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Jun 5, 2002
i was just cruising over to his web site and he had a thread there about insulin usuage. he believes that insulin should only be used once a week. twice a week at the ery most. he believes that it should be done on a weds and that the shots should be administered every 6 hours. then no more for the week. wtf. where is he coming from?? nicholls is way smarter than me but, i am a bit confused on this one.... how can one gain appreciablemass on one day od insulin use??
first ive heard of that what would be the point ?
maybe he's holding out , LOL
he ain't giving the secrets away for free methinks and may be spouting shit as i agree 1 day/week is no big deal, like taking i shot of Test suspension a week...ain'ts goona do shit

The best results I experienced (size wise) came using Insulin in this manner combined with GH (no adrogens or anabolics). I would do it on Back day and Leg day (Mon & Thur) only. 10 iu a.m. , 10 iu afternoon, 10 iu postworkout. It works, trust me (cant explain it but it does). I know of a few pros who use this same dosing pattern as well.
He is correct!

Sorry to inform you all but Chad is correct as using a faster acting insulin(humulin-r) on mondays and thursdays only work far superior to an everday dosing schedule as otherwise your body builds up an insulin resistance and you have to take more and more to get the same kick and then it gets to the point you have to take daily dosages in the extreme amounts just to keep your blood sugar levels stable at which point you might as well consider yourself a diabetic because god only knows your body has. I agrue this point over and over with people and regardless of what you all think the TOP pro's are doing with insulin is WRONG I have worked with way to many of them over the years and actually got my dosage schedule from Jay Cutler I originally thought "no way this won't work" because I was under the assumtion that everyone was using 8iu pre-workout and another 8 postworkout and then there were some dividing their dosages 3 times a day depending on what type of insulin they were using and truth be told more isn't better in the case of insulin. Same deal with Test yes 1000mg is better than 500mg per week but why is that is it due to the fact that you receptors are downregulated hmmmm YES i used to use 250-500mg per week like everyone else then i heard okay you need atleast 1 gram a week and boom i researched it and then tried it and I'll tell you what the first cycle or two is worked like the first time i tried test then i had to go to 1500mg per week then 2000mg per week and this was with 6-8 week off cycles as your supposed to do. why is that well its simple the body will build up a tolerance to any chemical you put into it regardless of what it is. I cannot speak for all of you but at some point the risks far outweigh the rewards. Think and educate yourself on the specifics of certain AS,half-lives,ester versus non esterfied,androgens to anabolics,mg dosages,anti E's,ect........ as I found through years of trial and error only you know your body and what will work for you for example thai d-bol hell 50mg a day dose nothing for me whatsoever i even went up to 70mg per day! crazy you say yer but very true. as I have found that My body does respond very well to a select few androgens test being the king of the all as is the case with most. But you put me in a anabolic world and I take off better yet a good solid anabolic/androgen mix works excellent for 99 out of 100 people. All I am saying in a nutshell here is I hate to see so many people doing outrageous amounts of AS not knowing that with careful planning and the apropriate well thought out planning of your cycle it would yield you the same results with far less sides. Granted when i was younger i used anything and everything and if you asked me back then hell no I didn't abuse steroids because thats what everyone else was doing fortunately for myself I was under the watchful eye of a few great people whom are very well known and I won't mention here that set me straight. I am not preaching to anyone here just please be safe with your usage anyone that bought into and uses Boresson's theories will end up just like him. Just look at a few of todays pro's that are obviously abusers. One question look into their eyes and look at there pic's from 4-5 years back and tell me does it look healthy? I could write out exactly to the tee what a few top 10 guys are doing but i never have and never will because for the simple reason i don't want some 18 year old kid with no AS knowledge and his whole life ahead of him to try this ridiculous stack and hurt himself. BIG A and myself have talked over the phone at length about these issues as i have with other pro's and National level athletes and to be honest with you yes they do read some of these boards and Laugh their asses off at some of the ridiculous cycles they supposedly do. Please just research and read,read,read, and read more I think I have proven myself very trustworthy and knowledgable thrueout the years and have produced alot of champions some even from this board thrueout the years. best wishes wyldeone.
Well still with some Caution in mind would it not be reasonable to be safe and do slin EOD or perhaps even 4days/weeks for a shrt period of time say 3-4 week cycle----for year round use 2 days /week is smart to stay safe or just use post-workout

any logic to this being maximally effective while staying on the safe side for the most part??
Can ya map us out what a typical Monday and thursday Slin dosing looks like.
Thanks for the input wyldeone

This was my thought / guess, as well. The effect of insulin persists for several hours after a meal / or even after insulin levels have declined (reason for the phenomonenon of rebound hypoglycemia). If you're dosing every 6-8 hrs, the cells (mainly thinking of muscle and fat here) never have a chance re-establish insulin sensitivity.

-If insulin *resistance* requires ~24 hr to establish itself such that you are far from optimal responsiveness to a 'slin shot after only 1 day of shots, then dosing only for one day (<24 hr) seems to make sense.

-If you're bulking and still eating carbs throughout the days, but not doing insulin shots, I can imagine that it might take several days to re-establish insulin sensitivity and regain an optimal responsiveness again.

I've seen good results from just doing slin before workouts (along w/ carbs of course), mainly to maximize glycogen resynthesis (between sets and after the workout). This would mean roughly 4 shots of 10IU / week, but with sometimes only 24 hr between shots. I'll play around with hitting the 'slin on workout days for weak body parts and see how it goes.

Thanks again for your input.

wala wylde

Well put..... I for one doent believe i know it all cause i dont. I have some experience with different cycles and hve found what works well for me, just as wylde has..I to agree that some AS cycles i see on the bds is nuts but I thought what wylde laid out for me was nuts also( thanks wylde)..Messing with insulin is still a learning process for me i begged wylde to let me run it and he stood firm and wouldnt go for it at the Jr's> at the USA's WE agreed to try it. It help some hurt some to in my carb up!> But hey I made the choice wylde just kept me alive.LOL..

Anyway I would have to agree with the twice a week thing based on the downregulating of the receptors. I just wish it would work with test and help keeping a cycle a little less costly..
just to let you know i think his theory is based upon his own
gaiskeeper formula,where clen is used the other 5 days. i
got thisout of his gear uzr mag that i picked up at the o-expo
this weekend.
oops my fault.that was from trevor smith
I have one question then......

If slin receptors downregulate so fast, why not do one day slin, next day Glucophage?? Wyld/Big A, what do you think of this? Glucophage upregulates, so I would think the receptors would be clear for the next slin dose.

or ALA and CLA even better since Metformin inhibits GH at the cellular level

other compounds as well would help and no reason not to even take them on all days IMO
what is chad nicholls website? I thought I remembered it being, but that's not it.
instynct999 said:
Well still with some Caution in mind would it not be reasonable to be safe and do slin EOD or perhaps even 4days/weeks for a shrt period of time say 3-4 week cycle----for year round use 2 days /week is smart to stay safe or just use post-workout

any logic to this being maximally effective while staying on the safe side for the most part??
The theory of insulin resistance is more caution than anything. Nobody knows what duration or doseages that will cause insulin resistance.
However I dont like the multiple dose per day shit that alot of people like to do. I have my friend do Humlog or Humalin R (if the Humalog isn't available) post workout with a shitload of glutamine or creatine with dextrose and then about 20 mins later a whey protein shake with about 80 grams of protein and then have him eat protein/carb meals with minimal fat intake.

BTW nice to see you here Instynct
Little off subject, but this applies to something Wildone said about the body downregulating with AS.

What are your thoughts that the reason for needing more AS is not the body downregulating. The reason AS works is because it increases the bodies ability to synthesis protein.

By doing this the body is able to build muscle at a faster rate than the catabolism rate. As you become more muscular the catabolism rate increase therefore you need to increase the amount of AS>
correct IMO opinion Crowler although a bit simplified

also i do not absolutely believe at least for short duration multip[le daily slin use is at all going to cause resistance of significance in any healthy individual

maybe keep it to 4, max 5x/week and no more then 4, max 6 weeks
OK, well how would this dosing shedule apply to a person who is using GH long term? Since long term GH supplementation causes insulin resistance, using insulin only once or twice per week is not enough to combat this condition right? It would only lead to the pancrease having to work all the harder on the days you don't use insulin. Another point is that with diabetics considering thier body weight is the only factor that is taken into account when prescribing thier insulin dosage.Alot of time the dose rarely changes. If insulin receptor down regulation occurs,you would have people taking astronomical amount of slin everyday as diabetics must do. What about those thoughts?

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