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diet help


New member
Apr 22, 2003
Ok guys im starting my bulking cycle well i actually did about a week ago, ive been eating on average somewhat like this

9am- 1 cup of oatmeal, 6 eggs and fruit

11am- 2 cans of albacore tuna, 1/2 to 2/3 cup of pasta

1pm- 2 chicken breast, 1/2 cup of rice

3pm- 2 cans of albacore tuna, 1/2 cup of rice

5pm- on the way home from work swing by McDonalds and get 2 of the 99 cent double cheese burgers.

6-pre work out - protein shake -40 grams protein.

7:30-8- post work out - protein shake w/ glutamine and a bananna

8:30-8:45- 1 chicken breast, 1/2 cup of rice and 1 cup of brocolli and cauliflower.

10:00- protein shake and 4 spoonfuls of peanut butter!!! I love that stuff.
Well thats basically it, my stats are 5'11 220lbs 19 yrs old. Im running deca, test and hopefully gettin some dbol. Im tryin to get up to 240lbs. I know that the diet is bout 80% of it. I got the training and intensity to make it happen i just need some help or suggestions on a diet. Thanks guys i know yall are great on this kinda stuff.

Your Breakfast sucks, add some more protein, add alot more fat in the diet, and red meat, where is the steak, skip this tuna and eat more red meat. That is my .02. Good luck.
lol stay away from Mc donalds bro, even if your bulking its good to get just cut fast food out of your life.. I havent honestly not had any fast food unless you count subway or Mr pita in over a year... and I dont really have a desire too, i think over time u will just forget about the places if you stay away from them. thats my only advice the rest looks pretty good,:)

Couple questions:

Could yo tally the total kcal, g PRO, CHO and FAT for us?...

How lean are you right now?...

Well i didnt get a chance to total up everything but i got an average of protien intake is between 380-400gms, and 520-550 gms of carbs. Im somewhat lean im around 13-14%bodyfat. I dont know if this helps any but maybe it will
I get sick of tuna fast and have to throw in some steak(s).

One thing I noticed was that you said that you were "hopefully gettin some dbol" and that you already started your bulk cycle. What are you going to do once (or if) you get it? I know you were asking about diet, but (me personally), I like to have everything 'on hand' prior to starting, meaning I have the cycle mapped out for the next 12-16 weeks and there are no "ifs", as I think doing it that way is a poor way to go. But, to each their own. Good luck and let us know how it goes.



Would be nice to be a bit leaner before you start, but 13-14% isn't too bad.

Sounds like you're around 4000 kcal / day (if your numbers are right). This will likely not be enough to maximize your gains. I would shoot for about 5000 kcal / day. When you're starting off, I think its a good idea to get a very good handle on how many kcal you are taking in - by writing it down. The stomach will play tricks on the mind.


I would exchange the chicken for steak as well.

You can increase your kcal by adding in some EFA's.

Put some more carbs in your post-workout meals. With the exception of maybe breakfast, these are the most important meals of the day. I would try to put around 1/2 of your carbs in *after* your workout.

I would reserve the fast food for weekend "cheat" meals or in EXTREME EMERGENCIES (these should not happen very often), when you are behind on your kcal for the day.

Overall, your plan seems like an OK place to start. Some people need to resort to fast food to make gains. Others do well on a clean diet. You'll have to see what happens.

Your diet, from the food choices, sounds like one for cutting up, which leads me to guess that you are a bit concerned about getting fat. If that is the case, Get down to single digiti % BF and then bulk up. With your current plan, expect that you will end up around 17% BF, which is pretty chunky. You will gain a lot of muscle, and look very bulky compared to before. This is a tough time of the year to have that start happening (I'm assuming you're in the Northern Hemisphere). If you don't let yourself gain some fat, you will most likely gain a good deal of muscle (you're young and prob. don't have a ton of cycles under your belt), but it will not be maximum / optimum amount possible.

Hope this helps.

Gainingmass, I can say this because I know ya. Stop drinking soda and stop the fast foods!
I still luv ya though!
To homonucleus,
Thanks for the help. Im not worried or concerned about the time of the year and staying lean. Ive got a great girlfriend that understands and is easy to get along with. I actually live in the South << Alabama to be exact. If you have any more ideas or things i could add to my diet i would greatly appreciate it. Like i said, add in anything you think would help. What do you suggest for EFA's and in reply to what slide said, sorry for the misconception, i am gettin the dbol to add in my cycle. Thanks guys im tryn to make the most out of this cycle im gonna run it 10weeks. Once again any advice is helpful!!!


I think there was a post on this not too long ago:

Some sources of EFA's (and other good fats):

Udo's Choice Blend
Barlean's and other flax seed oil
Natural peanut butter
Fish (e.g. salmon)
Olive oil

Try this:


Thanks man for the article on the EFA's i appreciate the advice and will use it! Thanks again.

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