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Big booty daddy


Featured Member / Kilo Klub
Featured Member
Kilo Klub Member
Nov 29, 2002
Have you guys seen Steiner lately? His arms have to be around 23-24 inches. Triple H's are 21 or so and Scotty had a few on him when I saw the two guys arm wrestling. Is it me or are Steiner's arms border line starting to look synthol stupid? They are really outgrowing the rest of his body, especially his chest. His bis are starting to look Valetino-ish. How about that Bautista guy who runs 318 at about 6% bf. That guy is probably the first person I've ever thought would look better with a bigger waist, especially since he's so big and tall. He may be the widest guy I've ever seen in my life.
Big poppa pump's arms are definatley freaky. However, I don't think they are even close to that dork Valentino. Remember Stiener isn't a competitive BB, so he probably dosn't give a shit if his arms are getting out of proportion to his chest, he just wants to be huge so he can perpetuate his image to the fans. Remember all he cares about are "his freaks and his peaks".
Well I like steiner but his arms are no where near 23 try more like 20 max. Same for Triple H Brock etc. As far as bautista he does not weigh no where near 300 either I would 240-250 max the WWE exagerates the hell out of those guys weight and height. Those guys are the only reason I watch the stuff. MM
Check out Manfred if you want to se 25-1/2" cold!! :eek: **broken link removed**

I like that pic where the dude is walking down the street, he looks like one of those cartoon bodybuilders
The Freak

I saw Big Bad Booty this past summer at a show in San Diego he was at a booth not sure who. I asked the bro straight out how big but I pretty much already knew he said they tape out at 21.5 inches cold so with a pump before he hits the ring probably around 22. I love the guy but all he is arms, has a big back, pretty good traps, terrible forearms and no quads to speak of. I am only comparing this to what you'd think he should look like compared to his arms. He does have a weird chest don't he.

The guy still look great though most guys on this board wish they had the development he had even his legs being small are pretty cut his calf's have nice size.

They say he is 275 he can't be more than 245 he even called me big guy which I thought was funny.

The batista dude I'd give him 270lbs no way he is 320 the dude is ripped though.

oh yea BTW Xcel lil Sarah Jane is fine and says hello.
Manfred is a Beast for sure. Scott is also a monster. I would say those arms are over 20" easily. Look @ HHH stand by the O competitors the last couple years, he made several look like small children. There has been speculation about BPP biceps and that enormous peak being an implant. But who really knows the truth to that. Watching old matches of him and his brother wrestling at Michigan and watching them now, they've always been freaks, fo sho.
Steiners arms blew HHHs away. And HHH is no little boy. His arms are surely over 20". But he is all arms and delts. His chest sucks, his back is not real good either. Not much lower body...
And that chest is not from muscle tears, look at his bro Rick's chest-its absolutely the worst.
Bautista-320lbs? Bullshit, I laugh when I hear him introduced at that weight. 275 maybe.

Know if BUFF daddy is going to come back? Or goldberg?

Poppa pump and triple H are the bomb. Im sure BPP has a week lower body and back considering is major back surgerys etc. His chest is far behind his arms b/c im sure he uses all triceps. But then again he is a wrestler and not a BB. IM sure having big legs would severly fuck up his ability to be mobile. I think as he continues to work for the WWE is body will make some improvements... can already be seen since his shor time back.

Heh my fav. thing so far is when Jericho called him out and pappa pumped looked at him, stuck out his and pointed to his vein and said" This vein is bigger than you bitch" Ah freakzilla is back!
I've got to disagree. Poppa pumps arms, as one said, are about 22 inches. HHH's are over 20 and his were measurably bigger. I thought Steiners quads were pretty damn big (maybe it's cause I'm comparing them to mine). Bautista might not be 320, but I'll bet he's around 300. Remember, he's about 6'7. Who know's, I might be way off and way wrong, JMO.
Actually you will see as wrrestlers stay active, they gradually look worse over time. Because of all the nagging injuries and busy schedules.
Ever notice how when a guy has been out awhile, he comes back looking awesome?
Buff sucks. His additude has gotten him shit-canned at every stop.
Noone wants him anymore.

Brock is the man. :cool:
Hey Mike

Mike me and my bro the PORK Man (you know who that is right) and a couple others are going January 6 to RAW IS WAR in PHOENIX AZ. He always said he was going to jump the rail maybe I can get him drunk and get him to go after Steiner lol! It's his last hoorah before he moves to Texas.

Shit I might break out my MR WRESTLING II MASK.

That would be hillarious!!! I would be the house that it would make all the news!
Get your bro to do it man!

Put a mask on and then put PROFESSIONALMUSCLE.COM on your back! Make sure to get plenty drunk as when people jump in the ring ive seen wreslters kick and punch people coming in. LOL , GOOD LUCK 2 YA!

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