10mls to equal 1 unit…so according to the federal sentencing guidelines they really did not have much on me at all…. So then my probation officer comes at me trying to violate me…. Over the course of the last 11 months, I have had 6 court dates… I paid a handsome amount to my lawyer and JUST LAST WEEK my ass got off on a few technicalities, not to mention the small amount I had. So for the past months I have been hearing about going to jail, and my life being flushed down the toilet with a drug charge on my already illustrious criminal record which consisted of 6 assaults, one being a felony unfortunately.

As a matter of fact that felony screwed up a lot of things for me. I was in a bar, weighing 230 + and it was ladies night….only it was pretty much dead… So I got a few drinks in me and headed to the dancefloor to talk to a group of girls there….little did I know one of the bouncers had a “crush” on one of them… So as I am talking to them, he comes up behind me and bumps into me. I look behind me to see that there was plenty of room and that it was obviously no mistake…Then in my periphial vision, I saw the fucker coming back the other way, only this time I give him a sharp elbow to his side, and just like he did to me, I did not acknowledge I did anything wrong, just kept on chatting with the ladies. Next thing I know he shoves me in the back. I spun around to see him coming at me. He then grabs my neck from the front in a strangling motion. I hit him with a crushing uppercut and he looked straight up then fell on his own legs. I turned around and left. I got a call from a detective not too long after this… Dude had a broken jaw etc etc…and was pressing charges.. So I go to court and the judge threw the book at me.. This was in Washington and I had no record there.. Still because I was a fighter (and I always thought people who said this kinda shit were cheesy) my hands were weapons. He took about 20 minutes explaining this crap to me. So I got a 2nd degree assault and was sentenced to 9 months (originally 2 years) in the state penn. I was there for two weeks until I got an amendment and got it reduced to a 3rd degree (still a felony) assault in my appeal. 4 months in county jail. I got fined up the ass, got suspended from fighting, etc etc etc….

SO here I am now fellas, clean slate no legal responsibilities, ready to start all over. I think I am done with fighting, and am looking into finishing school, perhaps playing football…….but I know one thing is for sure: I want to begin my bodybuilding life. And I need all of your guy’s help… I have lead a very long life for a 24 year old, been to Europe 8 times and have experienced many things. I now want to become a freak, and I will do whatever I have to damn it! That is why I have all these diet Q’s, and what not. Thanks for taking the time to read all of this and if any of you have questions about anything, please feel free to ask me, I am very open about most anything.

About PP: he got sentenced to 3 years for possession of a controlled substance with intent to distribute, and mail fraud…there was one more but I forget what it was… He was a good bro, and no he did not rat me or anyone out, they came to my house because in the initial investigation of PP, they found a lot of “Ivan artifacts” at his house that gave them enough PC for a warrant.

My advice: never think you are safe, take every precaution, the govt. CAN and WILL do whatever they want, despite our rights. Deep pockets help. Now with this new law passed, they can go into your house without warrants if they can link you to t e r r o r ists. Which can be as simple as saying a suspected package had a n t h r a x. in it. It is sad that we are not truly free in our own country that was based on freedom. This whole AAS act is a bunch of bullshit. It was made possible by impractical morons who are severely close- minded. And our govt. is the biggest group of liars I have ever encountered or experienced. My older sister will not talk to me anymore because of her views on steroids. Nevermind that she has never been properly educated on the subject, instead she has been lied to by the govt, and in her mind I am a criminal and a “psycho” because I took roids…and this extends to the general public, they all think juice transforms you into monsters. Heh heh, I wish.
thats quite a descriptive story, Im sure it took a while to write so i spent the time to read it all. Makes me kind of nervous really. Im also in the same boat as you with legal trouble but luckly Ive be able to stay out of prision but I know what its all like, i had to sell everything I owned to pay fines, and now I ride a bike to the gym. One good thing that came out of my recent streak of bad luck, is that it taught me to NEVER take anything for granted, when you think your life is ok or sucks at times, just wait. I was shown things can get a lot worse, and now to feel decent or normal feels great, and thiers not a day I dont reconize when its not raining and when anyone offers me thier help or favors. So to sum it up I think you can only go down hill so long before you have to start heading back up, so try to forget about all that bullshit and keep focused on what you want know. take every precaution you can to help ensure you can live your life happily without any bullshit, I wouldnt be suprised if your being watched still simply because of your past, so just be careful, and goodluck to you
im sorry to hear that shit man! :( im with dave, you took the time to write the whole thing, so i read it all!! kind of like a lesson that you had that your passing on to us, so thanks man. not a good story bro, but i see how the government are a bunch of losers aswell. if my mum or sis ever found out i was on the juice they would hate me and shit! :( its just a stupid perspective about everything, and annoys the hell out of me. i cant say ive ever been in trouble with the law (cept for my car etc hehe) but im trying to take every precaution possible to not get in the shit.
so man, thanks for sharing with us. and hope you start your journey to massive freakism as do i! :):):) take care ivan
Ivan, dude I'm glad to hear you're not going to prison, i remember a post you made a few weeks ago, saying how you may be "gone" for awhile becuz of legal reasons, and when i haven't been seeing you on the board, i thought they got ya.

Damn, this gov't is a bunch of BS as far as our health goes, it's so fucking sad.

and as far as your sister goes, i won't say to much cuz i dont wanna piss ya off cuz you're a cool bro, and family is family..... but damn, thats really fucked up she won't stand beside ya....family supposed to be there thru thick and thin...damn

and as far as more hypocrits, last night i was over my (soon to be anyway) parent in laws, and a commerical for stacker2 came on and my lil brother in law, says "yea take that and you'll die of a heart attack" referring to the epherdrine(sp, dammit i suck at spelling) anyway, it cracked me up cuz this kid, he'll be 18 soon, has been smoking a pack a day since he was 13.....oh the uninformed and uneducated.....there's so many of them, will we ever win?

I sincerely appreciate you taking the time to tell us that story. It sounds like things are really looking up for you now. I have no doubts that you will do well in bbing, and who knows, maybe we will compete against each other someday.
Ahh - the ol' Fina Board days :)

Thanks for sharing this with us bro!

I was wondering what happened to you lately.

Yea dude this is a great story! This is the very reason I let know one in on my bizz! Just tell everyone you know locsally you are going natural! I got out when the cops were driving by my house 16 times a day and the ghetto bird was fyling over about 4 and at night with the spot light on my shit! Though I am pretty sure my "friends" made up a bunch of stories to the police to get off on there troubles! I understand the position you are in bro I would just keep your nose clean for awile dude and I hope everything woks out well for you!!!!!
What a mess...

Bro, you've been thru a lot of shit for such a young guy. Glad to hear it is improving, but are you sure getting back into roids is a good idea given your criminal record? I mean if you get caught again, I suspect they will throw the motherfucking book at you and you will up shit creek for a very long time. If I were you, I'd laid low for a while and see where I'm at before jumping back into the fray.

Just my humble opinion bro... stay safe!


Thanks for sharing bro. BAD troubles hope they are all over.

Having seen stuff like this I actually decided a while back to go clean. It sucks, I know I will never be real big but I have a special situation that I can NOT be even suspected of anything.

So here I sit never to do AS, tough decision but reading your story I think it was a good one.

Of course I am thinking of moving to South America and then I wont have to worry about it. :)
Move to south america, I don't know about all that. But being suspected and proven are two different things. However I understand the whole need for privacy and keeping people away. I can't believe your family didn't stand by you. I was harrassed by the cops before and had another run in with them over some 1,4 butan. before it was "illegal" and the cops gave me a bunch of shit and when my mom showed up to bail me out the started singing another toon. They tried to explain to her what it was used for and shit. Little did they know that she dropped some knowledge on them about it. She freely said that she may not agree with what I do all the time but the only person that it ever affects is me and they should lay off before she spent my fathers social security sueing the hell out of them. She knows that I wouldn't put anything in my body that wasn't serving a purpose's for anything other than good. It's funny cause last time I was on she could tell and I hadn't fessed up just yet as this was alittle over 2 years ago. She was like you need to get off that shit cause you eat too much when your here and your going to have to buy all new clothes, cause what you have on doesn't fit. In a round about way, I thanked her for the compliment.
Ivan......thanks for taking the time to post.

It is good to hear stuff that keeps us on our toes. I dread something like that happening to me. I don't use much or have much on hand. It would be just my luck to have something bad happen over a small amount of gear.

I also admire you goal of gettng freaky. I myself have no desire to take the amount of drugs necessary to go the full route like that. I think it's awesome though.

I wish you much better luck from here on out!:)
I just want to say Welcome back from the shit whole and you are ready and will get freaky!
Thanks Fellas!

Dave19: Thanks a lot bro, I know you are a tough little Detroit kid that has a lot of potential given your stats and age etc....we should hook up some time!

Big dave: Thanks for the input. As for my sister: she has been thoroughly brainwashed by the system...sad really...my mom and pop actually do not mind my use....when I was a competative athlete where money or scholorships were involved, they fully understood the reasons behind it and supported me.

JustwannabeHuge <----(me too) : Hey man I totally agree with you; our govt. has truly stripped us of our freedom.... Back in the 50's and 60's, Americans had more of a grip on they're freedom, the govt. saw this as a loss of control, it was breaking the puritan way or whatever...so they (the govt) fell in love with making regulations and goofy laws that COMPLETELY go against the roots of our people and independance. The reason people are so brainwashed is they actually beleive everything they hear, and the govt. keeps 'em satisfied by instituting certain freedoms that are sugar coated so we do not see the real picture. Alcohol is another area that is despicably ridiculous as far as the reasons that are given for it to be commercialized and sold.... WTF? you know?

Queefer (Cooter right?) : hey bro, I look forward to it, I have a ways to go and I will be sucking as much info as possible from these boards to aid me in my dream...I WILL be a freak.
Thanks for the kind words man.

Xcel: man do I need to talk with you about diet man! I guess I will shoot you an email sometime soon!

Dizzy: It is truly unbeleivable how the police can operate....they have a license to fuck your life up. This was certainly an eye opener for me.

Drgoodbody: love the name bro. Yeah juice is something that I need to be careful with....Whatever the case may be, I have upped my precautions ten-fold....never again man, never again... :eek:)

Crowler, I hope tings work out...I know the feeling all too well of the crushing weight of worry and not knowing what your future holds in legal respects. South America eh? Brazil would be my choice if I went....I would not mind living in New Zealand either...or perhaps Thailand...?

Armageddon: Yeah man I know you are a football player and YOU KNOW how it is.... Even the people you go to school with have to be kept in the dark about your use....too many people that spout stupid shit off.....remeber the movie "The Program" ? Remember Lattimer? Well I am sure you know his name is Andy Bernowskit <--spelling? But my old coach new him, I even answered the phone once when he called for him. Ol' Andy used to be pretty open with his juice use, but then had to concede to saying he never took stuff etc because of idiots he was also annoyed out how the movie producers made him portray roids.......here is a situation that is so common --- my coach is 280 HUGE and pretty ripped, takes stuff of course; but his attitude is VERY mellow and reserved...so people immediately figure he is natural because he is not bashing out car windows, or bodyslamming people on sight.

Jethro: Thanks man. I just want to take myself to my ultimate potential....really see what kind of body I can develop....We shall see...

Steak: Thanks so much for keeping me sane thoughout the months that have transpired...this summer is gonna be fun!

Ken: thanks for the support, my road has just begun!

I wish you the best of luck...and if you got any questions just PM me or email me...

Your country is so hypocrite...
In belgium, where i live it's legal to use steriods.
If you sell it in the gym, there is no problem because they say that steriods are not harmfull.
They are many cops in my gym who use them.
Rec.drugs is more important for them, off course.

Only when you sell shitloads, and i mean shitloads of Aas true the net, then you "can" get trouble. But even then , normally you don't have problems.
Not for selling Aas, but for fraude.

I have all the good stuff here in Europe, but it's not cheap...

Your country should wake up, and make use of Aas legil. (for adults only offcourse) JMO
Thanks for your story....

....and the inspiration I get from your courage and determination.

I just don't fucking get it!!!

Liposuction is available for all -
Botox parties are the latest rage for those nasty smile lines - Pharmaceuticals for fat asses and housewives with cellulite are advertized on national television -
So many things are legal for people who wish to make CHOICES concerning their physical appearance - but anabolics are a scourge that is illegal.

Michael Jackson can turn himself into the freak he now is - legal!

Obnoxious Joan Rivers can have umpteen face lifts to the point of being able to bounce a quarter off her forehead - legal! (One more facelift and Joanie will have pubic hairs on her chin!!).

Cops and cop cars and prison cells make the hairs stand up on the back of my neck!!!
Been there - done that, but for reasons totally unrealated to your misfortune...
In 1989 I was driving drunk, and hit a guy head-on in a horrific car accident. The man almost died - ended up in a head injury clinic for months.
He now suffers bouts of incredible anger and drools out of the side of his mouth.
I spent 2 years in prison, and another 5 on parole.
I deserved everything I got...you didn't.

There is life AFTER something like you went through...tie a knot and hold on.

For me, it was the realization that there was a problem, and the problem was me.

God bless and regards....JB
Wow man, that was heavy stuff you just shared. I agree with you too. All those celebs can do whatever they want to there bodies via plastic surgery, but juice? Forget it? I still think some actors juice though....
You are right...the juice flows!!!!

...and with little or no problem.

Tennis pros the Williams sisters?? Give me a break.
Most of the NFL - baseball players - "pro" wrestlers???

How did Ronnie Coleman, as a POLICE officer, explain those massive arms jutting out of his uniform to his superiors??

"Well, Sarge - I have found this incredible whey protein to go with my very strict diet...oh, and I lift heavy".

What really bothers me is the powers that be have bigger fish to fry - heroin and cocaine powdering the streets of every city in the country (and a good portion of smaller towns and 'burbs as well...homeland security...

Most of the politicians that make the laws don't realize that the logical, managed use of anabolics is as safe, if not safer, than scores of things that are perfectly legal.

The horror stories they hear put unfair laws on the books - high schoolers doing steroids, and overzealous blabbermouths from the medical community who paint a picture of death and destruction.

At the least - I should be able to go to my personal doctor and obtain anabolics in a controlled environment under his watchful eye. I doubt if even that will ever happen. I have to become a criminal....bullshit.

I would have no problem obtaining an anti-depression medication or a round of pills to help me with my middle-age spread!!!

How many people are sitting behind the steering wheel zombied by Valium and the rest?

Go figure?????!!!!!

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