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Dairy and Meat


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Kilo Klub Member
Jun 9, 2002
Another thread and my own thoughts have promted this. Are these substances helping our society or hurting us. Everything that is added to food for cattle and the hormones there pumped with, can't possible be good for people. I can't possible see the benefits. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE a huge glass of milk and a big phat ass medium rare steak. But after all the research I've been doing on this and the things that are going into these animals aren't good. An interesting thing that I read is that meat, mostly red meat attaches to the intestines and is hard for the body to remove. Well when we sweat and our bodies give off an odor, most of this comes from the meat rotting in our intestines. That is more than just a foul thought to me. Don't eat meat for a couple of days and go run or work out and see how much less repulsive you smell.
Again with Xcels questions on precontest dieting and dairy products adding to the thickness of skin. Something about that just doesn't seem all that healthy to me.
In my own quest for becoming a healthier individual I found one thing that opened my eyes alot. Internet articles and the recent Tv show about Lack Lelane. This man is impressive! So much energy and strength and he's in his eighties. His whole dietary statement is based around the idea of no red meat and very little dairy. I always thought of it as crap until he said it this way. What creature on this plant drinks milk after there infant stages. The answer is only one, humans. Again I don't see this as being a bonus. Especially with the hormones and shit added to cows. This mans outstanding health and his theories have just opened my eyes alittle more. Not that I'm changing anything drastically around, but somethings may help. Sorry about the length:D
I see where your coming from, I'm hearing more and more stuff about the the negative effects of eating meat that has been pumped with chemicals. I saw the same thing with Jack LaLane, and he does have a point about humans being the only species who drink milk after we are weaned by our mothers. Also more and more stores are carrying "all natuaral" meats and things, I know my mom always gets a "free range" turkey for thanksgiving. However I'm really not about to give up meat, I love the tase!, I doo fry to keep my red meat intake at a minimum though.

I think the reasons Americans are so damn large and our women have huge and I mean huge breast is because of those hormones in beef. For example, when i was in middle school no girls have any kind of tits. I went to my cousions basketball game, and I saw these little 8th graders with D cups, im like WTF when i was in middle school No tittys.

I think Milk is for babies I agree after a certain age the body cant digest it and it curdles into the size of golf balls in our stomachs. I also think for right now until we get to about 40 eat all the red meat you want, then cut back as we get older, if you are young lift, do cardio eat good etc dont even worry. I eat atleast 30 grams of fiber a day which is rare for an american and I think it helps digest shit and keep things healthy.

Fiber is something to think about.
well I used to buy into to that arguement, but I grow like nothing else on red meat. For some reason I feel awsome when I eat the stuff. My steaks are not the ones you get from the super market but farm raised and fed without any drugs. Hell I should know I raise the cows. As for the dairy thing I eat some cottage chese and thats it, never been a big dairy fan.
There was "quite a post" about this topic a while back on Got Fina board back when Animal was frequenting it (vitor probably remembers). I don't drink milk because of the "lactose."

It was pointed out that in N America, we are one of the few countries in the world that promote milk as a staple beyond infancy!! Again, I'm not sold on this but know that for "bodybuilding," you want to avoid lactose.

Now red meat is another story. I just hear too many bros rave about it being the staple for muscle mass (it is for me as well).

Elaborate on the hormones (not those nasty STEROIDS - lol). While Jack is in "good shape," I know he's also a strong proponent of "juicing" (not AAS silly, the real, raw veggie and fruit stuff).


Jack is inshape but kinda nutty, he does the whole Juicing thing, not to knock it but seems weird to me. He also trains for 2 hours a day owns a gym and has lots of money, if none of us had to work and could focus on eating perfect and enjoying ourselves i bet we all could look good.
The only thing I ever remember about Jack is that he once said "if food tastes good it must be bad for you!!"

I love red meat, but I don't like the taste of milk so I haven't drunk it forever so I don't know where that puts me in the grand scheme of things

Boing "the English_Bulldog"
I also love red meat, but I just looked at this as something to consider. Several years back I spent a month in europe, and they don't drink milk over there unless it comes from a goat. Well I got back and had a glass. I have never had cramps and stomach pain so bad in my entire life. I think there is more to the dairy thing than the meat, but I'm going to continue to keep an eye open for this.
I really got into the whole BB thang back in the late 80's/early 90's when Parrillo was the guru everyone seemed to follow. He encouraged everyone to drop dairy, increase carbs and cals, drop red meat, and guzzle captri.

I haven't really been able to eat dairy products since because of same reaction that arm mentioned. That was probably a good thing. In retrospect, he was probably off on everything else.
I made much better progress when I reduced carbs and re-introduced red meat in my diet.
My wife and I usually go with Laura's Lean for our red meat because we like the taste and texture. The "organic" nature of the product is a bonus.

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