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New member
May 24, 2003
This is really in response to the accutane thread but didn't want to hijack that thread and steer it off course.

Dave19, Man I know EXACTLY what you are going through last year at this time I broke up with my girl. We had lived together for 2 years, had a good business, house in a nice ski resort town, I was set.... so I thought. We broke up I ended up in a studio apartment and seriously was so depressed I didn't care about anything. And the last thing I wanted to do was come off the drugs. I thought that watching my body deteriorate coupled with the low test would just make matters much worse. Well I have been battling depression on and off all year and I started working with DC and now he has me off of everything and I feel fantastic. I have lost quite a bit of weight and my lifts are at about 50% while im cruzing but Im feeling fine.

Now of course you may be different but I would recommend coming off. Coming to terms with the break up, just give yourself a vacation and veg for a bit, do the whole greiving thing and get it over with.

Hope this helps man, I feel for you. Its wild how a female that weighs half what her guy does can bring him to his knees so easily.
Seriously Dave realize that were all bros here,I didnt think you were still having trouble with that girl,apparently its alot worse than I expected,If anyone knows what its like its me I broke up with my chick of over a year lived with and everything I even moved to Florida to be with her,when It was time to call it quits
Ill be the first to say I have neevr cryed so hard in my life I even started hypervenulating and dude Im a fucking STUD,I have never cryed over a girl (keep in mind it happened in front of her & she was crying more or as much as me),I didnt see me moving on with my life I called her everyday for over a month over 100 times a day she even changed her cell & call blocked me i drove to payphones used calling cards man I WAS IN HUGE DENIAL,bro i was a complete wreck,but to tell you the truth eventually i just moved on it didnt take long Id say 2-3 months & thats 4 chicks later & still seeing one of them (which helped tremendously),dude Its sucks nobody can fuck with your head better than the oppisite sex,just give it time,and the gym/juice/ helped out alot it gave me something to look forward to so keep your head up and GIVE IT TIME you'll LOL about this matter soon as its all said and done with,
btw I went trhough 5 lbs of protein every 3 weeks for that 2-3 month period it did fuck with my appetite

Ok Guys Here is some Humor, Some Truths, Facts, and IDeas.

1. I would say that in most cases half of all of our Parents are Divoriced.
2. The Divorice rate in the US is 60percent.
3. With these facts alone what makes you think you can do better.
4. If you got out of these relationships with no kids, then all the better.
5. I was listening to this Radio show last night, where a guy called up, said how upset he is over his last breakup, and how he is already in a new relationship, and he is thinking of knocking her up. The host goes to him and says, all of your relationships have failed, do you see the pattern. THis guy was young like 24. But the host went on to say how Fuck women till you are 30 or so and established. I mean one screw up via marriage or pregancy can really cost you. Maybe 500-1000$ a month, then you could have to pay other fees etc.
6. Live alone learn to live by yourself because if you cant do it how can anyone else.
7. Focus on School, Business, workouts, recreational activities and take the ladies where they lay.
yeah hype, actually i think i might of talked a littel about depression in the accutane thread.

man break ups are a fuckin terrible thing, its like everything you think is important become so fuckin irrelevant. lifting, money, cars, whatever, you just want that gril back.. you cry all the time at the thought of her, its just crazy. then one day your mood shifts and you start feeling like eating.. then you start feeling like lifting again.. i just takes time for you to heal over it. its basically in a sense, like your mother abandoning you.. except for of course you can take care of yourself by our ages.

i dont know if dave is still having troubles or not, but i know ive been there and can lend a hand to anyone else who needs it.

i know we dont know eachother the best, but dave if you need to talk PM me and ill give you my cell number.
good luck brother,


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