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Dress shirts


Jun 13, 2002
Ok. the biggeer i get the harder it is to dress.
Where do you guys get dress clothes that fit.
I have to get 20" 34/35 .
These fit ok in the chest but i have so much "waste" on the sides that it looks like i have wings.
Any help would be appreciated.
Its a sign of the times where you just can't buy dress shirts with an "athletic cut" anymore. I'm not that huge - 32" waist, 6'+, 205 lbs, 18" neck, and about 16 1/2 bi's, but I have the same prob. With rare exceptions the men's clothing manufacturers just don't make shirts for anybody but guys shaped like bowling balls! I have had some luck with buying shirts that fit my neck, chest and arms and then taking them to a seamstress for alteration. Cheaper than total custom made. For you REALLY big guys, I have to admit that even that may not be an option. And its the same damn way with women - my "sig other" is 52 years old but looks like (and is built like) she's about 25 - 30. She is 5'8", wears a size 2 or 4 dress, and has a 23" waist - and also natural 36DD's! She has the "classic" American female figure, but she just can't buy clothes. (She trains of course, and does gh, but has never done any AS). Most American women are way the hell overweight with big butts. Anyway, sorry to get off on a rant here, but people like the guys (and gals) on this site are the rareity in American today -we have an absolute epidemic of fat and unhealthy people. And everybody else thinks we're the strange ones!
Getnbigger - "nonrant" comment - try buying the big shirts and take them to a seamstress - it is cheaper than total custom made.
Chuck999 is correct - that's the best priced way to do it. I'm 5'6" and need to buy a 46 "short" suit coat and it's too long in the body and sleeves, on top of being way too huge in the mid-section - LOL!

Rheingold (sp?) fashions caries bigger size "dress" shirts and coats for bodybuilders. Even they couldn't fit one friend of mine who needed a 60+ jacket....lol.
I live in the Northwest, so I've always gone to Nordstroms to have my dress shirts and pants made. but there starting to get a little to spendy for my budget. so know I just find a big shirt and have it taylored. but as far as pants go. ALWAYS have them made. it's well worth it.
good luck and be safe....

suit coats are hilarious. i find the width i need but the sleeves are long enough to fit a 7'0" guy!:D and the pants.... legs always hug and my ass always sticks out the side and back! oh well!:confused:
Oh yeah! All the women's clothes are for big arses, and skinny shoulders and arms.
I usually have to 're-size' the armholes on everything I buy.
At the moment all the lo rider jeans are useless, the legs are so skinny and the butts are too big. :mad:
I hsve the same problem

With most clothes. I dont consider my self very big but I have to ware XXL Tall or XXXL Tall clothes and unfortuintly those sizes are made for fat asses. My arms are so long I think I could run on my knuckles if I wanted. As to my dress clothes I have to buy new shirts and pants ever couple months. It kind fo gets old and expensive having to replace my clothes every few months.

Same here.

Dress code is now one of the key things I look for when considering a new employer. It's funny, but it's now third consideration behind salary and benefits. I have to get all dress clothes tailor made and at 1000 per for a suit, It's usually far cheaper to work in a "business casual" environment.
custom clothes

I have ordered from the following site from an Ebay auction, and found them to be top notch! :eek:) Nice clothing at a decent price (for what you get anyhow)

Bro's might want to give them a look:

**broken link removed**

I got two custom suits, shirts and ties for less than a G. And they fit beautifully. I wish I could afford their alligator shoes, they look friggin sweet!
Chuck was right, sadly... Even when I go to Europe, they can always spot the "americans". If you look out the window about 70 % of the people are faasses or have not one active bone in theyre body....I live in the Northwest also, and it seems bad out here.
All my dress shirts are Geoffrey Beene Fitted button down collar, 17 and 1/2 neck 32-33 arm length. I pay about $50 each. Neck and chest fit fine but I swim in the mid section as I am now a 29" waist, 5'5" 173lbs. My tailor charges me $8 each to take in 4 inches. Then they fit like a custom made shirt for a total of $58

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