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Big A I have a question for you......


Featured Member / Kilo Klub
Featured Member
Kilo Klub Member
Aug 4, 2003
well I think that you know that I have a great deal of respect for you as a person and for your vast knowledge.[ I hope you got my PM by the way and thank you very much for yours]
Heres my question for you .I am built very similar to what you have described [ one of my friends saw that picture of you doing rows on the banner and asked if that was me ,and this was a long time friend]I think you know my history [ at least a little] and you know that I am in the process of making a bit of a comeback.I am training and dieting very hard under the guidence of board member Skip[ he is such a great person]Anyway I plan on being a very lean 225 or so by the end of Jan .I am a hard 240ish right now[ this is after living on cheeseburgers and hardly training for 8 years and of course being totally clean, and I still am as we speak for the whole 8 years ] You have said you are 5' 11 with a 28 inch waist with good balance when you compete .I am 6 foot with the same size waist when I am at my leanest.Feb first I plan hitting the supper sups with a vengence.My life is very stable and financially secure.So I am ready to go to work and be the best I can. [ and no I don't have any unrealistic expectations, other than wanting to see what I can do with this mess of a body.]My question [ and I have ran this by wylde , doggcrap, zilla , and now you ...Skip's my man, but I want the guys to really come up with some cool stuff to challenge him and make him make me the best that I can possibly be. So question is Big A, what would you do diet ,drug , gh, igf-1 ,anti est ,sup, and training wise to get there if you were me ?I need to be about 255-265 on stage with in 2 years I hope.I hoping to ask big Kiwi and Phil this as well . I really respect your opinions , but I understand if you don't wish to share.Hopefully I will hear back .this should be a great read for all of the members .Especially if Phil and Kiwi throw in there 2 cents as well .Thanks for time , I hope all is well for you.Oh yeah, I would be willing to share my whole progress with the board starting feb 1st if you think it would be good for the board.Mark my words , I will be a hard 300 plus by the end of august.I have been 290 before ,then I got busted , this has been 8 years coming I am ready to put in the work my friend......and i have the life and resourses to make it happen. So what would you do BigA?
If you have always been clean why the hell would you do things like GH insulin and IFG-1? Start with 500mg test a week + 400mg equipose and you should get mad gains! Im sure BigA will agree with me about this?
he said he's been clean for 8 years. If the man was 290 and hard...he is either the most genetically gifted bodybuilder ever, or he was using. I vote for option B...lol
Jaw ....I was 290 hard, 8 years ago on gear for two years , I had not used prior and had built a very atheltic 225-232 physique....kind of a bob paris look]. I am 240 clean[ I starting training hard again at a soft 261] for 8 years. I am trying to get near show lean right now .[ I will end up in the high 220s.......not too bad, but I was that size as a 16-17 year old ,so it is kind of hard on the ego] genetics ...yes, I have a good package.I am a greasey wop, just like you.......LOL!
dom....thanks for your two cents.....the reason I am asking Big A for what he would do is because I like the way he thinks , we have similar structure, and he has been battling a long lay off as well.Yes , I know I would grow off what you have recomended.I know my shit pal .I went from 225[ lifetime clean ,former NFL db ] to 290 in a little bit less than 2 years,and I have trained and helped many people over the years myself.In the past, I was not a huge dosage guy ,but I was a little bit more agressive than what you have suggested.The reason I work with Skip and I have asked for the imput of Wylde , zilla, and now Big A is they they don't over complicate things or put ones health at undue risks.I know there aren't any real secrets.But I would like to surpass my old self as quickly as possilbe.And I would like to do so, while staying realitivly lean .I think these men might be able to help me accomplish this in the shortest ammount of time possible.I figure by asking these men their opinions I can come up with some things to challenge Skip to be better than he already is.[ which is incredibily hard to do] .And before you go and say why do you have a trainer if you are so smart? Simple , I have been out of the game for 8 years ,and things and ways of thinking evolve .Others have tried and learned things that I haven't. Plain and simple.Am not looking for magic at all .....I am just looking for the shortest distance between two points that is all....And besides having Skip around keep answering to someone else so I stay consistant and constantly move foreward.......
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Well, I have only told one person this so far. I have signed up for the Moscow GP on Nov 5th, Dutch GP on Nov 6th and the UK GP on Nov 7th. I figured, that if all goes well in Feb, I will have time to get ready for it.

I am currently at 260 with a 34" waist. I started training again last week. Diet is so so. No gear. I'll play around like this until Feb.
If all goes well in Feb, I will start everything properly in March.

First I have to get my size back, so I will be using:
1g - 3g per week test (usually sustanon). Non stop.
500mg - 1g per week deca or eq - non stop.
50mg/day d-bol or 150mg/day a-50, 4 weeks on 4 weeks off.
GH at 10IU per day non stop.
Insulin at 30IU per day, 4 weeks on 4 weeks off. The insulin will be on the same 4 weeks that I am on the orals.
Syntherol sometime in there as well.
All the accessories as well, of course.

I will be doing this non stop until 4 weeks out from the shows, when I'll switch to my comp gear.

I'll have 5 months of getting big and then 3 months to get ready.

I have the Bob Paris look too :) Actually, even at shows that I looked like shit, I had people come up to me and say 'You got beautiful shape man!'.

Anyway, my aim is actually to have the Bob Paris look for these shows. I don't care that that is not competitive anymore. I am only doing these shows to do it for myself, to feel a sense of satisfaction for myself, then no more. I'll hang it up for good. Life and business is way too hectic for me. Not only I want to concentrate on that now, but I want to have kids, etc. Bodybuilding as a sport, would have been a phase in my life, and I will be moving onto the next phase after Nov next year. That is if all goes well in Feb. If it doesn't, then I need to re-evaluate everything ;)
I use a variation of the "shitload" with some of my dieting clients and I make sure that i plug zilla and skip on the different boards I post on (muscle mayhem) (animals) because thats their idea i borrowed--very ingenious--(works awesome). Ive known Iamabadman for a long time and its going to downright scary if he gets everything dialed in because structure and genetics wise he has some gifts very few people do (very very wide shoulders, thin hips, and full muscle bellies). Most 6 footers plus have a tendency to look kind of lanky dieted down on stage---big but still kind of lanky--but not iamabadman--he has that full thick look that guys 5'7 who are full blown have. He will look more like a kevin levrone type at 6 foot than a lanky 6 footer. I think he found out how to manipulate the myostatin gene and he wont tell any of us
Manipulate the Myostatin?

Take it in both hands and rub it really fast up and down, then.....................oooops, maybe I misread your post, BRB.
Re: Manipulate the Myostatin?

Take it in both hands and rub it really fast up and down, then.....................oooops, maybe I misread your post, BRB.
WHAT :confused: No "pump" involved with this procedure? :D

Cool I going on the European tour to , the Russian show my mate Boris is the promoter :) Ibadman will write out what Iwill be taking later to :)
First and foremost I wanted to thank Big A for sharing and answering the thread.Second good luck on your efforts to return to the stage, I truely hope that all goes well for you.And finally, I will praying that everything in feb goes smoothly my friend.I know that you have alot on the line, I think it is to be comended that you would take some time out of your day with everything that you have going on to help me out with my question .I will have a few more if you don't mind.
Do you use you anti Es and how ? And do you use igf1 ? If so , how? What is your OTC sup program like? When trying to gain mass is typical days eating like for you?

Big Kiwi .....Thanks for responding bro .I will look foreward to what you have to share on this issue.I am sure that you have alot to offer .I hope things are well big man and good luck this coming year as well.I wish you nothing but continued health , happiness , and success in your future.I am definately interested to hear what you have to say.

Doggcrap , we have been through an aweful lot together . It is absolutely wonderful to see you having so much success . My congradulations to you and your lady ![ Boy did she bring out the best in you or what ?] I think that in the next two years my friends ,our boy DC finally will hit the bigtime .[ remember I said it first] no matter if is bodybuilding , the computer software industry, or the supp business.The man is brillant , classy , and solid as fuck .The sky the limit DC .The world is in trouble now!LOL![ Chains have been removed ...time to kick ass]

Skip....Your my wigger.....you know your my dog!LOL! You know that you are my friend first and trainer second......much love...you are still my hero[ great father , husband , and american....LOL ! Ok I lied about that part]

Big Phil, our resident comedian.You are a truely an exceptional athlete and have provided me with much inspiration in the past.I know you have been through an aweful lot and now I am sure that with your recent health issue, that things are alittle scarey for you right now.I just wanted to let you know that I am praying for you.[ I am not even religous, but my sister is dying of cancer, so I pray for her every night in just in case it helps.I have been praying for you and Big A as well]I know that you are very bright, and have been a teacher in your past.I sure wish you would share some of the great knowledge that you must pocess.I would love to hear your insight and recomendations without the clowning[ which you are probally aren't willing to do.]I understand your cautioness , so if you don't want reply I truely understand. Take care of your self .....my best to you and your family.Maybe it is just me Phil , but I think underneath all the bs there is alot that you could share and teach to the guys and many that would really appreciate it as well.But you have my upmost respect either way.......
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All these men

HAve shown what kind of integrity they have for the sport. They don't lie to us about anything and if they thought they had to, they would rather say "No Comment" rather than blow smoke up our asses.
Their accomplishments and results speak for themselves. Heed their words guys, they've been involved and been down this road before.
CHEERS to the best group of guys and the best damn BB board on the net!
Thanks for the kind words.

I exclusively use Femara now (letrozole). It kicks ass compared to other anti-e's. I only take one EOD.

I rarely use IGF-1. As I always said, take gear first, then GH, then insulin, then IGF-1 if you can be bothered.

OTC I use Synthetek stuff, obviously. Offseason I mix SyntheBLEND and SynthePURE, 50g of each in water, with each meal. I have 6 meals a day of whatever in the offseason.

With my insulin shots, I have 100g of SyntheBLEND mixed with 100g of SyntheDEXTRIN.
I use Synthergine when I use orals.
I only use Syntheselen and Synthetine when dieting.
I only Synthelamin rarely, as I am hungry all the time anyway.


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